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Meeting summary

ACTION: greg-g to update the wiki and team report with meeting mins (czajkowski, 21:14:56)

Meeting ended at 21:15:01 UTC.


  • please vote on the re approval of the Uruguay LoCo

    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • please vote on the approval on the Oregon Loco
    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • please vote on the re approval of the Greek LoCo

    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • please vote on the re approval of the Chile loco
    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • please vote on the re approval of the Quebec LoCo

    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

Action items

  • SergioMeneses update lauchpad with updated expirary date

  • SergioMeneses update approved locoteams on launchpad and add Oregon loco

  • czajkowski chase up on Chile loco CD allocation
  • SergioMeneses update approved locoteams with chile new expiray date

  • czajkowski follow up on PabloRubianes CD issue with shipit

  • SergioMeneses update LP approved locoteams

  • SergioMeneses update LP approved locos

  • greg-g to update the wiki and team report with meeting mins

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  • czajkowski (152)
  • meetingology (58)
  • SergioMeneses (48)

  • greg-g (47)
  • PabloRubianes (37)

  • pedro_ (32)
  • itnet7 (29)
  • Geochr (17)
  • tgm4883 (17)
  • fefa_ (16)
  • komputes (14)
  • cyphermox (13)
  • bkerensa (13)
  • c_smith (8)
  • nathwill (7)
  • kamusin (5)
  • cristianvirtual (4)
  • MarkDude (4)

  • bryceh (3)
  • slangasek (3)
  • clepto95 (3)
  • kees (3)
  • TRAVISg_ (3)
  • highvoltage (3)
  • arvaro (2)
  • fkol_k4 (2)
  • c3959_ (2)
  • IdleOne (2)

  • bdmurray (2)
  • konnn (2)
  • cweber10 (1)
  • sbeattie (1)
  • Brian_H (1)
  • shirgall (1)
  • j_white1 (1)
  • stavrosLinux (1)
  • toumbo (1)
  • NikTh (1)

  • c7p (1)
  • NTR (1)
  • the_eye_ (1)
  • jvlb (1)
  • devxdev (1)
  • trinikrono (1)

Full Log

  • 20:05:08 <czajkowski> #startmeeting

    20:05:08 <meetingology> Meeting started Tue Jun 19 20:05:08 2012 UTC. The chair is czajkowski. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

    20:05:08 <meetingology>

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    20:05:08 <bkerensa> Portlandia here Smile :)

    20:05:09 <NTR> As do I tgm4883

    20:05:11 <bkerensa> nathwill: where u from? :P

    20:05:17 <czajkowski> aloha and welcome to the Loco council meeting

    20:05:29 <czajkowski> we will be going through the teams in the order on the wiki page

    20:05:30 <konnn> Hello from Greece,too.

    20:05:35 <czajkowski> sit back and enjoy Smile :)

    20:05:53 <fkol_k4> Hello frem Greek team

    20:05:56 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda 20:06:03 * c_smith kicks back with music going through his headset

    20:06:04 <c7p> me too from Greek team

    20:06:12 <clepto95> me too Smile :)

    20:06:15 <itnet7> c_smith: Wink ;-)

    20:06:16 <NikTh> Hello from Greek team

    20:06:16 <czajkowski> #topic Quebec Re approval

    20:06:26 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuebecTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012 20:06:39 * tgm4883 is 37.5% greek, but lives in oregon

    20:07:04 <greg-g> great looking reapproval app

    20:07:06 <czajkowski> tgm4883: hiya, we're doing another team first Smile :)

    20:07:13 <czajkowski> komputes: ping

    20:07:25 <TRAVISg_> Just got here

    20:07:28 <tgm4883> czajkowski, ah, I saw all the greek team people pipe up

    20:07:37 <SergioMeneses> hello QuecbecTeam!

    20:07:43 <czajkowski> anyone here from Quebec ?

    20:08:03 <toumbo> Hello from me too

    20:08:36 <czajkowski> no :/

    20:08:37 <czajkowski> ok 20:08:41 * highvoltage

    20:08:48 <greg-g> sad

    20:08:50 <SergioMeneses> nobody here

    20:08:51 <highvoltage> (oh sorry not me)

    20:08:56 <TRAVISg_> sorry not from Quebec and spoke out of turn now sitting down quitely and waiting my turn

    20:08:58 <czajkowski> highvoltage: I did wonder

    20:09:04 <highvoltage> (I'm in quebec but didn't read the context)

    20:09:17 <czajkowski> #topic Greek Loco re approval

    20:09:24 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GreekTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:09:31 <czajkowski> Geochr: ping

    20:09:37 <greg-g> this is actually the app I was referring to when I said it looks good, GreekTeam Smile :)

    20:09:40 <Geochr> Hello from Greece !

    20:09:41 <SergioMeneses> Hello Ubuntu Greek Team!

    20:09:47 <czajkowski> welcome

    20:09:49 <czajkowski> thanks for coming folks

    20:09:55 <clepto95> Hello Smile :)

    20:10:01 <SergioMeneses> yes, It is an awesome work! everything is there!

    20:10:06 <czajkowski> also fantastic application!

    20:10:08 <stavrosLinux> Hello !

