This meeting will be a test run of a new moderated-channel format.

  1. Introductions
  2. Team Reports
    1. Membership
    2. Newsletter
    3. Web Design
    4. WINE/VM - Propose change to Education team (br24)

    5. Server
  3. Computer Recycling/Localization Rehash
  4. Forum Sticky Thread (Azteech)

  5. IRC channel statistics by [http://ubuntustats.homelinux.org]

  6. Moderated Channel Re-vote
  7. Agenda for next week


Sun,13.05.2007|18:02notice -> #ubuntu-arizona: Meeting is now on.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:02( johnc4510) nice command usage
Sun,13.05.2007|18:02( ianmcorvidae) Ok, before we begin, an announcement: please try to keep side conversations down, as it makes the meeting very confusing.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:02( ianmcorvidae) Stay on topic; if you have a question, there will be time for it.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:02( ianmcorvidae) Et cetera.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:02( ianmcorvidae) Agenda is posted: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/07May13
Sun,13.05.2007|18:03( ianmcorvidae) For anyone that wants it.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:03( ianmcorvidae) First item, Introductions of new folks.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:03( ianmcorvidae) bluecat9, would you like to start? Just a brief intro of yourself.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:03( bluecat9) sure
Sun,13.05.2007|18:03>> chucks joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,13.05.2007|18:04( bluecat9) hey guys --thx for the invite --looking forward to giving back.. read more on my wiki hehe
Sun,13.05.2007|18:04( bluecat9) more?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:04( ianmcorvidae) Meh, whatever you want to say :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:04( johnc4510) sure name, town  etc
Sun,13.05.2007|18:04>> SignOff: fluxions [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05( bluecat9) Justin Oros, Tucson, M/26, Feisty :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05( ianmcorvidae) Excellent :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05( azteech) welcome, justin
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05( bluecat9) ty ty
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05( ianmcorvidae) Ok. Well, fluxions just left, we'll get him when he comes back.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05* johnc4510 thanks bluecat9 for a coming and joining the loco, will read his wiki page later
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05( bluecat9) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/bluecat9
Sun,13.05.2007|18:05( ianmcorvidae) slofgren, I don't think you've introduced yourself yet?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:06( slofgren) No i have not
Sun,13.05.2007|18:06( slofgren) I am Shane Lofgren from Flagstaff
Sun,13.05.2007|18:06( slofgren) I am a part of flaglug.org linuc group
Sun,13.05.2007|18:06( slofgren) er...Linux
Sun,13.05.2007|18:06( slofgren) I am an IT Manager of an Engineering Firm in Flagstaff and PHX
Sun,13.05.2007|18:07( slofgren) I am 32yr
Sun,13.05.2007|18:07( johnc4510) slofgren: great to see you here again, thanks.  looking forward to server imput from you HEEHEE
Sun,13.05.2007|18:07( slofgren) ok
Sun,13.05.2007|18:07( slofgren) btw I love desktops too.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:07( johnc4510) cool
Sun,13.05.2007|18:07( ianmcorvidae) Hehe :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:07( ianmcorvidae) Next item, Team Reports.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:08( ianmcorvidae) First team, Membership, which is me.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:08( azteech) welcome, slofgren
Sun,13.05.2007|18:08( bluecat9) welcome slofgren
Sun,13.05.2007|18:08( slofgren) Thanks azteech
Sun,13.05.2007|18:08( ianmcorvidae) Membership has been a bit more active this week than previous ones; started discussion of posters and free CDs in libraries, computer shops, coffee houses, et cetera.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:09( ianmcorvidae) There was also a discussion of opening up a CafePress shop with ubuntu-arizona shirts, et cetera. We decided to send of an email to the ubuntu trademark folks to make sure that was OK.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:09( ianmcorvidae) Anything to add, azteech?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10( ianmcorvidae) (as the other team member actually here, lol)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10( azteech) Think we discussed posters, as well as rummage sale ... or flee market
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10( ianmcorvidae) Indeed.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10( azteech) not poster, meant fliers
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10* johnc4510 says that the 3rd edition of our newsletter went out wed. and we incorporated our new logo into it. 
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10( johnc4510) sorry
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10( ianmcorvidae) Hehe.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:10( ianmcorvidae) Any questions for Membership before we move on to Newsletter?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( ianmcorvidae) (john's a bit impatient :P)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( azteech) lol, do tell ...
