Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #81 for the week February 9, February 15.

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  • Wednesday-February 18, 2009
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Summary of the February 15, 2009 meeting

johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 9:02 PM

Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/09February15

Johnc4510 began the meeting with some announcements:

Now for what johnc4510 thought was the highlight of the night. New team website: Please look it over and offer comments. It's a temporary site to test Drupal and get our config of Drupal the way we want it. We have tried to add team resources, and Ubuntu resources. rss feeds from the Planet and Fridge, added a poll, and directions to our IRC channel [Ed. note: clicking on the directions to the IRC channel will bring up a Java IRC client set up to connect to the AZ channel]. johnc4510 plans to integrate the blog with the loco team planet so then it will publish to that. tyche mentioned that he thought what module you want is the Calendar for 6.x-2.0-rc6 (second Calendar listing on the page.) for the calendar. [Ed. note: module has been added since the Team meeting, as well as other interesting things. See the temporary site for more information). Another suggestion was to use OpenID for identifying Team members to the website. This is being taken under advisement, to see if we can restrict it to JUST Team members, and not anyone that has a Launchpad account. Until the, registrations to the site have to be done manually.

We need to set up a mail server, because after we approve new members to the site Drupal wants to send email confirmations. slofgren suggested that we contact xHans about what PLUG uses. slofgren has some ideas, but their site is working securely without trouble. A short discussion was also held concerning setting up cron jobs for Drupal. johnc4510 and slofgren will work that out. johnc4510 is pretty sure we'll be ready to go live on the Drupal site sometime this week. He'll buy the domain name, but slofgren will need to set the address. And we'll need to decide how we are going to handle the transfer to the main server. Once we get everything set up, kennymc0 and tyche are the site admins, with slofgren and johnc4510 as server admins and also site admins. Everyone that's a member and registers on the site will have full ability to publish to the site as a blog, story, or event etc. You can blog, add to the calendar, write a story, or news item. Blog items will show on a separate page and in the side column. Regular users can't edit others content. Also, for front page stories, they will need to be approved by one of the admins. tyche, kennymc0 and johnc4510 will be handling the front page stuff.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 PM.


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