    20:10:10 <fkol_k4> Glad to be here!

    20:10:11 <Geochr> thanks

    20:10:13 <czajkowski> amazing work and pictures make me happy!

    20:10:24 <SergioMeneses> czajkowski, me too

    20:10:28 <itnet7> Really good activity!!

    20:10:31 <greg-g> definitely, pictures++

    20:10:40 <czajkowski> so Geochr care to tell us about your loco and how you do things please

    20:10:56 <Geochr> As an Ubuntu community, we started in 2005. We were first approved in 2008, reapproved in 2010, and hopefully for 2012.

    20:11:09 <Geochr> One of our core aims is to provide support for users in the Greek language. We achieved this with the forum (currently over 9500 members).

    20:11:19 <greg-g> wow

    20:11:25 <Geochr> Whenever we promote Ubuntu, we simply recommend new users to visit the forum for user support.

    20:11:30 <SergioMeneses> 9500!!!

    20:11:37 <Geochr> We aim to help our members to learn more about Ubuntu and enable them to bring more users to Ubuntu.

    20:11:58 <Geochr> We worked as a team and completed the localisation of Ubuntu 12.04 to Greek.

    20:12:09 <Geochr> e have two translation teams in aim to translate Ubuntu. The current release is fully translated in Greek language.

    20:12:19 <Geochr> We*

    20:12:22 <czajkowski> yay

    20:12:45 <Geochr> Another activity of our community is the Ubuntistas magazine. The whole magazine is fully created by our members (editorial, graphics etc). We have 14 issues since the first isue in November 2008

    20:12:48 <czajkowski> Geochr: so how has the team grown, since you were approved last? has the team had to over come any issues

    20:13:34 <Geochr> Yes, we are do our best to improve the team

    20:13:46 <Geochr> and to spread the Ubuntu

    20:14:06 <komputes> hi czajkowski

    20:14:33 <czajkowski> komputes: we're in the middle of another team application now will try and circle back to you ok

    20:14:40 <komputes> ok

    20:14:50 <czajkowski> Geochr: is there something we the loco council can help with ?

    20:15:17 <SergioMeneses> the ubuntu magazine is a wonderful idea!... and congratulations Geochr and ubuntu Greek

    20:15:36 <SergioMeneses> excelente application

    20:15:41 <SergioMeneses> excellent

    20:15:53 <Geochr> Any advise from the loco council is welecome

    20:15:56 <czajkowski> itnet7: SergioMeneses greg-g any other comments

    20:16:12 <SergioMeneses> czajkowski, no

    20:16:14 <itnet7> Not really, I think we're ready to vote

    20:16:25 <greg-g> not from me,I love the application, well done GreekTeam!

    20:16:30 <czajkowski> #voters SergioMeneses itnet7 czajkowski greg-g

    20:16:30 <meetingology> Current voters: SergioMeneses czajkowski greg-g itnet7

    20:16:38 <Geochr> the congratulations are for the whole team nad not personal

    20:16:41 <czajkowski> #votesrequired 3

    20:16:41 <meetingology> votes now need 3 to be passed

    20:16:43 <itnet7> +1

    20:16:46 <greg-g> +1

    20:16:49 <SergioMeneses> +1

    20:16:53 <czajkowski> patience!

    20:16:56 <itnet7> lol

    20:17:06 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the re approval of the Greek LoCo

    20:17:06 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the re approval of the Greek LoCo

    20:17:06 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:17:14 <czajkowski> +1 amazing application keep up the great work

    20:17:14 <meetingology> +1 amazing application keep up the great work received from czajkowski

    20:17:19 <Geochr> thanks...

    20:17:21 <itnet7> +1 definitely

    20:17:21 <meetingology> +1 definitely received from itnet7

    20:17:24 <greg-g> +1

    20:17:24 <meetingology> +1 received from greg-g

    20:17:25 <SergioMeneses> +1 excellent!

    20:17:25 <meetingology> +1 excellent! received from SergioMeneses

    20:17:34 <czajkowski> #endvote

    20:17:34 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the re approval of the Greek LoCo

    20:17:34 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:17:34 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:17:37 <greg-g> Smile :)

    20:17:42 <greg-g> well done team!

    20:17:52 <Geochr> thanks loco council

    20:17:54 <clepto95> thank you!

    20:18:05 <Geochr> see you 2014 !

    20:18:06 <SergioMeneses> congratulations

    20:18:06 <czajkowski> #action SergioMeneses update lauchpad with updated expirary date

    20:18:06 * meetingology SergioMeneses update lauchpad with updated expirary date

    20:18:10 <czajkowski> Smile :)

    20:18:21 <SergioMeneses> czajkowski, ok

    20:18:31 <czajkowski> #topic Oregon Approval

    20:18:35 <itnet7> Good Job Greece!!

    20:18:41 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/ApprovalApplication

    20:18:42 <the_eye_> thanks

    20:18:43 <greg-g> hello there Oregon Smile :)

    20:18:51 <devxdev> Hiya!

    20:18:52 <bryceh> o/

    20:18:53 <tgm4883> Quack

    20:18:54 <SergioMeneses> Hello Ubuntu Oregon Team!

    20:18:54 <bkerensa> Quack

    20:18:54 <TRAVISg_> QUACK!

