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  1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Newsletter Team
  4. Education Team
  5. Server Team
  6. Comp4Kids (Donations)

  7. Team Approval Process
  8. Next Weeks Agenda


21:11[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Begin #ubuntu-arizona meeting: 07July29. Agenda is posted at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/07July29 | A reminder to all members; please attempt t
21:11< ianmcorvidae> o keep side conversations to a minimum to keep the meeting intelligible; that sa
21:11< ianmcorvidae> Hmm, didn't work as well as planned.
21:11< ianmcorvidae> Oh well.
21:11< jacob2440> haha
21:11< ianmcorvidae> Aaaanyway. Introductions.
21:12< ianmcorvidae> paul928: I think you're our only new person this week. Willing to introduce yourself?
21:12< paul928> I'm Paul Westerman and I live in Yuma
21:12< johnc4510> :0
21:12< johnc4510> :)
21:12< ianmcorvidae> Excellent, a second Yuma person.
21:13< paul928> i've been using ubuntu since warty
21:13< johnc4510> quite a while
21:13< paul928> who's the other yuma person?
21:13< johnc4510> rs3
21:13< johnc4510> royal sefton
21:14< paul928> i don't believe that i met him yet
21:14< ianmcorvidae> He hasn't been around much lately.
21:14< johnc4510> no i don't think so
21:14< johnc4510> welcome paul928
21:14< paul928> thank you
21:14< jacob2440> yes welcome
21:15< johnc4510> glad to have you here
21:15< johnc4510> :)
21:15< paul928> i'm glad to be here
21:15< johnc4510> ok
21:15< ianmcorvidae> Okay then.
21:16< ianmcorvidae> Announcements, john?
21:16< ianmcorvidae> Welcome, paul
21:16< johnc4510> yes i have 4
21:16< johnc4510> a couple are rather lengthy  :)
21:16< ianmcorvidae> lol, go on.
21:16< johnc4510> I got an email from Mathew Helmke today. Mathew is a Ubuntu Forums Administrator living in Morocco. Mathew is from Arizona and even though he is not living here now, he hopes to return one day.
21:16< johnc4510> He would like to become an "Unoffical Member" of our team if you all agree. I for one am in favor of his becoming an Offical Member. I know Mathew from the forums and he is a really good person.
21:17< johnc4510> He is dedicated to Ubuntu and I feel it would be a nice thing to do for him, especially since he hopes to return here someday in the future. This is up to the team though, so please express your views. Thanks
21:17< ianmcorvidae> If he'll come to meetings, call him whatever you'd like :P
21:17< johnc4510> his email sounded like he was homesick
21:17< johnc4510> hee hee
21:17< johnc4510> i personlly don't see a problem with this
21:17< johnc4510> do you guys
21:17< ianmcorvidae> I'm fine with out-of-state members, so long as they participate; that's really my main concern :)
21:17< johnc4510> ?
21:17< ianmcorvidae> Seems fine to me.
21:18< ianmcorvidae> Others?
21:18< paul928> no problem
21:18< jacob2440> i agree
21:18< johnc4510> well, he would be able to do projects
21:18< johnc4510> but i think he would do meetings
21:18< johnc4510> i wonder what the time difference is
21:18< ianmcorvidae> Better than many of our members :P
21:18< ianmcorvidae> Probably 9 hours.
21:18< ianmcorvidae> I'd guess morocco's +1
21:18< johnc4510> ok, i email him back then
21:19< ianmcorvidae> You can ask, though.
21:19< johnc4510> :)
21:19< johnc4510> thanks guys
21:19< johnc4510> next
21:19< johnc4510> Our team has register for the "Software Freedom Day 07". Software Freedom Day is a grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of software freedom.
21:19< paul928> i just googled it and it's 4:19 am monday in morocco
21:19< johnc4510> hang on a sec
21:20< ianmcorvidae> Ah, ok. Plus seven from here, I guess.
21:20< johnc4510> At future meetings we will discussing what our team can do to participate. Here is the link so that you can reed further about SFD: http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/
21:20< johnc4510> we can thank ian for getting us involved in this
21:20< johnc4510> thanks
21:21< ianmcorvidae> yw, I can always foist more responsibility on others :P
21:21< ianmcorvidae> *cough*
21:21< johnc4510> :)
21:21< johnc4510> next
21:21< ianmcorvidae> Do continue.
