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  2. Announcements
  3. TBA
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20:59 < Siph0n> +1
21:00 < Flakeparadigm> +1
21:00 < Flakeparadigm> johnc4510?
21:01 < tyche> +1
21:01 < matthewmpp> +1
21:02 < todd> +1
21:02 < azmike> +1
21:03 < xHans> 42 * 13 ^ 2112 / 1984 - sqrt(-1)
21:03 < tyche> I wouldn't brag about squirting a negative one if I were you, xHans
21:03 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:04 < matthewmpp> So, how did the install fest go? a lot of people?
21:06 < todd> 7-8 installs 7-10 members showed up very fun time was had by all
21:06 < Flakeparadigm> How many dual boots or single installs did you get?
21:06 < matthewmpp> anybody from UofA show up? how many total?
21:07 < xHans> todd: cool
21:07 < todd> some team members that will remain nameless did not make the trip
21:07 < tyche> At least one of which hasn't shown back up in channel since the last time he threw up
21:08 < todd> all installs were dual or virtual installs and several tfug members were there
21:08 < Flakeparadigm> cool, cool.
21:08 < xHans> we talked about it at the Phoenix Installfest :)
21:08 < todd> most of the installs seemed to be students in cs dept
21:09 < tyche> At least 2 of those showed up in channel after theirs were installed.
21:09 < todd> I am sorry my web cam was inop so I could not broadcast it
21:11 < Siph0n> i guess the meeting is cancelled, or delayed?
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21:11 < tyche> Pictures are at the bottom of the page:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Installfest/Jaunty-Tucson
21:12 < todd> tyche is he feeling better at all? many tucson members wished him well and missed him
21:12 < tyche> I haven't heard from him since partway through the install fest.  That's when he went back to bed.  I haven't heard anything since.
21:13 < xHans> johnc4510 is out sick?
21:13 < tyche> We both wanted to be there.  It just wasn't meant to be this time.
21:13 < tyche> No, scott_ev_ is out sick
21:13 < xHans> ah, well hope he gets better
21:14 < tyche> I don't know where johnc4510 is.  He was in channel to do the UWN, but I haven't spoken to him since about 2;15
21:14 < xHans> tyche: I understand wanting to be there and yet having it not be an option
21:14 < todd> I never saw a camera there cool!
21:14 < matthewmpp> I just checked both the AZ-loco & PLUG calendars and I do not see the Tucson Install Fest on either of them.
21:14 < tyche> I think johnc4510 had his with him.
21:14 < tyche> it's been listed in the team newsletter.
21:17 < todd> should we do plug or abel news?
21:17 < xHans> tyche: does the loco have a news feed?
21:18 < xHans> todd: been preparing them :)
21:18 < todd> cool
21:18 < todd> thanks
21:18 < tyche> Well, there's this little orange square in the uppper left corner of the page:  http://www.azloco.com/rss.xml
21:19 < tyche> Is that what you want?
21:19 < xHans> tyche: that should work
21:20 < xHans> getting added to the ABLEconf sponsor news aggregator
21:20 < tyche> I see that johnc4510 posted the Jaunty Installfest information on there, too.
21:20 < xHans> yup, so you should've made sure we had that up a couple of weeks ago :)
21:21 < tyche> The only reason I know that little orange square is there is because I JUST looked.
21:21 < tyche> I don't even know if it's functional.
21:22 < xHans> it's getting updates
21:22 < xHans> y'all didn't even have the site last year when I was last asking for a news feed
21:22 < xHans> now you do and you'll get added :)
21:22  * slofgren floats into the channel
21:22 < xHans> same goes for other group sponsors, as is listed for group sponsor stuff on the ABLEconf wiki
21:23 < xHans> shall I give ABLEconf/PLUG/SFD/LOPSA/Stammtisch/etc. updates?
21:24 -!- _MrsApple_ [n=apple@] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:24 < matthewmpp> Yeah, the RSS feed for AZ-loco works, I just never look at the feed.
21:24 -!- hobbet1 [n=frank@ip68-98-98-58.ph.ph.cox.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:24 < matthewmpp> hi slofgren
21:24 < xHans> slofgren: would you update the LUGY page to show that the ABLEconf Call for Presentations has gone out?
