(09:01:27 AM) dholbach: we have quite a full agenda today: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
(09:01:53 AM) jsgotangco: hey guys, chill first, or we won't get anywhere
(09:02:05 AM) Mamarok: could we begin where we ended last time?
(09:02:59 AM) dholbach: calc has the first agenda item today:  CC should have an alternate way to approve members due to timezone conflicts with work/school
(09:03:02 AM) dholbach: calc: are you around?
(09:03:41 AM) jsgotangco: we've started
(09:03:42 AM) dholbach: it seems that calc is not around, I think he might still be sleeping
(09:04:05 AM) dholbach: for the approval of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StreamlineMembershipApproval I'd like us to be more than 3 CC members to be honest
(09:04:16 AM) dholbach: as it will change the way work quite dramatically
(09:04:27 AM) jsgotangco: yeah
(09:04:29 AM) dholbach: whs: we've started, could you take chat somewhere else?
(09:04:41 AM) MikeB: whs: please take out topic discussion to another room
(09:04:54 AM) dholbach: I pinged elmo, mako and sabdfl - let's postpone the approval of that spec for a bit and see if we can get it done, when they are around
(09:04:57 AM) dholbach: whs: thanks
(09:05:01 AM) jsgotangco: but going to discussion
(09:05:10 AM) jsgotangco: while this has not yet in place
(09:05:23 AM) jsgotangco: we need to have our meetings in a regular basis again
(09:05:30 AM) jsgotangco: because the last time we did
(09:05:33 AM) dholbach: yes, that's mdke point on the agenda
(09:05:34 AM) jsgotangco: was almost 2 months ago
(09:05:43 AM) jsgotangco: or proably more
(09:05:45 AM) dholbach: unfortunate that he's not around at the moment :-/
(09:05:53 AM) jsgotangco: he's usually at work at this time
(09:05:55 AM) dholbach: yeah
(09:06:06 AM) jsgotangco: but we should make it a point to ourselves in the council
(09:06:11 AM) jsgotangco: to make follow ups in email
(09:06:16 AM) jsgotangco: its not the greatest solution out there
(09:06:25 AM) dholbach: jsgotangco, MikeB: do you know which rotating solution mdke suggested?
(09:06:35 AM) jsgotangco: but i think we should make it a point to have at least 3 on approvals of membership at lest
(09:06:57 AM) dholbach: yeah, I agree
(09:06:57 AM) jsgotangco: if i recall correctly
(09:07:08 AM) jsgotangco: there is the usual 15UTC
(09:07:16 AM) jsgotangco: and late one
(09:07:28 AM) jsgotangco: making it twice in a month
(09:07:32 AM) MikeB: no
(09:08:24 AM) jsgotangco: MikeB: do you recall? I rmember you arrangning for today's meeting though
(09:08:34 AM) MikeB: we should have meeting the rotate to good time for North/South America, Europe/Africa , and Asia
(09:08:48 AM) dholbach: so you propose 3 meeting times?
(09:09:07 AM) MikeB: dholbach: yes
(09:09:17 AM) pkern: What's "good"? 20h local time?
(09:09:37 AM) ***takdir agree with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StreamlineMembershipApproval
(09:09:39 AM) dholbach: 13:00 utc would be which one?
(09:09:55 AM) jsgotangco: 13UTC and up usually applies to Europe and majority of Asia
(09:10:03 AM) jsgotangco: but not much for pacific islands
(09:10:16 AM) deadwill: i think 13utc is a good time here (Brazil)
(09:10:32 AM) jsgotangco: not to stray too much
(09:10:44 AM) jsgotangco: but I believe MikeB did a matrix for council people
(09:10:50 AM) dholbach: right, so what about a meeting at 13:00, one at 20:00 and one at another time?
(09:11:01 AM) dholbach: 20 would be good for the US (and for mdke :-))
(09:11:03 AM) elkbuntu: and it's 11pm here in eastern Australia, which is comparably reasonable
(09:11:31 AM) MikeB: elkbuntu: not if we have a 3 hour meeting
(09:11:36 AM) paulliu: How about pick a co-prime of 12....??
(09:11:50 AM) elkbuntu: MikeB, it's comparably reasonable to starting one at 5am
(09:11:54 AM) elmo: sorry I'm late, sabdfl is on his way too
(09:11:57 AM) jsgotangco: cool
(09:12:05 AM) MikeB: elmo: no prob
(09:12:15 AM) dholbach: shall we transform the discussion into an action item to make a table of when the CC members are available and how 2-3h meetings would look?
(09:12:15 AM) jsgotangco: 13UTC and up pretty much covers Asia and AU not to mention EU
(09:12:23 AM) jsgotangco: yeah
(09:12:46 AM) dholbach: elmo: we skipped point 1&2 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda because we wanted have more than 3 people to decided those points
(09:13:09 AM) elmo: dholbach: ok
(09:13:13 AM) dholbach: MikeB: as you seem to have worked on the table, would you agree to put the information on a wiki table or something, so we can all look at it and discuss it on the list?
(09:13:45 AM) MikeB: dholbach: sure I will put it into the wiki
(09:14:10 AM) elkbuntu: jsgotangco, as MikeB pointed out, it's probably approaching the 'too lateness' factor for many in eastern AU. not all of us are insomniacs like me and hobbsee :Þ
(09:14:17 AM) dholbach: MikeB: thanks a lot - shall we move on and discuss the times on the list to make sure we get regular meetings happen that way?
(09:15:11 AM) Hobbsee: australians learn to be insomniacs, for this kind of thing...
(09:15:24 AM) WaVeR: What's the final decision? You skip the CC!
