September 2009 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

Forum Council

September 2009 Team Reports

Ubuntu Governance

Forum Council

1. UA team is under the leadership of PanickedThumb and Hellow.

2. The Testimonial Team seems to have disbanded due the resignation of Dougie Richardson.

LoCo Council

MOTU Council

  • Four applications and three new developers:
    • Benjamin Drung joined the MOTU team from Berlin, Germany.
    • Andres Rodriguez put some hard work into Server and HA applications and joined the MOTU team.
    • Cody Somerville was recommended for core-dev membership by the MOTU Countil.
    • Martin-Éric Racine was approved as a MOTU and recommended for xserver-xorg-video-geode upload rights.
  • Three MOTU applications, all of them approved:
    • Marc Deslauriers works in the Ubuntu Security team and has done a lot of amazing work in a short time. Keep it up!
    • Fabrice Coutadeur has been working on lots and lots of packages already and helped to clear up lots of obscure build failures, also is he interested in video editing.
    • Michael Terry has done great work in Canonical's OEM team but also in getting rsyslog ready for Karmic and doing lots of merges. His main objective is getting deja-dup into main.

Technical Board

  • Technical Board meeting, 2009-09-08
    • Debian technical committee participation in techboard
      • Bdale Garbee has put himself forward to participate and help define the role
      • ACTION received: cjwatson to respond to Bdale, make arrangements for him to participate
    • Java SRU policy
    • Removal of sun-java6 from Karmic
      • Passed: remove sun-java6 from karmic in favor of openjdk-6, contingent on approval from the maintainer (Matthias Klose).
      • ACTION received: kees to confirm removal of sun-java6 with doko
    • Developer Membership Board
      • Scott has set up the appropriate teams in Launchpad
      • The DMB now needs to be communicated, and start doing the work of processing membership applications
      • ACTION received: cjwatson to announce DMB to MC, -devel announce
      • Action: jono to update documentation
    • Archive reorganisation (Colin Watson)
      • Colin had a couple of minor items to confirm with the TB before throwing the switch on package sets
      • Ubuntu package sets are now implemented in Launchpad
    • Community bugs (none)
    • select a chair for the next meeting (kees)
  • Technical Board meeting, 2009-09-22
    • reviewed actions from last meeting
      • ACTION: Keybuk to find Bdale at LinuxCon to hash out participation

    • Removal of sun-java6
      • Based on feedback all around, it was agreed that it is still early for sun-java6 to be dropped. However, it was not yet clear if responsibility for the package should be changed.
      • ACTION: kees to drive sun-java6 email thread and get resolution on responsibility
    • Developer Membership Board
      • Striking the right balance between openness and privacy combined with the desire to not change existing processes too radically continues to be a non-trivial issue.
      • ACTION: cjwatson to drive DMB email thread to conclusion
    • Discuss UnitsPolicy

      • Excepting some clarifications to the language surrounding file sizes, the Policy is nearly ready.
      • ACTION: Keybuk to finalize unit policy and email to TB for vote
    • Community Bugs (none)
    • Archive reorganisation (Colin Watson)
      • There was general agreement that team admins have been delegated the responsibility to grant upload privileges, but that how they choose developers is not entirely clear.
      • Daniel expressed a concern that team admins should follow a standard transparent process when dealing with applicants.
      • Scott proposed having it split into "application" (standard) and "approval" (up to the admin)
      • Martin proposed that the TB would approve a set of possible application processes an admin could choose from.
      • ACTION: cjwatson to drive vote on Archive Reorg rights for ubuntu-desktop and mythbuntu in email
    • Select a chair for next meeting (pitti)

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for September 2009

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Cody regenerated the Xubuntu metapackage.
  • Lionel updated xubuntu-default-settings to provide default.desktop desktop session file to correctly set system wide default session.
  • Lionel uploaded a new upstream bugfix release of xfce4-volumed.
  • Lionel patched xfce4-power-manager to fix a segfault in xfpm_session_set_client_id.
  • Lionel fixed LP #412659 by updating the xubuntu-artwork package to increase the alternative priority of the xubuntu usplash theme so that the xubuntu theme is preferred over the ubuntu one.
  • Lionel updated xubuntu-default-settings to improve integration with new gdm and readd a shortcut for xfce4-popup-menu (LP: #424282).
  • Lionel fixed LP #195649 by patching exo to fix failure to eject video cd/dvd & data cd/dvd using hardware button.

