Meeting summary

  • Wine translations in Launchpad (andrejz)

    • Wine developers not using any translation tool. Wine is now using gettext.
    • Andrej talked with them, they're open to use any translation tool
    • Their concern is traceability of the commits
      • Translation commits are automated in Launchpad, but translations can be traced on a per-message basis in the web interface.
    • Andrej to follow up with the Wine developers
  • Calendar feeds (DavidPlanella)

    • We've got nice feeds for language packs
    • Do we want to have an aggregated calendar with all (sub)calendars?
    • We need to add the language pack calendar feeds to the main release calendar. However, there isn't a main release calendar
    • See the IRC conversation discussing this topic

  • Defining policy for i18n SRUs (GaborKelemen)

    • We should do it on a case by case basis - we cannot aim to SRU them all and we should focus on the most important ones
    • We can bring up bugs that we think are important in meetings and then take action to follow up with developers to ensure they are SRU's
  • How to enforce package rebuilds at NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline time, and defining the packages to be rebuilt (GaborKelemen)

    • Gabor's proposal: be proactive and 1) export translations ourselves after the NonLanguagePackDeadline 2) send merge proposals or patches for the relevant packages

    • David also thinks it might be a good idea
    • Gabor happy to take care of the exports and merge proposals
  • l10n of images in ubuntu-docs (GaborKelemen)



  • Andrej to follow up with the Winde developers on them using Launchpad for translators.
    • Rundown: PO file commits cannot be tracked on a person-by-person basis (translators never use the VCS, only the web interface, and commits are automated). However, translations can easily be tracked even on a message-by-message basis and see who did them in the web interface. No migration to Launchpad is needed apart from setting up a mirror branch (if so desired, to provide more automation). David happy to help with setting up the project in Launchpad.
  • Gabor to review the NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline page, add any missing packages and take care of the exports when the time comes

  • David to send an e-mail to the docs team about how to best localize images
  • Kenneth to investigate the iCal structure from the language pack calendar feed and report on the next meeting if it's feasible/worth it to split the main feed and merge the resulting feeds into other calendars


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