(09:15:45 AM) elkbuntu: Hobbsee, hehe, not possible for everyone though
(09:15:58 AM) dholbach: WaVeR: we did that because we were only 3 CC members and agreed to wait until we are more - sabdfl is on his way, then we'll get back to items 1 and 2
(09:16:24 AM) dholbach: jsgotangco, MikeB, elmo: is it ok for you to defer the timezone discussion until MikeB came up with the timezone table on the wiki?
(09:16:38 AM) jsgotangco: im fine
(09:16:41 AM) MikeB: fine here
(09:16:44 AM) dholbach: ok good
(09:16:54 AM) elmo: dholbach: sure
(09:17:54 AM) jsgotangco: ok let's save meet and greet later
(09:18:07 AM) sabdfl: sorry for the delay, where are we in the agenda?
(09:18:09 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: to recap: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda is our agenda and we already deferred point 3 until MikeB comes up with a timezone table, where we can schedule regular meeting times
(09:18:27 AM) dholbach: we should move back to point 2 now (which includes point 1)
(09:18:37 AM) jono: hi all
(09:19:28 AM) dholbach: the spec is at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StreamlineMembershipApproval
(09:21:10 AM) sabdfl: dholbach: do you have comments or feedback based on the MOTU council process that has been running for a while now?
(09:21:20 AM) dholbach: I like the proposed process and think that it will be easier to stay on top of membership applications
(09:22:02 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: I think it's a good idea that the process will be based on wiki pages and email for the CC (in the supervisory mode) - that way it will be easy to follow up on membership approval at every time of the day
(09:22:21 AM) dholbach: that's something I like about the MC organisation too
(09:22:25 AM) MikeB: it is a good spec, but I thought at one time we were planning to have our current governance boards (Forums Council, Tech board) do this, rather than regional teams
(09:22:33 AM) jono: I am unsure of the 'Governance Review' and its intention
(09:22:56 AM) jono: regarding Dennis and myself drawing up a regular review of governance
(09:23:06 AM) jsgotangco: not to mention each project has its own council with memberships as well
(09:23:22 AM) jono: I would suggest that the CC should draw up such suggestions
(09:23:33 AM) jono: I would not want to undermine the CC
(09:24:35 AM) jono: other than that, I think this spec is looking good
(09:24:36 AM) sabdfl: MikeB: we will allow both routes
(09:25:25 AM) MikeB: sabdfl: cool
(09:25:35 AM) sabdfl: in other words, if we have a well-run structure ("Forums" or "Art" or "Marketing" or "MOTU") then we can delegate to that structure
(09:25:43 AM) sabdfl: alternatively, there are the regional catch-alls
(09:26:01 AM) sabdfl: folks will probably have their best success through the teams, because those are the people they actually work with
(09:26:09 AM) theDtTvB2: Sorry to ask, but, what is MOTU?
(09:26:10 AM) sabdfl: any further comments?
(09:26:12 AM) dholbach: I feel the intention of the 'governance review' is to assure that the CC still stays in touch with growing teams in the community and through public discussion creates bonds between teams and encourage team leaders
(09:26:12 AM) jono: the spec does not outline how the councils are elected - I assume the CC nominates
(09:26:20 AM) dholbach: theDtTvB2: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU
(09:26:23 AM) sabdfl: theDtTvB2: Masters of the Universe repository
(09:26:38 AM) jono: dholbach: I think part of that will be solved with my team reporting work I am about to release
(09:26:48 AM) jono: dholbach: which was also need to come before the CC
(09:26:49 AM) sabdfl: the reason for having a program of review is so that we don't just focus on problem areas
(09:27:25 AM) dholbach: jono: that sounds great - I, too, think that who draws up the regular review is debatable, but I like the idea in its essence
(09:27:36 AM) jono: sabdfl: I agree, but I just wonder why it should be Dennis and Myself as arbeiters of such review
(09:27:41 AM) sabdfl: we should try to get to every major structure twice a year, for example
(09:27:55 AM) jono: I am happy to contribute of course, but I want to ensure it is within the spirit of the CC
(09:27:56 AM) sabdfl: not arbiters so much as coordinators
(09:28:13 AM) jono: could I suggest that the CC nominate a coordinator
(09:28:15 AM) sabdfl: dennis often manages this agenda, and you help the teams to get themselves into shape for presentation
(09:28:22 AM) sabdfl: fine by me
(09:28:30 AM) jono: I am happy to be considered as a nominee
(09:28:54 AM) MikeB: one thing I think we may want to add is some type of membership mentoring. I think some people who come up for membership just need some need understanding the process and tweaking their wiki page to better reflect their contributions to Ubuntu
(09:29:20 AM) jono: MikeB: yes, that largely comes to me right now - I get personal emails regarding it
(09:29:22 AM) jsgotangco: wonder if that can be done in LP
(09:29:28 AM) jsgotangco: (the mentoring part)
(09:29:30 AM) jono: MikeB: think it could be useful to have a small team to assist with this
(09:29:32 AM) Daviey: MikeB: If they need that sort of help, and cannot find it themsleves - by asking ; do you think they are ready for membership?
(09:29:54 AM) dholbach: maybe we need better documentation about the process (and/or remove stale links/docs)?
