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[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:01:41] <tyche>    MEETING TIME.  Everybody ready?
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:01:42] <azteec1>  or, better yet, is there a howto out there/
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:01:47] <azteec1>  yep
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:01:54] <tyche>    Who's here, tonight?
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:02:09]     * azteec1 raises hand
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:02:18] <tyche>    +1
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:02:38] <tyche>    C'mon, there's got to be more here than just us two.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:03:05] <tyche>    OK, let's get started.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:03:09] <azteec1>  almost seems as if it be just the two of us ..
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:03:14] <tyche>    johnc4510's mother isn't feeling well, tonight.  johnc4510 thinks it may be something she ate.  So johnc4510 is spending tonight taking care of her.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:03:28] <azteec1>  hope she gets to feeling better
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:03:33] <tyche>    I certainly hope that she feels better soon.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:03:44] <tyche>    The Gutsy Geek interview with johnc4510 has been taped, and should be on next Sunday night, July 6.  See http://www.gutsygeeks.com/ for the time, and how to access the show.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:04:45] <tyche>    (and in case you're wondering, I'm going to put this up in the newsletter, just the way I've been copy and pasting it in here, so it isn't wasted.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:04:47] <tyche>    )
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:04:59] <tyche>    We have a lot to get done for the Open Source Conference ahead of us.  Some of it can be done by just about anyone, and it would be nice if some of you could volunteer to see to it.  If you see something that needs to be done, don't hesitate to see what you can do about it to help us all out.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:05:19] <tyche>    Some things that are needed are sponsors and speakers.  We know that whatever LUGS show up will probably speak about what they do.  But higher level speakers would be nice, too, to talk about Linux on the desktop and in the commercial sector.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:05:36] <azteec1>  is there a task list of what needs to be accomplished?
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:05:39] <tyche>    Advertising is a must for an event like this.  If any of you have contacts within Television, Radio or Newspapers and would explore with them the possibility of advertising this, it would be appreciated.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:05:53] <tyche>    Not yet, that I know of, but that's a good question.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:06:09] <tyche>    I'm sure there are other things, but I was caught a little unprepared, tonight.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:06:24] <azteec1>  understandable
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:06:42] <tyche>    LuftHans: Do you want to announce your PLUG notices?
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:06:52] <LuftHans> there is a bit of a task list that's being worked on
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:06:59] <LuftHans> tyche: sure
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:07:59] <LuftHans> This Thursday the PLUG devel meeting will be covering the 1.5 release of Subversion
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:08:05] <LuftHans> 19:00 at Adtron
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:08:34] <LuftHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/72
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:09:32] <LuftHans> debian's 15 year anniversary is coming up in Aug
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:09:57] <tyche>    That's August 16, isn't it?
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:09:58] <LuftHans> I propose we do something to celebrate that milestone
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:10:05] <LuftHans> I think that's correct
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:10:33] <LuftHans> also, Software Freedom Day is coming up on Sep 20
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:10:39] Join       SlickMcRunfast has joined this channel (n=mark@ip72-208-244-134.ph.ph.cox.net).
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:10:48] <LuftHans> that's tentatively also the date we've chosen for the Free Software conference
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:11:35] <LuftHans> I will be travelling next Sun, so I'll go ahead an mention that a week from Thursday is the next PLUG east side meeting
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:11:57] <LuftHans> we will be continuing with the Ubuntu desktop class
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:12:01] <tyche>    I'll try to keep that in mind.  I'll also mention it in the newsletter.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:12:13] <LuftHans> cool, danke
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:12:21] <tyche>    And thank you, LuftHans
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:12:28] <LuftHans> finally, I'm really trying to promote the Avondale Stammtisch this month
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:13:01] <LuftHans> I know the LoCo has a few people on the west side of the Valley, July would be a good month to show up :)
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:13:26] <LuftHans> thanks for letting me promote the events
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:13:33]     * LuftHans shuts up now ;-)
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:13:49] <tyche>    No problem.  and thanks again, I appreciate your being here.
[Sun Jun 29 2008] [21:14:00] <tyche>    OK, That's it.  Short meeting 

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