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[Sunday 10 January 2010] [20:59:55] <scott_ev>  Good evening everyone, thanks for being here and welcome to the weekly meeting of the Arizona Ubuntu LoCo Team, excelletnplease let us know you're here with a +1.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [20:59:59] <phatcatCane>       you got me
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [20:59:59] <scott_ev>  close enough
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:00] <toddnb>    +1
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:02] <Yorokobi>  +1
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:04] <tyche_>    +1
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:12] <scott_ev>  dammit man
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:14] <phatcatCane>       +1
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:32] <paul928_laptop>    +1
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:41] <toddc>     +1
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:00:55] <scott_ev>  this is kind of pitiful, but we'll proceed anyway
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:01:07] <scott_ev>  I believe most of you know that I am only moderating meetings on a temporary basis:  I am not the team leader.  Our team leader, johnc4510, is taking some time off from moderating our meetings.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:01:20] <scott_ev>   He is still around handling other aspects of running our LoCo and generally taking care of things that don't require a public presence.  In time, this should change and we'll again be rewarded with the opportunity to interract with him.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:01:32] <scott_ev>  Until then we'll just have to see what we can do to keep this team active and on track.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:01:35] <scott_ev>  Feel free, at any time during the meeting, to ask questions, make productive comments or observations: we want your input.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:01:46] <scott_ev>  Ever wonder why we have LoCo teams? My opinion is that one of our main functions is to promote the use of an OS that allows people to be freed from confines of the closed, unstable,inflexible, expensive, and often times pushy and tyranical Operating Systems that they may think they are stuck with - and we want to have fun doing it. So we get together on IRC and set up Installfests, Release Parties, etc.  Here's part of what Ubuntu h
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:01:54] <scott_ev>  did that get cut off?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:01:55] Join        odameyer has joined this channel (n=odameyer@ip72-208-214-180.ph.ph.cox.net).
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:02] <toddc>     y
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:03] <tyche_>    yep
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:03] <phatcatCane>       yes
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:07] <Yorokobi>  ... part of what Ubuntu h|
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:17] <paul928_laptop>    yes
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:34] <scott_ev>  Ever wonder why we have LoCo teams? My opinion is that one of our main functions is to promote the use of an OS that allows people to be freed from confines of the closed,
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:45] <scott_ev>  unstable,inflexible, expensive, and often times pushy and tyranical Operating Systems that they may think they are stuck with - and we want to have fun doing it.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:02:54] <scott_ev>  So we get together on IRC and set up Installfests, Release Parties, etc.  Here's part of what Ubuntu has to say:
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:03:05] <scott_ev>  Ever since the birth of computers, enthusiasts and fans around the world have collected together in garages, universities and pubs to talk about their interest, learn from each other and help promote their interest. Combine this with the huge popularity of Ubuntu, and you have the Ubuntu LoCo project.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:03:16] <scott_ev>  There are a huge number of Ubuntu LoCo teams spread out across the world including Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy,
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:03:27] <scott_ev>  ungary, Japan, Kurdistan, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Latin America, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States and many, many more places.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:03:36] <scott_ev>  With the incredible success of Ubuntu around the world, the LoCo project is here to help groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu. Our worldwide network of LoCo teams is providing a strong backbone to our already vast and extensive Ubuntu community.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:03:43] <scott_ev>  how's the speed?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:03:50] <phatcatCane>       little fast
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:03:53] <Yorokobi>  you're good imo
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:04:03] <scott_ev>  There will be a 10.04 Lucid Lynx release party at Boulders on Broadway in Tempe (http://www.bouldersonbroadway.net/) on the 24th of April. Boulders on Broadway has a room upstairs that we will have all to ourselves.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:04:20] <scott_ev>  We'll have wifi access too.  It's going to be a good chance to eat some good grub, have a few drinks or brewski's and meet some of the other UbuGeeks that you have only met online.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:04:31] <scott_ev>  You're not going to want to miss this.  Ok, that brings up another point:  We need volunteers for a couple of things:  we'll need a few extension cords and power strips.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:04:45] <scott_ev>  Who's planning on attending that can help out with that?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:05:12] <scott_ev>  anyone?  Oh well, think about attending
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:05:18] <scott_ev>  Also, it's been suggested that we have a few presentations.  Please be thinking about something you can do along these lines and let me know.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:05:29] <toddc>     Too far out to plan but I have all the stuff
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:05:30] <scott_ev>  Someone can pick out new features in 10.04 and present them or concentrate on one for example.  Anything to do with Ubuntu will be OK.  Things like how to navigate Launchpad and report bugs...