    20:18:55 <bdmurray> Hi

    20:18:57 <cweber10> Quack

    20:18:57 <czajkowski> nathwill: hi there

    20:18:58 <c_smith> quack

    20:18:58 <j_white1> Quack

    20:19:04 <jvlb> Quack!

    20:19:04 <nathwill> hi all

    20:19:07 <MarkDude> Quack

    20:19:09 <czajkowski> nathwill: hiya care to tell us about the team ?

    20:19:09 <trinikrono> congrats to greek team!

    20:19:16 <slangasek> um... moo 20:19:16 * shirgall also quacks 20:19:22 * sbeattie waves

    20:19:27 <tgm4883> lol

    20:19:30 <bkerensa> tgm4883 will be stepping in for nathwill

    20:19:32 <konnn> thanks from greece

    20:19:44 <nathwill> czajkowski, actually, tgm4833 is gonna be taking over for the meeting, i've got some work stuff blowing up that is making me only intermittently available

    20:19:58 <czajkowski> tgm4883: ok hi there

    20:20:12 <greg-g> I wouldn't have thought I'd see so much quacking in a LC meeting

    20:20:23 <itnet7> greg-g: Wink ;-)

    20:20:23 <tgm4883> Although unofficially a team, we've been contributing to Ubuntu in different capacities for quite a while now

    20:20:27 <bryceh> greg-g, if it walks like a duck...

    20:20:37 <tgm4883> Be it release parties, ubuntu hours, bug squashing parties, etc

    20:20:46 <Brian_H> delayed quack!

    20:21:01 <kees> quack quack

    20:21:07 <SergioMeneses> what is quack? or means

    20:21:10 <tgm4883> bkerensa, has really done quite a lot of work in getting us organized and getting us out into the community

    20:21:11 <bkerensa> quack

    20:21:18 <komputes> quack?

    20:21:19 <czajkowski> ok less quacking and more answering Smile :)

    20:21:19 <MarkDude> +1

    20:21:20 <czajkowski> please

    20:21:31 <bkerensa> Quack = Duck noise... Oregon state animal :P

    20:21:34 <czajkowski> it doesnt translate well

    20:21:34 <c_smith> it's an oregon joke

    20:21:43 <c_smith> czajkowski, it's an Oregon joke.

    20:21:54 <greg-g> just a point of clarification, there is a important difference between an official team and an approved team. Official isn't a defined word in the LoCo world, so, any team that is working towards approval is effectively the official team of that area

    20:22:18 <tgm4883> czajkowski, The Oregon team has the largest amount of bug fixes of any loco in North America

    20:22:26 <czajkowski> greg-g: +1

    20:22:35 <SergioMeneses> totally agree

    20:22:50 <tgm4883> we try to have lots of fixes in the repository each cycle

    20:23:24 <tgm4883> and our team did much of the multi-arch transitioning of libraries for 12.04

    20:24:07 <MarkDude> http://oregonsportsreport.com/or_files/ducks.gif <<<< the Duck in question Smile :)

    20:24:30 <czajkowski> tgm4883: great, how do you manage all of this as I see from launchpad you have 45 members, but yet ye say ye have over 1K followers on social sites, do you think at some point you will get people in these areas to get involved?

    20:25:56 <itnet7> tgm4883: I enjoyed reading about your events and outreach

    20:25:59 <tgm4883> czajkowski, While we have 45 members that considered themselves part of our team and have signed up on that web-page, we have a larger community that comes to these events that we hold that are not part of our team

    20:26:16 <czajkowski> tgm4883: cool

    20:26:20 <czajkowski> thats good to know

    20:27:13 <tgm4883> czajkowski, I think the primary reason most people don't join that page is the requirement for a LP account

    20:27:25 <tgm4883> we encourage, but never force

    20:28:07 <nathwill> we've also got some pretty active folks in the juju charm-writing community

    20:28:19 <itnet7> very good work on all of the fixes, and development that you're team is doing as well!

    20:28:29 <tgm4883> czajkowski, I've been with the team since I started contributing to Ubuntu (back in 2007 when there were 3 of us) and I can absolutely say that I am proud of the accomplishments this team has made

    20:29:17 <czajkowski> nods

    20:29:25 <bkerensa> Yep... myself, nathwill and kees all have charms in the charm store and kees and I have both won awards on two occasions.. We regularly use Kees sbuild charm to do package building at BSP's and Bug Jams

    20:29:26 <czajkowski> greg-g: SergioMeneses itnet7 any other questions

    20:29:39 <itnet7> tgm4883: what is one of your team biggest accomplishments that you're proud of??

    20:29:41 <SergioMeneses> nathwill, bkerensa Can you tell us something about your future goals?

    20:29:57 <kees> I've been hoping to encourage other locos to use the sbuild charm. it's very handy.

    20:30:09 <tgm4883> Our team has been blessed by some of the members being so good at what they do and able to teach the rest of us (kees, slangasek, bdmurray, and others)

    20:30:22 <greg-g> just another point of clarification, and this isn't meant to be a jab/criticism, work done by Canonical employees during their work time isn't normally looked at for either personal Ubuntu Membership nor LoCo approval (pending special circumstance) so the library transition (which I assume was done by the great work of the Canonical Oregon people) doesn't really count for this application.