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( azteech) ?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( slofgren) I have one
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( ianmcorvidae) OK, go ahead.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( slofgren) How does one become a member
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( slofgren) sign in blood?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:11( br24) yes slofgren
Sun,13.05.2007|18:12( slofgren) eat some ram?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:12* bluecat9 hands a knife to johnc4510..
Sun,13.05.2007|18:12( ianmcorvidae) At the moment we don't really have an official policy... I think membership pretty much just entails living in the state and doing stuff occasionally.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:12( slofgren) so am I am member?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:12( ianmcorvidae) We've been discussing official terms for that, but we haven't really come up with anything yet.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:12( ianmcorvidae) I guess so :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:12( slofgren) k
Sun,13.05.2007|18:13( azteech) johnc4510, this is part of the change i wanted, if I recall, correct?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:13( br24) I posted something on these lines in the CO collaboration thread
Sun,13.05.2007|18:13( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:13( johnc4510) azteech: correct
Sun,13.05.2007|18:14( johnc4510) this will come up in item 4 from azteech
Sun,13.05.2007|18:14( azteech) yes, you did, br24
Sun,13.05.2007|18:14( ianmcorvidae) Yes, it will.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:14( ianmcorvidae) Further questions?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:14* azteech gonna have to pull up change and review it myself
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( azteech) ianmcorvidae, one more
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( bluecat9) brb
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( azteech) are we holding further discussion of our ideas until we discuss further?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) I think we are, yes.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( azteech) okay ...
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( azteech) thanks
Sun,13.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Might as well have a fully-formulated idea before we present it :P
Sun,13.05.2007|18:16( azteech) ianmcorvidae, agreed
Sun,13.05.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) I'll presume we're done with Membership then, on to Newsletter team.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) johnc4510, now you can talk :P
Sun,13.05.2007|18:16* johnc4510 says 3rd edition out and our new logo was used. Plans to have a better template are still in the works.  also
Sun,13.05.2007|18:16( johnc4510) thanks
Sun,13.05.2007|18:17* johnc4510 says that ianmcorvidae and I were interviewed by the Ubuntu Weekly News and 
Sun,13.05.2007|18:17( azteech) kewl
Sun,13.05.2007|18:17( johnc4510) we are in a article this wk.  Posted here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue40
Sun,13.05.2007|18:17( johnc4510) it is short, but very nice
Sun,13.05.2007|18:18( johnc4510) everyone who is not signed up for UWN  should do so at that page
Sun,13.05.2007|18:18( johnc4510) also
Sun,13.05.2007|18:18( johnc4510) anyone who wants to submit an article should email me.  johnc4510@cox.net
Sun,13.05.2007|18:19* johnc4510 turns discussion over to floor for comments or ideas
Sun,13.05.2007|18:19( bluecat9) awesome
Sun,13.05.2007|18:19( ianmcorvidae) br24, would you like to first present your section of the team?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:19( ianmcorvidae) Before questions, that is.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) Is br around?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) Hmm.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( azteech) just would like to mention, that besides the UWN, we also have the opportunity to write/submit articles for the new Ubuntu magazine, Full Circle ..
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: i must note that vorian was who steered the reporter to us
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( johnc4510) sorry
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( br24) I am here
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( br24) sorry
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) np
Sun,13.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) Would you like to report on your LoCo collaboration project?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:21( ianmcorvidae) Since that's technically part of Newsletter team.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:21( br24) I spoke w/ team leads for CO, OH, and KY so far
Sun,13.05.2007|18:21( br24) posted ideas from COs wiki
Sun,13.05.2007|18:21( br24) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=437015
Sun,13.05.2007|18:21( br24) this week, I will post ideas from OH
Sun,13.05.2007|18:21( br24) the week after, KY
Sun,13.05.2007|18:21( johnc4510) excellent
Sun,13.05.2007|18:22( br24) I want to get the approved teams out of the way first
Sun,13.05.2007|18:22( br24) there are many ideas each are sharing, and some that are different
Sun,13.05.2007|18:22( br24) I will say everyone I spoke with commented how good our wiki and logo looks
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23( ianmcorvidae) Excellent, thanks, br24. Are there questions for either section of Newsletter team?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23* johnc4510 says we should all look over br24 thread and think of ideas to incorporate into our loco
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23( johnc4510) great job br24
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23* azteech agreed
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23( br24) one other thing, do check out their wikis, you may find other ideas
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23( johnc4510) agreed
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23( br24) ty johnc4510, ianmcorvidae, azteech
Sun,13.05.2007|18:23( ianmcorvidae) Yes, indeed. We did decide that teams are still responsible for finding ideas for their own teams, separate from br24's research.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:24( ianmcorvidae) And of course, any ideas are welcome from anyone.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:24>> flux_ joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,13.05.2007|18:24( ianmcorvidae) Questions about Newsletter or LoCo Collaboration?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:24* johnc4510 says he will try to work br24 post into newsletter
Sun,13.05.2007|18:24* azteech knows that johnc4510 liked some idea he saw for install fest .. 
