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*Note: Seemed to be an informal meeting without johnc4510, so this is what i figured would be kinda worth posting :).
21:04 < tyche> OK, important announcement:  johnc4510 will be delayed, tonight.  His mother is doing poorly, tonight.  He hopes to join the channel about 9:30 PM
21:04 < matthewmpp> Sorry, to here that.
21:04  * xHans == matthewmpp
21:05 -!- SlickMcRunFast [n=mark@ip24-255-46-64.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:05 < matthewmpp> xHans: ?
21:06 < matthewmpp> Hi SlickMcRunFast
21:06 < xHans> matthewmpp: just saying that I agree with your sentiments
21:06 < matthewmpp> xHans: ok
21:07  * br24 comes back
21:07  * br24 gives tyche a wedgie
21:07 < matthewmpp> So, tyche are you running the meeting tonight?
21:08 < SlickMcRunFast> hi
21:08 < tyche> Nope.  I have no idea what he had in mind, nor any idea of what information he has for us.  We'll have to wait.
21:08 < br24> hello all
21:08 < tyche> For those that may have missed the announcement:  johnc4510 will be delayed, tonight.  His mother is doing poorly, tonight.  He hopes to join the channel about 9:30 PM
21:09 < xHans> we can play werewolf while we wait
21:09 < tyche> Werewolf?  THERE wolf.
21:09 < br24> who wolf?
21:09 < matthewmpp> brb sb
21:10 < todd3737> call the meeting to order then make it up from there
21:10 < tyche> todd3737: I'm not that creative.
21:10 < br24> why not tyche?
21:10 < tyche> I don't know.  That's just the way I'm designed.
21:11 < todd3737> just ask about the Tucsan Install fest
21:11 < xHans> tyche's an undercover femmebot from the Bionic Woman
21:12 < br24> are you playing dressup again tyche?
21:13 < tyche> Maybe xHans should lead the meeting.  He definitely shows remarkable creativity by thinking that there's ANYTHING bionic about me.
21:14 < todd3737> who got tickets to Jacksons funeral?
21:14 < xHans> let's start with a group singalong
21:14 < xHans> tyche: do you have a link to the Ubuntu theme song lyrics?
21:14 < tyche> WHAT Ubuntu theme song?
21:14 < hobbet1> there is a theme song lol
21:15 < xHans> tyche: there isn't one?
21:16 < tyche> Well, if there is, no one taught it to me.
21:16 < hobbet1> ubuntu cant even handle color, i hate the color scheme, all earth tone ugh, song yea right
21:16 < xHans> hmm, OK, you write one while I cover upcoming events :)
21:17 < tyche> hobbet1: I solved the problem of earth color.
21:17 < tyche> http://www.flickr.com/photos/22090195@N03/3618924602/
21:17 < hobbet1> that would be better
21:18 < xHans> PLUG east side meeting is this Thursday night
21:18 < xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/131
21:18 < xHans> mathewmpp will be starting his series on Mozilla products by covering Firefox
21:18 < xHans> the next security hackfest is this Saturday
21:18 < xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/658
21:19 < hobbet1> can anybody go?
21:19 < xHans> the topic this month should be the topic I announced last month since it was supposed to be for this month rather than for last month
21:19 < xHans> hobbet1: yeah, all PLUG meetings are no cost and open to the public
21:20 < xHans> even when we go for food you don't have to buy anything. it's there if you want, but we don't set an obligation
21:20 < hobbet1> ok
21:21 < xHans> Steven Kaplan will be covering FreeIPA, which is an integrated security information management solution
21:22 -!- kirllz [n=mos@home.rubicon.cx] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:22 -!- kirllz_ [n=mos@home.rubicon.cx] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:23 < xHans> the Avondale Free Software Stammtisch is next week, but the Tempe Free Software Stammtisch is in two weeks
21:23 < xHans> I believe the Prescott Free Software Stammtisch is a week from Tuesday, slofgren can confirm that
21:25 < xHans> matthewmpp is changing the schedule for the BlenderCAD workshops, they will now be the 3rd Saturday of the month, so the next one is on the 18th
21:26 < matthewmpp> xHans: will you be adding that to the calendar?
21:26 < xHans> next Sunday's ABLEconf meeting will be full-size, so please join the ABLEconf discuss list and join us for our 20:00 meeting ( the hour before the LoCo mtg )
21:27 < xHans> matthewmpp: we need to make sure you have access to update the event
21:27 < xHans> that's all the news I have
21:27 < matthewmpp> Yeah that sounds good.
21:27  * xHans turns it back over to tyche for the new Ubuntu song ;-)
21:28 < tyche> Tell me, xHans:   Have you EVER heard me sing?
21:28 < word> [21:01] [CTCP] Received CTCP-PING request from matthewmpp to channel #Ubuntu-US-AZ, sending answer.
