Agenda & Notes

  • Templates priority, continuation. (AndrejZnidarsic)

    • We'll set the priorities for the packages which have already got assigned ones, and we'll leave the rest for later

    • We should probably leave rhythmbox and banshee next to each other in the list, until the default player decision has been made (quite likely to be rhythmbox)
    • dpm went through the Precise queue, approved and blocked some templates, now down to 81 from 390 initial ones. The ones remaining as Needs Review are not priority ones
    • Some highlights on new templates:
      • bzr
      • sudo
  • Opening Precise translations (GaborKelemen)

    • We'll open translations next Monday, after priorities have been set
  • Selected Universe translations in LP (AndrejZnidarsic)

    • We want to make sure upstreams are onboard on this
    • This has got two aspects:
      • Notifying upstreams
      • Asking packagers to do the (trivial) change in the package to allow translations
    • We cannot yet offer upstreams anything new in terms of exporting automatically translations, but if the right permissions are set, they can download translations from Launchpad. We can also highlight that this is something that has come from the community, who wants to easily translate their program in Ubuntu.
    • Chosen upstreams: wine, ccsm, synaptic
  • Ubuntu docs translations - deferred from last meeting (DavidPlanella)

    • We need to enable translations in the Ubuntu project for docs
    • We need the docs to pull translations from upstream
    • And we also need to know how their workflow actually is, so we can think of ways of improving the translations part of it
    • Translations cannot be shared between different projects (e.g. gnome-docs and ubuntu-docs)
  • List of annoying translations related bugs (GaborKelemen)

    • Bug 473830: Cups translations

    • Gabor: as a downstream, we should adapt to the way upstream ships translations
    • David: concerned about introducing too many special cases
    • Let's ask pitti if it makes sense to add support for it in langpack-o-matic




  • [andrejz] Find out which main gcc version we're using in Precise: TODO
  • [andrejz] Approve the template for the main gcc version in the Precise imports queue: TODO
  • [andrejz] Disable the translation templates for the additional gcc packages in the templates list: TODO
  • [dpm] Set up the translations priorities in Launchpad for the existing packages with assigned priorities: TODO

  • [dpm] Compose a draft e-mail to contact upstreams and send it to the UTC list: TODO
  • [dpm] Contact the ubuntu docs team to ask for their workflow when creating the docs package and how it could be improved to better import upstream translations: TODO
  • [kelemengabor] Write an e-mail to pitti and CC the UTC list to assess how much work would be to implement support for shipping PO files in langpack-o-matic as a fix for Bug 473830 and if it would make sense


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