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Ubuntu GNOME Weekly Meetings

Starting from Utopic Unicorn Cycle, Ubuntu GNOME Team will have weekly meetings to discuss the latest updates, plan, etc.

Day and Time

Plan A [1] - Every Sunday at 21:00 GMT - please refer to for time conversion

Plan B [2] - Every Sunday at 15:00 GMT - please refer to for time conversion

[1] - If Tim will attend the meeting.
[2] - If Tim will not attend the meeting.

Ubuntu GNOME Meetings

Probably for the first time within Ubuntu Communities, Ubuntu GNOME Team is pleased to use Google Hangout on Air for its Sub-Teams' Meetings instead of the classic known way (IRC Meetings).

Google Hangout on Air Meetings

Some advantages to have Google Hangout Meetings instead of IRC:

  1. Everyone around the world can watch, listen and learn.
  2. Get the best of the latest technologies.
  3. Give more popularity for Ubuntu GNOME system.
  4. We believe it is less confusing and faster than typing.
  5. More control over the meetings.
  6. Build a healthy and great relationship between team members and users.
  7. Visualize what Ubuntu GNOME Team is planning and doing.
  8. Sharing a youtube link on Social Media Networks, mailing list, etc is much easier and can spread itself much faster.

Meetings of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Docs Team

IRC Meetings

Upcoming Meeting

For more information about the upcoming meeting, please refer to The Agenda page

Previous Meetings

Place of the meeting

  • IRC:
  • Channel: #ubuntu-gnome
  • Webchat link : Click Here


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