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  • tremolux
  • lool


  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Farming out tasks that aren't being handled
  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • AOB

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Chair for next meeting

* ChairForNextMeeting - james_w

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

  • Bug reporting script from cjwatson. This is blocked on an update needed to python-lazr.restfulclient. I'll work on this package update today.
  • Bug 552777 (cj 2.0)
  • Bug 485944 (python-virtualenv updated to debian 1.4.5-1)
  • PEP 3147 landed in upstream Python 3.2 alpha
  • Random Python packaging / udd testing

Colin Watson

Evan Dandrea

  • Lots of CD testing.
  • Work on the unit testing branch of ubiqutiy.
  • Patch to apt to remember hosts with general failures for

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworklessInstallationFixes (LP: #556831).


  • Catch invalid iterators in on_region_combo_changed (LP: #521851).
  • Don't let not being able to talk to the system bus crash the entire

language page.

  • Translate the yes and no buttons on the quit dialog in the KDE

frontend (LP: #561876).

  • Force garbage collection so we don't end up with stray X resources

when we kill the X server (LP: #556555).

  • Released a new ubiquity. Fixed up some translation errors in the process.
  • Start the window manager via ck-launch-session so pulseaudio is

granted access to the sound devices (LP: #549738).

  • Use allow_change_step(False) from the KDE portions of the partman

component when necessary (LP: #563309).


  • Merged in a new personalize icon after an email discussion.

Released a new version.

Gary Lasker

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Some bugfixes and merges.
  • Most notably I fixed a bug where the importer failed to detect when
    • someone pushed without tagging and uploaded from that. It would never compare the trees to notice they were the same before, but now it will do the comparison and decide whether to conflict based on the result.


  • Archive admin duty
  • Sponsoring
  • NBS chasing.

Loïc Minier

Matthias Klose

Michael Vogt

Scott James Remnant

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • component-mismatches cleanup
  • final freeze
  • preparations for RC
  • lots of freeze exception processing


  • module-init-tools: blacklist viafb, a new framebuffer driver that doesn't

play nice with plymouth. (558569)

  • acpi-support: fix for duplicate events on EeePc. (560551)

  • plymouth fixes:
    • full kdm integration (540177)

    • depend on initramfs-tools to guard against broken initramfses during

upgrade (358654)

  • fix a deadlock between mountall and plymouth (554737)

  • disable the drm backend for nouveau, fixing hangs when X starts


  • work with Alberto on getting mountall fully internationalized
  • uploads of plymouth flavor themes for the same
  • xserver-xorg-video-{ati,intel}: drop modprobe config file inherited from

Debian that breaks use of 'nomodeset'

  • portmap: fix a circular dependency on startup that broke nfsroot


  • irssi: fix a regression that broke my ability to connect to an

SSL-secured proxy and talk to all you wonderful people! (565182)


  • archive admin duties

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