LoCo Docs Day

For us to have a rocking LoCo Community, we need to ensure we have as much documentation and guidance in place as possible. We should ensure that every aspect of running and participating in a LoCo team is documented. This will make it easier for new and existing teams to be successful.

As such, on a LoCo Docs Day we come together as a community and review and update our LoCo documentation. Everyone should get together in the IRC channel (#ubuntu-locoteams on Freenode) to collaborate on the day.

NEXT LOCO DOCS DAY: 12 February 2009 in #ubuntu-locoteams on Freenode.

Helping out

Helping is easy, just look at the list of documents below and enhance them. We also need some docs, listed in LoCoTeamDocsToDo, to be created. The LoCo Docs Day will take place on #ubuntu-locoteams all day, so you can collaborate with other contributors.

Please list what pages you worked on at the bottom of this page. Wink ;)

Docs to work on

These are the docs that need expanding, filling out and building up:

  • LoCoFAQ - The FAQ should be a full and detailed page filled with all kinds of questions about the LoCo project. If something is missing, add it.

  • LoCoTeamHowto - This is a concise and clear guide to running LoCo teams. We want this to be an expansive and clear document about running a team.

  • LoCoComputerFairHowto - organising a computer fair booth

  • LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups - what are the best ways to work with LUGs and other local groups? Joey: Needs lots of Love. Please work on me!]

  • LoCoRunningInstallfests - let us know the best way to run an installfest and the gotchas when installing Ubuntu on different machines.

  • LoCoCreatingWebsite - what is the best method of creating a website for your team?

  • LoCoCreatingForum - how do you set up a forum for your team?

  • LoCoCreatingPlanet - how do you create a Planet site to aggregate your LoCo team's blogs? Identify how you do this with a tutorial on this page.

  • LoCoCreatingMap - how do you create a user map to show where the users in your team are? Also explain how to make this map available on your website.

  • LoCoTeamDocsToDo - contains a list of wanted documents to create/update

Docs Updated

List your nick and docs you updated below!


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