Current Newsletter.

Rather than translating summaries for English articles, we now suggest you work with a team in your local language to find articles and release your own newsletter. Content below is legacy.

Guidelines for new Translations

Anyone can translate the current issue into a different language. We ask that you do follow a few guidelines however to insure continuity.

  • Note that the translation work of the UWN is now part of the United UWN Translators Team (UUTT).

  • Please make sure AmberGraner is aware that you are going to start a translation if it is not an already establish work.

  • Keeping your translation up to date on a weekly basis is important. We realize that every translation usually starts with a single person getting it off the ground. We would recommend however that you try to find additional help in case of sickness, vacations, etc.
  • If you are translating to a page on the Ubuntu wiki, please follow this example for the link: where XX is the issue you are translating, and YY is your country code. i.e. issue87/FR This example shows issue 87 and a French translation.

  • If you are linking to an outside loco server or any other site, just plug in your link.
  • Each issue will require you to add the new info to the link to reflect the current issue. i.e. current issue # and country code.
  • The UWN is published on Sundays of each week. We would prefer that translations are completed by the following Wednesday.

Current translators: please plug in your link information below, just as you have always done. We are hoping to get many translations of the UWN going, and it was decided the listings in the UWN might get to long, so we are trying this out to see how it goes. If you have comments or problems, please contact AmberGraner or JohnCrawford so we can make adjustments as needed. This is a trial run on linking to the translations in this way.

Current Translations

Needed Translations

We need translations into every language where Ubuntu is in use.

The above are recent translations that have lapsed. In addition to these anyone is welcome to start a translation in any language. Please follow the guidelines listed above though.

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