If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with Johnc4510 or IanMcewen

Tonights meeting is going to be a change up from what we have been droning on for the last several meetings:


  1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Education Team (New Beginnings)
  4. SFD(Software Freedom Day)
  5. Agenda for next week


This will be posted after the meeting.

[21:04] <johnc4510> everyone ready
[21:04] <johnc4510> ?
[21:04] <Polygon89> sure.
[21:04] <ianmcorvidae> Sure, why not?
[21:04] <donchriscoe> OK
[21:04] <tyche> Yep
[21:04] <jsonder> why not?
[21:04] <johnc4510> tonights meeting is going to be informal
[21:04] <johnc4510> :)
[21:04] <johnc4510> so
[21:04] <Polygon89> heh
[21:04] <ianmcorvidae> Sweet.
[21:04] <johnc4510> here we go
[21:04] <johnc4510> there are no new members
[21:04] <johnc4510> :)
[21:04] <Polygon89> aww.
[21:04] <johnc4510> Announcements:
[21:05] <johnc4510> For tonights meeting, we're going to change things around a little and give us something new to talk about. The agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/07September02 So lets have some fun tonight and some good membership participation on the subjects of: Education Team and SFD.
[21:05] <johnc4510> w00t
[21:05] <Polygon89> sfd?
[21:05] <br24> giggity giggity
[21:05] <johnc4510> Education Team
[21:05] <johnc4510> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education
[21:05] <johnc4510> br24/Brian Richardson
[21:05] <br24> that is me
[21:05] <johnc4510> br24 and I have been doing some talking about this team. I will let Brian go into the details about it, but we generally want to make this team and wiki page into a support portion of our team
[21:05] <ianmcorvidae> Polygon89: Software Freedom Day. We'll get to that later :)
[21:06] <Polygon89> ianmcorvidae, roger
[21:06] <johnc4510> A place where new members, and especially people who we have given CD's to can come and find links and support for installing, troubleshooting, customizing, etc. So, Brian is going to supply to initial ideas and be in charge of organizing the wiki page.
[21:06] <johnc4510> After he finishes talking about what his ideas are and what we want to do, we will need about 4 people to help him implement the ideas. Of course everyone is invited to help with ideas, links, or working on this support idea.
[21:06] <johnc4510> It will mostly be finding the correct links and putting them on the wiki page, but Brian also has some other ideas, so I'll turn it over to him now. :)
[21:06] <johnc4510> ok br24 your turn
[21:06] <johnc4510> :)
[21:07] <br24> thanks johnc4510 \
[21:07] <br24> as you can see on the Edu page, I started off with some apps stuff
[21:07] <br24> I have divided these into categories, such as web browsers, email clients, etc
[21:08] <br24> in each category, there is a list of different apps that perform that specific function, and which can also be installed on Ubuntu
[21:09] <br24> I would like to get more software categores listed on this page
[21:09] <br24> as some of you already know, I have looked around on many other LoCo teams
[21:09] <br24> only a few have an Education team, and they havent gone into the details we have
[21:10] <br24> I want this team to be the best on Ubuntu
[21:10] <Polygon89> hehe
[21:10] * johnc4510 likes enthusiasm
[21:10] <br24> this should also be a one-stop for people who are new to Ubuntu and need info on how to perform specific functions and different software that is available
[21:11] <tyche> br24: What you've got is a good start.
[21:11] <br24> ty
[21:11] <johnc4510> ok br24 you ready for ideas now or are you still presenting
[21:12] <br24> give me a sec
[21:12] <johnc4510> kk
[21:12] <br24> in addition with software, I want a list of basic how-to's on here for people getting started with Ubuntu
[21:13] <br24> okay, go ahead johnc4510
[21:13] <johnc4510> :)
[21:13] <johnc4510> well, what we want is to expand on what is already there
[21:13] <johnc4510> some idea i have are
[21:14] <johnc4510> installation  both regular and dual boot
[21:14] <Polygon89> there is a great guide
[21:14] <Polygon89> on how to dual boot that im sure we can use
[21:14] <johnc4510> and links to forum page   irc #ubutnu   and irc #ubuntu-arizona
[21:14] <johnc4510> now
[21:14] <johnc4510> we want to get ideas for you folks and
[21:15] <johnc4510> volunteers to help brian out
[21:15] <johnc4510> :)
[21:15] <tyche> br24: Is your contact at the bottom of the page for support?