    20:30:24 <bkerensa> SergioMeneses: My biggest goal or hope is that we can continue to grow our base of contributors while educating our existing base and teaching them how to do more packaging and bug fixes

    20:30:36 <greg-g> (sorry to be the perpetual point clarifier)

    20:30:47 <nathwill> czajkowski, we're working on expanding Ubuntu Hours as a low-key, low-pressure way for people to get involved with the community

    20:30:47 <greg-g> (also, if I misunderstood/assumed incorrectly, let me know)

    20:30:50 <nathwill> we'd also like to expand to other areas in Oregon

    20:30:54 <kees> fwiw, I don't work for Canonical.

    20:31:01 <bkerensa> greg-g: Canonical employees are not required to come to loco events or contribute and do so voluntarily Smile :) we have a number who do participate and plenty who do not

    20:31:11 <nathwill> i've got some contacts down in Medford who i'm working on getting together so they can coordinate team events in the southern piece of the state

    20:31:13 <bdmurray> greg-g: and some of the transitioning work was done at a weekend event

    20:31:21 <tgm4883> itnet7, Personally I think our biggest accomplishment is actually being able to successfully have the events we have had. Unlike much of the east coast, oregon is not so densely populated so getting the numbers of people we have seen at the events is quite outstanding

    20:31:21 <bkerensa> ^

    20:31:25 <greg-g> bkerensa: right, that is great, and that is separate/othoganal to what I was referring to

    20:31:33 <greg-g> bdmurray: oh, that's cool!

    20:31:35 <bkerensa> also kees for the record is not a Canonical employee Wink ;)

    20:31:40 <greg-g> kees: I guess I missed that Smile :)

    20:31:42 <c_smith> May I throw something in?

    20:31:45 <SergioMeneses> bkerensa, great!

    20:31:54 <itnet7> cool tgm4883, Thanks! Sure c_smith

    20:32:01 <slangasek> greg-g: what's referred to for the multiarch library transitions was a weekend event

    20:32:25 <greg-g> slangasek: gotcha, then I assumed wrong in the specific case here.

    20:32:34 <greg-g> (the general point still stands Wink ;) )

    20:32:37 <c_smith> I and a few other folks here in Salem host an Ubuntu Hour weekly, slowly but surely more people are attending.

    20:32:40 <greg-g> my apologies

    20:32:46 <slangasek> greg-g: yep, understood Smile :)

    20:32:56 <itnet7> c_smith: that's really great!!

    20:33:02 <tgm4883> slangasek, thanks for clearing that up for me Smile :)

    20:33:11 <SergioMeneses> If you work like a LoCo I don't see problem about the Canonical employees

    20:33:15 <czajkowski> right I'm keen to keep this moving we have more teams to get to today, any other comments / questions folks

    20:33:23 <greg-g> yep, go ahead from me Smile :)

    20:33:30 <greg-g> I'm done clarifying points Wink ;)

    20:33:59 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the approval on the Oregon Loco

    20:33:59 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the approval on the Oregon Loco

    20:33:59 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:34:03 <bryceh> +1

    20:34:07 <greg-g> Smile :)

    20:34:17 <czajkowski> and thats why I do the named voters

    20:34:23 <itnet7> Smile :-)

    20:34:23 <greg-g> +1

    20:34:23 <meetingology> +1 received from greg-g

    20:34:36 <SergioMeneses> +1

    20:34:36 <meetingology> +1 received from SergioMeneses

    20:34:38 <itnet7> +1 Great Job!

    20:34:38 <meetingology> +1 Great Job! received from itnet7

    20:34:42 <czajkowski> +1

    20:34:42 <meetingology> +1 received from czajkowski

    20:34:48 <czajkowski> #endvote

    20:34:48 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the approval on the Oregon Loco

    20:34:48 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:34:48 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:35:03 <czajkowski> #action SergioMeneses update approved locoteams on launchpad and add Oregon loco

    20:35:03 * meetingology SergioMeneses update approved locoteams on launchpad and add Oregon loco

    20:35:06 <itnet7> Congratulations, Good Job Oregon!!!

    20:35:16 <czajkowski> welcome oregon loco

    20:35:16 <nathwill> whooo!!!!! ty council-members Smile :)

    20:35:24 <kamusin> congrats Oregon

    20:35:25 <SergioMeneses> Ubuntu Oregon congratulations... and I like the "quack" thing xD

    20:35:31 <c_smith> lol

    20:35:32 <bkerensa> Congrats guys you did great work!

    20:35:34 <itnet7> ditto Wink ;-)

    20:35:37 <bkerensa> and gals even Smile :)

    20:35:43 <c_smith> that's one who likes the joke.

    20:36:00 <czajkowski> #topic Chile LoCo Re approval

    20:36:07 <MarkDude> Yay

    20:36:09 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChileanTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:36:20 <fefa_> hi i'm fefa from chilean team

    20:36:28 <czajkowski> fefa_: hey there

    20:36:33 <czajkowski> cristianvirtual: ping

    20:36:34 <fefa_> We're here for our second re approvalthis is the link to our wiki page with the latest activitiesand we've been involved in a lot of free software events in our Countryalways participating with our booth and giving talks about Ubuntu

    20:36:40 <SergioMeneses> hello Ubuntu Chilean Team!

