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Lightning round order

   1 from random import shuffle
   2 team = [
   3     'Keybuk',
   4     'barry',
   5     'cjwatson',
   6     'doko',
   7     'ev',
   8     'james_w',
   9     'lool',
  10     'mvo',
  11     'slangasek',
  12     'tremolux',
  13     ]
  14 order = team[:]
  15 shuffle(order)
  16 print ', '.join(order)



  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Farming out tasks that aren't being handled
  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • AOB

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Chair for next meeting

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

Colin Watson

  • Partitioner:
    • Fixed up GPT->MBR syncing in parted for Intel Macs (#538536).

    • Fixed broken use of cylinder alignment in parted_server (#539456).
  • Ubiquity:
    • Fixed KDE privilege-raising code (#526456, #538142).
    • Minor UI fixes (#527704, #531864).
    • Fixed up noninteractive frontend (#539342).
    • Plymouth interaction fixes.
    • Avoided use of apt/libudev when we already have /cdrom bind-mounted (#539170).
  • Other installer work:
    • Filter out cloud tasks from ordinary server installations (#540167).
    • Fixed kernel installation on ubuntustudio/amd64 (#541625).
    • Unbreak console-setup-udeb postinst (#540835).
    • console-setup performance improvements.
    • Don't warn about data loss from partitioning when we know there won't be any (#151266).
    • Attacked wubildr installation problem a bit more (#477104).
  • Worked with Scott to nail down Plymouth/Upstart console handling bug that caused pressing Enter on live CD boot to kill X (#540256).
  • Revert dpkg fsync during unpack for now due to serious performance regression (#537241).
  • Cope with partitions over 9 in initramfs (#539577).
  • Kubuntu Netbook localisation (#540335).

Evan Dandrea


  • Worked a bit on a test harness for ubiquity.
  • Align labels to the top on the language page in ubiquity (LP: #532876).
  • Fixed a race around the quit dialog in ubiquity (r3927 for the full details).
  • Properly set the text for the release notes label after the user runs the 'update this installer' option.
  • Fixed the grub comboboxes in ubiquity (LP: #539204).
  • In the KDE frontend in ubiquity, call reboot with root privileges and try rebooting via dbus only if a KDE dbus session exists (LP: #540856).
  • Moved ubiquity's apport hook into the apport source.
  • Give feedback when the user selects one of the ubiquity greeter options and disable the other.
  • Landed my inactive labels for the user setup page branch on ubiquity trunk.


  • Implemented the rest of the need changes to ubiquity for the slideshow, now that Dylan has implemented Michael's mockup. Freeze exception filed as bug 538411.
  • Fixed the Firefox icon in ubiquity-slideshow and merged the updated Kubuntu slideshow branch.


  • Fixed a race in usb-creator that was preventing partitions from being shown sometimes.
  • Looked into 269786 (suppressing nautilus windows in usb-creator) some more. The options are seemingly limited to either mounting partitions in hidden directories or telling nautilus via gconf to not automount *anything*.
  • Rework partition mounting so that it doesn't fail if the partition was mounted between dbus calls.
  • Don't write usb-creator-helper's log to /root (LP: #461064).
  • Somewhat fix progress reporting.
  • Provide a format confirmation dialog (LP: #443330).
  • Error out of formatting if we're unable to unmount all of the partitions (LP: #507420).
  • Provide feedback via a spinning cursor and disabled format button while formatting (LP: #457737).
  • Unmount the partition at the end of install using usb-creator-helper rather than umount as a regular user to work around a udisks bug.
  • Handle device property changes (synthesizing a remove and add).
  • Pulse the progress bar while flushing changes to disk and installing the bootloader.
  • And lots more small changes.


  • Small fixes to get it working in lucid.

Gary Lasker

  • Continued software-center bug fixes and triage.
    • Lots of triage, targeting and prioritizing bugs for Beta 2. Emphasis on stability and performance.
    • Fixed four bugs in current release 1.1.18.
    • In-progress LP: #535055, channel/PPA reload issue.
  • OEM and Foundations weekly team meetings
  • Recruitment: IRC/email with candidate for open OEM/desktop
    • developer positions
  • Engineering rotation allocation this week
    • 80% platform, 20% OEM

James Westby

Loïc Minier

Matthias Klose

Michael Vogt


  • debug/fix #530632 hardy->lucid initramfs-update upgrade bug in module-init-tools

  • review auto-upgrader logs and report bugs/target existing bugs
  • debug/fix conffile prompt hang in noninteractive upgrade mode (#538206)
  • fix gtk-qt-engine removal (#532968)
  • add workaround for openoffice.org #516727
  • add better pre-depends cycle detection to cleanly revert in this case
  • improve "keep-install-section" rule to fix main-all/main-all-lts auto upgrade test failures
  • fix indicator applet add bug (#539969)
  • fix kernel selection from base-installer to avoid duplicates (#540114)
  • dpkg: look at missing error on --status-fd on trigger failure
  • Debug/patch missing dpkg error reporting for deferred triggers (#540252), send patch upstream for comments
  • Debug main-all upgrade failure, fix libunique #493608
  • show progress when searching for obsolete packages in cleanup stage
  • fix crash in non-interactive upgrader
  • debug/fix blacklist removal issue (#540823)
  • improve stepmaker profile by using devilspie to ensure fixed window positions (yeah!) and commit updated script to bzr


  • updated command-not-found scan.data
  • cherry pick fix for #507760


  • Apt-ddtp update for beta-1
  • updated and uploaded into rosetta for import, fix bug in upload
    • script


  • debug/fix bug in icon extraction (and add test to tests/)


  • fix incorrect addition of "cs" in needFullLocales and upload new version
  • debug memleak in TagFileParser

  • review apt debian/sid changes


  • review/merge lp:~barry/rnr-server/review-stats
  • update reviews branch for changes in rnr-server, fix some bugs
  • debug/fix maintenance status for non-apps (#538172)
  • Aptdaemon: review/merge fix for socket race (#455861)
  • Aptdaemon: fix is_dpkg_journal_clean() code
  • ratings&reviews deployment calls

  • debug aptdaemon debconf race (#455861)
  • Gtk: work on speedup for software-center in the treeview/treelist #514879


  • Work on dbus computer-janitor branch with barry and review his branch (good stuff!)
  • review dbus branch
  • push "find_async" improvements on lp:~mvo/computer-janitor/dbus


  • Ubuntu-system-service: debug/fix apply-systemwide bug (#530430)
  • Update-notifier/landscape: review/comment reboot-required file (#538253) additional info
  • Discuss system-wide apply on gnome-control-center with upstream
  • Update-notifier: add hplip firmware loading support (with pitti, tkamppeter)
  • Unattended-upgrades: add support for plymouth via --text ... if a upgrade is running on shutdown (#506709)
  • Compiz: look at rounding issue (#532224) with light theme
  • Arm: trying to reproduce hang, but fails in qemu-system-arm
  • various M planning phonecalls

Scott James Remnant

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • Lucid beta 1 released, in SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME
  • plymouth testing
  • bug triaging


  • finish NBS mass-rebuilds for libhdf5-serial-1.8.4
  • NBS rebuilds for libgdal1-1.6.0, libgssdp-1.0-2, libgupnp-1.0-3
  • fix yate FTBFS (more NBS cleanup)
  • fix whois, libspe2 FTBFS


  • plasma-widget-message-indicator (539700)

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