[21:15] <johnc4510> so the floor is open
[21:15] <br24> tyche, I will provide contact info at the end
[21:15] <Polygon89> dual booting: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installing
[21:16] <johnc4510> phychocats is an excellent link for a lot of things
[21:16] <Polygon89> yep
[21:16] <johnc4510> i've had it bookmarked for a long time
[21:16] <johnc4510> also
[21:16] <Polygon89> we could make MOVIES
[21:16] <Polygon89> arnt they called screencasts?
[21:16] <johnc4510> don't forget the ubuntu documentation wiki pages
[21:16] <johnc4510> a lot is there
[21:16] <br24> another part I want to accomplish is a packet for new users
[21:17] <br24> Polygon89, that is one idea I have been looking at
[21:17] <Polygon89> or just a print out of easy stuff
[21:17] <Polygon89> a quick guide if you will
[21:17] <br24> I have screencasts linked on some of the categories listed
[21:17] <Polygon89> like the ones that come in the 'XXXX For dummies" series of books
[21:18] <br24> additionally, I would like to put together a screencast CD that can compliment the Ubuntu CD
[21:18] --> ianmcorvidae|alt has joined this channel (n=ianmcorv@ip72-211-151-55.tc.ph.cox.net).
[21:18] <Polygon89> thats cool.
[21:18] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae|alt: wb
[21:18] <Polygon89> i need to learn how to set that up..
[21:18] <-- ianmcorvidae has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
[21:18] <Polygon89> last time i tried it it was very laggy
[21:18] <ianmcorvidae|alt> Thakns
[21:18] *** ianmcorvidae|alt is now known as ianmcorvidae.
[21:18] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae|alt: you know where we're at?
[21:18] <donchriscoe> For me- a newbie- the forums was the best source of info.  Pull key info from forums?
[21:18] <ianmcorvidae> Not really.
[21:18] <Polygon89> well the new users forum is to ask questions..
[21:19] <Polygon89> there are like no stickies of useful info really.
[21:19] <johnc4510> ah talking about ed team and revamping the page   expansion
[21:20] <johnc4510> ok, other ideas
[21:20] <johnc4510> tyche ?
[21:20] <johnc4510> donchriscoe: ?
[21:20] <johnc4510> jsonder: ?
[21:20] <tyche> I heard that, john.  My main thrust has been support of n00bs.
[21:20] <johnc4510> cool
[21:20] <Polygon89> how about a pdf or something of the application lists
[21:20] <br24> Polygon89, I want to get new and old users to use our wiki first, then go to #ubuntu or the forum for any advanced issues
[21:20] <Polygon89> to include on a cd...
[21:20] <tyche> As I have been one, and know how lost one can feel.
[21:21] <johnc4510> tyche: would you like to help brian out on this?
[21:21] <tyche> I like the idea of the flyer, but I'm not sure what to put in it.
[21:21] <tyche> Of Course I'd help brian out.
[21:21] <johnc4510> cool
[21:21] <Polygon89> i know what to put on a flier
[21:21] <Polygon89> ive seen them at like ace hardware
[21:21] <Polygon89> for windows xp
[21:21] <tyche> br24: my email address is on my page.
[21:21] <johnc4510> Polygon89: you interested in working with brian on this
[21:21] <br24> good deal
[21:22] <Polygon89> maybe ill go pick one up sometime lol
[21:22] <jsonder> Can we put the ed wiki url on the cd envelop?
[21:22] <Polygon89> eh sure why not... ill see if i can figure out how to do screencasts..
[21:22] <johnc4510> jsonder: sure
[21:22] <johnc4510> ok, we still need a couple of more volunteers please
[21:22] <tyche> br24: The reason I was asking about the contact point at the bottom of your page is that I would be willing to help as a support for Fountain Hills and North Scottsdale.
[21:23] * johnc4510 is not begging, just asking for help on this
[21:23] <jsonder> most of what II've learned is what doesn't work...
[21:23] <br24> to answer you question tyche, my contact info is on my wiki page
[21:23] <br24> slofgren, are you here?
[21:23] <tyche> I'm talking about the Edu page.
[21:23] <ianmcorvidae> johnc4510: Volunteers for flier?
[21:24] <johnc4510> br24: slofgren is not here, but will be tomorrow
[21:24] <br24> ahg
[21:24] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: no
[21:24] <br24> okay...