21:21< johnc4510> Ian has finalized our account at CafePress. Here is the link: hang ohttp://www.cafepress.com/ubuntu_arizona Please note that the merchadise has not been marked up, but is at cost. Now we can advertise our team walking down the street or drinking a hot coffee. Thanks Ian for taking care of this for us!
21:22< ianmcorvidae> And get rid of the hangto before the http :P
21:22< ianmcorvidae> http://www.cafepress.com/ubuntu_arizona
21:22< johnc4510> and last
21:22< johnc4510> hmm  that was part of the problem a sec ago
21:22< johnc4510> sorry
21:22< ianmcorvidae> lol, no worries.
21:22< johnc4510> The Tucson Members had a great meet up at our local Bookman's Store last night. I will go into what we discussed later in the Team Approval Portion of our agenda.
21:23< johnc4510> ok that's it for announcements
21:23< johnc4510> :)
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Okay.
21:23< johnc4510> the crowd cheers
21:23< johnc4510> :)
21:23< jacob2440> haha
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Newsletter team, jacob2440 and johnc4510.
21:23< johnc4510> jacob2440: you have anything
21:23< jacob2440> nothing much from my end, everything seems to be going smoothly. How is everyone liking it?
21:24< johnc4510> good so far
21:24< johnc4510> ?
21:24< ianmcorvidae> Seems to suffice, yes.
21:24< ianmcorvidae> More content would be good, but you are just one person :)
21:24< johnc4510> did you send it to the team mail list
21:24< jacob2440> i like sufficing
21:24< ianmcorvidae> lol
21:24< jacob2440> i thought i did
21:24< jacob2440> what do you mean more content?
21:25< jacob2440> do you want me to go into more detail with what happened in the meetings?
21:25< johnc4510> jacob2440: i think ianmcorvidae just meant to expand a little
21:25< ianmcorvidae> Yeah.
21:25< jacob2440> ah, i can do that. That is easy ;)
21:25< johnc4510> jacob2440: you're doing fine
21:25< johnc4510> and i have something
21:25< ianmcorvidae> Now, of course, the rest of us need to do more so you have more to report on. But that's another issue :P
21:25< johnc4510> else
21:25< ianmcorvidae> Go ahead, john.
21:25< paul928> what day does the newsletter come out?
21:25< johnc4510> wednesday
21:26< jacob2440> i send it out on wed
21:26< paul928> ok
21:26< johnc4510> paul928: are you signed up on the team mail list?
21:26< paul928> i think so
21:26< paul928> do you have a url to check it?
21:26< johnc4510> Ubuntu-us-az mail list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az
21:27< jacob2440> john what is the list serv again? I have 3 different versions saved in my contacts
21:27< johnc4510> paul928: is this you? #
21:27< johnc4510> # pwesselius at gmail.com
21:27< ianmcorvidae> it's ubuntu-az-us@lists.ubuntu.com
21:27< ianmcorvidae> I believe.
21:28< johnc4510> if it is you are signed up
21:28< johnc4510> ok
21:28< ianmcorvidae> YEah, that's the address.
21:28 * ianmcorvidae just checked.
21:28< jacob2440> okay thank you
21:28< johnc4510> jacob2440: marty has asked to help on the newsletter
21:28< ianmcorvidae> John, you said you had more on newsletter?
21:28< jacob2440> sweet, what does he want to do?
21:28< paul928> i just signed up.... maybe again
21:28< johnc4510> i have some ideas on how to use him
21:28< johnc4510> assignments
21:28< johnc4510> etc
21:28< jacob2440> nice
21:29< jacob2440> that would add more content
21:29< johnc4510> it should help us add to the newsletter
21:29< jacob2440> for ian ;)
21:29< ianmcorvidae> ;)
21:29< johnc4510> :P
21:29< johnc4510> hee hee
21:29< johnc4510> ok
21:29< ianmcorvidae> Anyway, that all for newsletter?
