The Guide to Creating Your Accomplishments

If you are interested in the Ubuntu Accomplishment System and have some great ideas for new accomplishments, there is good news! Creating new accomplishments (or accomplishments collections) is very simple, and does not require lots of time and work. If you are familiar with Accomplishments System, you can create new accomplishments within several minutes. Of course, first-timers will need some more time, but this guide is designed to make creating accomplishments as easy as possible.

Q: Why would I want to create accomplishments?

  • Because you have an idea for a new trophy.
  • Because you want a new application to be supported by Accomplishments System (for example: a new game).
  • Because you want to create a new collection of accomplishments designed for your community.

If any of above applies to you, this guide is a great place to start.

About this guide

This guide is targeted to those who are interested in creating new accomplishments, either to publish them on their own, or to propose them to one of official accomplishment collections. It is recommended to read it in full before creating accomplishments, even though many details may be easily guessed. To ensure your accomplishments work 100% correctly, keep to the standards presented in this guide.

Although this guide is divided in chapters, it is recommended not to skip any of them - they contain important information.

While reading this guide it may be useful to be familiar with our Glossary.


Through this guide several assumptions are made. These include:

  • You have a working Ubuntu Accomplishments System on your system.

  • You know the basics of Python scripting language.
    • It is not necessary to be a Python pro, but we will not be explaining the details of how Python works in this guide.

The Guide Itself

This is the index of Guide's pages.

  1. The theory behind Accomplishments

  2. Creating .accomplishment files

  3. Creating accomplishment scripts

  4. Creating accomplishment tests

  5. Accomplishments sets structure

  6. Contributing to official accomplishment collections

So, let's proceed to the first chapter.

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