[21:24] <johnc4510> volunteers to help br24 on ed team wiki page
[21:24] <br24> jsonder, would you like to help out?
[21:24] <ianmcorvidae> Oh, Education. Gah, trying to watch too much at once.
[21:24] <johnc4510> expans
[21:24] <ianmcorvidae> Yeah.
[21:24] <johnc4510> expansion
[21:24] <Polygon89> i can see if i can do screencasts..
[21:24] <br24> Polygon89, I can get you some info on that
[21:24] <tyche> I might be able to help with flyer, with a lot of help.  LOL
[21:25] <Polygon89> ok br24
[21:25] <br24> tyche, would you like to help out creating documentation?
[21:25] <Polygon89> and tyche, if you go to like ace hardware or a book store, ive seen like fliers like the ones we want for windows xp
[21:25] <Polygon89> that would be a good example to start with
[21:25] <jsonder> br24: Sure I'll try to help.
[21:25] <br24> this question is for everyone
[21:25] <johnc4510> k
[21:26] <tyche> I'll have to go looking, but yea, all the resources I can get would help pull it together.
[21:26] <br24> what software categories, besides what we already have, would you like to see?
[21:26] <tyche> Graphics and MultiMedia.
[21:26] <jsonder> Games!
[21:26] <tyche> lol
[21:26] <johnc4510> br24: maybe we should follow along with the main menu
[21:26] <br24> that would be nice jsonder
[21:27] <br24> johnc4510, pelase explain
[21:27] <johnc4510> jsonder: sure
[21:27] <johnc4510> your drop down menu
[21:27] <johnc4510> applications   system tools    internet    sound & video
[21:27] <johnc4510> etc
[21:27] <Polygon89> accessories, internet, graphics, sound/video.. etc
[21:27] <br24> ah
[21:28] <br24> a very interesting idea
[21:28] <br24> I like it
[21:28] <br24> which we can then divide into sub categories
[21:28] <tyche> We might even get into preferences and administration.
[21:28] <br24> yes
[21:28] <johnc4510> sure
[21:29] <johnc4510> especially package mgrs.
[21:29] <br24> these are the other categories I thought about
[21:29] <Polygon89> br24, i think once you get that done you should make that like a pdf or something
[21:29] <Polygon89> to include on a cd...
[21:29] <johnc4510> synaptic, gdebi, etc
[21:29] <br24> that can be done Polygon89
[21:29] <tyche> You realize, that we could end up getting hits from all the other locos because of this?
[21:29] <br24> audio/video players
[21:29] <br24> bit torrents
[21:29] <Polygon89> hits? as in from hitmen?
[21:29] <johnc4510> tyche: we hope so
[21:29] <br24> CD burners/rippers
[21:29] <johnc4510> or at least a guide for them to set up their own
[21:30] <br24> one thing I want to add
[21:30] <Polygon89> just include the command to install em
[21:30] <tyche> Will you Creative Commons the information?
[21:30] <Polygon89> well how can we copyright it lol?
[21:30] <br24> I want to setup categories that will contain different applications available
[21:30] <johnc4510> tyche: nah i don't think so
[21:30] <br24> there should be options
[21:30] <johnc4510> tyche: since we are using others links
[21:30] <br24> not something saying somebody must use a specific app
[21:31] <Polygon89> not to mention
[21:31] <johnc4510> most of it won't be our content, except the flier
[21:31] <Polygon89> there is kde/gnome/xfce
[21:31] <Polygon89> so.. gotta have choices for those
[21:31] <br24> I have added some KDE apps
[21:31] <johnc4510> cool
[21:32] <br24> any thoughts ianmcorvidae?
[21:32] <johnc4510> br24: we should make sure we point out that they are for kde but can be used in gnome
[21:32] <br24> yes
[21:32] <Polygon89> ubuntu is smart enough now, it will install the libraries
[21:32] <Polygon89> before in like breezy its like WHOAOMG this doesn't work
[21:32] <jsonder> kdebase is nice to install
[21:32] <ianmcorvidae> I think categories are great; my only request would be that we make sure to add the more obscure stuff :)
[21:33] <br24> if everyone can look at the Chat Clients page
[21:33] <br24> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/Chat
[21:33] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: ok, can you give us an idea of what you are thinking of
[21:33] <br24> there are KDE apps listed on here, as well as a screencast
[21:33] <ianmcorvidae> Lemme look at the chat clients page and give some examples
[21:34] <johnc4510> k
[21:34] <johnc4510> now, we have br24 jsonder tyche Polygon89
[21:34] <tyche> Good page.  Lots of information economically presented.
