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My name is Ahmed Sghaier, also known as Neo31. I am a Tunisian technology enthusiast who followed a Master's degree in Network Security and Services as well as a Software Engineering degree. And currently seeking a good Ph.D opportunity.

The first time I have heard about the Tunisian community was in fall 2008 when I started following the community online since then.
My first contribution was in Software Freedom Day 2009 where I had my first contact with the awesome Tunisian members. And since then, my journey with Ubuntu-TN have started and I learned a lot about Ubuntu, FOSS and the community.
All than inspired to be the founder with Anis El-Acheche the first FLOSS club in our university. As well as we have supported the opening of other FLOSS clubs in other universities.
During the following years we have supported the opening of other FLOSS clubs in other universities.

I have been approved as a FreedomFighter member of Ubuntu-TN community in the beginning of 2010 and joined the management committee board in 2011.
During 2012 I was following the activities with our LoCo contact offering assistance when possible. And later, in 2013 I have been approved to take LoCo contact responsibilities for Ubuntu-TN.
On the other hand, I am currently the secretary general of the NGO CLibre promoting FLOSS and open data.

Personal Linux Experience

I have first tried GNU/Linux in 2002 (Knoppix, Live Suse, Fedora Core and Mandrake 8), than it has become my primary operating system since fall 2005 as Mandriva and Fedora 7 came out.

At the same time, I have experienced with my first Ubuntu distribution and I have become interested in the distribution as I became more involved with Ubuntu-TN community in the beginning of 2009.

As my knowledge about GNU, FLOSS and Linux have grown, I have tested many Linux distributions along with some BSD and UNIX distributions.
But currently, I am still loyal to Fedora and Ubuntu as my main PC distributions.


Since I have joined Ubuntu-TN I had the chance to learn a lot from the community and especially about the community. I first started giving back to the community the favor of learning, before things get reversed as I got used to community contribution. Even if I am always learning from our community now I am always giving every thing in every way possible that helps our community.

Briefly, it became my second family.

Events : Conferences, workshops, install parties and others

Most Ubuntu-TN events are listed on our Events page. You can find events details, reports, photos and blog links on that page. Our monthly report may sometimes contain further details or information.

Following are 25+ IRL events I have contributed to, either as a speaker in conferences, workshop trainer and presenter, assistant, organizer, coordinator or a combination of these.

During these events I have worked with members of Ubuntu-TN community and sometimes with members of other FLOSS communities, organizations, universities and clubs. I am very thankful to everyone who contributed to these events in any way possible.






Other contributions

My contributions vary from IRL events, but I also started with respected contributions over IRC, ML, forums, blogs, and other mediums. I have also done many individual contributions when possible outside Ubuntu-TN. I have assisted many Ubuntu users, prepared conferences and classrooms, assisted IRC classroom trainers, helped keeping organized IRC meetings, shot photos, designed logos and posters, administrated social networking mediums, IRC channel and recently became an administrator of our launchpad groups and ML...


Reporting and Blogging

Quick events and contributions


Future Goals


  • Ubuntu Neo is one of the most active member in our LoCo Team. he organized/participated to the almost all of our last three years events. He help many people on ML and IRC and he is doing a hard job to promote the use of ubuntu, and to provide a first support to ubuntu user. He's our LoCo Contact and he's doing his best to enlarge our community. Cheers Neo Smile :)

    Ubuntu Neo was the first member to know in ubuntu-tn community , he encourage me to join it and he is not just a community friend but one of my few IRL friends , he is a hard worker and a big opensource lover, we shared a great geeky moments in events that we organized in ubutnu community. he helped a lot of people.and am sure he will contribute more and more.

    Ubuntu After the first wave of the founding members of the Ubuntu Tunisia community, Ahmed is one of the most remarkable members of the second wave. Active, present in most of FOSS activities in Tunisia and always smiling. He, with a group of young people, are giving a boost to our community. His election as the LoCo contact demonstrates confidence that gives him the community. I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

    Ubuntu Il n'est pas facile d'être activiste du Logiciel Libre, du monde GNU/Linux, et d'Ubuntu en Afrique du Nord sans connaître Neo, un personnage incontournable, qui répond toujours présent pour les logiciels libres, Neo s'investit de toute son énergie, son âme, et ses connaissances, afin de faire connaître, d'aider, d'améliorer, et de faire découvrir Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Ahmed is an active member in our Loco team. I worked with him in many project and he was a person who I can count on him. He was elected unanimosly as the new LoCo contact. I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

    Ubuntu Neo is one of the most active members in ubuntu-tn. I worked with him in a lot of events during last years and his contribution was impressive. I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

    Ubuntu Neo is one of the most active members in ubuntu-tn,who encouraged me to join the community and to use the Free and Open-Source Software.I worked with him in a lot of events during 2 years I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

    Ubuntu If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here - Please do not remove this template testimonial.

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