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21:02 < johnc4510> ok, lets get started please
21:02 < johnc4510> who's here +1
21:02 < xHans> johnc4510: I'm here, but will have to step out for a bit at some point
21:02 < tyche> +1
21:02 < johnc4510> k
21:02 < todd3737> +1
21:03 < johnc4510> hey todd3737
21:03 < todd3737> evening
21:04 < todd3737> just us tonight?
21:04 < Siph0n> +1
21:04 < johnc4510> todd3737: i think you've been to a meeting before right??
21:04 < todd3737> several
21:04 < johnc4510> k
21:04 < johnc4510> ok, announcements...i only have one
21:04 < johnc4510> .
21:04 < johnc4510> Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Desktop will reach end of life on Tuesday, July 14, 2009. At that time, Ubuntu Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Desktop. Server Edition will continue to receive maintenance updates through June 2011. The supported upgrade path from Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is via Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Instructions and caveats for the upgrade may be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community
21:05 < johnc4510> .
21:05 < johnc4510> I don't think anyone is still using it but...
21:05 < johnc4510> if so you need to upgrade by version
21:05 < johnc4510> as security updates will stop as of the 14th
21:05 < johnc4510> .
21:06 < johnc4510> i was hoping for more team members here tonight, but i guess this will have to do
21:06 < johnc4510> .
21:06 < tyche> Hmmm.  That announcement looks familiar.  Like I saw it this morning.
21:06 < tyche> Oh, that's right.  I did.
21:06 < johnc4510> I'm considering stepping down as team leader.
21:07 < johnc4510> Because of my family responsibilities, I haven't been able to devote the needed/required amount of time to the team. I had hoped that this wouldn't be a permenent thing, but it now seems as if it will be.
21:07 < xHans> tyche: that's dejahuh?
21:07 < Siph0n> who would take over as team leader?
21:07 < johnc4510> most of you know what i have going on right now
21:07 < matthewmpp> The ABLEconf meeting just ended.
21:07 < xHans> johnc4510: may I suggest that you have multiple people on the leadership committee who can lead the mtgs?
21:07 < johnc4510> Siph0n: we'll get to that
21:07 -!- [R] [n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:07 < johnc4510> xHans: i'll consider that
21:07 < johnc4510> .
21:08 < xHans> not that I'm doing that right for ABLEconf, but y'all are waaaaay more organized than I am :)
21:08 < johnc4510> :)
21:08 < johnc4510> While I'm _not quiting the team_, I don't think I can fullfill my responsibilities as team leader right now. I have been in this position now since the team was founded in April of 2007, and it's time for me to let someone else take over.
21:08 < johnc4510> In addition to being team leader, I'm running the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, I'm an editor on the Fridge, I'm on the US loco board, and I'm trying to be involved with ABLEcon. I'm just spread too thin right now considering my work and family responsibilities.
21:09 < johnc4510> and i haven't been able to devote the needed time to any of those responsibilities
21:09 < _Apple_> how every one it's been about an year since I've been
21:09 < johnc4510> :(
21:09 < _Apple_> :)
21:09  * slofgren joins
21:09 < johnc4510> _Apple_: hey
21:09 < johnc4510> and welcome back
21:09 < _Apple_> how's it been johnc4510
21:10 < johnc4510> _Apple_: not bad...did you see my response to your ? on dual monitors?
21:10 < slofgren> johnc4510: any ideas on who would fill your shoes
21:10 < johnc4510> hey slofgren
21:10 < slofgren> hey johnc4510
21:10 < johnc4510> not really sure
21:10 < johnc4510> as i said, i'm not quiting the team
21:11 < slofgren> that is good...I think we all understand your situation and feel for you
21:11 < tyche> Definitely, we understand.
21:11 < johnc4510> and i would consider a dual roll type of leadership if the other person knew that they would have to shoulder the bulk of the load
21:11 < johnc4510> slofgren: tyche thx
21:11 < johnc4510> this is really tuff for me
21:12 < johnc4510> but the team deserves a full time leader too
21:12 < slofgren> johnc4510: maybe you could clearly outline your responibilites in an email so the person would know exactly what they are required to do
21:12 < johnc4510> yes, i will do that
21:12 < slofgren> maybe have more of a board of directors than a single leader
21:12 < slofgren> to share the love
21:12 < slofgren> ;)
21:12 < johnc4510> that's a possibility maybe
21:12 < johnc4510> lol
21:13 < slofgren> brb...moving sleeping kids to bed
21:13 < johnc4510> k
21:13 < _Apple_> johnc4510,  no I didn't I was afk
21:13 < hobbet1> maybe do like a 1 leader and deligate whoever wants to do certain responsibilities
21:13 < johnc4510> i know this is somewhat of a surprise, but you all know how it's been going for me and i really feel that i'm not doing the team any good right now
21:14 < johnc4510> hobbet1: hey
21:14 < johnc4510> that's an idea too
21:14 < xHans> johnc4510: not a surprise, more amazement that you tried to keep going for so long
21:14 < hobbet1> then one person not overwhelmed
21:14 < johnc4510> xHans: yeah
21:14 < johnc4510> hobbet1: nods
21:14 < tyche> And impressed with all that you have accomplished
21:15 < xHans> bbiab
21:15 < johnc4510> tyche: thx, that means a lot...mostly i'm afraid if i stay as leader i'm bring the team down, but also worried that things won't continue
21:15 < johnc4510> k
21:15 < hobbet1> john you could still have leadership role, but others take some responsibility that is overwhelming you
21:15 < johnc4510> hobbet1: ok, i would consider that
21:16  * slofgren is back
21:16 < johnc4510> maybe i could still give direction to the team without having to carry out the tasks
21:16 < slofgren> agree
21:16 < hobbet1> agree
21:16 < tyche> You also have resources available to you that no one else has.