[21:34] <johnc4510> donchriscoe: any chance you could help us on this?
[21:35] <donchriscoe> Sure -
[21:35] <johnc4510> ty
[21:35] <johnc4510> one thing to remember
[21:35] <johnc4510> about wiki pages
[21:35] <br24> tyche, this is what I would like to give to others
[21:35] <ianmcorvidae> Well. There are some great basic programs there, but it might be nice to have more in the "Alternatives" sections; for example, weechat, BitchX, and lots of others could be mentioned in IRC "Alternatives"
[21:35] <johnc4510> you should have a lot of stuff on subpages
[21:36] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: true
[21:36] <ianmcorvidae> Yeah, most stuff should not be on the index pages
[21:36] <Polygon89> well im sure its just a start, those are no where near all the programs
[21:36] <br24> nothing wrong with that
[21:36] <Polygon89> for each category
[21:36] <Polygon89> lol
[21:36] <ianmcorvidae> Polygon89: Yes, exactly. And I'm saying it needs to be expanded :)
[21:36] <br24> I only started off by adding the more popular apps that I have found
[21:36] * johnc4510 would like to see the main ed team wiki page neat and to the point with categories that point to subpages
[21:37] <br24> I agree with johnc4510
[21:37] <johnc4510> kk
[21:37] <johnc4510> ty
[21:37] * johnc4510 ok
[21:37] <br24> short and sweet, with something that others can find more info on
[21:37] <johnc4510> next
[21:37] <Polygon89> hey br24 do you know the screencast info offhand? i want to look at it :D
[21:37] <johnc4510> how are you going to coordinate with the ed team members
[21:38] <br24> Polygon89, check this out
[21:38] <br24> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education/Chat?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=screencast&titlesearch=Titles
[21:38] <br24> look at CreatingScreencasts, ScreenCasts, and ScreenCasts Team
[21:38] <Polygon89> hmm
[21:38] <johnc4510> br24: cool, and btw, sept. is screen cast month
[21:38] <Polygon89> losts of requests.
[21:38] <Polygon89> lol
[21:39] <Polygon89> lots*
[21:39] <johnc4510> they are going to try to do 1 screen cast a day
[21:39] <Polygon89> so im sure that the easiest way to do this is vmware?
[21:39] <br24> I would like, to start, meetings for the Edu team
[21:39] <johnc4510> every day for the monthy
[21:39] <johnc4510> ah
[21:39] <johnc4510> br24: subteam meetings?
[21:39] <br24> yes, and Edu team meeting
[21:39] <br24> an*
[21:39] <johnc4510> that's a cool idea
[21:40] <br24> I will discuss this after this meeting
[21:40] <ianmcorvidae> If we do that, I'd recommend making these meetings less frequent :)
[21:40] <johnc4510> they wouldn't have to be to long, or even every wk
[21:40] <johnc4510> :)
[21:40] <ianmcorvidae> Also since these are getting rather formulaic and not getting much done.
[21:40] <br24> ianmcorvidae, the Edu team meeting doesnt necessarily have to be every week
[21:40] <ianmcorvidae> Of course.
[21:40] <br24> I was thinking more biweekly
[21:40] <br24> but we will discuss that
[21:41] <ianmcorvidae> Oh, random question. If I want to contribute to Edu Team, but don't really have time to be official, is that OK?
[21:41] <br24> ianmcorvidae, would you like to participate?
[21:41] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: well, this is the reason for the change tonight
[21:41] <ianmcorvidae> YEah.
[21:41] <johnc4510> we are going to see how this works out
[21:41] <johnc4510> so
[21:41] <johnc4510> we'll see
[21:41] <br24> the Edu team is not, per se, my team
[21:41] <br24> it is our team
[21:41] <ianmcorvidae> br24: Yes, some. But I don't want to tarnish the work ethic of the 'real' Edu team members :)
[21:41] <br24> everyone should participate
[21:41] <Polygon89> i need to get a microphone.
[21:41] <Polygon89> that works.
[21:41] <br24> I shouldnt say "should", but everyone is invited to
[21:42] <ianmcorvidae> Well, exactly.