Sun,13.05.2007|18:24( br24) oh, I would like to say this idea
Sun,13.05.2007|18:25( br24) this is about my 2nd idea on this thread
Sun,13.05.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:25( br24) I spoke w/ DX00, and he said he can help translate our wiki into Spanish
Sun,13.05.2007|18:25( br24) anyones thoughts on translating the wiki?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:25( johnc4510) excellent, i also saw
Sun,13.05.2007|18:26( ianmcorvidae) I suppose this merits mentioning again, I think that it would be a great idea so long as we can effectively maintain it.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:26* azteech thinks the translation is wonderful, especially since we are in the southwest
Sun,13.05.2007|18:26( br24) we will have to do this on our own
Sun,13.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510) something call rosetta on one of the wiki   it is a translation program that ubuntu uses
Sun,13.05.2007|18:26( br24) Ubuntu does not have anything to translate
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( br24) I asked the admins for Rosetta if we can use that, and they said no
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( bluecat9) br24, the only input i have on this is, will it take away from what this member is actively doing? greater good?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( azteech) believe johnc4510 is right, the translator for wiki, i believe is called Rosetta
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( johnc4510) br24: ahhh
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( flux_) whats going on
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( br24) I will send you the response johnc4510
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( flux_) im back
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( johnc4510) br24: thanks
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( johnc4510) flux_: hello
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( ianmcorvidae) flux: we're in the middle of a meeting; I'll have you introduce yourself after this report is over :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( azteech) wb flux
Sun,13.05.2007|18:27( br24) bluecat9, Im not sure if it will, but I assume it wont
Sun,13.05.2007|18:28( johnc4510) ok
Sun,13.05.2007|18:28( johnc4510) then we go with what we have
Sun,13.05.2007|18:28( bluecat9) br24, just tossing in a thought --i'm all for spreading the word
Sun,13.05.2007|18:28( br24) indeed bluecat9
Sun,13.05.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) Anything further for Newsletter or LoCo Collaboration?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:28( johnc4510) not from me
Sun,13.05.2007|18:29( johnc4510) nice job br24
Sun,13.05.2007|18:29( br24) ty
Sun,13.05.2007|18:29( ianmcorvidae) Next item, slightly out of order: flux_, would you introduce yourself?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:29( azteech) brb all, have a visitor that I need to get rid of ... afk
Sun,13.05.2007|18:29* azteech is away: [afk]
Sun,13.05.2007|18:29( flux_) i've been here before
Sun,13.05.2007|18:29( flux_) i just use different computers so the irc client picks different names
Sun,13.05.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) ah.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) What other name do we know you by, then?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:30( flux_) i think one of my computers is Lab
Sun,13.05.2007|18:30( flux_) its my lab computer
Sun,13.05.2007|18:30( flux_) duh he he
Sun,13.05.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) Ah. Nonetheless, we haven't had an introduction in a meeting :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) So, just basic stuff; name, location, what you do, so on.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( flux_) Im a senior at the UofA
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( flux_) i live downtown tucson
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( johnc4510) ah another tucson person
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( flux_) yeah!
