General Membership

As part of the Ubuntu Beginners Team, the Wiki FG exists to ensure that both the Team Wiki and Community docs are maintained and updated, enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users, and guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community.

All team members are expected to adhere to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and should consider signing the Code of Conduct on Launchpad. Furthermore, those in leadership positions are in addition expected to adhere to the Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct.

Although not a requirement, members are encouraged to contribute to the Greater Ubuntu Community and eventually become Ubuntu Members.

Join Us

Before applying to be a member ensure this is the place for you. Read the introductions on both the BeginnersTeam and Wiki FG homepages. Also, take a look at the numerous subsections of the wiki listed in the headers. This team is devoted to helping other users and ensuring that the Wiki FG stays updated, thus its primarily for those interested in helping others and maintaining the Wiki. We welcome both new users as well as established community members. You can read about our membership process here. Final admission comes once you have completed some work in the community and are approved by a vote at a team meeting, so be sure to get to know the team members.

Getting Involved

* There are menu avenues for participation, for information see Focus Group as well as each of the groups separate pages (see header at top of page). Contact the group leads before adding yourself to the list and make sure to read over each groups page linked in the header for more information on what they do.

* In addition to community contributions it is important for new members to get to know the team and how it functions. We encourage prospective members & members to be active in our IRC channels.

Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

  • * As an official Ubuntu team the CoC is required before you can be voted upon at a meeting, there is no rush to sign it prior to that. Simply read it over and then sign it. More information on this process can be found below:


To smooth integration into the team, we have a mandatory mentoring system in place. Every new Prospective Member will be paired with an experience member of the team. Mentors are responsible for the following:

  • Welcome potential new members to the Ubuntu Beginners Team and familiarize them with general operation.
  • Provide prospective members with a wide array of resources for learning and answering their questions.
  • Help them find and integrate into the focus group of their choice.
  • Assist prospective members creating and maintaining their wiki and launchpad pages.
  • Help the prospective member get his Community Reccomendation.
  • Help verify that applicants are committed and not just "passing through".

Please note that just because your assigned a mentor, doesn't mean you can't ask questions of other members, rather, by all means do. The mentor is there as someone who will get to know you more than others and spend time on whatever you need, like a first year mentor at a new school.

IconsPage/IconNote.png Skill and Knowledge alone do not make a Member. Personality and Character will play a far greater role.

Current Mentors and Prospective Members

The following table lists available mentors and the prospective members which they have taken on. All mentors will link to their wiki pages so read up about the free ones and see which is interested in any and all fields that you wish to learn. Jumping on IRC and talking to people on the team is a good way to make a connection too. Please add yourself with your timezone to the Seeking Mentor list at the bottom while you wait to find a mentor. Initiative is your friend, jump in feet-first and you'll connect quickly.

After completing the requirements and showing commitment to the team, the prospective member may request to be voted on during the next available meetingTeam Meeting Page



Ubuntu duanedesign

shredder12, Mitch Towner,malev

Ubuntu collinp

Ubuntu nhandler (Nathan Handler)

Ubuntu paultag ( Paul Tagliamonte)

canthus13 , DarkwingDuck



Ubuntu zkriesse (Zach Kriesse)


Seeking Mentor

If you would like to join the team and have not yet been sponsored by a Memtor please add yourself to this table.


Time Zone


Seattle, WA -0800

Wiki Homepage Creation

* See the Wiki Guide on Page Creation to understand how new pages are made. Note that this guide is on the community wiki, you will be creating your page on The information applies nonetheless.

* So for example (don't make the page), if my nick were Zergling, and I wanted a page named so, I'd type into an url bar of a browser This will direct you to a create new page screen.

* At this point, you can either start a new page from scratch or select from either of our two prepared templates (they will be in the list of templates). They can be previewed HomepageBTTemplate and HomepageBTTemplate2.

* For documentation on how wiki markup (the language that dictates the formatting) works, see the Wiki FG's homepage. This section provides information on how to login and edit either wiki. Take special note of the Wiki Guide and it's formatting sections. You may practice with the listed Sandbox or simply within your new homepage, it is yours to do with as you see fit.

DON'T edit other people's pages. For a few examples of what a wiki page might look like see the following:

* To examine the markup of the above, be logged in, push More Actions ... drop down at the top and select Raw Text. This will allow you to look at a plain text version of the source of a page, comparing to what actually appears is a good way of learning. If you like some piece of markup like a table or organization structure, feel free to borrow it (i.e. copy and paste to your own page), it was probably borrowed from someone else before.

* Please note, not all section used by these members might apply, use only what you need. So if say for instance you've not made any Team Proposals or Wiki page contributions, just delete the sections and headings, can always add them back later.

* If you have any trouble or questions, ideally see members of the Wiki Focus Group. If none in the main channel, see anyone else who is, most have some experience with wiki.


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