[21:42] <br24> ianmcorvidae, I dont think you would tarnish anything
[21:42] <ianmcorvidae> So I won't be one of the professional agitators, I'll just be a standard team member/contributor
[21:42] <ianmcorvidae> Well, I'm not likely to get much done.
[21:42] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: i plan to contribute where i can    everybody should   we should just try to coordinate through brian
[21:42] <johnc4510> :)
[21:42] <br24> a small portion can go a long way
[21:42] <ianmcorvidae> I think the official 'members' should probably be the folks that are actually doing something noticeable :)
[21:42] <Polygon89> ehehe
[21:42] <br24> ianmcorvidae, remember that this is our team
[21:43] <ianmcorvidae> Of course.
[21:43] <br24> everyone is part of the Edu team
[21:43] <word> not me1
[21:43] <br24> therefore, everyone is a member and can freely contribute where desired
[21:43] * word has no idea what conversation he just walked into
[21:43] <johnc4510> actually, part of the idea of doing it this way is to get everyone involved
[21:43] <br24> word, youre a member too
[21:43] <johnc4510> :)
[21:43] <johnc4510> word: greeting
[21:43] <johnc4510> s
[21:44] <br24> if everyone in the AZ team contributes, we all get one step closer to realizing our true goal
[21:44] <word> johnc4510: hey :)
[21:44] <word> br24: world domination?
[21:44] <Polygon89> of world domination
[21:44] <tyche> word: Words are important in education, so you're important too.
[21:44] <Polygon89> AHAHAH
[21:44] <johnc4510> word: we're working on the ed team and expanding the wiki page
[21:44] <br24> possibly word, possibly
[21:44] <Polygon89> niceeeee
[21:44] <word> tyche: yay i'm useful! YOU ALL USE ME I FEEL SO USED
[21:45] <johnc4510> w00t   we own the other team
[21:45] <Polygon89> do we get shiny canes when we do take over?
[21:45] <br24> I even abuse my words
[21:45] <jsonder> SFD?
[21:45] <ianmcorvidae> Heh, are we up to that?
[21:45] <word> NooOO!oooooOO!!
[21:45] <johnc4510> i guarantee a big kiss from Mark Shuttleworth and anyone else i know
[21:45] <word> we should totally own arkansas
[21:45] <ianmcorvidae> This meeting as informal is working :P
[21:45] <word> then kansas will be pissed
[21:45] <johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: yep
[21:45] <br24> um...I dont want to own R Kansas
[21:45] <word> exactly :P
[21:46] <Polygon89> lol
[21:46] <br24> any other ideas from anyone?
[21:46] <word> anyone know of a good junk/scrap/parts for trucks-yard?
[21:46] * johnc4510 ok, so br24 what are we going to try to accomplish this next week   and who is going to work on it?
[21:47] <word> oh wait...
[21:47] * word realizes he just walked into the meeting >.>
[21:47] <johnc4510> word: np
[21:47] <br24> lets reorganize the Edu team page into the categories listed on everyones main menu
[21:47] <johnc4510> word: we are trying something different this wk
[21:47] <johnc4510> an informal meeting
[21:47] <word> Haha, just -a- meeting is different from last week wink wink nudge nudge eh? :P
[21:48] <br24> then place the existing categories into its associated category
[21:48] <jsonder> haha
[21:48] <Polygon89> ahahahaha
[21:48] <johnc4510> ok, are you going to assign certain people to do certain things?
[21:48] <br24> yes
[21:48] <johnc4510> kk
[21:48] <johnc4510> :)
[21:48] <ianmcorvidae> word: lol, yeah.
[21:48] <br24> all who are going to work with this team, please say how much often can you work on this
[21:48] <ianmcorvidae> Don't give me responsibility until at least January, as a note related to that :P
[21:49] <br24> excuse my poor grammar
[21:49] <Polygon89> eh ill try to do screencasts whenever i get time.... only problem is i dont have a way to record sound
[21:49] <jsonder> 6 hr / wk
[21:49] <johnc4510> ok, main members are br24 donchriscoe jsonder tyche Polygon89
[21:49] <br24> donchriscoe, how much can you do per week?
[21:49] <johnc4510> with everyone else pitching in as needed or when they have ideas
[21:50] <br24> tyche?
[21:50] <tyche> I think I could put in 8 hours/week.  Maybe more.
[21:50] <br24> Polygon89?