(09:29:54 AM) MikeB: Daviey: some people are just shy
(09:30:04 AM) elkbuntu: Daviey, and there's always language issues too
(09:30:20 AM) Daviey: elkbuntu: agreed
(09:30:32 AM) luisbg: elkubuntu, +1
(09:30:35 AM) dholbach: MikeB: that we should try to solve by educating 'team leaders' or long standing members to be more encouraging
(09:30:41 AM) elkbuntu: which adds the thought that maybe if someone is not fluent enough in english, that they should be put in touch with a buddy who is
(09:30:46 AM) hjmf: elkbuntu: +1
(09:30:46 AM) sabdfl: we can make the process clearer, but "membership" should be for people who are well past that
(09:31:26 AM) dholbach: I am a bit wary about mentoring as in 'dedicated mentors' myself, we're discussing it in the motu team at the moment
(09:31:41 AM) jono: how about we first get membership councils up and running
(09:31:47 AM) jono: mentoring can wait I suspect
(09:31:50 AM) jono: one step at a time
(09:31:56 AM) elkbuntu: i agree with jono
(09:31:58 AM) dholbach: I agree with jono
(09:32:04 AM) elkbuntu: jinx!
(09:32:10 AM) sabdfl: members are folks who have moved to the point of making a sustained and substantial contribution to some part of the project
(09:32:11 AM) jono: membership councils are going to be an excellent help
(09:32:41 AM) dholbach: one open point was the nomination of team council (can I write TC now? :-)) members
(09:32:48 AM) sabdfl: ok, what process are we going to follow to constitute those membership review teams?
(09:32:51 AM) jono: dholbach: indeed
(09:33:01 AM) sabdfl: and is there any overlap between membership review, and loco review?
(09:33:22 AM) jono: sabdfl: I would like to propose a loco council in the future for loco review - loco is getting very big now
(09:33:26 AM) sabdfl: i am also not sure we want to call these regional review boards "council"'s
(09:33:39 AM) sabdfl: i would be happy with a loco council, yes
(09:33:39 AM) jono: sabdfl: +!
(09:33:41 AM) jono: +!
(09:33:44 AM) jono: damn
(09:33:45 AM) jono: +1
(09:34:02 AM) elkbuntu: whoa, someone's excited?
(09:34:04 AM) atoponce: "review board" seems to be appropriate enough
(09:34:07 AM) jono: I would recommend the CC nominates members for the regional boards
(09:34:15 AM) sabdfl: suggestions on how we pull together 30 people to be the initial group?
(09:34:19 AM) jono: so long as the CC has blessing, I think most people will be happy
(09:34:21 AM) pleia2: jono: +1, US is gaining momentum and I expect a lot of teams will be coming up for approval soon
(09:34:34 AM) sabdfl: elmo: any comments?
(09:34:43 AM) PriceChild: a few prominent LoCo leaders from the different regions?
(09:34:49 AM) FunnyLookinHat: I know I'm not on the CC - But my 2 cents....  You want to expedite the process locally?  Use LoCo teams with approved members.  Structure is in place and provides a more efficient method to getting people to the decision point for membership.
(09:34:56 AM) jono: just so everyone knows, I am happy to draft a loco council proposal for the CC - I will post to loco-contacts for people to weigh in
(09:35:12 AM) dholbach: I like the idea of a loco <review institution> too
(09:35:14 AM) elmo: sabdfl: sounds ok to me - would like to ensure there's good reporing coming back from the loco council thou
(09:35:16 AM) sabdfl: a global loco council is going to have the same TZ issues that CC and TB have
(09:35:23 AM) elkbuntu: jono, would it be fair for me to nominate to assist you with that
(09:35:34 AM) jsgotangco: that makes sense
(09:35:35 AM) elkbuntu: s/nominate/nominate myself/
(09:35:36 AM) sabdfl: stepping afk for 10
(09:35:41 AM) jono: elkbuntu: everyone is welcome :)
(09:35:58 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: true, but I doubt their approval list gets as long as the CC membership approval list :)
(09:36:08 AM) ***elkbuntu nods to dholbach
(09:36:18 AM) jono: sabdfl: I agree, but I don't think it would be wise to have regional loco boards, not yet
(09:36:22 AM) dholbach: also elmo has a point: we should include proper and detailed reporting in the process
(09:36:32 AM) jono: the primary issue here seems to be volume of members, not TZ
(09:37:27 AM) dholbach: sabdfl asked for suggestion on how to get those 30 initial team members of the review boards together
(09:37:42 AM) jsgotangco: we can start nominations
(09:37:48 AM) jsgotangco: and discuss on list
(09:38:08 AM) jsgotangco: or approve jono to accept nominations which he can forward to CC list
(09:38:18 AM) jono: dholbach: I recommend the CC collaborate on the names
(09:38:31 AM) jono: with a conciousness of the TZ of those people
(09:38:43 AM) dholbach: both sounds good
(09:39:22 AM) jsgotangco: i think we can start this early
(09:39:24 AM) dholbach: what do you think about 1) updating the spec (I can do that together with mdke) and 2) get the nomination process going at the same time, so we can move on?
(09:39:33 AM) jono: maybe pull them together on a wiki and then nominate them - any places left people could apply and then be approved/rejected by the CC
(09:39:36 AM) ***elkbuntu thinks that since this discussion has got to the point of being a mush of several ideas, that someone needs to formulate them into things to be voted on, because this may go on for a while yet and get confusing
(09:39:44 AM) jono: dholbach: sounds sane
(09:39:51 AM) dholbach: to my knowledge we adressed all the open points
(09:39:56 AM) dholbach: but should re-review, maybe on list
(09:39:57 AM) jono: yep
(09:40:21 AM) jono: once those changes are merged in, I am guessing it is pretty much ready for approval
(09:40:28 AM) jono: in the meantime the CC can gather its list of names
(09:40:31 AM) dholbach: sabdfl, MikeB, jsgotangco, elmo: ok if we update the spec and re-review, and also get starting on the nominations on list?
(09:40:33 AM) jono: so we can then be good to go soon
(09:40:57 AM) MikeB: dholbach: +1 and respec and review
(09:41:06 AM) jono: respec!
