10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Here you can post your artwork submissions and concepts for the Ubuntu release planned for October 2010, nicknamed Maverick Meerkat.

It's not feasible to implement ideas that would require extensive changes or entirely new software within one cycle. Please add them to the Concepts section instead.

Submissions in this cycle:

Use Flickr for wallpapers!

Due to technical problems with the wiki and to avoid having submissions in 2 separate places, we will not accept wallpaper submission here! Please join the Flickr Ubuntu Artwork group if you would like to offer Wallpapers for Ubuntu.

You may still add wallpapers to the wiki as part of a larger project, or to show a design process with revisions for gathering feedback.


Read the Submission Guidelines before submitting your page.

Choose a short but meaningful name that starts with an uppercase letter. Don't use spaces in the name; use so called CamelCase or underscores instead.

Notes from the Maverick Meerkat announcement for inspiration

Maverick Meerkat announcement on the Mark Shuttleworth's blog

Following a Long Time Support release, 10.10 may see bold moves again, if there's an opportunity for clear improvements.

Social from the start: Work to keep people connected, all day, everywhere. We’ll embrace the web, aiming for the lightest, fastest web experience on any platform. The fastest boot, the fastest network connect, the fastest browser.

We’ll be lightening the burden of enterprise deployment with our emphasis on hybrid cloud computing. We’ll focus on making it even easier to build those workloads and keep them up to date, and managing the configurations of tens, or tens of thousands, of Ubuntu machines running in the cloud.

Following what's going on here

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