[21:50] <Polygon89> hmm
[21:50] <word> br24: in case it's useful...any extremely uncommon problem both user and buggy software related..i've experienced...maybe i could put it on the education thing somewhere? :P
[21:50] <Polygon89> i have school so i dunno how much  lol
[21:50] <br24> hold that thought word
[21:50] <Polygon89> ill try to see if i can get my microphone working..
[21:50] <donchriscoe> I can do about 8 per week.
[21:50] <johnc4510> tyche: nice ty
[21:50] <br24> Polygon89, take a look at Screencasts
[21:50] <br24> I will talk with you more on that
[21:50] <Polygon89> well the problem is i cant record sound, in windows or ubuntu
[21:50] <word> maybe 4 a week for me
[21:51] <Polygon89> my mic doesnt work
[21:51] <Polygon89> or something..
[21:51] <word> Polygon89: hda_intel driver?
[21:51] <br24> dont worry about that Polygon89, just look deep into it
[21:51] <Polygon89> word, no...
[21:51] <Polygon89> k
[21:51] <word> Polygon89: freak
[21:51] <br24> if needed, I will develop screencasts
[21:51] <Polygon89> word,  ? lol
[21:51] <word> all normal people with audio problems have hda_intel
[21:51] <word> tsk tsk
[21:51] <Polygon89> lol
[21:51] <br24> ianmcorvidae, are you able to assist?
[21:52] <br24> donchriscoe, did you get to look at the chat clients?
[21:52] <ianmcorvidae> A bit; I'll try to get something written.
[21:52] <johnc4510> br24: you know you can call on me as needed
[21:52] <johnc4510> ideas or whatever
[21:52] <donchriscoe> Not yet but will.
[21:52] <br24> ianmcorvidae, please reorganize the wiki if possible
[21:53] <br24> I know johnc4510
[21:53] <br24> donchriscoe, I would like for you to get other software categories
[21:53] <johnc4510> br24: pm
[21:54] <donchriscoe> OK I can do this.
[21:54] <br24> cool
[21:54] <br24> I will send you the other ones I have thought
[21:54] <br24> of
[21:54] <johnc4510> nice
[21:54] <br24> tyche, please look at the unofficial Ubuntu guide, and see what you think is necessary for a new beginner
[21:55] <br24> we dont need everything out of it, just the basics
[21:55] <tyche> br24: Will do.
[21:55] <word> fun fact - ubuntu-arizona is the only freenode channel that has anything to do with the state of arizona..
[21:55] <johnc4510> good idea
[21:55] <br24> afterwards, please start creating a doc with these
[21:55] * johnc4510 one thing to take note of, when gutsy comes out we will have to update links possibly
[21:55] <tyche> That's what I like. . .direction.
[21:55] <br24> doesnt have to go into detail, just the necessary elements
[21:56] <Polygon89> johnc4510, links for what?
[21:56] <br24> yes johnc4510
[21:56] <ianmcorvidae> Stuff will change a lot with gutsy as a result of apturl
[21:56] <Polygon89> what is that, im using gutsy and i havent seen any of that..
[21:56] <johnc4510> Polygon89: links to unoffical guide stuff for one
[21:56] <br24> word, work with donchriscoe on the software categories
[21:56] <ianmcorvidae> apturl allows a link starting with apt:// to download a package using apt
[21:57] <br24> get a category, then find some apps for it
[21:57] <ianmcorvidae> so, apt://irssi would install irssi through apt
[21:57] <Polygon89> is there a wiki page with like synatax
[21:57] <Polygon89> or something, want to test this out
[21:57] <ianmcorvidae> Currently they only have firefox plugins, but.
[21:57] <word> br24: it's like you can see my k menu, it's so organized in categories it's frightening..
[21:57] <ianmcorvidae> Polygon89: sudo apt-get install apturl
[21:57] <ianmcorvidae> if you're in gutsy
[21:57] <Polygon89> oh
[21:57] <Polygon89> its not installed by default?
[21:57] <br24> I LOVE organization
[21:57] <ianmcorvidae> I think it will be in final, but as of yet I don't think it is.
[21:57] <Polygon89> or not going to be..
[21:57] <Polygon89> ok.
[21:57] <br24> there are 2 keys to success in life, and one of them is organization
[21:57] <ianmcorvidae> Search Ubuntu Planet for it, as well. Someone blogged about it a while back.