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:05:44] <scott_ev>  ok, good to know, thanbks
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:05:59] <scott_ev>  Actually, if you have a favorite piece of software that you use you can present that even if it's not in Ubuntu's repos.  Please be thinking about this.  It will only make the Release Party more of a success.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:06:05] <Yorokobi>  Is there a time for the release party?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:06:19] <scott_ev>  just a sec
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:06:45] <scott_ev>  roughly 4 - 9 or so
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:06:45] <phatcatCane>       thats not much of a party
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:07:02] <phatcatCane>       ;-)  a sec that is
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:07:11] <scott_ev>  huh...well alcohol will make it a party for sure
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:07:15] <scott_ev>  We will be heading there from the monthly installfest at UAT. http://tinyurl.com/yemru26 If you've never been to an installfest at UAT, you may want to consider checking it out.  Our LoCo co-sponsors it with PLUG but we are poorly represented.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:07:29] <scott_ev>  It's a chance to help another linux user or, better yet, possible install Linux an a computer that currently is running that other putrid OS.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:07:43] <scott_ev>  I finally made contact with a friend in Tucson that has the contacts we need for planning future Installfests at the University.  He will be getting me in contact with the people on campus in the CS department that we coordinated with last time.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:07:54] <scott_ev>  So, it's time to start thinking about how we want to organize this event.  I'll need feedback from those of you that attended last time.  And I'm open to input.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:08:06] <scott_ev>  We'll need to do alot of planning so we can put on a good show for all attendees.  Remember that the University called it a Windows Removal Event.  That's because the CS dept has migrated to Ubuntu Linux!
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:08:16] <scott_ev>  Id imagine they are wondering where we've been since they wanted us to schedule regular installfests.  This would be a great opportunity to promote Ubuntu Linux to students and the general public in Tucson.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:08:26] <scott_ev>  We'll need fliers, etc. etc. We'll need volunteers for a variety of duties so please please spread the word in channel and via email that we are calling for help.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:08:37] <scott_ev>  If no one else steps up and offers to be the main contact point and organizer I'll do it.  Is there anyone livint in Tucson that will volunteer to be the person to make face to face contact with our contacts on campus?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:09:12] <scott_ev>  Also, I need someone to compose an email and mass mail everyone in our mailing list an announcement about this and the upcomming Release Party.  Anyone that's willing to do this this week? tyche do you have the mailing list or can you get me a link to where it is?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:09:37] <scott_ev>  Be thinking about it and we'll revisit the issue next week.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:09:48] <Yorokobi>  Is there a public Google calendar for the group?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:10:04] <scott_ev>  there should be
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:10:20] <tyche_>    I use the mailing list to send out the team newsletters.  If you want to send me copy, I'll send  it out for you.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:10:36] <scott_ev>  I don't know for sure though.  would you be willing to create one Yorokobi ?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:10:42] <Yorokobi>  scott_ev, sure
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:10:44] <scott_ev>  tyche, that's great
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:04] <scott_ev>  Yorokobi: cool, and send me a link and I'll make sure everyong gets it
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:11] <Yorokobi>  Will do
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:12] <scott_ev>  T10K bug....remind you of the Y2K scare?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:12] <scott_ev>  http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/secu/article.php/3857126/
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:31] <scott_ev>  oh, on with news stuff....