(09:41:12 AM) jono: :)
(09:41:18 AM) dholbach: :-)
(09:41:26 AM) MikeB: Jono: lol
(09:41:48 AM) jsgotangco: im +1
(09:42:11 AM) elmo: +1
(09:42:18 AM) dholbach: ok, let's move on then
(09:42:23 AM) dholbach: the IRCCouncil is up next
(09:42:24 AM) MikeB: lets here some death metal Aretha Franklin
(09:42:34 AM) PriceChild: *cheers*
(09:42:36 AM) jono: MikeB: \m/
(09:42:50 AM) PriceChild: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/IrcCouncil links to all of the IRC documents.
(09:42:51 AM) dholbach: I don't know the current status, but I believe elmo had some reservations about the current implementation plan
(09:43:00 AM) elmo: dholbach: those have been resolved
(09:43:07 AM) PriceChild: We added in a part to the operator guidelines to resolve these I hope.
(09:43:10 AM) PriceChild: woo good good elmo :)
(09:43:17 AM) PriceChild: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/OperatorGuidelines
(09:43:28 AM) jsgotangco: i guess this makes it a long overdue consideration then
(09:43:33 AM) PriceChild: The proposed council is Myself, elkbuntu, nalioth, ljl and Seveas.
(09:43:39 AM) jono: PriceChild: I havent kept up with the details of the IRC spec, but are many of the concerns from the UDS addresses?
(09:43:40 AM) PriceChild: All are ubuntu members.
(09:43:41 AM) jono: addressed
(09:43:58 AM) PriceChild: jono, I think so yes.
(09:44:00 AM) dholbach: PriceChild: do you believe that all the ops will follow the op guidelines?
(09:44:05 AM) jono: PriceChild: excellent
(09:44:36 AM) Hobbsee: dholbach: i'd like to point out here that it's not a cut-and-dried "this will always be pursued in this order"
(09:44:39 AM) jono: appeal process looks good, which was my main concern
(09:45:00 AM) Hobbsee: dholbach: of course, you're welcome to fire the current ops, and find more, if htey dont qualify to the letter
(09:45:06 AM) PriceChild: dholbach, In my opinion the guidelines are common sense and nothing extreme. Yes I believe all the ops will follow the guidelines, none have expressed any major concern over pm or irc.
(09:45:10 AM) Hobbsee: er, follow the guidelines to the letter.
(09:45:37 AM) Hobbsee: as in, sometimes the number of warnings might be shortened, etc, just due to how much the person is disrupting the channel.  or whatever.
(09:45:46 AM) dholbach: ok
(09:45:58 AM) PriceChild: or over the mailing list I meant.
(09:46:12 AM) jono: as a side issue, we should encourage best practise with our ops
(09:46:31 AM) elkbuntu: jono, we already follow best practice
(09:46:47 AM) Hobbsee: or at least, as much as the circumstances permit.
(09:47:02 AM) elkbuntu: well as the circumstances permit is part of best practice
(09:47:17 AM) elkbuntu: you dont offer numerous warnings to something flooding the channel to high heck
(09:48:13 AM) dholbach: I haven't talked to jlj and nalioth myself - do you feel that the nominated irc council is going to have the support of most ircteam members?
(09:48:32 AM) dholbach: sorry, I meant ljl
(09:48:59 AM) Hobbsee: i'd say so
(09:49:03 AM) PriceChild: The proposed council has been mentioned on he ML and in the -ops channel many times. I believe all active members of the ubuntu-irc team are aware of the names and none expressed any concern.
(09:49:14 AM) dholbach: that's good to hear
(09:49:20 AM) Hobbsee: the only thing that they have raised, i think, is that i'm not on it
(09:49:21 AM) Hobbsee: iirc
(09:49:31 AM) PriceChild: Hobbsee, you said you didn't want to be on it :)
(09:49:35 AM) Hobbsee: exactly :)
(09:49:36 AM) dholbach: Hobbsee: everybody seems to want you on their council :-)
(09:49:41 AM) PriceChild: hehe
(09:49:43 AM) elkbuntu: PriceChild, that doesnt stop people trying to change her mind ;)
(09:49:43 AM) Hobbsee: (but people expected me to be)
(09:49:52 AM) Hobbsee: dholbach: haha.  which reminds me, you should sort out the mc :)
(09:49:56 AM) ***PriceChild still thinks you're silly
(09:50:09 AM) dholbach: Hobbsee: I know - I'll start another discussion on TB and CC list about that
(09:50:41 AM) dholbach: ok... MikeB, sabdfl, elmo, jsgotangco: any concerns or implemenation changes you want to raise? is this ok to start a vote on?
(09:50:57 AM) jsgotangco: i think it was already addressed
(09:51:17 AM) MikeB: dholbach: none here strong +1 for the irc council
(09:51:17 AM) jsgotangco: i'm ok to give my overdue +1
(09:51:47 AM) dholbach: I'd like to give sabdfl the chance to say something about it
(09:52:15 AM) elmo: +1
(09:52:25 AM) dholbach: I generally think the proposal is sound, so I'd also give my +1
(09:53:05 AM) dholbach: shall we move on until sabdfl can cast his vote?
(09:53:13 AM) jsgotangco: yes
(09:53:20 AM) dholbach: ok
(09:53:26 AM) PriceChild: How cruel :)
(09:53:35 AM) dholbach: mdke wants us to discuss "As raised on the CC mailing list, can the CC do anything to help the gobuntu community in terms of guidelines over the scope of the project and whether/how community members can contribute?"
(09:54:30 AM) dholbach: I might not have read that mail yet, does anybody know of what guidelines the gobuntu project might benefit?