    20:36:46 <cristianvirtual> hello

    20:36:52 <c3959_> hello!

    20:36:56 <arvaro> hola hola - hello

    20:36:59 <czajkowski> wow impressive application!

    20:37:00 <kamusin> hey!

    20:37:01 <fefa_> everybody say hi !!

    20:37:01 <pedro_> and the link is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChileanTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:37:27 <czajkowski> cristianvirtual: hey so how are things in the team?

    20:38:04 <itnet7> Very nice!

    20:38:11 <fefa_> hi

    20:38:15 <cristianvirtual> czajkowski: greats! well, sorry im at work now, fefa is representing us for today Sad :( sorry

    20:38:16 <pedro_> sadly cristianvirtual (i think) is in a meeting right now

    20:38:23 <pedro_> most of us are currently working

    20:38:32 <pedro_> ~4 pm here in Chile

    20:38:37 <czajkowski> no problem

    20:38:41 <czajkowski> anyone cna jump in

    20:38:45 <czajkowski> how are the team doing

    20:38:45 <fefa_> so any question here i am

    20:38:46 <pedro_> things are going great in our LoCo team 20:38:48 * greg-g is "working" too

    20:39:03 <czajkowski> last time you guys were here it was post the earthquake and yet you guys were still active

    20:39:04 <pedro_> this is the moment of the year were we have a lot of Free software related events

    20:39:11 <czajkowski> I can see from the wiki page no change there

    20:39:13 <greg-g> yeah, conferene season.

    20:39:19 <pedro_> it was a bit slow the past year, cause of the reconstruction and all that

    20:39:23 <czajkowski> nods 20:39:24 * greg-g nos

    20:39:30 <pedro_> but we keep rolling

    20:39:35 <czajkowski> but you guys are still doing things so kudos to you al

    20:39:40 <pedro_> so yeah things are going great this year for us as a team

    20:39:58 <czajkowski> what issues if any have ye overcome?

    20:40:17 <pedro_> mostly related to our Geo , Chile is a loong country

    20:40:23 <greg-g> yes it is Smile :)

    20:40:25 <czajkowski> nods

    20:40:30 <pedro_> so most of the 'issues' we have are related to that

    20:40:35 <greg-g> do you have sub geographical get togethers/meetings?

    20:40:38 <pedro_> we have problems with things like: merch

    20:40:52 <pedro_> how to send the merch to the guys that are 900kms away from the main city :-P

    20:40:58 <czajkowski> nods that is sometimes an issue in teams it is sometimes active in one area over an other, but things change

    20:41:01 <pedro_> the bill is a bit big when you have to do that

    20:41:07 <czajkowski> true!

    20:41:26 <pedro_> yeah, we try to have monthly meetings to keep the communication going

    20:41:31 * SergioMeneses nobs

    20:41:41 <pedro_> and we also use the ML and since the past year facebook for the communication

    20:41:47 <czajkowski> pedro_: how do you guys organise events with people does everyone pitch in or how is it done

    20:41:48 <pedro_> mostly for sending announcements

    20:42:05 <pedro_> it seems that we have more users in that group that in the loco team itself :-P

    20:42:12 <SergioMeneses> pedro_, Can you tell us something about your future goals?

    20:42:17 <SergioMeneses> fefa_, ↑↑↑

    20:42:30 <pedro_> fefa_: all yours Smile :-)

    20:42:49 <fefa_> SergioMeneses the most importanta is waht pedro_ sayd before

    20:42:55 <fefa_> we eant to get to the entyre country

    20:43:03 <fefa_> with talks, events,etc

    20:43:26 <fefa_> and also help people outside santiago to do that

    20:43:59 <fefa_> like pedro- sayd is a little hard for the money that we spend sending merch but we do the best we can do

    20:44:00 <fefa_> Smile :)

    20:44:29 <czajkowski> is there anything the council can do to help you ?

    20:44:32 <SergioMeneses> fefa_, great

    20:44:36 <czajkowski> not financial Smile :)

    20:44:39 <czajkowski> but on other ways

    20:44:53 <pedro_> sometimes we have issues contacting Canonical for getting CDS

    20:44:56 <SergioMeneses> sponsors

    20:45:01 <pedro_> so maybe that's something you guys can help us with?

    20:45:18 <pedro_> for example, we didn't get any reply for like 6 months or so for the last request

    20:45:21 <pedro_> that was an issue for us

    20:45:38 <kamusin> true true..

    20:45:40 <pedro_> in the end , we have to spend money that was destinated to actually send merch to the rest of the country

    20:45:45 <pedro_> in CDS

    20:45:50 <czajkowski> hmm

    20:45:57 <czajkowski> pedro_: was this for the approved cd allocation ?

    20:45:59 <pedro_> so our budget was reduced because of that

    20:46:05 <pedro_> czajkowski: yeah

    20:46:08 <greg-g> the shipit process was holding you up?

    20:46:09 <greg-g> huh

    20:46:19 <greg-g> that's good to know, pedro_ , thanks

    20:46:21 <czajkowski> you did apply for them ?

