Unlike other distributions we do not ship upstream translations from source packages directly in binary application packages in main and restricted, since this does not allow us any flexibility in editing them on a central place (Launchpad), update them independently from the applications, and update them post release. That is why we separate packages and their translations in Ubuntu and maintain/package them independently.


The complete lifecycle of translations (import, maintenance, export, and language pack structure) is described on TranslationLifecycle

Inclusion conditions

  • All packages that generate .mo files in a compile time configurable location ($LOCALEDIR) will be included in lang-packs.
  • Only packages from the 'main' repository are included in language packs.

Package maintainer notes

The package maintainer will only need to check if, at compile time, the package generates a .mo file in a preconfigurable location. He will upload the package just like a normal one, and the language pack script will take care of everything else.

Those packages which are imported in Rosetta but do not generate .mo files in a standard location will have to be manually exported by the package maintainer. Examples:



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