21:26 < slofgren> sure
21:26 < xHans> danke
21:26 < xHans> ok, I'm going to give my updates while we're waiting
21:26 < xHans> ABLEconf early bird deadline for the Call for Presentations, http://www.ABLEconf.com/2009/Phoenix/cfp, is a week from tomorrow. Those who get proposals in before the deadline will be included in a prize drawing.
21:27 < xHans> http://www.SoftwareFreedomDay.org/
21:27 < xHans> ABLEconf has decided to sponsor Software Freedom Day events this year. If you'd like to participate, please join the ABLEconf-discuss mailing list and keep an eye out on the ABLEconf web site. We plan on having events in at least Avondale and Mesa, but would love to have participation throughout the state, especially in Prescott.
21:27  * xHans looks at slofgren  ;-)
21:28 < _MrsApple_> why prescott?
21:28 < xHans> slofgren: trying to get the other person I know in Prescott involved
21:28 < slofgren> xHans: done
21:28 < xHans> _MrsApple_: because slofgren's putting in a proposal to host an ABLEconf at the beginning of next year :)
21:29 < _MrsApple_> and he lives in prescott im guessing lol
21:29 < xHans> he still needs lots of help, so if you're in the area and willing to help organize the event let one of us know!
21:29 < slofgren> _MrsApple_: and i am really not all that bad of a guy ;)
21:29 < xHans> _MrsApple_: yup, he left Flagstaff for slightly warmer climes :)
21:30 < _MrsApple_> haha. i know slofgren .... oh. im still in flag. i could help if you need it... ill sign up for the mailing list and see what i can do :)
21:30 < xHans> _MrsApple_: danke!
21:31 < slofgren> can I make an announcement
21:32 < todd> the floor is yours
21:32  * matthewmpp listening
21:32 < slofgren> I would liek to reboot our main server (azloco.com) this evening to apply updates
21:32 < slofgren> it hosts lugy.net and our shell accounts
21:32 < xHans> slofgren: that's 2 of the 5 volunteers you have to have to form a local committee
21:33 < slofgren> xHans: I think I missed something
21:33 < slofgren> who?
21:33 < _MrsApple_> pauve!
21:33 < _MrsApple_> :)
21:33  * slofgren was dealing with soem baby poop
21:33 < _MrsApple_> <-----
21:33 < xHans> slofgren: _MrsApple_ volunteered to join the ABLEconf Prescott local committee :)
21:33 < slofgren> cool
21:33 < slofgren> thanks
21:33 < _MrsApple_> np
21:33 < xHans> slofgren: using the shop vac?
21:33 < slofgren> lol
21:34 < tyche> Fire hose.
21:34 < xHans> :)
21:34 < slofgren> xHans: i didn't poop it was a baby
21:34 < tyche> I know.  I've had to deal with baby poop
21:34 < xHans> I've never seen a fire hose that actually has fire :(
21:34 < slofgren> lol
21:34 < tyche> Well, it's like this.  It got fired.
21:35 < _MrsApple_> slofgren, didnt you just have a baby too?
21:35 < xHans> so, anyway, as I was saying, ABLEconf is going to do some Software Freedom Day stuff, let us know if you'd like to help
21:35 < slofgren> no but my wife did
21:35 < _MrsApple_> hahaha
21:35 < _MrsApple_> i just had my baby. aug 20th
21:35 < slofgren> lawlz
21:35 < xHans> we want to hit all parts of Arizona, but ABLEconf is especially interested in Phoenix area and Prescott events in order to help promote future ABLEconf events
21:36 < xHans> it would be awesome to have a Tucson event as a follow-up to yesterday's Installfest
21:36 < slofgren> prescott is gaining in it meetings
21:36 < matthewmpp> _MrsApple_: congrats
21:36 < xHans> _MrsApple_: congrats!
21:36 < _MrsApple_> thanks :)
21:36 < slofgren> yeah congrats _MrsApple_
21:36 < xHans> _MrsApple_: and already up and typing again!
21:37 < xHans> ok, on with my announcements
21:37 < xHans> the long-time sponsor of the Installfest, Alexander, is moving out of state. We have a new volunteer from PLUG, but we also need a Ubuntu-US-AZ volunteer for the Installfest. The volunteer needs to make sure someone from the LoCo is there every month ( exceptions allowed for special events like this weekend's Installfest as long as the PLUG side is still there )
21:38 < xHans> I will email that to johnc4510. Any volunteers to follow-up with him to make sure we get something worked out?
21:38 < matthewmpp> I am planning on attending more of the install fests.