(09:54:49 AM) jsgotangco: i am not much familiar to the project and its community as a whole
(09:54:53 AM) elmo: (is anyone from the gobuntu project here?)
(09:55:04 AM) dholbach: also... wouldn't it make more sense to discuss this on the gobuntu and/or ubuntu-devel and/or ubuntu-derivatives list?
(09:55:10 AM) popey: wasn't this specifically regarding the licenses around documentation and the freeness of them, and their potential incompatibility with a completely free distro?
(09:55:38 AM) jsgotangco: the fact that documentation is dual licensed?
(09:56:17 AM) highvolt1ge: council wars!
(09:56:24 AM) highvolt1ge: (oops)
(09:56:26 AM) jono: stepping away to work, ping me if I am needed
(09:56:28 AM) highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
(09:56:31 AM) ***elkbuntu bops highvolt1ge over the head
(09:56:45 AM) popey: jsgotangco: not sure
(09:56:47 AM) elkbuntu: if the purpose of the gobuntu discussion is unclear, deferring is probably a wise idea... especially considering the length of the agenda page
(09:57:05 AM) popey: mdke can't usually be here during the day
(09:57:28 AM) jsgotangco: i suggest we take it on th list again
(09:57:42 AM) jsgotangco: i think we also need sabdfl's opinion on this
(09:57:42 AM) elkbuntu: popey, indeed, and im unsure as to how developed the CC mind-reading powers are ;)
(09:57:58 AM) jsgotangco: and we're taking an hour now
(09:58:39 AM) elkbuntu: jsgotangco, that was kind of my point re deferring
(09:58:54 AM) jsgotangco: k
(09:59:42 AM) jsgotangco: ok
(09:59:45 AM) jsgotangco: let's move on
(10:00:03 AM) jsgotangco: Locoteams - only one ThaiTeam
(10:00:03 AM) dholbach left the room (quit: Nick collision from services.).
(10:00:07 AM) dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
(10:00:23 AM) jsgotangco: anyone here from ThaiTeam?
(10:00:25 AM) willwill: me
(10:00:31 AM) jtv: gumara?
(10:00:31 AM) gumara: me
(10:00:35 AM) lindever: me too
(10:00:42 AM) rooneyyy: me
(10:00:44 AM) jtv: And I'm helping out if communication is a problem.
(10:00:54 AM) willwill: and gumara lindever pFz rooneyyy suksit theDtTvB2
(10:01:02 AM) rooneyyy: yeah
(10:01:05 AM) lindever: sugree, you too?
(10:01:14 AM) theDtTvB2: Well...
(10:01:17 AM) gumara: sugree too
(10:01:21 AM) suksit: ?hello
(10:01:23 AM) atoponce: present your case before the CC then
(10:01:24 AM) theDtTvB2: I am from Thai.
(10:01:34 AM) sabdfl: catching up on scrollback
(10:02:08 AM) myriam_rs: TahiTeam, don't be shy
(10:02:16 AM) myriam_rs: thai, sorry
(10:02:16 AM) sabdfl: let's keep the nomination process lightweight, just a wiki page with (nominee, nominated_by)
(10:02:16 AM) jtv: Communication seems to be a problem.  :)
(10:02:18 AM) sugree: sorry :)
(10:02:25 AM) sabdfl: wiki is preferable to list for me
(10:02:31 AM) sugree: just back from swimming pool
(10:02:35 AM) sabdfl: list for discussions / controversies / debates
(10:02:40 AM) sugree: got accident there
(10:02:48 AM) willwill: here is our projects https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThaiTeam/Projects
(10:03:01 AM) dholbach: not sure if my message made it to the channel some minutes ago, but I'll make the gobuntu item a: "ACTION: dholbach to scan CC mailing list and start a thread on said mailing lists"
(10:03:03 AM) jsgotangco: ok
(10:03:05 AM) jsgotangco: I was in Bangkok a month ago!
(10:03:07 AM) jsgotangco: attended TOSSFEST
(10:03:09 AM) jsgotangco: i never met anyone from ThaiTeam
(10:03:11 AM) jsgotangco: althought I did see the ubuntuclub booth
(10:03:17 AM) jtv: An unfortunate choice of name...
(10:03:29 AM) sugree: the reason is that
(10:03:35 AM) willwill: jsgotangco: i'm on of the child there
(10:03:40 AM) jtv: jsgotangco: you probably met some of them, but not under that name.
(10:03:43 AM) sugree: most of the team are in other room
(10:03:49 AM) sabdfl: +1 from me on IrcCouncil, with thanks to elmo for driving to a conclusion on the ops processes and the Irc team for being ready to take this on
(10:03:49 AM) theDtTvB2: jsgotangco: On which day?
(10:03:55 AM) elkbuntu: wow, the team has been busy this year
(10:03:55 AM) willwill: jsgotangco: do you attended on the first day or the second day?
(10:03:56 AM) sugree: talking about ubuntu in other room
(10:04:04 AM) dholbach: congratulations IRC Council
(10:04:06 AM) jsgotangco: i was there on the 1st day
(10:04:12 AM) MikeB: congrats to IRC council
(10:04:18 AM) jsgotangco: i saw the booth for sure
(10:04:23 AM) theDtTvB2: That day I wasn't on the booth :-P
(10:04:27 AM) willwill: jsgotangco: i'm there on the afternoon
(10:04:33 AM) PriceChild: Wahey thanks! :D
(10:04:34 AM) Hobbsee: yay, ops council!
