Meeting summary

  • Review of last meeting's actions (DavidPlanella)

    • Andrej to follow up with the Wine developers on them using Launchpad for translators.
      • Did that, no response from Wine developers.
      • David to follow up with Scott Ritchie
    • Gabor to review the NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline page, add any missing packages and take care of the exports when the time comes

      • Started working on it, but still WIP - exports do not need to be done until the non-langpack deadline
    • David to send an e-mail to the docs team about how to best localize images
      • TODO
    • Kenneth to investigate the iCal structure from the language pack calendar feed and report on the next meeting if it's feasible/worth it to split the main feed and merge the resulting feeds into other calendars
  • Upcoming deadlines in the release schedule (DavidPlanella)

    • Language packs to be disabled for Alpha 2, to be released on the 2nd of February
  • Automated notifications of disabled langpack builds (DavidPlanella)

    • David to have a go at sending automatic e-mail notifications from the langpack server



  • David to mail Scott Ritchie about using Launchpad Translations for Wine
  • Gabor to add/update information on the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/#Special_translations page about the iso-codes package

  • David to follow up with the docs team about localized images
  • David to set the remaining translation priorities in LP
  • David to follow up about dia translations with seb128

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