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No formal meeting tonight just conversation and CAFFEINE. Hee hee.


[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:02:08] <tyche>    HMMM.  Where's johnc4510?
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:02:38] <kennymc0> didnt you see the email
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:02:45] <tyche>    No
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:02:47] <kennymc0> he said something else came up and he wouldnt make the meeting
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:03:02] <kennymc0> i thought you knew
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:03:11]     * xHans watches tyche freeze in terror.  :)
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:03:29] <tyche>    So I see.  I just checked them.  (I'm not used to getting emails this late at night.)
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:03:52] <tyche>    Hope everything is all right.
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:04:06] <kennymc0> me too
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:04:55] <kennymc0> looks like he sent the email at 1816
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:06:04] <tyche>    OK,  well, I'll have to wait 'til he's back in contact to find out.  If ever.
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:09:48] <kennymc0> i guess no meeting tonight then since you didnt have time to prepare?
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:15:05] <kennymc0> hmm trying to decide if it's worth doing extracredit homework for a class that i have an A in with a final that looks like it's bound to be an easy A
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:15:12] <kennymc0> decisions decisions
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:15:16] <kennymc0> lol
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:15:36] <tyche>    Oh, go ahead.  You enjoy it, and you know it.
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:15:49] <tyche>    And you're right about my not being prepared.
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:16:02] <tyche>    This one caught me flatfoot.
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:17:52]     * xHans hands tyche some springalator running shoes, then gives him a geek first aid kit[0] for johnc4510. [0] asperin, bandages, cotton swabs, live CDs, USB to anything kits, canned air
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:18:31] <tyche>    Interesting.  A geek first aid kit.
[Sun Oct 19 2008] [21:18:59] <tyche>    It's lacking an essential ingredient.  CAFFINE

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