21:39 < xHans> matthewmpp: you want to be the volunteer rep for the LoCo?
21:39 < matthewmpp> okay.
21:39 < xHans> doesn't require you to be there, but that is the easy way to make sure the LoCo has someone there :)
21:39 < xHans> danke
21:39 < xHans> PLUG devel is this Thursday at UAT. Topic: An Introduction to Trac
21:39 < matthewmpp> I would still like to get a set of Ubuntu disks.
21:39 < xHans> most Stammtische and PLUG meetings start at 19:00, but the devel mtg starts at 19:30. We want to be prepared for people at least a half-hour before the meeting, but since the sponsor ( also this month's presenter ) is coming in from out of town, he might not be quite so early
21:40 < xHans> matthewmpp: I'm certain we can make that happen, please also remind me to add you to the Installfest mail alias
21:40 < xHans> slofgren: if you have time and interest, he's coming down from Prescott
21:41 -!- Siph0n [n=Siph0n@ip98-167-157-88.ph.ph.cox.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:41 < xHans> speaking of Prescott gaining, Prescott Stammtisch a week from Tuesday. www.LUGY.net
21:41 < xHans> matthewmpp: did I forget anything?
21:42 < matthewmpp> looking...
21:43 < xHans> oh, I did, TEDx
21:43 < tyche> Who is TED and why should we pay any attention to him?
21:43 < xHans> www.TEDxPhoenix.com, it's looking for suggestions of what presentations to seek
21:44 < matthewmpp> BlenderCAD international online meeting is the 3rd Saturday of the Month, Noon MST, on #cad.
21:44 < xHans> tyche: Ted Gould is great, he's on the Ubuntu desktop team ( OK, that part isn't great because he's at least partially behind the evil update security bug ) and he's a Cononical employee
21:45 < xHans> but, he's not the Ted in TED :)
21:45 < xHans> matthewmpp: yeah, that's a couple of weeks away, so I left it off for now :)
21:45 < tyche> Then you still haven't answered my question.
21:45 < matthewmpp> np
21:46 < xHans> tyche: I did, but not with related content :)
21:46 < matthewmpp> tyche: http://www.tedxphoenix.com/
21:46 < xHans> www.TED.com, it's from Technology, Entertainment, Design
21:46 < tyche> I saw that before.  It still didn't explain anything
21:47 < xHans> it's essentially a conference series bringing talks from interesting people doing interesting things
21:48 < xHans> it's a great way to spend lots of time watching interesting presentations on youtube :)
21:48 < tyche> AH!  and entertaining, too?  Then you should have slofgren tell how HE had a baby.  Hee hee
21:48 < xHans> tyche: there's a good idea
21:49 < xHans> "TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds:  Technology, Entertainment, Design."
21:49 < tyche> And by now he should have some high Technology Designs on me.  So he's got it ALL covered.
21:50 < xHans> "The TED community is based on an open and respectful exchange of ideas."
21:52 < matthewmpp> xHans: the openoffice.org class at mcc starts tomorrow.
21:53 < xHans> matthewmpp: yeah, thanks, forgot that
21:53 < xHans> the database shows a few seats still available
21:53 < xHans> http://www.LuftHans.com/Classes/BPC110.html
21:54 < xHans> it's an online OpenOffice.org class
21:54 < xHans> there is no regular meeting time, but there are weekly assignments
21:54 < xHans> Students will be learning OpenOffice.org applications with practical, hands-on exercises and assignments. There will be an emphasis on word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation software. Each topic will be covered for about 3 weeks.
21:55 < xHans> As matthewmpp pointed out, it starts tomorrow
21:55 < xHans> since there is no fixed class times I would think you can start anytime this week as long as you have time to do the first week's assignment
21:57 < matthewmpp> Is everybody ready to call it a week?
21:58  * matthewmpp thanks xHans for running both of tonight's meetings for us.
21:58 < matthewmpp> ttyl
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21:59 < xHans> well, didn't run this one, but I did usurp some of it :)
22:00 < slofgren> all hail xHans
22:00 < azmike> hail xHans
22:00  * xHans waits for ice from the sky
22:01 < xHans> or meatballs
22:05 < tyche> Time for bed.  I'm falling asleep
22:06 < todd> night tyche!
22:07 -!- todd3737_ [n=todd@ip24-255-46-191.tc.ph.cox.net] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
22:08 < xHans> n8 tyche
22:08 < azmike> good night all

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