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) We have a huge contingent from here :P
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) Anyway. Thanks flux.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) Next item, Web Design Team.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( flux_) cool
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( johnc4510) greeting flux_
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( slofgren) Hi flux_
Sun,13.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) SlickMcRunfast: Are you here?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:32( johnc4510) don't think so
Sun,13.05.2007|18:32( ianmcorvidae) Hmm, ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:32( flux_) hi
Sun,13.05.2007|18:32( ianmcorvidae) We'll skip that for now then.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:32( johnc4510) i will say a few for SlickMcRunfast
Sun,13.05.2007|18:32( ianmcorvidae) Oh, ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33* johnc4510 says that we have started a Photo page on the wiki and it is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Photos
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33( johnc4510) so
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33( slofgren) scarry
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33( johnc4510) as people of the team meet and get to know each other
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33( slofgren) ;P
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33( johnc4510) please take a picture for the page
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33( flux_) picture?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:33( flux_) of what?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Meetings, et cetera, that we have.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:34( johnc4510) each other   see the link above
Sun,13.05.2007|18:34( johnc4510) that way we can visualize who we are talking too
Sun,13.05.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Well, as Slick isn't here, I guess we'll move on to WINE/VM team?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( ianmcorvidae) br24, go ahead.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( br24) I am proposing a change to make the Wine/VM team a project
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( br24) this project will be under the Education team, which can give information on various apps and how-to's in Ubuntu
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( br24) this project will be under the Education team, which can give information on various apps and how-to's in Ubuntu
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( br24) oops
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( bluecat9) glitch in the matrix..
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( br24) this project will be under the Education team, which can give information on various apps and how-to's in Ubuntu
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( flux_) oh thats a cool picture where is that
Sun,13.05.2007|18:35( br24) the first project will be Virtual Machines, which I will be working with DX00
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( johnc4510) cafe dive
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( johnc4510) diva
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( br24) I am not sure if anyone would like to continue with Wine, but if you feel we should, please say so
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( ianmcorvidae) flux: Caffe Diva in tucson. However, please no side conversations, to keep the meeting readible.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( br24) anyones thoughts?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( ianmcorvidae) I like the change to Education team.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( SlickMcRunfast) wine is weak
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( br24) yes I copied and pasted...
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( SlickMcRunfast) leave it for later
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( bluecat9) br24, i support your decision to broaden the scope while focusing on education :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:36( ianmcorvidae) I rather liked the idea of research on wine, but it's rather difficult if nobody's interested.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( ianmcorvidae) Seems fine to me on all counts :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( br24) we can continue wine ianmcorvidae
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( br24) and I will work with you
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37* johnc4510 thinks br24 's idea has merit and should be considered
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( SlickMcRunfast) its just too difficult to get this to run underwine
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( SlickMcRunfast) atleast for me
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( br24) shall we implement this new team?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( johnc4510) SlickMcRunfast: hello and welcome
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( SlickMcRunfast) hi John
Sun,13.05.2007|18:37( SlickMcRunfast) sorry i was on a long motherday phone call
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) Is there anyone opposed to changing the team to Education, with the current goals as a sub-project?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38( SlickMcRunfast) sounds good
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38( slofgren) sounds more rounded as a team to me
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38* johnc4510 thinks we should have br24 put in writing an agenda for team so that loco can see what directions he is thinking about
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38( johnc4510) but i am for this
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38* azteech okay back, sorry I had to run
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:38( br24) I will write an agenda
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( ianmcorvidae) Also, please move the wiki to a more appropriate place, but you already knew that :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( br24) and post a new thread for any ideas on any projects
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( johnc4510) br24: post it to a forum thread please
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( johnc4510) heehee
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( br24) indeed!
