Ubuntu GNOME Beginners

Are you new to Linux? No worries. We've all been there before. Smile :)

Joining our Mailing List is the best way to learn and get help. We also recommend perusing our Official Channels and joining us on social media.

Ubuntu GNOME Users

Users are those interested in and actively using Ubuntu GNOME. If you have been using Ubuntu GNOME or any official Ubuntu flavor, and feel familiar with the system, then you fit this category.

The purposes of this group include:

  1. Identifying and organizing Ubuntu GNOME users
  2. Creating opportunities to contribute to Ubuntu GNOME

Users are not required to volunteer frequent hours to supporting Ubuntu GNOME. However, we find that most users love the system and want to contribute. We welcome your enthusiasm! If you'd like to contribute, we ask for at least one hour per week.


The most common way to help is by supporting beginners in their learning of the system and with problems they encounter. This is a huge help that we do need and seek, and it fosters a strong community.

Ubuntu GNOME Official Members

If you can dedicate more of your time to Ubuntu GNOME, if you have relevant skills and experience, if you envision ways to improve Ubuntu GNOME, if you are passionate and willing to go the extra mile... then congratulations, you've found your second home Smile :)


To become an official member of the Ubuntu GNOME team, please do the following:

To be part of some teams, such as the Development Team, you need to provide or meet specific requirements


Please, note that our standard procedure is to have 90 days of Launchpad's Team-subscription which is renewable at your desire and wish so if you wish to help for the long term period, please consider renew it after 90 days - you will have the ability to renew your own membership for another 90 days. For example, if you are interested to join Ubuntu GNOME QA Team, your first subscription will be 90 days period and this is renewable at the expire day and you have the full control over this process.


Failure to renew means:

  • You're inactive.
  • Or You were busy or away - in this case, you can either renew or re-apply for membership of the sub-team you were part of and you are required to send an email to Ubuntu GNOME Team to explain what happened.

How to create a new Wiki Page

1- Open your browser and type this:

2- Login with your Launchpad Account:


3- Add the desired name for your Wiki Page. Most of us are using their username on launchpad, Ubuntu Forum, etc. After that, just press Enter.

4- Just click on Create new empty page as shown on this screenshot:

5- Now, start fill in your information that you would like to share with Ubuntu GNOME/Ubuntu Community like your launchpad link, email, etc. Introduce yourself and talk about your goals, experience with Ubuntu GNOME, etc. All that would be nice. For example, see this

For more information on how to edit your Wiki Page, please have a read on HelpOnEditing

  • You can now also watch this guide which explains the process of creating a Wiki Page.

After Creating Your Wiki Page

  • After you create your Launchpad account and your Wiki Page, please don't forget to add your name on the members list and subscribe to the mailing list

  • Please, also join our IRC channel is #ubuntu-gnome on

  • You can also join our Social Networks Pages:

See also - Contact Ubuntu GNOME

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