What's all this about Ubuntu Members? Special recognition is given to Ubuntu contributors who have demonstrated significant and sustained effort in one or more ways. My experience was very special to me so I created this page to help others understand this process through my specific example. While many Ubuntu and California Team members make contributions in large and small ways every day, Ubuntu Members have also documented their achievements in a Membership application (like mine) and met with one of three world wide membership boards via IRC for approval. Ubuntu Members (519 world wide as of Sept, 2009) play a role in the governance of Ubuntu by voting to confirm new appointments to the Ubuntu Community Council. I have taken these two sections from my wiki page almost verbatim. I feel very moved and grateful for the testimonials provided by my incredible peers, advisors and friends. I hope this clear example will help people understand the Ubuntu Member process and will encourage others to step forward themselves.


I had the privilege of meeting Grant at the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON earlier this year. Grant's enthusiasm for the Ubuntu project and the continued success of the California LoCo team as well as various Linux groups is contagious. Grant is able to convey the "Ubuntu Spirit" in a positive and productive way. Grant continues to look for future projects to promote the advocacy and support of Ubuntu. Definitely should be a member. -- akgraner 2009-08-28 21:20:09

I met Grant Bowman for the first time at OSCON 2009. He is a very cool guy with a great attitude. He was very engaged with his team and their goals and was quick to help others. During the conference I stayed with a friend at his Sister's house and during the Community Leadership Summit prior to OSCON, Bryan and I walked close to a mile or so to catch the Train, then a bus, and finally arrived at the San Jose Convention Center for the first two days. That last day of walking we had went to dinner with the California team and Grant, when leaving offered us a ride. While dropping us off he said on days that he was available he would come and pick us up to save us the walking and fare. I really appreciated it. I think he winded up picking us up the rest of the week. I believe that Grant is a dynamite advocate for ubuntu and would make a fine ubuntu member, I also believe he would give you the shirt off his back! He and all of the members of the California LoCo Team made the visiting loco's feel more than welcome. -- itnet7 2009-08-27 19:42:46

I met Grant at the Community Leadership Summit that took place prior to OSCON 2009. He had volunteered to help organize the event and did a fantastic job. Grant was also involved in organizing the Ubuntu Loco booth at OSCON 2009 with the rest of the California LoCo team. The two days leading up the exhibit hall opening, he worked tirelessly to make sure the booth was prepared and that the team would have everything they needed.- GarethGreenaway

Grant is a credit to the Ubuntu community and Open Source movement in general. His sheer commitment to Ubuntu and Free Culture is stunning and he is a pleasure to work with. I absolutely support his appointment as an Ubuntu Member. JonoBacon

Grant has been instrumental in supporting two public middle schools in San Francisco with FOSS, as he mentions above. Specifically, Grant has almost single-handedly triaged more than 100 computers for use in the Creative Arts School classrooms and Ubuntu lab, as well as the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy classrooms. Currently, there are about 80 Ubuntu GNU-Linux machines running in these two schools that would not have been operational but for Grant's support. In addition, Grant has provided sys admin support to me in assisting teachers and students at these two schools. I am a level-one sys admin, who occasionally needs the help from a more educated, experienced sys admin in order to keep the machines at these schools running, and Grant has been instrumental in helping me when I encountered problems that I was not able to solve through recourse to community resources on the Internet. Also, Grant has provided me and others with nicely presented live Ubuntu CDs. It might sound like a minor thing, but Grant's planting of Ubuntu CDs has meant that we have had Ubuntu CDs at the ready when we did not expect a need for live CDs, which has been helpful in providing Ubuntu environments for newbies whom I have encountered on the fly. And the Ubuntu CD cover that Grant provides makes a good impression on newbies. einfeldt

I first met Grant at a LUG meeting in Berkeley, CA. I found out very quickly that this was not a rare event; Grant is almost constantly attending meetings/events around the Bay/State area spreading information about the Ubuntu project, helping people use and get started with Ubuntu. This often begins with handing out CDs, Flyers, Ubuntu-LoCo cards but, more often than not, involves a personal commitment of time and effort to foster the growth of the Ubuntu community. What really sets Grant apart from many Linux/Ubuntu advocates is his professional manner and well thought-out approach to promoting and developing Ubuntu that reflects back positively on the project and community. When many free-software advocates slip into the realm of evangelism and desperation, it is refreshing to see someone like Grant pushing for a professional, practical and result oriented approach to extending Ubuntu's reach. jdeslip