(10:04:34 AM) willwill: and back at about 1-2 pm
(10:04:39 AM) sabdfl: re gobuntu, i think we need to empower people to work on things they care about
(10:04:46 AM) sabdfl: but not expect miracles from thin air
(10:04:53 AM) sabdfl: cjwatson has done the work to split out the kernel
(10:05:00 AM) sabdfl: and i think address some installer issues
(10:05:04 AM) sabdfl: more will require a team forming
(10:05:08 AM) lindever: jsgotangco, I presented Gutsy Roadmap on the 2nd day in TOSSFEST.
(10:05:44 AM) jsgotangco: I can confidently say I was present on the activity of the ThaiTeam during the TOSSFEST
(10:05:55 AM) dholbach: how many people do you reckon are contributing to the thai team? also regarding the road map on the wiki: how far do you think you are reaching those goals?
(10:06:16 AM) jtv: I did a search for something unrelated today, and one of the pages I found was one of their Thai translations of Ubuntu manuals.
(10:06:37 AM) sabdfl: ubuntu guide looks good in thai!
(10:06:40 AM) jtv: dholbach: I know several people who are actively involved
(10:06:53 AM) sugree: yes we are trying to translating
(10:06:55 AM) jtv: sabdfl: these kids know what they're doing.  You'll remember gumara, with the ponytail.
(10:06:59 AM) sugree: and also writing a book
(10:07:06 AM) sabdfl: i do, hey gumara
(10:07:21 AM) willwill: dholbach: thai team has many members but 31 of them are administrator/moderator
(10:07:25 AM) gumara: sabdfl: I'm here
(10:07:26 AM) sugree: this book should be published after gutsy
(10:07:43 AM) sabdfl: is the thai team membership maintained in LP?
(10:07:47 AM) sugree: gumara is working hard to edit main content
(10:07:47 AM) jsgotangco: i also saw the Ubuntu DVD in Thai
(10:08:27 AM) willwill: sabdfl: excuse me, what is LP?
(10:08:34 AM) jtv: LaunchPad
(10:08:39 AM) dholbach: willwill: http://launchpad.net
(10:08:41 AM) willwill: jtv: thank you
(10:08:44 AM) sugree: i see
(10:08:53 AM) willwill: i thinking of LPI :(
(10:09:13 AM) jtv: ?มีกลุ่มใน launchpad ไหม
(10:09:17 AM) sabdfl: many ubuntu teams are tracked in Launchpad
(10:09:18 AM) sabdfl: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntumembers
(10:09:19 AM) willwill: sabdfl: thai team has ubuntu-l10n-th on launchpad
(10:09:24 AM) sabdfl: ok
(10:09:37 AM) sabdfl: jtv: very impressive every time you do that :-)
(10:09:42 AM) jsgotangco: heh
(10:09:47 AM) jtv: sabdfl: takes ages though :-)
(10:09:48 AM) sabdfl: i think this team looks well run and busy, so +1 from me
(10:09:59 AM) jsgotangco: I'm very impressed with IT in Thai in general
(10:10:02 AM) MikeB: afk for a minute
(10:10:26 AM) willwill: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-th
(10:11:32 AM) sugree: i think we will quickly add ourselves to the LP after this meeting :)
(10:12:05 AM) dholbach: hum... https://translations.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-th
(10:12:16 AM) theDtTvB2: Sorry to ask, but, how do I join a team?
(10:12:23 AM) theDtTvB2: Oh yeah, my fault, I haven't logged in.
(10:12:52 AM) dholbach: ok, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+lang/th looks better
(10:12:54 AM) jsgotangco: what are the ThaiTeams plans for softare freedom day?
(10:13:07 AM) willwill: gumara: please explain to jsgotangco
(10:13:12 AM) jtv: We talked about that yesterday:
(10:13:26 AM) jtv: Gumara will be demo'ing Ubuntu (and apps, presumably)
(10:13:41 AM) jtv: and we'll be handing out Ubuntu CDs and a Thai collection of free software for Windows.
(10:13:44 AM) pFy is now known as pFz
(10:13:50 AM) jtv: All this at the BigC mall in Rachadamri.
(10:14:03 AM) jsgotangco: I've been there
(10:14:03 AM) willwill: here is a map http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1266/1303660531_1494fff6a0_o.gif
(10:14:08 AM) sabdfl: any other comments? elmo? dholbach?
(10:14:15 AM) jtv: The free software for Windows should help dispel the widespread notion that open source and windows are mutually exclusive.
(10:14:31 AM) jsgotangco: do it in Pantip too! That place needs freedom badly heh
(10:14:42 AM) jtv: jsgotangco: that's been tried
(10:14:48 AM) jsgotangco: really?
(10:14:53 AM) jtv: The funny thing is, if it's free, people there believe it's worthless.
(10:15:07 AM) theDtTvB2: jtv: Absolutely.
(10:15:09 AM) sugree: jtv: i agree
(10:15:09 AM) jtv: Recently a Thai game sold for more money there than legally.
(10:15:10 AM) suksit: sad but true
(10:15:25 AM) dholbach: I'm happy with the efforts of the thai team, happy to give my +1
(10:15:40 AM) willwill: dholbach: thank you
(10:15:41 AM) theDtTvB2: Thank you, dholbach.
(10:15:46 AM) willwill: sabdfl: thank you
(10:15:55 AM) jsgotangco: I hope to see the Ubuntu be successful like Joomla in Thailand
(10:16:01 AM) jsgotangco: I'm all for +1 too
(10:16:04 AM) MikeB: +1 here
(10:16:14 AM) willwill: rooneyyy said sfd maybe change to TK park
(10:16:16 AM) jsgotangco: I've seen their activity at least as an outsider and its good
(10:16:21 AM) dholbach: congratulations, Thailand! :)
(10:16:22 AM) theDtTvB2: Uhmm..