21:29< johnc4510> i will send you a email monday
21:29< johnc4510> with ideas
21:29< jacob2440> understand
21:29< johnc4510> nice
21:29< jacob2440> understood*
21:29< johnc4510> ty
21:29< johnc4510> ok ianmcorvidae
21:30< ianmcorvidae> Ok. Skipping Education, Server, and Comp4Kids since we don't have the people here to talk about them.
21:30< paul928> pwesselius definitely is not me
21:30< ianmcorvidae> Team Approval, excellent.
21:30< johnc4510> k
21:30< ianmcorvidae> I'll start.
21:30< johnc4510> yeah
21:31< ianmcorvidae> I would encourage all members to look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline/Resources
21:31< ianmcorvidae> These are our approval outline and volunteering pages, respectively.
21:31< ianmcorvidae> We'd, naturally, like to meet the deadlines on the first page, and we need your help (the second)
21:31< johnc4510> yes
21:31< ianmcorvidae> So, stop by and help. We're still designing the flyer, but you can always ask locations near you if they would be OK with some flyers or CD's.
21:32< ianmcorvidae> And, burning CDs is always excellent; there's a table for recording what you've contributed.
21:32< ianmcorvidae> (Hopefully with not too confusing a format... blame me for that)
21:32< johnc4510> :)
21:32< johnc4510> np
21:32< ianmcorvidae> But yes. If there's anywhere you like to frequent, or even that you don't, ask them about leaving Ubuntu CD's and flyers there.
21:33< ianmcorvidae> We need to collect locations for placement before we can decide on how many/what variety of things to put out.
21:33< ianmcorvidae> Thanks.
21:33< ianmcorvidae> john, now go ahead :)
21:33< johnc4510> k
21:33< johnc4510> SloggerKhan is going to try and have a prototype of the flyer ready by next week for the whole team to look at, comment on and see if that is something we want to use.
21:33< johnc4510> also
21:34< johnc4510> Marty has a friend who works in printing and he is going to see if we might get some help on the jewel cases. We thought that we needed a better paper stock than just regular home printer stock. If it works out we are hoping to get a very professional looking insert for the team to use.
21:34< johnc4510> you can come to ian or me to discuss where you might be able to give
21:35< johnc4510> out the cd flyer dvd's etc
21:35< johnc4510> ok ianmcorvidae that's all from me
21:35< johnc4510> :)
21:35< johnc4510> ty
21:35< ianmcorvidae> Ok, I guess that's all.
21:35< ianmcorvidae> Agenda for next week will be the same as this week until someone wants to add something :)
21:35< johnc4510> i'm sorry the turn out was so poor tonight
21:36< johnc4510> yes
21:36< ianmcorvidae> Any questions from the peanut gallery before we close the meeting?
21:36< johnc4510> on agenda
21:36< johnc4510> none here
21:36< paul928> what cd are you discussing?
21:36< johnc4510> as head peanut
21:36< johnc4510> that is
21:36< ianmcorvidae> paul928: Just standard Feisty CDs
21:36< johnc4510> paul928: we are going to give out ubuntu cd's
21:36< ianmcorvidae> We're planning to distribute them for free pickup at various locations.
21:37< ianmcorvidae> Hence the comment earlier about finding places.
21:37< johnc4510> we are burning them ourselves
21:37< ianmcorvidae> But, of course, we need CDs too :)
21:37< ianmcorvidae> Yep.
21:37< johnc4510> and donating the cd
21:37< johnc4510> yep
21:37< paul928> do they need to be printable?
21:37< johnc4510> paul928: look over the two links ianmcorvidae gave
21:37< johnc4510> cd's don't
21:37< paul928> ok i'll do that
21:38< johnc4510> if your talking lightscribe
21:38< ianmcorvidae> They don't need to be printable, inkjet or lightscribe :)
21:38< johnc4510> paul928: thanks
21:38< ianmcorvidae> Any more questions?
21:38< johnc4510> head peanut doesn't
21:38 * ianmcorvidae ticks off john, paul on list of people :P
21:38-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-arizona: Total of 14 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 13 normal]
21:38< johnc4510> hee hee
21:38< ianmcorvidae> Well.
21:38< johnc4510> i'm not ticked off
21:39< johnc4510> :)
21:39< ianmcorvidae> I think that's all, then.
21:39< johnc4510> ok
21:39< johnc4510> thanks to all
21:39[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] End Meeting: 07July29

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