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( br24) it shall be done
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( br24) ty
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( johnc4510) ty
Sun,13.05.2007|18:39( ianmcorvidae) SlickMcRunfast, do you have anything to report on Web Design? john already covered the new Photos page.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( SlickMcRunfast) no
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) Heh, ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( SlickMcRunfast) I havent dont anything on it
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( SlickMcRunfast) just like last week
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( johnc4510) np
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) No worries :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( johnc4510) np slick
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) Next item, Server team.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( SlickMcRunfast) I'm not really sure why I'm the leader of it
Sun,13.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) DX isn't here either, hmm.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:41( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: could i have flooor please
Sun,13.05.2007|18:41( ianmcorvidae) Sure, john.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:41( johnc4510) sorry lost thought  please go on
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( johnc4510) duh
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( bluecat9) quick Q on wiki?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) Heh, ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) Sure, bluecat.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( bluecat9) can anyone edit (say, to fix a typo) or should we just notify someone?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( johnc4510) bluecat9: you can edit pages
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) To fix a typo, go ahead.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:42( bluecat9) k, thx
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) If you want to add some significant piece of content, talk to someone, but we'll probably be fine with it :)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( bluecat9) also on Photo page, we should add some guidelines for photo submission
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( johnc4510) although major changes should go through me , ian or slic
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( johnc4510) slick
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( bluecat9) cool
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43>> etank joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( johnc4510) he must have found a typo of mine
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) lol
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( br24) greetings etank
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( bluecat9) ;)
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( johnc4510) etank: hi
Sun,13.05.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) Ok, I'll present what I know about Server team, as DX00 is not here.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:44( etank) hello all
Sun,13.05.2007|18:44( bluecat9) elo
Sun,13.05.2007|18:44( johnc4510) etank: in meeting you can intro yourself after this topic please
Sun,13.05.2007|18:44( johnc4510) will call on you
Sun,13.05.2007|18:44( ianmcorvidae) The server appears to be up and running, albeit with one faulty power supply. The goals at this point are to get that supply working, and to get the server working.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:44( ianmcorvidae) The team will then work on getting SSH running and deciding the purposes of the server.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:45( ianmcorvidae) For more information on server team, please read the wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Server
Sun,13.05.2007|18:45( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: is the server at dx00 place or where the rack is?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:45( ianmcorvidae) I have no idea, john.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:45( slofgren) ianmcorvidae: how will that be decided
Sun,13.05.2007|18:45( johnc4510) k also
Sun,13.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) I'm not really sure of anything with server team except basic status; questions will need to be asked to DX00 when he's around.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) I believe there's a thread on the server; he also stops in here sometimes and is typically at meetings.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:46( slofgren) btw ont he server team page spua7 is gone. you can add me
Sun,13.05.2007|18:46( johnc4510) also bluecat9 seems to have lots of down computers   we might get a spare power supply from him     bluecat9 ?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:46( azteech) slofgren, the server is one that was donated to the Devry Linux group. They have been kind enough to offer the use of it to us.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) Slofgren, you can edit the wiki to add yourself.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:46( slofgren) yeah I have learned that
Sun,13.05.2007|18:47( slofgren) ianmcorvidae: ok
Sun,13.05.2007|18:47( bluecat9) johnc4510, just let me know what you need and i can _confirm or deny_ hehe
Sun,13.05.2007|18:47( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: did you see bluecat9 answer about power supply?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:47( ianmcorvidae) Until DX00 is here, postponing server discussion, since I really don't know how to answer any of these questions.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:47( azteech) I am sure that if anyone wants to know more, they can e-mail Dx00 to get some answers.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: yes, we understand
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( johnc4510) b
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( ianmcorvidae) Next on agenda: Rehash of the Computer Recyling/Localization team.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( ianmcorvidae) Is Slogger here, or should we postpone this?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( johnc4510) not here postpone please
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( ianmcorvidae) OK.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( ianmcorvidae) Then, Forum Sticky Thread: azteech.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:48( ianmcorvidae) You have the floor.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:49( ianmcorvidae) azteech: are you around?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:49( johnc4510) he was
Sun,13.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510) i can start it
Sun,13.05.2007|18:50( ianmcorvidae) Hmm.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:50( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, go ahead.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510) az has submitted a idea for a new sticky on the forum    it is here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=435197
Sun,13.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510) it needs some improvement, but has a lot of merit
Sun,13.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510) it would direct new comers better
Sun,13.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510) and has lots of good links in ti
Sun,13.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510) it
Sun,13.05.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) Do we want to discuss this now, or wait for azteech?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:52( johnc4510) just giving high points
Sun,13.05.2007|18:52( johnc4510) i'm done now
Sun,13.05.2007|18:53( azteech) sorry, had to step away again.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:53( ianmcorvidae) No problem.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:53( johnc4510) azteech: i start you off     please go ahead with sticky
Sun,13.05.2007|18:53( azteech) johnc4510, thanks for picking it up.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:53>> Vorian joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,13.05.2007|18:54( azteech) just pbasic overview. The original team membership post had a good start. What i proposed, in my sticky is that we look to modify it for todays use; basically where we are, etc.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:54* johnc4510 greets Vorian and invites to meeting of  Ubuntu-Arizona loco
Sun,13.05.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) azteech/johnc4510: Do we have an ability to edit that post? It's done by banditti...