21:17 < slofgren> I think we would all be willing to take on a task or two
21:17 < johnc4510> but it would have to be with the understanding that i just don't have the time to complete task
21:17 < slofgren> agree
21:17 < johnc4510> tyche: ?
21:17 < johnc4510> i think those resources could be transferred if necessary
21:17 < johnc4510> :)
21:17 < tyche> As long as we have access to the tools we need, we can help do the job.
21:18 < johnc4510> but, i'm not totally against this idea
21:18 < tyche> Any of us would need direction.
21:18 < tyche> I'm glad you said that you're not leaving the team.
21:18 < johnc4510> well, everyone has access to the wiki, you have access to the mailing list
21:18 < johnc4510> no, i won't do that
21:18 < johnc4510> :)
21:18 < tyche> It's the contacts you have that we don't know.
21:18 < _Apple_> johnc4510,  would you mind reposting what you said earlier when after the meeting?
21:19 < tyche> _Apple_: it'll come out in the newsletter on wednesday.
21:19 < johnc4510> _Apple_: sure...i was asking if you have nvidia-settings installed
21:19 < tyche> Oh, that.
21:19 < _Apple_> oh yes I do
21:19 < tyche> I thought nvidia-settings was now part of the driver, rather than separate.
21:19 < johnc4510> you need it to set up dual monitors with an nvidia card
21:20 < johnc4510> it may be
21:20 < johnc4510> _Apple_: we'll talk after the meeting
21:20 < johnc4510> :)
21:20 < _Apple_> sounds good ^^
21:20 < johnc4510> k
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21:20 < slofgren> johnc4510: if you can still put together and email outlining your duties it would help clarify what is being asked of us
21:21 < johnc4510> ok, so...I'm willing to try this if we can find bodies to do the work
21:21 < johnc4510> slofgren: k
21:21 < slofgren> I am open to helping but I am growing more limited in time but not so much I don't want to help
21:21 < johnc4510> k
21:21 < hobbet1> does spleling hav toooo beee a cunsidiration??? lol
21:21 -!- _Apple_ [n=apple@] has joined #ubuntu-us-az
21:22 < slofgren> most of the time I just don't know how to help and wonder how much time another task will take
21:22 < johnc4510> hobbet1: lol no
21:22 < johnc4510> everyone will tell you i'm not that great at spelling hee hee
21:22 < todd3737> same here I could help but still out of town often and would miss some meetings
21:22 < tyche> hobbet1: Naw.  Look at me.  I manage to put out the Newsletter with the help of my spell checquer.
21:22 < slofgren> that is what spell check is for
21:22 < johnc4510> lol
21:22 < slofgren> lol
21:23 < slofgren> spell check + grace = win
21:23 < todd3737> that was after spell check
21:23 < johnc4510> ok, how many do you folks think we should have for what...a sub-leadership roll?  3 ?
21:23 < tyche> johnc4510: I'm still around.  I'm limited in mobility right now, and I need to not only know what to do but how to do it.
21:23 < slofgren> just list the task and time required for each and ask for volunteers
21:24 < johnc4510> tyche: k
21:24 < johnc4510> k
21:24 < johnc4510> ok, well, for right now, i'm putting the tucson installfest on hold
21:24 < slofgren> coming up with a clear list might be more work than you really want to be doing but would help
21:25 < johnc4510> i'll get an email out to the mailing list about all this
21:25 < johnc4510> and try to list responsibilities without scaring folks off
21:25 < johnc4510> lol
21:25 < johnc4510> lol
21:25 < slofgren> it takes a lot of work to outline all of ones contributions
21:25 < johnc4510> k
21:25 < matthewmpp> johnc4510: would you have time to run a to do list on the website and people could just volunteer for them.
21:26  * slofgren needs to go and attend to his pregnant wife the is nearing the due date
21:26 < johnc4510> matthewmpp: we might try that
21:26 < johnc4510> i'll still put out the email
21:27 < tyche> Go attend your wife!!!  We don't want her to deliver in the midst of the meeting.  it might shock people.
21:27 < slofgren> a wiki list might be the best way to sign up for tasks
21:27  * slofgren runs off
21:27 < johnc4510> i'll give an outline of the direction i think we need to be moving in
21:27 < johnc4510> and
21:27 < johnc4510> a short list of what is needed in the near furture
21:27 < johnc4510> as far as events, etc are concerned
21:27 < johnc4510> slofgren: cya
21:28 < tyche> Besides, I still have a sharp knife, but I no longer have boot laces.
21:28 -!- _Apple_ [n=apple@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:28 < johnc4510> ok, is this statisfactory with the team as a starting point??
21:28 < tyche> I think so, And we can work with you to improve it as we go along.
21:29 < todd3737> yes
21:29 < tyche> +1
21:29 < johnc4510> ok, i am torn on all this, but i just can't see an alternative right now
21:29 < tyche> Can you be a mentor?
21:29 < johnc4510> i appologize
21:29 < hobbet1> learning to let go is most difficult
21:30 < tyche> No need to apologize.  We understand.
21:30 < johnc4510> tyche: i could
21:30 < matthewmpp> I don't have a lot of spare time these days, but the plan sounds good.
21:30 < tyche> That's what we would need the most, I think
21:30 < johnc4510> i'll discuss my other ubuntu jobs with you shortly...don't worry UWN is still a priority
21:30 < johnc4510> matthewmpp: k
21:31 < tyche> kk
21:31 < todd3737> I think we are all here to move this ahead just need to be told what to do
21:31 < johnc4510> ok, if that's it, i'll get on the email tomorrow, so please consider what you might be able to help with, or ideas about the plan
21:32 < johnc4510> todd3737: lol, sure
21:32 < johnc4510> meeting adjourned

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