    20:46:23 <pedro_> don't really know if that happened to some other loco team or not

    20:46:33 <czajkowski> #action czajkowski chase up on Chile loco CD allocation 20:46:33 * meetingology czajkowski chase up on Chile loco CD allocation

    20:47:01 <czajkowski> pedro_: fefa_ if someone could drop me a mail with your details I will chase up on that for you tomrorow czajkowski@ubuntu.com

    20:47:05 <czajkowski> sorry about that

    20:47:13 <czajkowski> SergioMeneses: greg-g itnet7 anything else?

    20:47:13 <itnet7> Thanks for not getting discouraged pedro_ ;-0

    20:47:15 <pedro_> no worries

    20:47:16 <greg-g> I'm good

    20:47:19 <itnet7> and team

    20:47:21 <SergioMeneses> me too

    20:47:25 <pedro_> czajkowski: will do it, thanks

    20:47:42 <fefa_> czajkowski great i'll sendo you an email with all the details

    20:47:44 <fefa_> thanks

    20:47:44 <kamusin> shiping process is always a stress point for our pockets

    20:47:53 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the re approval of the Chile loco

    20:47:53 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the re approval of the Chile loco

    20:47:53 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:48:00 <greg-g> +1

    20:48:00 <meetingology> +1 received from greg-g

    20:48:01 <czajkowski> +1 Smile :)

    20:48:01 <meetingology> +1 Smile :) received from czajkowski

    20:48:04 <itnet7> +1 Awesome Job!!

    20:48:04 <meetingology> +1 Awesome Job!! received from itnet7

    20:48:04 <SergioMeneses> +1

    20:48:04 <meetingology> +1 received from SergioMeneses

    20:48:11 <czajkowski> #endvote

    20:48:11 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the re approval of the Chile loco

    20:48:11 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:48:11 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:48:14 <greg-g> thanks pedro_ fefa_ and the rest of the team!

    20:48:18 <c3959_> Smile :-)

    20:48:21 <itnet7> Definitely

    20:48:22 <fefa_> thank you guys

    20:48:26 <pedro_> thanks folks and sorry again for not having the whole loco team involved in this process as we wanted to Smile :-)

    20:48:27 <SergioMeneses> congratulations fefa_ pedro_ and ubuntu chilean team!

    20:48:34 <greg-g> pedro_: no worries

    20:48:36 <czajkowski> #action SergioMeneses update approved locoteams with chile new expiray date

    20:48:36 * meetingology SergioMeneses update approved locoteams with chile new expiray date 20:48:45 * fefa_ was very nervous

    20:48:49 <fefa_> thanks

    20:48:54 <kamusin> thank you guys

    20:48:56 <pedro_> SergioMeneses: just set it as 2020 or something :-P

    20:48:59 <cristianvirtual> Smile :)

    20:49:00 <arvaro> gracias!

    20:49:06 <cristianvirtual> \o/

    20:49:12 <czajkowski> #topic Uruguay LoCo Re approval

    20:49:14 <SergioMeneses> pedro_, jajaja

    20:49:18 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UruguayTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:49:21 <PabloRubianes> Hello

    20:49:24 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: ping

    20:49:31 <PabloRubianes> hi czajkowski

    20:49:51 <SergioMeneses> hello Ubuntu Uruguay Team!

    20:49:57 <czajkowski> welcome !

    20:49:57 <SergioMeneses> hello PabloRubianes

    20:50:03 <czajkowski> thanks for coming and sorry for keeping you waiting

    20:50:04 <PabloRubianes> if you follow the event links there are photos and more details

    20:50:14 <PabloRubianes> no problem czajkowski

    20:50:47 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: who did the video work for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MCBDenb2bs

    20:50:51 <czajkowski> that was just AMAZING!!!

    20:51:04 <SergioMeneses> video with Mark!

    20:51:05 <SergioMeneses> Smile :)

    20:51:14 <PabloRubianes> that was a huge almost one year process

    20:51:38 <PabloRubianes> we started to talk to Argentina loco in order to have a multi country event

    20:51:40 <SergioMeneses> PabloRubianes, congratulations about the UbuConLA,

    20:51:49 <PabloRubianes> and all worked really well

    20:52:16 <SergioMeneses> PabloRubianes, yes, I can see it in the planet!

    20:52:18 <PabloRubianes> thanks to google hangout and lot of hard work we did a great conference

    20:52:39 <czajkowski> nods

    20:52:49 <PabloRubianes> czajkowski, people was shocked about the video

    20:52:53 <greg-g> czajkowski: that video work:

    20:52:55 <greg-g> http://www.vacuispacii.org/motion-graphics-para-ubucon-latinoamerica/

    20:53:09 <czajkowski> yes that was pretty

    20:53:14 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: so tell us about your team

    20:53:47 <PabloRubianes> the team is quite active

    20:54:01 <PabloRubianes> trying to create new forms of events

    20:54:12 <PabloRubianes> as the "Welcome Day"

    20:54:16 <czajkowski> oh do tell

    20:54:19 <czajkowski> what's that ?

    20:54:23 <czajkowski> I like to hear about new ideas

    20:54:29 <SergioMeneses> new members?