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:44] <scott_ev>  The coolest thing at CES?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:44] <scott_ev>  http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=3715
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:44] <scott_ev>  I don't know; there were so many cool things unvelied at CES that it's hard to decide where my money will be going this year.  I'll be broke for sure.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:57] <tyche_>    Yes, the team has a google calendar
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:11:58] <scott_ev>  The Ubuntu Manual Project could use your help. The overview of this project is to compile a complete beginners manual for Ubuntu, featuring comprehensive guides, How Tos and information on anything you need to know after first installing Ubuntu.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:12:07] <scott_ev>  awesome
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:12:33] <scott_ev>  then I'll get stuff on it and make sure everyone has a link to it
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:12:45] <phatcatCane>       widi is windoze only unfortunately
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:12:56] <scott_ev>  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:12:59] <scott_ev>  what is?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:13:29] <scott_ev>  phatcatCane: ?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:13:41] <phatcatCane>       the wireless hd no?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:14:02] <Yorokobi>  Wrong chat window, phatcatCane?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:14:05] <scott_ev>  not sure
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:14:28] <scott_ev>  it was pretty cool, then I saw cooler stuff
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:14:35] <scott_ev>  but didn't get links to them
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:14:36] <phatcatCane>       no comment on the coolest thing from ces
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:14:43] <scott_ev>  2010: Your Year for Ubuntu Membership * Ubuntu Membership: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership * Regional Membership Board Meetings: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:14:57] <scott_ev>  http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Amber-Graner-You-in-Ubuntu/2010-Your-Year-for-Ubuntu-Membership
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:15:18] <tyche_>    Team Calendar:  http://www.azloco.com/?q=node/28
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:15:28] <scott_ev>  nice
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:15:31] <scott_ev>  thank you
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:15:46] <scott_ev>  I'm proud to announce an Ubucon at SCaLE8X on Friday, February 19th, 2010. An Ubucon is an organized event for Ubuntu users that's halfway between an unconference and a convention. The main focus is for Ubuntu users to get together and meet others, share ideas, and improve their skills.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:16:00] <scott_ev>  If you have a topic you'd like to present, please email your proposal at nhaines@ubuntu.com. Include your full name, a contact email, and a description of what your proposed talk would cover.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:16:14] <scott_ev>  The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 15th, 2010.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:16:15] <scott_ev>  http://nhaines.livejournal.com/52619.html
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:16:29] <scott_ev>  You might consider going to SCaLE8X since we live within driving distance.  hutchnate and I have already registered and reserved a room for friday and saturday night.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:16:39] <scott_ev>  Oh, if you don't know what SCaLE is, it's the Southern California Linux Exposition.  And Ubucon is part of it.  The Expo is heald at the Westin LAX.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:16:49] <scott_ev>  http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale8x/
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:17:00] <scott_ev>  xHans do you have any idea how many PLUG members are planning on going?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:17:17] <scott_ev>  not sure if hans is here this week
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:17:24] <scott_ev>  Are any of you planning on attending?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:17:41] <scott_ev>  In the previous release of Kubuntu the documentation was pretty terrible, awful in fact.  For those interested in the current status of Kubuntu Documentation, visit the TODO page on the wiki: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Documentation/Lucid
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:17:51] <scott_ev>  http://jjesse.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/kubuntu-documentation-todo/
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:18:08] <scott_ev>  if you use Kubuntu you might consider contributing to that project
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:18:23] <scott_ev>  If any of you were having problems joining the new deviantArt group, the issues have been fixed now. What they've done is made sure that everyone who joins is automatically approved as a Contributor. So you should be able to post art, favourites and blog entries to the group without asking or voting.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:18:33] <scott_ev>  Go here to join: http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:18:46] <scott_ev>  For those of you who have read the recent Slashdot article announcing Ubuntu’s new membership programme, this is clearly a mistake. http://linux.slashdot.org/story/10/01/06/1420209/Ubuntu-Memberships-Introduced
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:18:55] <scott_ev>  Ubuntu has had the concept of membership for many years, helping us to identify those who have made a significant and sustained contribution. This is nothing new and nothing is changin
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:19:05] <scott_ev>  More information on Ubuntu Membership can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:19:27] <scott_ev>  Netbook Speculation: Lenovo, Dell, HP and Linux
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:19:37] <scott_ev>  The VAR Guy's Dave Courbanou notes that the Netbook, once considered a toy, now seems like the preferred device for many productivity-driven workhorse travelers.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:19:47] <scott_ev>  Even if you’re not a mobile workaholic, there’s something simplistically perfect about sofa-browsing while watching TV and catching up on some e-mail. With a small form factor, there comes caveats at the expense of size and portability, but recent moves by Lenovo and others show some promising trends — several of which involve Linux.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:20:01] <scott_ev>  While there are many netbooks to choose from, Dell is still shipping their Mini 10V’s with Ubuntu Linux, and that’s good news for the Linux world. Since netbook hardware can be hit-or-miss with big name Linux distros, it’s nice to see Dell officially supporting the product.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:20:11] <scott_ev>  http://www.thevarguy.com/2010/01/06/netbook-speculation-lenovo-dell-hp-and-linux/
