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21:01 < tyche> Anyone here for the meeting?  +1
21:01 < matthewmpp> xHans: I am a little behind on my email these days. (over 1000 unread).
21:02 < xHans> matthewmpp: I know that situation
21:02 < matthewmpp> xHans: Yes, the one on getting involved in the (online) community.
21:03 < xHans> matthewmpp: ok
21:03 < matthewmpp> xHans: What is the solution for the large mailing lists like ubuntu-user?
21:03 < matthewmpp> xHans: it is a great resource but I just can't keep up with it.
21:04 < xHans> matthewmpp: filter it into its own folder, then read what you need
21:04 < xHans> that's how I handle PLUG-discuss
21:04 < xHans> which I've recently been mostly ignoring :(
21:04 < matthewmpp> xHans: yeah I have been doing that. Thanks.
21:05 < matthewmpp> Is there a meeting tonight?
21:05 < xHans> otherwise I'd've echod Joseph's complaints about the new focus-stealing, popping-up, majorly annoying update-manager behavior :)
21:06 < matthewmpp> Yeah, I have noticed that from the update-manager.
21:06 < xHans> so far it looks like it's only the 3 of us, but slofgren said he'd be back
21:06 < todd> I am here!
21:06 < todd> lurking
21:07 < matthewmpp> tyche: Can you bring the meeting to order?
21:08 < scott_ev> ah +1
21:08 < slofgren> o.O
21:08 < tyche> Well, I tried to get some information as to whether or not anyone was here for the meeting, and got nowhere.
21:08 < matthewmpp> +1, hi scott.
21:08 < tyche> So, I'll try again.
21:08 < tyche> Who's here for the meeting?
21:08 < scott_ev> evenin
21:08 < scott_ev> =1
21:08 < scott_ev> +1
21:08  * slofgren is
21:08 < matthewmpp> +1
21:08 < todd> +1
21:09 < tyche> OK, this is going to be a rather brief meeting.
21:09 < slofgren> k
21:09 < tyche> As many of you know, johnc4510 has had his appendix removed May 23.  He was in the hospital, in Missouri, until May 27, and didn't start for Arizona until June 1.  He finally got home Thursday, June 4.
21:09 < scott_ev> sweet
21:09 < slofgren> I had no clue
21:09 < tyche> We didn't hear any of this until around 9:20 AM on Friday, June 5. He's still sore, and said that he probably would not be doing much for the next week.  I, for one, don't blame him.
21:09 < scott_ev> wow, I missed that
21:10 < tyche> Appendicitis is rough on us older guys.  Having been through it myself, I am well qualified to be sympathetic to his condition.  I hope all of you will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.
21:10 < matthewmpp> scott_ev: sweet?:-/
21:10 < scott_ev> sweet, as in short meeting
21:10  * slofgren wishes him well
21:10 < tyche> A big thanks goes to hutchnate, who managed to get hold of johnc4510, to be able to get us the information.
21:10 < tyche> And with that, I'll ask if xHans has any announcements for the next week.  xHans?
21:10  * xHans hopes he gets well
21:11 < xHans> good timing on those sentiments :)
21:11 < xHans> PLUG east side meeting is this Thursday
21:11 < xHans> presentations will be getting involved in the community from matthewmpp and the Dell Mini from me
21:11 < xHans> PLUG security hackfest this Saturday
21:11 < xHans> Steven D Kaplan, MSCS, BSEE, CISSP will do a presentation on FreeIPA, an integrated security information management solution
21:12 < xHans> matthewmpp will be hosting a BlenderCAD meeting Sunday afternoon
21:12 < matthewmpp> is lisa back?
21:12 < xHans> both Stammtische are next week
21:12 < xHans> Lisa is back, but busy
21:12 < slofgren> where was she?
21:13 < xHans> also, I have some news from UAT as I talked to their Dean of Academic Affairs
21:13 < matthewmpp> azloco: how did we do on the yearly review?
21:13 < xHans> she's glad UAT can host the Installfests for us and was glad to hear last months went quite well
21:14 < xHans> slofgren: I don't remember, but I think she was in SoCal for a bit
21:14 < matthewmpp> xHans: are the install fests back at UAT?
21:14 < xHans> matthewmpp: yes, they're still at UAT
21:14 < tyche> matthewmpp: Not necessary.  I talked to boredandblogging about it.  He said that if we didn't get an email from the committee, then we weren't upfor review. And, since he's the one that sends out the emails, he knew we didn't get one.
21:15 < xHans> that's all I have for now
21:15 < slofgren> would they pull our membership
21:15 < tyche> slofgren: Well, they're not pulling it this year, anyway.
21:15 < slofgren> ah
21:15 < matthewmpp> I was at the Dev meeting on the 1st Thur. 5 people showed, We talked in the hall for about an hour and 1 guy volunteered to give the presentation for next month.
21:16 < xHans> slofgren: you'll be down Saturday?
21:16 < slofgren> Presacott social meeting on Tuesday - lugy.net
21:16 < xHans> matthewmpp: was Ed there?
21:16 < slofgren> Prescott
21:16 < slofgren> beer and pizza
21:16 < xHans> slofgren, the man from the mythical Presacott :)
21:16 < slofgren> lawlz
21:16 < slofgren> funny xHans
21:17 < matthewmpp> Ed is supposed to get the calendar fixed.  1 Thurs @ uat starts at 7:30.
21:17 < xHans> matthewmpp: ah, I semi-remember that, the meeting start time was pushed back to 19:30?
21:19 < matthewmpp> xHans: yes, 7:30, I forget the room# 203 or 230 I think.
21:20 < xHans> ok
21:20 < xHans> it looks like Ed changed the mtg info before, so I'll let him get it
21:20 < matthewmpp> okay.
21:20 < tyche> Well, if there's nothing more, then the meeting's adjourned.

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