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  • French biologist in Academia (Université de Caen, France). Mother of 3 boys (why do my friends computers look so strange? They do not even have atanks..).
  • Using Ubuntu since Warty. All of my teaching presentations are on LibreOffice or created with scenari to be exported to a SCORM format and published on our moodle on line classes site. With another colleague, I have set up moodle classes to train and certify first to third year students on basic digital and desktop skills (around 80h online activities on LibreOffice, Creative Commons..). The certification is recognized by the French "Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale" (MEN). Another more specialized Internet and Computer certification for Master students in Sustainable Development & Environment programs has opened in 2011. I currently am a member of a work group at MINES (Mission pour le Numérique dans l'Enseignement Supérieur, MESR) in charge of setting up a MOOC on the basic digital skills after a live test run during May and June 2013. The final MOOCs have been released on France Université Numérique.

Ubuntu Community

  • Ubuntu Moderator on Ubuntu Forums since February 2007 and Administrator from February 2009 to December 2011 and from June 2014. Current member of the Forums Council (previously from February 2009 to December 2011). Profile here. I used to be a moderator on French Ubuntu Forums (joined in January 2005) before I joined UF. It is a pleasure to work with the ubuntuforums Staff Team. All the time I give to Ubuntu is devoted to administrating and helping on the forums. Personal events and new real life work duties have reduced the time I could allow to all the other projects I used to contribute to and kept me away from the forums from December 2011 to July 2013. When I was so kindly asked to come back on the UF Staff, I could not refuse. I have been a moderator again since July 2013, an administrator since June 2014 and enjoyed every minute of it.

    Ubuntu Former contributor to UWN. Our members are very keen about knowing what is going on on the forums, the changes and improvements we make, undergoing decisions etc. They are a very fast and enthusiastic group, always asking for more communication from us. UWN is a very nice communication channel to keep them up to date and have the greater community know more about one of the largest GNU/Linux forums.

    Ubuntu Member of UF Unanswered Posts team, ubuntu-women and ubuntu-scientists.

    Ubuntu When time permits and when I have something to say, I go back to a small blog where I like to push original articles (hopefully not the kind you find reproduced all over the blogosphere).

    Ubuntu Translations: I have been an approved member of the Ubuntu French Translators on Launchpad and member of the French team translating Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter to Lettre Hebdomadaire Ubuntu and owner of the LHU Launchpad team for several years.

    Ubuntu Owner of a small French-speaking jabber room ( for several years. That was fun!

Testimonials (old1, from the Ubuntu Membership process)

  • from MattHelmke: I think Isabelle is one of the most outstanding candidates available. She is a great asset in the forums (FYI, I'm one of the five Forums Council members and an Ubuntu Member), not only as an excellent staff member, but also as a general forums participant. She would make a wonderful addition to the list of Ubuntu Members and should be approved immediately. Smile :)

  • Isabelle is a long time contributor to Ubuntu-women and the french Ubuntu team. She has always been very supportive and I strongly vote for her to become an Ubuntu member ASAP Smile :-) MyriamSchweingruber

Testimonials (old2, for the CC to see as we consider bapoumba for membership on the Forum Council)

  • MattHelmke - Isabelle is already an Ubuntu Member and an amazing part of the Ubuntu Forums community. She has shown excellent leadership and maturity in all of her interactions with other staff and forum members at large, as well as an amazing amount of insight and patience when helping people with problems or dealing with difficult members. I think she is a perfect fit for a leadership role because of her consistently good example and kind attitude. She speaks the truth, and does so in a way that communicates clearly while never offending. That is a gift. She also does this in a language that is not her native tongue, which is impressive and speaks highly of her ability to communicate. She will be an amazing addition.

  • ugm6hr - bapoumba has shown amazing commitment to promoting the Ubuntu vision, with her well-frequented website, in addition to maintaining the forums friendly atmosphere for all users. Her thought-provoking discussions pertaining to the Ubuntu community are all well received, which bodes well for her future leadership. I am certain she will be a well-respected FC member on the background of her previous achievements.