[21:58] <Polygon89> ok
[21:58] <Polygon89> yeah that would make it easier
[21:58] <Polygon89> apt urls.. interestering
[21:58] <br24> any questions for me?
[21:58] * johnc4510 another thing i would like to see is a link to the offical download page for iso's   so people can see there is a choice
[21:59] <Polygon89> between k/u/xubuntu?
[21:59] <word> br24: ever seen the cows with guns video? we should so edit it over with pengiuns and 'we will fight for...software freeedoommm..or diieeeeeee penguins with guns..'
[21:59] <ianmcorvidae> And server, and alternate installer CDs.
[21:59] <johnc4510> not totally necessary but handy for people who don't know
[21:59] <johnc4510> Polygon89: yep
[21:59] <Polygon89> word, lol
[21:59] <br24> maybe instead of guns, the cows can use chickens
[21:59] <br24> shoot eggs
[22:00] <br24> or penguins use floppys and shoot all the windows out
[22:00] <tyche> Throw windows?
[22:00] <word> i think i'll use my awesome voice to resing the song with software freedome and penguins with floppy launchers 
[22:00] <johnc4510> ok, we still have one more topic, are we close br24
[22:00] <johnc4510> no hurry
[22:00] <br24> I think thats about it
[22:01] * johnc4510 ok then
[22:01] <johnc4510> we don't have to do this all at once
[22:01] <johnc4510> but
[22:01] <br24> everything must be done tomorrow!!!
[22:01] <tyche> lol
[22:01] <johnc4510> we would like to see some progress on a weekly basis
[22:01] <word> INCLUdING THE VIDEO!
[22:01] <johnc4510> :)
[22:01] * word runs locate cinelerra
[22:01] <johnc4510> word: he's funning you
[22:02] <word> who's you?
[22:02] <word> i'm word
[22:02] * johnc4510 this looks like a good start 
[22:02] <br24> word up
[22:02] <word> yo
[22:02] <johnc4510> thanks to all
[22:02] <johnc4510> :)
[22:02] <johnc4510> next
[22:02] <word> i prefer to be on teh ground in teh hizzouse
[22:02] <johnc4510> SFD(Software Freedom Day)
[22:02] <word> if anything, we should have the video done by then
[22:02] <johnc4510> Sept. 15, 2007 is software freedom day. I signed our team up for this and have received a package of support items, including 30 Ubuntu CD's from shipit, and Open CD's. Open CD's are CD's that have a selection of open source software on them that MS users can install on their boxes. Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, GIMP, Inkscape, Audacity, etc.
[22:03] <johnc4510> Now, Sloggerkhan is working on getting us access to be able to set up a table on the U of A to demo and give out CD's to the university students. The date is not firm yet, and probably won't be exactly on the 15th. That's a Saturday, on not a good day to get the best turn out of the students. So, it may be on Friday the 14th, or Monday the 17th.
[22:03] <johnc4510> I would like to see something along the same lines happen in Phoenix at ASU. If not ASU maybe someone has a better idea. This doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a place where we could hand out Ubuntu CD's, demo with a laptop, and help promote Open Source and Ubuntu.
[22:04] <johnc4510> So, can we hear from some of the Phoenix members on this please?
[22:04] <ianmcorvidae> Just a note, there is a phoenix SFD team. You may also want to contact them.
[22:04] <johnc4510> it doesn't have to be a whole day
[22:04] <johnc4510> there is?
[22:04] <johnc4510> do you have a link
[22:04] <johnc4510> maybe we could combine
[22:04] <word> johnc4510: i forget what it's called..but there's some club that does linux stuff at DeVry university in phoenix...we might be able to work with them to do a demo there :-/
[22:04] <ianmcorvidae> Uh, lemme look. I saw it when I signed us up.
[22:04] <johnc4510> nice idea ian
[22:05] <johnc4510> word: it must be the lug
[22:05] <word> yah!
[22:05] <word> that's it
[22:05] <johnc4510> they are the ones helping us with the server
[22:05] <johnc4510> i'm pretty sure
[22:05] <ianmcorvidae> Yep.
[22:06] <johnc4510> well, dx is a member of the lug there
[22:06] <word> ha, i went to one meeting, paid 2 dollars for the membership fee or wtvr, watched them fiddle with ssh, and walked out with a really awesome cd case, that swivels, sooo worth it ;p
[22:06] <johnc4510> we need to get ahold of him
[22:06] <ianmcorvidae> http://softwarefreedomday.org/PhoenixSoftwareFreedomDay
[22:07] * johnc4510 how many phoenix people are here tonight
[22:07] <ianmcorvidae> There's the (very sparse) Phoenix SFD page.
