This is the central page for the development of the Blubuntu theme, organised by JonathanAustin (Who)

You can help publicise the effort by digging this article specifically about Blubuntu here


How To Contribute

Please note that this page is open for any contributions - see the submissions sections below. You must put any work on one of the SUB PAGES of this page.

Specifically at the moment we are looking for styles, motifs and design ideas - See /BlubuntuStyleIdeas if you want to add some

Theme Rationale

Blubuntu aims to be a theme as complete as the default theme that can be a sibling to 'Human'. It aims to maintain the same level of polish, but sacrifice some of the uniqueness for ease on the eye

The colours will be less bright and more blue than the current Human theme.

The theme will aim to be cohesive, so that you feel like you are using a system developed as a whole, not made of many different applications

For edgy we will be pushing ahead with the art centric 'top down' approach for the theme, mainly due to time constraints. However, there is a /BlubuntuPonder page for collecting ideas and concepts that will allow us to rebuild future versions from this foundation.

Theme Style

In my mind currently the NuoveXT icons and the Ubuntulooks engine in blue 'define' the style of this theme.

Some notes: I prefer the 'glassy' look of the scrollbars available in Ubuntulooks (set scrollbar_colour in the engine parameters), and am currently not happy with the scrollbars from Ubuntulooks - the Bluman screenshot demonstrates this.

If you want to suggest any motif's, logo's or styles you'd like to see included then please add theme to /BlubuntuStyleIdeas

So these could provide some kind of guidance


Theme Contributors

Contributions to the theme are open to anyone, but if you are serious about shaping Ubuntu's art then I would reccomend you join the ubuntu-art team (see Artwork)

I would like to keep a list of who is contributing to/interested in the theme. If you want to be listed as a contributor or want to be updated on the details of the theme then please add your name and email to the list at /BlubuntuContributors

Theme Organisation



14 July - 12 August

Submissions, discussion

12 August - 16 August

Decisions, colation, unification

16 August - 24 August


25 August - September 3

Packaging and wrapup

The theme will be developed over the period between 14 July and 24 August. Following this there will be a packaging and polishing phase

Submissions for the theme will be open until August 12, when final decisions on what will be included and development of these ideas will take place (This coincides with the Theme-Team leader's holiday dates)

Submissions for any element of the theme are welcome from anyone - I only ask that you stick to the submission system outlined below

Theme Elements

Blubuntu will contain at least the following elements

If we get submissions and a way to integrate them I would also like to include


Guidelines for Submissions

  • All submissions are to be made to a SUB PAGE of this page. Please try and keep one sub page for each element
  • Where possible add a screenshot of your submission.
  • Where possible post the actual theme, xml, svg, xcf, etc
  • Provide some way we can contact you (if you are in the art-team then your nickname will be fine)
  • Submissions must be under the CC-Share Alike license

The currently existing sub-pages are:


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