(10:16:30 AM) willwill: jsgotangco: thank you
(10:16:30 AM) rooneyyy: BIGC or TKPARK
(10:16:42 AM) lindever: thank you
(10:16:43 AM) theDtTvB2: Uhmm;;
(10:16:45 AM) jtv: TK Park is opposite BigC
(10:16:47 AM) rooneyyy: thank
(10:16:52 AM) sabdfl: thank you guys for being part of Ubuntu
(10:16:58 AM) theDtTvB2: willwill: Central World Plaza?
(10:16:59 AM) sabdfl: all right, it's MEMBERSHIP time
(10:17:05 AM) willwill: theDtTvB2: yeah
(10:17:06 AM) jtv: ขอบคุณครับ
(10:17:10 AM) theDtTvB2: sabdfl: We're glad to :-)
(10:17:12 AM) nat3: ^ ^
(10:17:13 AM) rooneyyy: yeah
(10:17:14 AM) dholbach: yoohoo
(10:17:17 AM) rooneyyy: :)
(10:17:23 AM) sugree: :)
(10:17:26 AM) suksit: :)
(10:17:33 AM) lindever: :)
(10:17:34 AM) gumara: :)
(10:17:35 AM) myriam_rs: Congratulations ThaiTeam :-)
(10:17:37 AM) willwill: :)
(10:17:39 AM) jtv: Thailand: land of smiles.  :)
(10:17:39 AM) theDtTvB2: :-)
(10:17:43 AM) willwill: hippy hooray!
(10:17:44 AM) pFz: ;)
(10:18:09 AM) udienzMahyuddin: :D congritulations....
(10:18:23 AM) theDtTvB2: Hey, SvZ.
(10:18:27 AM) luisbg: contrats ThaiTeam!
(10:18:30 AM) dholbach: is j1mc around?
(10:18:32 AM) willwill: hi SvZ, thai team got approved!
(10:19:05 AM) willwill: is anyone willing to join our sfd?
(10:19:07 AM) sabdfl: j1mc hjmf myriam_rs bryce who is here?
(10:19:07 AM) elkbuntu: members should prepare themselves like right now this instant, and make their spiels nice and concise. that's one h00ge list awaiting...
(10:19:08 AM) hjmf: i all!
(10:19:08 AM) hjmf: My name is Hilario Montoliu, I'm an active member of the MozillaTeam since almost its creation (Jan 07) where asac and the other members are doing a superb work; basically my job in the team consists in triaging the mozilla-stuff related reports in a sustained way. Apart of triage, and related to the MozillaTeam, I've been working in the "Firefox Apport Hook", and helping in the "Firefox Add-On Support" blueprint.
(10:19:16 AM) myriam_rs: I'm here
(10:19:21 AM) elkbuntu: er, candidates
(10:19:23 AM) SvZ: willwill, it very good news
(10:19:25 AM) hjmf: ther Teams where I'm involved are Bughelper Developers Team, where I've done some contributions to python-launchpad-bugs. I'm also member of the Ubuntu QA Team. My wiki page is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HMontoliu and my LP page at https://launchpad.net/~hmontoliu ... apologies for my poor and slow English :)
(10:19:25 AM) hjmf: The people in MozillaTeam have been kind enough to leave some testimonials in my wiki page, for the case they were busy in my turn :)
(10:19:26 AM) ***asac cheers ... a +2 from me for  hjmf \o/ ... GO!
(10:19:30 AM) paulliu: me, too
(10:19:33 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: we can remove brace from the list, he became MOTU already
(10:19:35 AM) musashi: me to
(10:19:35 AM) hjmf: thank you asac
(10:19:40 AM) asac: Hilario's (hjmf) mozilla bug work and his other contributions to the mozillateam are of *real* outstanding and even better long-term nature (at least for 7 month now). Examples:
(10:19:45 AM) asac: 1. Long before launchpad officially had autoretracers and auto-duplicate detection, Hilario already used his scripts (later python code) to do the same thing for our firefox crash reports.
(10:19:46 AM) willwill: SvZ: candidate, sorry.
(10:19:50 AM) asac: 2. His work managed to keep the amount of untriaged firefox bugs low, as well as the amount of open firefox bugs down at ~500 (iirc, we had a peek of ~750 a few month back).
(10:19:50 AM) ***ogra waits to cheer for pkern 
(10:19:59 AM) asac: So ... hjmf's membership is overdue imo GO!
(10:20:06 AM) hjmf: :)
(10:20:08 AM) ogra: (and myriam_rs :) )
(10:20:16 AM) SvZ: amm...
(10:20:23 AM) myriam_rs: thanks, ogra :-)
(10:20:41 AM) ***Jazzva cheers for hjmf :)...
(10:20:49 AM) dholbach: I committed patches of hjmf to bughelper, they were quite good
(10:20:50 AM) hjmf: thanks Jazzva
(10:20:52 AM) theDtTvB2: Sorry to ask, but, what is candidate?
(10:20:59 AM) hjmf: tu dholbach
(10:21:27 AM) asac: i am sure gnomefreak would cheer for hjmf as well ... but as far as i know he had to visit the doctor/hospital
(10:21:38 AM) sabdfl: hjmf: hope to have a decent API for you to script in Python for LP soon :-)
(10:21:39 AM) ***Fujitsu wonders why hjmf wouldn't be a member...
(10:21:43 AM) Fujitsu: (already)
(10:21:53 AM) jtv: theDtTvB2:  ผู้สมัคร
(10:21:55 AM) sabdfl: +1 from me based on MozillaTeam contribution, elmo, dholbach, MikeB, CC?
