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[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:00:36] <tyche>    Who's here for the meeting?
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:00:37] <tyche>    +1
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:00:44] <paul928-laptop>   I would attend that meeting also, but I'm not ABLE
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:00:44] <azteech1> +1
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:00:49] <paul928-laptop>   =1
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:01:01] <kennymc0_laptop>  +1
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:01:20] <Paula62>  Paula62+1
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:01:33] <tyche>    'Bout time.  Hee hee
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:01:36] <FernHans> Paula63?
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:01:57] <Paula62>  Look, I just washed my computer and can't do a thing with it.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:02:02] <tyche>    Cute, FernHans, except that I've met you and know that you aren't
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:02:14] <azteech1> evening Paula62
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:02:23] <Paula62>  evening
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:02:37] <FernHans> tyche: my wife thinks I'm cute, but she's getting new glasses...
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:02:38] <tyche>    OK.  For those of you who don't know, johnc4510 can't be with us tonight.  His mother's brother died today.  He's on his way to Dallas.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:03:15] <tyche>    So that leaves me with the responsibility of being totally unprepared, as I have NO idea what he was going to cover tonight.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:04:12] <tyche>    I can say that my attempts to create the AZ Team Logo were unsuccessful.  I just don't know enough about SVG to manage to re-create it, and the conversion programs left it looking like something a 5 year old would do.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:04:14] <FernHans> tyche: he was going to cover getting everyone going on ABLEconf ;-)
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:04:59] <FernHans> tyche: hopefully we'll have an Inkscape presentation or 3 at the conf
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:05:17] <tyche>    We do have a number of things that need to be covered with ABLEconf, and I'll let FernHans report on the meeting they just had, and what needs to be done.  We need volunteers . . .
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:05:26] <tyche>    FernHans: Would you like to take over?
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:05:38] <FernHans> tyche: for ABLEconf and PLUG, sure
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:05:56] <FernHans> http://www.ABLEconf.com/
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:06:00] <tyche>    That's what's important,
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:06:33] <FernHans> johnc4510 was going to fill in the organizers page for us, http://www.ABLEconf.com/organizers, so now we need someone else to fill in
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:07:22] <FernHans> I will work to create the appropriate list of orgs, but need someone to create links and hopefully add logos
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:08:15] <FernHans> we now have a call for papers, that and the announcement need to go out
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:08:17] <FernHans> http://www.ABLEconf.com/wiki/index.php?title=2008Phx/Promotion
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:08:34] <FernHans> please add groups and media outlets that are missing from that page
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:09:05] <FernHans> if you can be the person responsible for contacting the group/media please put yourself as the contact
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:09:26] <FernHans> alternatively, if you know someone who can be the contact, please contact them and ask them to sign up
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:10:23] <FernHans> contact persons need to please sign up for the promo-announce mailing list
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:10:25] <FernHans> http://lists.ableconf.com/listinfo.cgi/promo-announce-ableconf.com
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:12:05] <FernHans> getting the word out and getting presentation proposals are our top priorities
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:12:19] <FernHans> we will also be posting sponsorship information
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:13:01] <FernHans> any questions about ABLEconf?
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:14:44] <tyche>    OK, thanks FernHans.  As for the strictly AZ side of this, I need someone with SVG experience to work on the team Logo.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:15:15] <tyche>    princess| hasn't gotten back to me about the status of the banner, and I hope to hear from him soon.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:16:05] <tyche>    And finally, my wife and I both feel very strongly about what has happened with johnc4510's family, and offer our condolences.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:16:22] <tyche>    I'm sure the rest of the team feels the same way.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:16:27] <kennymc0_laptop>  absolutely
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:16:40] <azteech1> most assuredly ...
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:16:48] <FernHans> tyche: condolensces from me and PLUG as well
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:16:56] <tyche>    Thanks, FernHans
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:17:01] <FernHans> bitte
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:17:18] <FernHans> this week PLUG has two events
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:17:27] <FernHans> devel mtg is Thursday
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:17:44] <tyche>    Where is that held?
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:17:51] <FernHans> the InstallFest was moved back from yesterday and will now be this coming Saturday, 10:00 to 16:00
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:18:28] <FernHans> devel is at Adtron, which is about Broadway and 48th St
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:18:41] <tyche>    OK, thanks
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:18:43] <FernHans> links and maps on the PLUG site, http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:19:16] <FernHans> there is also an InstallFest the weekend after ABLEconf
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:19:34] <FernHans> we'll need extra support that weekend just in case we pull people in from ABLEconf
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:19:58] <tyche>    Which we can mention at ABLEconf, for those who come to the conference and get disks, but don't want to try to install themselves.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:20:14] <FernHans> johnc4510 had brought up the LoCo cosponsoring some of our InstallFests, we'll plot on that once he's had some time for family
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:20:25] <FernHans> tyche: most definitely
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:20:40] <FernHans> we need to have InstallFest flyers and a poster at ABLEconf
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:22:23] <tyche>    OK, something to remember is that FernHans and PLUG have helped us out with our first (and successful) installfest.  It's only appropriate that we support him.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:22:48] <tyche>    Is there anything else?  Or does anyone have something they want to bring up?
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:23:28] <FernHans> tyche: to me we're all the same community
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:23:42] <tyche>    If not, then I ask you all to think about how you can support the ABLEconf effort, and volunteer what you can do.
[Sun Aug 31 2008] [21:23:54] <tyche>    And I'll call the meeting adjourned.

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