I've had the pleasure of working with Grant as part of the Ubuntu California LoCo team. He is dedicated to outreach to LUGs and other users, manages to find homes for an extraordinary number of Ubuntu CDs, and has planned great events for the LoCo and LUGs in the Bay Area. His attitude and work are a credit to the California LoCo and the wider Ubuntu and Linux communities, and I strongly support his application. RobertWall

Grant is epic. To give a bit more detail, he's been a huge driving force in the California LoCo Team and has helped run several of our most successful events. Without him, I know that we wouldn't have nearly as much presence in Northern California, and the entire Ubuntu Community should feel honored to have the support and dedication of Grant. I completely support his appointment to an Ubuntu member. Yasumoto

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I believe there are several Grant Bowmans roaming the San Francisco Bay Area, as it's impossible for someone to be as ubiquitous at the area's Linux/FOSS events as Grant is. All kidding aside, Grant not only attends every FOSS/Linux event in the area, in instances where help from the wider community is needed Grant is often one of the first to volunteer (as einfeldt outlines above regarding KIPP) -- a prime example of this is when Grant took the reins on behalf of Ubuntu during Lindependence 2008 in Felton, Calif. Grant's dedication and commitment are top-notch, and it is beyond an honor and privilege to have worked with Grant on Linux/FOSS projects in the past. Needless to say, I look forward to working with him in the future. Lcafiero

I first met Grant at a BUUG meeting at Cafe au coquelet in Berkeley. Although being a FOSS user for a quite a while, this was my first foray into user groups, ever and I had the most pleasant experience meeting this individual at my first ever user group meeting. Grant is as Down-to-earth as you can get. Being so knowledgeable and yet so modest, Grant never takes credit for things he has done. He has always given that credit back to the community, even though the community well knows he's the one who has deserved it the most. Grant was also there for me when I was most vulnerable, namely in a drunken fervour at OSCON. He is as good as a friend one can get and I don't I'll ever forget him, ever. He'll definitely be a valuable resource for the Ubuntu community as well as other communities for years to come. --Vivek Ayer

Grant has proven over and over again that he has the will and determination to initiate projects, and urge people on. He has spoken with various Bay Area LUGs about Ubuntu and worked hard to help them run successful events. As he learns to work more closely with the Ubuntu California LoCo and other communities he assists, he will be able to achieve bigger and better things, and his enthusiasm can serve as an inspiration to all. NathanHaines

Grant is a very experienced Ubuntu activist and an asset for the Ubuntu California LoCo. It was a pleasure to work with him at OSCON 2009, where he made a major contribution in setting up the booth and enlightening people about Ubuntu. Besides, he attends every Linux event and is involved in most of the LUGs in the Bay Area. He also actively participates at every fortnightly IRC meeting of Ubuntu California LoCo, which helps the LoCo to stay alive. I definitely support his appointment as an Ubuntu member. AadityaBhatia

I was reading up on Ubuntu when I stumbled upon a planning meeting by Ubuntu.ca for the then upcoming OSCON 2009 show. I wanted to participate and, after following the discussion for a while, I chose to contact Grant. It just seems to me he was the one that had the passion, the Ubuntu spirit if you will. It was an excellent choice as Grant made me feel welcomed and an instant part of the community. I am now proud to call him a friend and believe him to be an excellent candidate for Ubuntu membership. ejraka32

Americas Board meeting excerpt from Wed, Sept 9th, 2009

EricHedekar (aka stochastic) & AliTabuger were also approved during this meeting. The following is the meeting log excerpt when I became an approved Ubuntu Member. The Americas Board is one of three global boards that report to the Community Council who meet to approve new Ubuntu Membership applications.

