1. Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

  • Review the TODO list

  • Extra lang pack statuses
    • Extra lang pack for lucid is requested but not quite ready yet, natty is also in prep
  • Inform of high priority translation tasks before the Ubuntu Global Jam (Kenneth) NEW ACTION try to gather ideas and make en email
  • Spreading the word on translations (dpm)
    • We're past UI freeze, we need to start making some noise about getting Ubuntu translated in as many languages as possible
    • dpm will advertise more on blogs and maybe supplement with (bi)weekly updates
  • Translations accomplishments
    • dpm maybe start with two simple accomplishments, unfortunately not all information is available through API, this leads to *shudders* screenscraping
  • Google summer of code
    • NEW ACTION (David) talk to dholbach about the status of Ubuntu participation in GSoC
    • NEW ACTION (David) talk to Matt Revell about L


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