    20:54:40 <SergioMeneses> something like FLISOL?

    20:54:50 <PabloRubianes> mainly is to atract new people on the street

    20:55:13 <czajkowski> more formal than an Ubuntu hour ? but not a conference?

    20:55:42 <PabloRubianes> czajkowski, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UruguayTeam/Eventos/UserDay_14-01-2012

    20:55:49 <PabloRubianes> there are a picture there

    20:55:59 <PabloRubianes> we ask to the museum for energy

    20:56:04 <czajkowski> nods

    20:56:11 <czajkowski> something different alright

    20:56:16 <SergioMeneses> PabloRubianes, ubuntu on the street

    20:56:21 <PabloRubianes> and with laptops showed people on the street what ubuntu is

    20:56:40 <czajkowski> wow

    20:56:55 <itnet7> Very nice!

    20:57:15 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: do you feel there are any issues in the team that need help with or in general ?

    20:57:43 <PabloRubianes> czajkowski, we have a similar issue with the cds

    20:57:50 <PabloRubianes> but is different that chile

    20:58:22 <PabloRubianes> because the problem is the customs don't believe someone can send a ton of cds to give away

    20:58:23 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: did you get them at all ?

    20:58:27 <czajkowski> ahh

    20:58:33 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: did you contact shipit for a letter?

    20:58:40 <PabloRubianes> and they want to charge us

    20:58:42 <PabloRubianes> czajkowski,

    20:58:46 <PabloRubianes> yes we did

    20:59:06 <czajkowski> and..

    20:59:12 <PabloRubianes> but as we had problems we stoped to ask for them until we can arrange with customs

    20:59:23 <PabloRubianes> we don't want to cds to be wasted

    20:59:27 <czajkowski> nods

    20:59:39 <czajkowski> ok so for the 12.04 cds did you ask for them or not ?

    20:59:47 <greg-g> I'm sorry you have to deal with that situation, that is not encouraging.

    20:59:48 <PabloRubianes> is a Uruguayan problem and we will fix it

    21:00:04 <PabloRubianes> greg-g, to fight this

    21:00:32 <PabloRubianes> we give away cds asking fot a blank one

    21:00:44 <PabloRubianes> is not the same but is useful

    21:00:46 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: did you ask for the 12.04 ones?

    21:01:00 <PabloRubianes> czajkowski, no because this situacion

    21:01:21 <PabloRubianes> we are going to the customs administration in a few weeks

    21:01:29 <PabloRubianes> so maybe we can arrange this

    21:01:29 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: ok can you drop me amail with details and I'll follow up tomorrow please

    21:01:40 <czajkowski> #action czajkowski follow up on PabloRubianes CD issue with shipit

    21:01:40 * meetingology czajkowski follow up on PabloRubianes CD issue with shipit

    21:01:46 <PabloRubianes> czajkowski, ok thanks

    21:01:53 <czajkowski> ok so any more comments as we have on more team to see

    21:02:02 <greg-g> I'm good

    21:02:04 <itnet7> I think we're good

    21:02:06 <itnet7> Smile :-)

    21:02:16 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the re approval of the Uruguay LoCo

    21:02:16 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the re approval of the Uruguay LoCo

    21:02:16 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    21:02:17 <SergioMeneses> no

    21:02:20 <czajkowski> +1

    21:02:20 <meetingology> +1 received from czajkowski

    21:02:23 <greg-g> +1

    21:02:23 <meetingology> +1 received from greg-g

    21:02:27 <SergioMeneses> +1

    21:02:27 <meetingology> +1 received from SergioMeneses

    21:02:27 <itnet7> +1 Great Job!

    21:02:27 <meetingology> +1 Great Job! received from itnet7

    21:02:34 <czajkowski> #endvote

    21:02:34 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the re approval of the Uruguay LoCo

    21:02:34 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    21:02:34 <meetingology> Motion carried

    21:02:45 <czajkowski> #action SergioMeneses update LP approved locoteams

    21:02:45 * meetingology SergioMeneses update LP approved locoteams

    21:02:54 <PabloRubianes> Thanks to the LoCo Council

    21:02:58 <SergioMeneses> PabloRubianes, congratulations!

    21:03:06 <PabloRubianes> and czajkowski one more thing

    21:03:07 <itnet7> Thanks for all of you and your teams hard work!!

    21:03:31 <PabloRubianes> thanks to help us in the issue with the dates of expiration!

    21:03:43 <czajkowski> #topic Quebec re approval

    21:03:45 <czajkowski> PabloRubianes: np

    21:03:50 <PabloRubianes> Smile :)

    21:03:54 <czajkowski> komputes: ping

    21:04:03 <komputes> hi czajkowski

    21:04:10 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuebecTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    21:04:15 <itnet7> Hey there komputes !

    21:04:18 <komputes> hi itnet7

    21:04:31 <SergioMeneses> hello ubuntu Quebec!

    21:04:35 <czajkowski> komputes: sorry for that but as we have so many to get through if people don't turn up we have to move on

    21:04:49 <komputes> and hello to my fellow loco team members cyphermox and IdleOne

    21:04:50 <czajkowski> komputes: so how is Quebec loco doing ?