Sun,13.05.2007|18:55( azteech) looking for input as to any mods we may need to it .. please post any changes you wish to see made, or if none, then post that as well ..
Sun,13.05.2007|18:55( Vorian) accepted
Sun,13.05.2007|18:55( azteech) ianmcorvidae, at this point, I am not able to ...
Sun,13.05.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) Hmm.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:55* johnc4510 says he doesn't think we can edit banditti's post only make new one
Sun,13.05.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) Yes, indeed.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:56( azteech) do we have the ability to delete the post, and make a new one?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:56( ianmcorvidae) I think Vorian could do that for us.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:56( johnc4510) azteech: not sure maybe Vorian  could answer
Sun,13.05.2007|18:56* azteech thinks if it can be deleted, then i recommend deletion, and replacement by a new thread.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:57( johnc4510) Vorian: could we delete a sticky post on forum by banditti?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:57( azteech) sticky thread that is
Sun,13.05.2007|18:57( azteech) Vorian, hello by the way
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58* johnc4510 says vorian must be busy, will talk to him about this later if ok
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58( Vorian) hold a sec, on the phone.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58( johnc4510) k
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58( azteech) k
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58( azteech) ? for all, has everyone had a chance to review the proposed changes to the sticky?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58( ianmcorvidae) I'm in favor of everything currently there.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:58( bluecat9) azteech, not yet --sorry
Sun,13.05.2007|18:59( azteech) ianmcorvidae, what, the current, or the proposed?
Sun,13.05.2007|18:59( ianmcorvidae) Might require further editing, but as-is would still be an improvement.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:59( ianmcorvidae) The proposed.
Sun,13.05.2007|18:59( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: yes on editing but idea sound
Sun,13.05.2007|18:59( azteech) ianmcorvidae, agreed, you, johnc4510 and I discussed it may need polishing
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( ianmcorvidae) I'd say that I'd be in favor of getting it up as it is, and then editing from there.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( Vorian) johnc4510, who do you want to me a mod beside yourself?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( johnc4510) Vorian: yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( Vorian) who else?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( azteech) johnc4510, who else besides yourself, he is asking
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( johnc4510) Vorian: we have some questions
Sun,13.05.2007|19:00( Vorian) and give me a link to your profile
Sun,13.05.2007|19:01( johnc4510) Vorian: here is link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Johnc4510
Sun,13.05.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) On forum, it's http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=24395
Sun,13.05.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) That's johns.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:02( johnc4510) was sure which he wanted
Sun,13.05.2007|19:02( Vorian) johnc4510, I'm trying to get you set up now....
Sun,13.05.2007|19:02( johnc4510) Vorian: thank you
Sun,13.05.2007|19:02( Vorian) what questions do you have?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Vorian: We were wondering, would it be possible to remove our current sticky thread and create a new one?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( johnc4510) Vorian: banditti has a sticky out of date that we want to replace is this possible
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( Vorian) sure
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( Vorian) write one up
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( Vorian) and I'll sticky it
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( johnc4510) Vorian: thanks will do
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Excellent.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Next item: IRC channel statistics.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:04( azteech) Vorian, when john is made a mod, will he have the ability to add others as needed
Sun,13.05.2007|19:04( Vorian) no
Sun,13.05.2007|19:04( Vorian) only an admin can do it
Sun,13.05.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) johnc4510: If you'd like anyone besides yourself to be a mod on the forums for ArizonaTeam, tell Vorian :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:05( johnc4510) Vorian: we will have to discuss what that means sometime please
Sun,13.05.2007|19:05( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) Anyway, moving along.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) IRC statistics was my deal.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) The page is down, unfortunately, but would there be interest in statistics, on the internet, of traffic in this channel
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( johnc4510) mp
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( johnc4510) np
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( azteech) ?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) It's not exactly central, but can be an interesting thing to see about a channel.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) The page would have stuff like who talks most, what times people talk most, et cetera.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( johnc4510) azteech: it give stats on channel usage
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( azteech) is the amount of IRC channel traffic contingent on our LoCo being approved?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) I don't believe so.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:06( johnc4510) i'm sure they look at it
Sun,13.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) This is a mostly just an interesting aside, though. Hence being near the end of the agenda :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:07( slofgren) example of IRC stats: http://ircstats.se.linux.org/
Sun,13.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) Excellent.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) Although, predictably, ours would be in English :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:08( slofgren) http://pisg.sourceforge.net/
Sun,13.05.2007|19:08( johnc4510) nice
Sun,13.05.2007|19:08( slofgren) maybe just spanish
Sun,13.05.2007|19:08( azteech) know about stats, from web design days .... just not sure we want to do that, unless it going to be automated ..