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:20:27] <scott_ev>  Ubuntu Netbook Remix vs Moblin
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:20:38] <scott_ev>  TuxRadar recognizes that over the last 12 months, netbook and mobile Linux has made massive advances in features and install base. This is primarily thanks to two netbook distributions - Moblin and Canonical's Ubuntu Netbook Remix.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:20:47] <scott_ev>  Canonical put a great deal of effort into developing Ubuntu Netbook Remix, pulling massive boot speed improvements, power management code and a new window manager into the standard Ubuntu distribution. It also makes good use of recent additions to Ubuntu, including the Ubuntu One cloud storage system and the Empathy instant messenger, which makes good use of the limited screen sizes on these devices.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:20:55] <scott_ev>  did that all make it?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:21:03] <phatcatCane>       think so
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:21:05] <toddc>     y
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:21:14] <scott_ev>  The best thing about UNR is the breadth of packages available. You can install anything that any other Ubuntu user can, which is a massive advantage if you look at the tiny selection available for Moblin. It's likely that Canonical will be able to forge stronger relationships with companies like Dell, which is already shipping a specific version of UNR on its Mini 9 platform.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:21:25] <scott_ev>  As Windows XP is phased out and the cost of bundling Windows 7 rises, manufacturers will be looking for a cheap and easily maintainable netbook OS, and UNR fits the bill admirably.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:21:35] <scott_ev>  http://www.tuxradar.com/content/ubuntu-netbook-remix-vs-moblin
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:21:49] <scott_ev>  J.A. Watson, ZDNet UK, reviews with screen shots some of the most popular Netbook-centric Linux distributions. Watson in regard to Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix states, "I find this to be significantly more pleasant than the previous UNR releases,
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:21:59] <scott_ev>   simply because they have removed the large "Places" column from the right side of the screen, which makes it look much less cluttered and confusing." In his review of Kubuntu 9.10 with the preliminary KDE Netbook Desktop he notes,
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:22:08] <scott_ev>  "Next up is Kubuntu 9.10, with the preliminary KDE Netbook desktop, which is still very much under development. But I think it still provides a good look at the direction they are going, so I'm including it here." Last up in his review is Moblin 2.1 desktop,
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:22:20] <scott_ev>  "Now, if this desktop looks nice to you, or makes sense to you, or looks like something you might want to use... well... more power to you. After numerous attempts, I still can't make heads or tails of it, and I find it to be not only confusing, but also virtually impossible to customize or even adjust in any significant way."
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:22:31] <scott_ev>   Watson hopes that readers find this information "useful and the associated pictures enlightening.
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:22:34] <scott_ev>  http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,1000000567,10014719o-2000498448b,00.htm
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:22:41] <scott_ev>  Most of the info above came straight out of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter that Johnc4510 and tyche both work on.  You can subscribe to the Ubuntu Weekly News via RSS at: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feed
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:22:53] <scott_ev>  That's all I have for now.  Does anyone have any announcements, questions, or comments?  If not, I'm going to turn the meeting over to our frend zHans from PLUG.  Hans, do you have any announcements for us?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:23:14] <scott_ev>  Ok, IO hope that was painless
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:23:35] <scott_ev>  since xHans isn't here and I don't have anything else....
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:23:50] <scott_ev>  anyone?  any input?  comments?  volunteers?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:24:06] <toddc>     hi!   input
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:24:07] <xHans>     here, but on phone :)
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:24:51] <scott_ev>  well, thanks for attgending and come back next week.  if you're in channel please let people know that we are trying to get things done and could use their help and attendance at these mettings
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:24:59] <xHans>     PLUG Security Hackfest Tuesday night
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:25:04] <xHans>     http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/security
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:25:13] <xHans>     PLUG East Side meeting Thursday night
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:25:21] <xHans>     http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/157
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:25:42] <xHans>     probably a presentation on remind, which is a really cool calendaring command line app
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:27:54] <scott_ev>  you still there?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:27:58] <scott_ev>  any more ?
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:28:04] <xHans>     that's it
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:28:20] <scott_ev>  cool, thanks. I appreciate the info
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:28:21] <xHans>     sorry for the semi-automated attendance tonight
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:28:26] <scott_ev>  haha
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:28:27] <scott_ev>  np
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:28:36] <phatcatCane>       press 1 for...
[Sunday 10 January 2010] [21:28:42] <scott_ev>  If tghere's nothing else, we can adjourn

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