[22:07] * word raises hand
[22:07] <johnc4510> +1 if you are
[22:07] <ianmcorvidae> Not that ours is much better :P
[22:07] <Polygon89> word, ahahaha
[22:07] <word> +1
[22:07] <johnc4510> hee hee
[22:07] <Polygon89> i can see word just playing with the cd case
[22:07] *** You are now known as word|sleep.
[22:07] <word|sleep> +1
[22:07] <Polygon89> *oooooo spinny!*
[22:07] <word|sleep> Polygon89: for HOURS you have no idea
[22:07] *** You are now known as word.
[22:07] <br24> nice
[22:08] <word> i have more imaginary nick friends if all else fails :-/
[22:08] <jsonder> zzzzzzz
[22:08] *** You are now known as word|school.
[22:08] <word|school> +1
[22:08] *** You are now known as word|away.
[22:08] <word|away> +1
[22:08] <br24> word, are you the type of person who walks around talking...
[22:08] <johnc4510> ok, word if i get with dx and lug is doing it    are you willing to help on it some?
[22:08] <br24> so the other day, I was telling...oooo shiny!!!
[22:08] *** You are now known as word.
[22:09] <johnc4510> word: you see my question above?
[22:09] <br24> I think word saw a shiny object
[22:09] <johnc4510> ah
[22:09] <word> i started thinking of shiny objects
[22:09] * johnc4510 nudges word
[22:09] <word> chrome that is belongs elsewhere on my truck and is now in the bed :(
[22:10] <johnc4510> word: you will to help lug in phoenix if i can get ahold of dx
[22:10] <johnc4510> on SFD
[22:10] <johnc4510> event
[22:10] <word> i.e. someone stopped when they shouldn't when i had a speeding motorcycle behind me that would have flown if i had tried stopping...sooo my truck is out of commission..but anything i can do from home before i fix it i'm more than willing
[22:10] <johnc4510> ok
[22:10] <johnc4510> i'll let him know
[22:11] * johnc4510 ok anyother business tonight,
[22:11] <tyche> johnc4510: I might be able to help man a booth.  Talk to me after.
[22:11] <johnc4510> and did you like this meeting being informal
[22:11] <word> dx sounds like a familliar nick...is he asianish?
[22:11] <johnc4510> tyche: ty
[22:11] <br24> who knows word
[22:11] <br24> are you ?
[22:11] <br24> am I?
[22:11] <johnc4510> Robert Nieto
[22:11] <johnc4510> is his name i think
[22:11] <word> br24: no o.O but i think at the lug meeting i saw dx...
[22:12] <word> it was like a year ago though :-'
[22:12] <br24> ah
[22:12] <ianmcorvidae> Yeah, he's part of DeLUG.
[22:12] <ianmcorvidae> so.
[22:12] <br24> did he smell like mushrooms?
[22:12] <Polygon89> ?
[22:12] * johnc4510 ok, meeting over then   thanks to all,   ian can you post the log please
[22:12] <word> johnc4510: enjoyed the informal bit and the coming in during the middle bit :P
[22:12] <ianmcorvidae> Uh, sure.
[22:12] <johnc4510> word: that's cool
[22:13] <br24> word, show up on time next week
[22:13] <Polygon89> ok
[22:13] <johnc4510> we seemed to have more participation
[22:13] <Polygon89> ill try my hardest to get my mic working..
[22:13] <br24> before I break you donw into syllables
[22:13] <jsonder> johnc4510: Will you let us know which day you need folk in Tucson for?
[22:13] <johnc4510> jsonder: sure
[22:13] <word> br24: i don't know...but a bunch of people there did steal food from a bunch of big business types that were supposed to come to discuss devry's re-accredidation
[22:13] <Polygon89> and i dont think i can participate in SFD
[22:13] <br24> I would have done the same
[22:13] <johnc4510> jsonder: as soon as Sloggerkhan ties down the date
[22:14] <word> br24: i was putting in my new radiator and calling junk shops :-/
[22:14] <johnc4510> i'll let you know
[22:14] <ianmcorvidae> Actually, I dropped in the middle. Someone else should post the log.

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