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About Me

I am a US expatriate living and working in Japan as a technical writer for Yamaha motors. I moved to Japan in the spring of 2005 after I got fed up with American corporate internal politics (among many other things). I quit my highly stressful, dead end job (programming cross-country Nortel DMS250 switch translations, and fielding corporate toll-free and VPN system outages), had a garage sale, sold everything I owned, threw a dart at a map, literally bought a one-way ticket to Japan, and I’ve been here ever since.

I discovered Ubuntu about a year after I moved to Japan. I purchased an (Japan only) NEC VersaPro va09j which did not have drivers compatible with my English version of Windows. Someone on the Knoppix forums suggested Ubuntu, and I've been dedicated to it ever since. Every one of my computers runs Ubuntu, and my experience with Ubuntu and Linux has led me to try things I would never have imagined with Windows.

I joined the Ubuntu forums shortly after installing Ubuntu. My philosophy with regard to the forums is to give at least as much as I feel I've gained.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

  • Ubuntu I have been a fairly active member of the Ubuntu forums since March 2006, and have accumulated nearly 8000 posts in the support forums.

    Ubuntu I have been a member of the Forum Staff (a moderator) for the Official Ubuntu Forums since July 24th, 2008. I spend most of my time attempting to help people with zero replies, particularly in networking with regards to cross platform file sharing and ICS.

    Ubuntu I support several howtos on the forums including

Promoting Ubuntu

I currently support around 50 Ubuntu installations (server and desktop), including several desktop machines operating in a school for the mentally challenged in Kitakyushu Japan.

If someone shows interest in Linux or in Ubuntu, I openly share both advantages and disadvantages. If they decide to begin using Ubuntu desktop, I commit to 100% personal support. I treat my installs as if they were customers of mine rather than friends or acquaintances.

I believe that one of the most detrimental things that Linux proponents do is install the OS, and leave the end user to fend for themselves thereafter. However, since desktop Linux does not have the commercial support network afforded to mainstream desktop OSs, most people are at a loss when they run into problems.

Future Plans

Currently, I'm quite satisfied with what I'm able to do for the community in regards to the forums. However, I intend to get more involved with my Japanese LOCO, and begin trying my hand at translation. I would also like to learn about the development process and package preparation. Finally, I'm interested in pursuing LPIC1 and LPIC2 with an eventual goal of becoming an Ubuntu Certified Professional.

Testimonials (Ubuntu Membership process)

I can't speak strongly enough in support of dmizer's application. He is a quality member of our forum staff and should be approved immediately. My only question is why he hasn't applied earlier. Matthew Helmke

As a fellow Ubuntu Forums moderator, I see daily evidence of dmizer's ability and willingness to help out Ubuntu users with their various problems, he is a valuable asset to not only the Ubuntu Forums but also to the Ubuntu community as well. I highly recommend him for Ubuntu Membership. Pramod Dematagoda

I became acquainted with dmizer on the forums before his appointment to forum staff. I admire and appreciate his expertise with Samba and the How-To's he has published. His signature is a wealth of information I frequently reference for links on Samba, FTP, and NFS servers. His posts are always a source of information - whether the problem is technical or user. dmizer was my first forum "friend" - and left my first visitor message (Nov '08). I'm sure his testimonial was instrumental in my successful membership application earlier this year. While my qualifications don't make nearly as impressive a recommedation, I'm still honored to support dmizer's application for Ubuntu membership. Iowan ... _._

dmizer is definitely one of the most level-headed people I know, and is an awesome moderator on the forums and an awesome person to work with. Echo the previous testimonials; this guy definitely deserves a membership. -JacobPeddicord

I've worked with dmizer on the Ubuntu Forums as part of the staff team. He is always willing to help, and always seems to come across level headed, regardless of the situation. Dmizer is a brilliant staff member, and some of his how-to's are brilliant. I wholeheartedly support dmizers application for Ubuntu membership. Joeb454

I've only been a moderator since April of 2009, he's been very helpful to me as a new moderator. I have used dmizer's how-to's many times when trying to help others solve a problem. I found him to be really helpful in solving wireless issues. He alawys seems upbeat and enthusiastic about helping other users. cariboo907

BodhiZazen I come to know dmizer through his contributions on the Ubuntu Forms. His work is greatly appreciated and includes technical support, has written outstanding, thorough How-To's, and assists with moderation. dmizer is polite, respectful, and knowledgeable and his contributions on the Forums are invaluable. I fully support the application for Ubuntu Membership.

forestpiskie I have worked with dmizer as staff on the forums for almost a year now. I have been mightily impressed with his calm presence. Previous to me being on the staff I have many times used information he has given people to help others. I fully support his application for membership without any reservation at all.

dmizer is one of the dedicated UF Staff who make the forums what they are : a friendly and helpful place. I am very happy to support dmizer's application for Ubuntu membership. Not only does he contributes very positively to the forums, but he also is a photography artist. So many human, technical and artistic qualities should be recognized as soon as possible.bapoumba


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