  • Cody added xfce4-volumed to xubuntu desktop seed.
  • Cody removed thunar-tpa (trash panel applet) from default session as part of the xubuntu-karmic-session-slim-down specification.

  • SiDi patched xfce4-power-manager to use custom notification icons as part of the notify-osd spec

Artwork and marketing

  • Pasi and SiDi worked with James Schriver and MadsRH to make the new GTK theme and mockups for Xsplash

  • Pasi and Jim did the new documentation startpage
  • Pasi worked extensively with Karmic release artwork (GDM, wallpaper and overall look)

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Cameroonian Team

* Activities during the Software Freedom day

  • Theme of the Conference held in Yaounde: Free software, what interets for Cameroon and Africa countries ?
  • IRC chat on #ubuntu-cm with folks from Yaounde, Douala, Limbe and even abroad (germany, switzerland) . The log.

  • In the press (french):Le logiciel libre fêté à Yaoundé

  • Pictures of SFD in Yaounde

Catalan Team

  • Event
  • Event
  • Event

Chilean Team

In this month we celebrate the independence day ("Fiestas Patrias") and we enjoy dancing and drinking, but Ubuntu doesn't sleep and we have the following activities:

  • IRC Monthly Meeting (September 15th, #ubuntu-cl). The meeting page with the log is here.

  • Freedom Software Day (September 26th, Talca).

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

German Kubuntu Team

  • Nothing.

Greek Team

Honduras Team

Irish Team

  • Face to face meet up on Thursday 3rd of September with dinner first in Jimmy Chungs and then onto the Longstone for drinks.

  • Regular Monthly IRC Meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 16th September.

  • The loco ran a one day conference, OSSBarcamp to coincide with Software Freedom Day on the 19th of September.

  • Preparations are well under way for Global Jam next month in Ireland.

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Norwegian team

Romanian Team

  • we have relaunch as an agregator for all Romanian blogs talking about Ubuntu
  • toghether with members from other Linux communities (especially Fedora) we start filming a series of short Linux relates report for the national television ... we still don't know when they will be aired

Russian Team

The Team


Kuban Team

Saratov Team

  • Preparations for Software Freedom Day 2009 has been completed (

    • Linux ADs translated into Russian (YouTube playlist)

    • Report on Russian Ubuntu LoCo, Russian community and Launchpad use cases prepared (Slides, Photos).

    • Master-class on Bluetooth in Linux prepared.

United States Teams

US Teams Project

California Team

Chicago Team


New York State Team

Ohio Team

Pennsylvania Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2009-09-08

  • Agree to start alternate meeting times
  • Decide to work on reviewing new Join Us page during the next month
  • Vote to put new Wiki Home Page Template in place
  • Discuss changes to the membership process

* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2009-09-22

  • Agree to alternate the meeting time each month between 21:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC
  • Decide that bodhi.zazen will manage leadership positions
  • Discuss how to get some of the people idling in #ubuntu-beginners to join the team
  • Pedro Mendes joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has been doing a terrific job helping other users, and we are glad to welcome him to the team.

  • Andy Mathay joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has helped out on the forums and on IRC, and is an active member of the Ohio LoCo team.

  • Pablo Rubianes joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has contributed to the wiki and written several How-To guides. We are glad to have him on the team.

  • Gabriel Abud joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is active on the forums and on IRC, and has recently started getting involved with the Ohio LoCo team.

Ubuntu NGO Team

  • NGO Packaging is moving on slowly, but surely: php-recaptcha, php-validate-it and php-services-json (all necessary for CiviCRM) now in our our PPA; preliminaty packages of php-htmlpurifier and php-ids. Licensing issues of php-validate-finance have been resolved, this unblocks php-validate-ie and php-validate-finance-creditcard.

  • Lots of new members: we're at 92 now.

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