15:07 <        Grantbow> Hi, I'm Grant Bowman.  I'm a member of the California LoCo.  My wiki page is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grantbow
15:07 <       nixternal> Technoviking: moobot!
15:08 <        Grantbow> I'm not sure what else to lead with as much of it is on the wiki page.  I've been using Linux since 1994 and been active with Ubuntu for over a year now.
15:08 <        Grantbow> I was previously with SuSE in Oakland from 1999-2001.  Can I answer any questions?
15:09 <       nixternal> Grantbow: seems you are quite the community person...what issues do you see with the community at this time, and how can we go about making it better?
15:09 <        Grantbow> Many of the issues I face in California are the standard ones of Linux adoption in general.
15:10 <        Grantbow> There's a very vibrant Linux community in the SF Bay Area but our LoCo hasn't reached all of them yet.
15:10 <        Grantbow> I'm working on that.
15:10 <        Grantbow> The team will be going for approval Tuesday the 15th.
15:10 <          ScottK> Any interest in branching out beyond community and advocacy work?
15:11 <        Grantbow> I do code when I have to, but I often find solutions exist already.
15:11 <        Grantbow> My community efforts keep me busy right now.
15:12 <        Grantbow> I am hoping to help others contribute which is where I think I can do the most overall good for Ubuntu right now.
15:12 < boredandbloggin> Grantbow: on your application, you say you want to help junior volunteers, can you elaborate on that?
15:13 <        Grantbow> California is a bit odd.
15:13 <        Grantbow> There's a huge Linux community but not a large Ubuntu focused community.
15:13 <       nixternal> Grantbow: what does gaining Ubuntu membership mean to you? And by becoming a member, how can that benefit yourself as well as the greater community?
15:13 <        Grantbow> I'll answer boredandbloggin first.
15:14 <       nixternal> groovy
15:14 <        Grantbow> I think that if people knew about the opportunities to contribute they would step up.  It's about educating.  I hope that answers your question.
15:16 <        Grantbow> nixternal: With or without membership I'll keep advocating Ubuntu.  The benefits will be helpful in further my activities.
15:16 <        Grantbow> nixternal: As I have met more of the active US national folks involved with Ubuntu I am looking for other ways to contribute as well.
15:17 <        Grantbow> anything else?
15:17 <       nixternal> Grantbow: seems you have a great list of testimonials from a bunch of amazing people...anyone here that hasn't given a testimonial for Grantbow feel like stepping up and speaking out?
15:17 <       DWonderly> I would...
15:18 *** nixternal thinks the entire community left a testimonial already :)
15:18 <            fccf> I would..
15:18 <       nixternal> DWonderly: groovy, the floors is yours
15:18 <       nixternal> fccf: same for you
15:19 <       nixternal> DWonderly and fccf: what would you like to add?
15:19 <       DWonderly> Grant has taken me under his wing in the Cal LoCo. Been very very helpful when I went through my annoying N00B days and continues to help any time of day or night. I have not had the pleasure of a face to face meeting but Grant treats everyone with respect and give you that feeling of brotherhood. The Ubuntu Community could only be better with Grant
15:19 <            fccf> Grantbow has done an amazing job in helping to facilitate information sharing within the CaliforniaTeam, especially on IRC, and as I understand it is very helpful in bringing new and interesting ideas to the table... He has even helped me a couple of times in #ubuntu
15:20 <       Yasumoto_> I already left a testimonial, but I'd like to add a \m/  during the meeting
15:20 <        Grantbow> thanks guys.
15:20 <        Grantbow> of the testimonials on the page the existing Ubuntu Members I believe are akgraner, itnet7, Nathan Haines and jono.
15:21 <       nixternal> groovy, thanks guys
15:22 <            jono> Grantbow, I certainly support you in your application
15:22 <       nixternal> jono: you don't count!
15:22 <         nhaines> ha!
15:22 <       nixternal> ;p
15:22 <        Grantbow> jono: tyvm :-)
15:23 < boredandbloggin> lets vote
15:23 <       nixternal> man, they are coming out of the woodwork...lets vote!
15:23 *** nixternal +1
15:23 < boredandbloggin> +1
15:23 < cody-somerville> +1
15:23 <     MTecknology> I thought you guys used [VOTE]..
15:24 <       nixternal> MTecknology: some silly dude messed that one up :p
15:24 <    Technoviking> +1
15:24 -!- Netsplit clarke.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: DWonderly, AliTabuger7, Siph0n
15:24 <       nixternal> speak of the devil
15:24 < boredandbloggin> lol
15:24 <          pedro_> +1
15:24 <    Technoviking> congrats sirs
15:24 <       nixternal> groovy! CONGRATS GRANT!!! WELCOME TO UBUNTU!
15:24 *** stochastic has to leave at 23:30 for work, but is 5th on the list.  Seeing how long the first one is taking, he's getting worried...
15:24 <        Grantbow> thank you very much
15:24 <       nixternal> linuxmen: you will be up in one second... Technoviking will call your name
15:24 <           lajjr> congraz grant
15:24 <       Yasumoto_> epic :) congrats, dude
15:25 <         nhaines> Congratulations, Grant.



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