    21:04:58 <komputes> czajkowski: yup, no problem

    21:05:01 <cyphermox> hey hey

    21:05:34 <komputes> czajkowski: very vibrant as usual. mailing list is the most used for internal communication in the loco.

    21:06:32 <czajkowski> cyphermox: IdleOne alohe

    21:06:33 <czajkowski> *a

    21:06:41 <komputes> We run regular events for new and experienced users.

    21:07:03 <cyphermox> komputes: we should get started on organizing a bug jam very very soon

    21:07:13 <czajkowski> so I'm not used to seeing testimonals on a loco page, that's rather new Smile :)

    21:07:37 <czajkowski> http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-qc/events/history that is some list of activities!!

    21:07:41 <komputes> just a few kind words from our vocal members )

    21:08:24 <komputes> As I said, we regularly run activities. And they are fun, we usually bring food, have presentations and discussions.

    21:08:26 <czajkowski> komputes: so who organises the events?

    21:08:34 <komputes> czajkowski: cyphermox and I

    21:08:56 <greg-g> 2011 was quite active! are you still doing those Ubuntu Hours?

    21:09:02 <czajkowski> ah yes my other name sake for highlighting Smile :)

    21:09:21 <cyphermox> it's usually me and/or komputes, yes, but there is often interest in having activities in other locations than montreal where other loco team members organize their activities, since it's pretty geographically dispersed

    21:09:31 <czajkowski> nods

    21:09:47 <komputes> greg-g: not as frequently due to work schedule, I would like to delegate that to another member so that we have ubuntu hours more frequently

    21:09:47 <czajkowski> do you encourage people who are local to you guys to start their own meet ups ?

    21:09:53 <czajkowski> or do tney have to come through you guys ?

    21:10:01 <cyphermox> greg-g: the person who was doing the ubuntu hours regularly no longer really does much (MagicFab) but I've been discussing with another member starting to do this again in automn

    21:10:27 <komputes> czajkowski: they do not have to go through us, we often get announcements for other places than Montreal in the mailing list.

    21:10:37 <greg-g> ahh, good ole magicfab Smile :)

    21:10:40 <czajkowski> komputes: that;s what I like to hear Smile :)

    21:10:47 <cyphermox> czajkowski: no, we strongly encourage people to make their own, and when I see people mentioning stuff I offer them to add the event to the loco directory

    21:10:48 <IdleOne> Hello!

    21:10:48 <SergioMeneses> cyphermox, MagiFab is from Colombian! I know him

    21:10:49 <czajkowski> don't like to hear of blocking having events!

    21:10:56 <czajkowski> cyphermox: brilliant!

    21:10:57 <cyphermox> SergioMeneses: indeed

    21:10:59 <czajkowski> <3 hapy

    21:11:14 <cyphermox> he's more involved in Trisquel, FSF, and work lately Smile :)

    21:11:32 <SergioMeneses> cyphermox, yes, he told me

    21:12:26 <czajkowski> any other comments/issues

    21:12:32 <cyphermox> I'm getting a nice interest in Ubuntu from the Université de Montreal, so as soon as students start going to school again, we should be getting a few new loco members I expect Smile :)

    21:12:34 <czajkowski> did ye get your cds?

    21:12:40 <cyphermox> czajkowski: no

    21:12:43 <czajkowski> bah

    21:12:49 <cyphermox> we have a few CDs in the office though

    21:12:52 <czajkowski> cyphermox: did ye apply

    21:12:56 <czajkowski> for 12.04 ?

    21:13:07 <cyphermox> czajkowski: no, it was for approved loco teams Smile :)

    21:13:26 <czajkowski> cyphermox: ah confusing as your team says re approval

    21:13:27 <czajkowski> ok

    21:13:32 <cyphermox> right

    21:13:43 <czajkowski> but now I clicked

    21:13:58 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the re approval of the Quebec LoCo

    21:13:58 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the re approval of the Quebec LoCo

    21:13:58 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    21:14:03 <czajkowski> +1

    21:14:03 <meetingology> +1 received from czajkowski

    21:14:08 <IdleOne> I just want to say that both komputes and cyphermox are awesome people and they work very hard at keeping Ubuntu alive in Montreal and Quebec in general. I only wish I had more time to help them out.

    21:14:10 <SergioMeneses> +1

    21:14:10 <meetingology> +1 received from SergioMeneses

    21:14:11 <greg-g> +1

    21:14:11 <meetingology> +1 received from greg-g

    21:14:16 <itnet7> +1 good job

    21:14:16 <meetingology> +1 good job received from itnet7

    21:14:21 <greg-g> great work everyone!

    21:14:24 <cyphermox> thanks so much komputes for organizing the wiki pages and all Smile :)

    21:14:29 <czajkowski> #endvote

    21:14:29 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the re approval of the Quebec LoCo

    21:14:29 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    21:14:29 <meetingology> Motion carried

    21:14:41 <czajkowski> #action SergioMeneses update LP approved locos

    21:14:41 * meetingology SergioMeneses update LP approved locos

    21:14:56 <czajkowski> #action greg-g to update the wiki and team report with meeting mins 21:14:56 * meetingology greg-g to update the wiki and team report with meeting mins

    21:15:01 <czajkowski> #endmeeting

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