  • BodhiZazen - To be honest, I can not think of a better addition to the FC. bapoumba's posts and style of moderation have always been helpful to me and I have both admired and appreciated her input and guidance for as long as I have been with the forums.

  • RyanTroy - Isabelle has been a great addition to the forums both before and after she became a moderator. She continues to grow and prove herself everyday and I am glad she accepted to become part of the Forum Council.

  • JacobPeddicord - Bapoumba has always had (and still has) a very cheery attitude. She has proven to have great ideas with regard to the forums, and is very patient where others may have shorter fuses. Bapoumba is an excellent choice for the forum council.

  • Rocket2DMn - I've been interacting with bapoumba on the forums since well before I was invited to join the staff, and I echo the above testimonials without hesitation. In addition, I know bap will bring a unique perspective to the Forum Council and most definitely gets a big +1 from me!

  • Joeb454 - I've not had a huge amount of interaction with bapoumba I'll admit. But she always seems to be able to calm people down, or cheer people up. Which is a skill/personality trait I wish I had. Her help on the forums is fantastic, and I think there's few people as well suited to this position as bapoumba.

  • dmizer - I believe that it takes a special kind of temperament to be able to handle the kind of junk that a moderating staff deals with on a forum the size of ubuntuforums. Not only is Bapoumba able to maintain a professional attitude toward this task, she is also able to remain friendly, compassionate, and cheerful. Personalities like bapoumba are unfortunately rare in the world, and it would be a boon to the ubuntufourms, and Ubuntu community as a whole to include her in the FC.

  • frodon - What to say when you have only positive things to say about someone. As others well said it bapoumba has outstanding communications skills and we are many ubuntuforums users to feel admiration towards this, no need to say that it's the perfect person for a FC position. I join Matthew's words which say it all.

  • overdrank - Bapoumba would be a great addition to the FC. Bapoumba has always been helpful and professional on the forums. Taking time out of daily life to help on the forums and always makes me smile with the creative avatars that sparkle on the forums. Smile :)

  • drubin - Seeing the way Bapoumba moderates and the way she has an ability to deal with any situation in a kinda, helpful and professional manner. I think she would make a great addition to the FC.

  • JohnCrawford - Isabelle would make as excellent addition for the Forums Council. Her work in the forums has been outstanding, and her contributions on behalf of the Forums to the UWN are highly regarded. She is a fantastic Ubuntu contributor and someone who is much respected within the community.

  • forestpixie - in my opinion bapoumba would make valuable contributions to the forum council, if her contributions on the forum both as a user and a moderator are anything to go by. It seems that any thread in which thread bapoumba makes her presence felt is calm and ordered - I know, she helped me when I was new here. I come late to the party and would echo the sentiments expressed before me, I think that bapoumba would be ideal as a forum council member, bring much to the table.

  • pmdematagoda - From what I've seen of bapoumba as both a moderator and a normal forum user, I must say that she is both knowledgeable and also has the ability to face difficult situations and tackle them properly. Therefore I strongly recommend her as a member of the Forum Council.

Application (old3, from the first Forums Council Membership process)

  • The Forum Council offers a real professional environment to the Moderator Team, both regarding the software and servers work, and smart guidance with community and/or members issues. ubuntuforums would not be the same without them, would not have grown so much without the friendly and perfect grounds they maintain.
  • The forums work is a lot behind the scene, where we have discussions regarding the forums at large (dealing with members or problematic posts, new organization, stickies, setups, improvements, fun too). The coordination is very important as we are all scattered over many timezones and come from different backgrounds and cultures. The flow of information in the Staff area is continuous 24/24, 7/7 echoing the forums activity. The current record of online users is 35,611..
  • Transiently in charge of the "Tutorial of the Month" after being in charge of the "Tutorial of the Week" when K.Mandla was away.

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