21:28 < word> :-/
21:28 < tyche> I didn't think so.
21:28 < xHans> tyche: something about asking where someone's troosers are
21:29 < matthewmpp> Hi word
21:29 < tyche> And now we wait and see if johnc4510 shows up.
21:29 < tyche> You only saw the lyrics.  You didn't hear me sing it.
21:29 < matthewmpp> The meeting has been more or less delayed.
21:29  * hobbet1 heard a screech
21:30 < word> matthewmpp: what was the ping for? :-/
21:30  * word feels violated
21:31 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:31 < matthewmpp> I pinged everyone on the channel at 9:00 for the meeting.
21:32 < matthewmpp> word: did not mean to offend, just wanted to wake anyone that was a sleep at their computers.
21:32 < tyche> Besides, word, it was only a LITTLE ping.  Hee hee
21:32  * hobbet1 sleeps with his dell
21:33 < tyche> hobbet1 is a farmer . . . in his dell?  I didn't think there was room in a computer for a person to sleep.
21:34 < matthewmpp> I took a look at the System 76 computers this weekend since I spend a lot of time waiting for my laptop to catch up, however, I will not be buying 1 just yet. (The one I wanted was just under $2grand.)
21:35 < hobbet1> ugh
21:35 < hobbet1> my hp was a grand, and even that i went ugh
21:35 < tyche> matthewmpp: You have expensive tastes
21:35 < matthewmpp> hobbet1: YEAH!
21:36 < matthewmpp> tyche: YEAH!
21:36 < hobbet1> i didnt know better at the time lol
21:37 < hobbet1> dont get me wrong i am happy with it, but man
21:37 < matthewmpp> tyche: Is there anything you can tell us about the news letter?
21:37 < tyche> Which newsletter?  Team or UWN
21:38 < matthewmpp> Team (What is UWN?)
21:38 < tyche> UWN = Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
21:38 < matthewmpp> Give us the highlights on both.
21:39 < tyche> The team newsletter is a summary of what happens at the team meetings, taken from the IRC logs
21:39 < tyche> As for the UWN, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue149
21:39 < matthewmpp> and the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.
21:40 < tyche> matthewmpp: the link I gave you is better than a highlight.  It's the whole latest issue
21:41 < word> matthewmpp: i usually just read backlogs, as do a lot of irc people...in the future it'd probably be best just to ping the people who you know. :-/ Not trying to be mean here, i was just watching a good show. :(
21:41 < matthewmpp> word: Thanks for the info.
21:42 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:50 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:53 < matthewmpp> tyche: How do I sign up for the UWN?
21:54 < matthewmpp> xHans: Did you get the email with just the presentation?
21:55 < tyche> matthewmpp: RSS feed is http://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feedhttp://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feed
21:56 < matthewmpp> can you re-paste that?
21:56 < tyche> And the wiki is sequential.  Just keep adding 1 to the previous number.
21:56 < tyche> http://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feed
21:56 < tyche> Sorry, my finger must have stuttered.
21:57 < matthewmpp> thanks
21:57 < tyche> Also, it's announced in #ubuntu-news and #ubuntu-news-team, and you can get on the ubuntu-news mailing list and have it sent to you.
21:58 < hobbet1> tyche i could have sworn i signed up with loco az
21:59 < tyche> It's also announced on the Planet-Ubuntu.
22:01 < xHans> matthewmpp: no, I just got the zip file
22:02 < matthewmpp> xHans: I sent it about 10 min ago.
22:02 < tyche> hobbet1: You are signed up for the Team newsletter.  You should be getting it every Wednesday (unless I forget and don't send it out until Thursday)
22:02 < tyche> If there's no meeting, there's no newsletter.
22:04 < tyche> You can also reach it from http://www.azloco.com, where a short version is on the front page followed by the link to the whole thing.  Latest one is issue #98
22:04 < tyche> Look for the Siamese Cat.  That's Tyche.
22:04 < hobbet1> tyche i tried signing into website, but i cant
22:05 < hobbet1> i use 2 different passwords for everything i have and 1 username, so i dont know whats wrong, i wanted to take poll lol
22:06 < tyche> You'd have to ask johnc4510, kennymc0, slofgren or jeff_martin to sign you up.  I don't have the knowledge of how to do it.
22:06 < tyche> johnc4510 or kennymc0 would be the best options.
22:06 < hobbet1> ok, thanks tiche
22:06 < tyche> NP
22:06 < hobbet1> oops sorry tyche lol
22:06 < hobbet1> man typos today
22:07 < tyche> That's part of what I'm here for (as in deference to a minister:  it's what he's hereafter.)
22:09 < hobbet1> i am tempted to go to tucson installfest, i think that is next one, i can install 8.10, but cant get 9.04 to work, maybe they can for me
22:10 < hobbet1> i was just reading that on az loco website

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