Sun,13.05.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) It would be automated, azteech.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:09( azteech) then, I would say go for it, since it won't eat up time we could be doing other things.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) I think we need to postpone until the site is back up anyway.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:09( johnc4510) agreed ian
Sun,13.05.2007|19:09( azteech) would make for nice eye-candy on our pages
Sun,13.05.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) Yes, it would.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:09( johnc4510) indeed
Sun,13.05.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) Ok, so. Second-to-last is a revote on moderated channel, which doesn't really apply, since that turned out to be unworkable.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:10( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) I guess we'll get back to that if there is a problem again.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:10( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) Agenda for next week, then.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) Intros and Team Reports, of course; then the stuff we postponed from this week.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) Is there anything else that someone would like added to the agenda now?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( johnc4510) announcements.  teams,  recycling of comp's,
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) Noting, of course, that the agenda can be edited until the time of the meeting :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( johnc4510) that's all i know about for now
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( br24) I will add this
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( johnc4510) k
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( br24) I have started the Education team
Sun,13.05.2007|19:11( br24) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Excellent.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( johnc4510) cool
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( br24) here is the thread
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( br24) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=442792
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: should we drop the other page when that one is up and running
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( br24) I will be working on setting up the Education team
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) The other page should be removed, yes.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) I'm sure br24 will deal with that :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) br24: k
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: k
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( br24) the Wine-VM page?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( br24) already done
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) k
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) Yep, thought so :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) nice meeting folks
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) Ok, I think meeting is over.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13* azteech would like to ask the visitors/new members if they have anything they would like to add to meeting, or ask us?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) good idea
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) Yes, indeed.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( slofgren) nope I am good
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) visitors   questions  ideas?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:13( slofgren) nice meeting though
Sun,13.05.2007|19:14( johnc4510) chucks: hello, you snuck in on me
Sun,13.05.2007|19:14( johnc4510) etank: hi
Sun,13.05.2007|19:14( azteech) johnc4510, ianmcorvidae did we finish discussion on sticky changes, we sort of side tracked
Sun,13.05.2007|19:14( br24) anything you would like to say etank?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:14( ianmcorvidae) We did, I think.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:14( johnc4510) etank is a visitor
Sun,13.05.2007|19:14( ianmcorvidae) We will be putting up a new thread after the meeting and getting Vorian to sticky it for us.
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15( johnc4510) etank: tell everyone what loco you are from
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15( br24) yes, I spoke w/ him in the Kentucy channel
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15( azteech) ianmcorvidae, okay
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15( johnc4510) he must be away
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15( etank) im just stopping by from the Kentucky team
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15( etank) didn't know that you were in a meeting
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15( br24) thanks for stopping by etank
Sun,13.05.2007|19:15* johnc4510 thanks etank for stopping by you are welcome anytime
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) Hehe :)
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16>> stephen joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) chucks: are you there?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( azteech) quite alright etank, visitors are always welcome
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) stephen: hello
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( stephen) hiya
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( azteech) stephen, hello
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) stephen: welcome to ubuntu-arizona loco
Sun,13.05.2007|19:16( etank) azteech: prompted the visit. I saw you in the ubuntu-us channel
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17( azteech) etank, quite alright ...
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17( azteech) etank, yeah, saw you there as well
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17( ianmcorvidae) Ok, I think we are done with meeting?
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17( johnc4510) yes
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17( stephen) Thanks, just saw the ArizonaTeam on wiki
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17( azteech) ianmcorvidae, agreed
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17( br24) welcome stephen
Sun,13.05.2007|19:17notice -> #ubuntu-arizona: Meeting over.

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