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Canadian Team Initiatives

Tabletop Standups

Tabletop standups are used at Ubuntu Hours and other gatherings to identify Ubuntu Canada members. Download a GIMP file and create one for your chapter!

Ubuntu Vancouver

  • Avaneya is a cerebral science fiction game set on Mars currently under active development. It combines the perfect blend of the metropolis city builder social simulation, real time strategy, and cooperative multiplayer. It explores mature themes in social justice, politics, ecology, economics, and more. It is geared towards at least those with a passion for hard science fiction and software libre, in particular users of the GNU operating system operating system and its various incarnations, such as Ubuntu.

Technical Events/Conferences/Relationships

Technical Events that we are tracking, relationships that we are working on building

  • CanadianPress - a list of local press & media contacts, as well as press references

  • Conferences we hope to and have presence at

Members Willing to Translate

please add your name if you are willing to help ubuntnu-ca with translating English to French or French to English for web pages, emails, etc.

Native Language Translation

Canada has many, many languages spoken in addition to the English and French that were imported by settlers who became the government. It would be very Ubuntu-y if we could get translations for a few of those, especially the large ones (in approximate order): Cree, Inuktitut, Ojibwe, Montagnais-Naskapi, Micmac, Dakota/Sioux, Blackfoot, Mohawk, South Slave, Salish languages, Wakashan, Dogrib, Carrier, and Chipewyan. Add yourself if you start working on one, or are thinking about it.

Ubuntu Canada Videos

A few Ubuntu Canada members in the GTA with some film/video skills are planning to toss around ideas for promotional and/or documentational videos involving Ubuntu. This project/initiative is still in infancy, so more information will be posted when its available! (DaveSullivan)

Scratch Pad

Somewhere to record ideas/thoughts/etc

  • Outreach to schools to help them see the benefits of using Open Source software in schools.
  • Outreach to Labour Organizations and Trade unions about how they can transition from MS to Open Source software in their offices. Possibly distribute Ubuntu CDs and information at conventions and conferences. (KarynPopel has contacts and info.)

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