(10:22:04 AM) jsgotangco: +1
(10:22:09 AM) hjmf: sabdfl: thanks
(10:22:12 AM) dholbach: +1 from me, based on good feedback and personal interaction on LP
(10:22:12 AM) MikeB: +1 for hjmf
(10:22:14 AM) hjmf: Fujitsu: thanks :)
(10:22:16 AM) asac: sabdfl: afaik he uses launchpad-bugs-python ... but XML-RPC would be really great :)!
(10:22:44 AM) elmo: +1
(10:22:46 AM) sabdfl: asac: working on it
(10:22:48 AM) dholbach: yeah, thekorn just changed the API of py-lp-bugs so we can easily use xmlrpc as a backend once it's there
(10:23:00 AM) theDtTvB2: Thank you, jev.
(10:23:25 AM) willwill: theDtTvB2: whois jev
(10:23:29 AM) hjmf: thanks all of you :)
(10:23:40 AM) theDtTvB2: s/jev/jtv/
(10:23:58 AM) dholbach: congratulations hjmf
(10:24:11 AM) hjmf: thanks dholbach :)
(10:24:13 AM) asac: hjmf: congrats and nice to have you as an ubuntu member now!!!
(10:24:14 AM) jtv: theDtTvB2: เรียก จรูญ ได้ :)
(10:24:25 AM) hjmf: thanks asac for your support :)
(10:24:27 AM) dholbach: myriam_rs: your stage :-)
(10:24:29 AM) myriam_rs: > Hi, I'm Myriam Schweingruber from Switzerland
(10:24:33 AM) myriam_rs: > Since I discovered, quite by accident, an early release of Warty Warthog in
(10:24:37 AM) myriam_rs: > August 2004 I run Ubuntu (or one of it's flavors) on my laptop and server.
(10:24:38 AM) ***ogra cheers loudly :)
(10:24:41 AM) myriam_rs: > Curious about what drives Ubuntu I attended UDS in Paris and discovered an
(10:24:45 AM) myriam_rs: > incredibly vibrant community, a gathering of skillfull and very bright people
(10:24:49 AM) myriam_rs: > who collaborate with fun and energy. I also made a bunch of new friends in Paris
(10:24:53 AM) myriam_rs: > :-) Since then I try to give back some of my skills, be it translating or
(10:24:57 AM) myriam_rs: > gathering people in locale events: I give a hand in French translation (although
(10:25:01 AM) myriam_rs: > there is seldom much left to translate) and try to report every bug I come
(10:25:05 AM) myriam_rs: > across. My next steps will be to continue my work on a regular basis in
(10:25:09 AM) myriam_rs: > the Swiss Team, organising meetings in IRC and RL. I also plan to join the
(10:25:13 AM) myriam_rs: > mentoring program of Ubuntu Women where there is still a lot of work to do to
(10:25:17 AM) myriam_rs: > attract more women in the community. I'll also try to attend either UDS Boston
(10:25:29 AM) myriam_rs: > or Ubucon in Germany, although Ubucon seems to be more likely.
(10:25:33 AM) myriam_rs: > Find my details here:
(10:25:37 AM) myriam_rs: > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MyriamSchweingruber
(10:25:49 AM) pleia2: myriam_rs has been very helpful to the Ubuntu Women project, offering her unique view coming from being so active in her LoCo team and linux culture in general where she and oher women are very much accepted :)
(10:25:51 AM) ***Nightrose cheers for myriam_rs - always nice to meet her at conferences and she is always willing to help
(10:25:52 AM) Nightrose: I think she is a great addition to the community
(10:25:53 AM) myriam_rs: any questions?
(10:25:54 AM) ***elkbuntu cheers loudly for myriam_rs
(10:26:03 AM) ***ogra cheers loudly again :)
(10:26:19 AM) ***WaVeR cheers for myriam_rs
(10:26:26 AM) jsgotangco: I can't think of any questions
(10:26:43 AM) myriam_rs: thanks a lot for your support, friends :-)
(10:26:55 AM) Jazzva left the room ("Konversation terminated!").
(10:26:56 AM) jsgotangco: I'm all for a long overdue +1
(10:27:14 AM) myriam_rs: thanks jsgotangco :)
(10:27:19 AM) MikeB: myriam_rs: fantastic membership application : +1
(10:27:21 AM) dholbach: having talked to myriam_rs at various conferences and occasions and having witnessed her teamwork in the swiss team, I'm happy to give a +1
(10:27:41 AM) ogra: (to be honest, myriam_rs paied us all in swiss chocolate in advance, but shhh) ;)
(10:27:41 AM) sabdfl: myriam_rs: very good wiki page!
(10:27:52 AM) deadwill: :D
(10:27:56 AM) myriam_rs: thanks, sabdfl
(10:27:57 AM) sabdfl: +1 from me for myriam_rs
(10:28:06 AM) sanguinarius: +1
(10:28:14 AM) myriam_rs: thanks sabdfl, MikeB, dholbach :-)
(10:28:52 AM) elmo: +1
(10:28:58 AM) dholbach: congratulations myriam_rs :)
(10:29:00 AM) myriam_rs: thansk, ogra, you shouldn't have told them ;-)
(10:29:01 AM) ogra: yay
(10:29:03 AM) elkbuntu: she paid in chocolate?! Where's mine?!
(10:29:04 AM) atoponce: myriam_rs: congrats
(10:29:05 AM) myriam_rs: thanks elmo
(10:29:06 AM) ogra: \o/
(10:29:10 AM) ogra: congrats
(10:29:15 AM) dholbach: let's move on to WaVeR, as bryce is member already
(10:29:15 AM) ***Nightrose hugs myriam_rs
(10:29:18 AM) luisbg: congrats myriam_es
(10:29:20 AM) ***myriam_rs bows
(10:29:29 AM) WaVeR: Hi All, I'm Hassan El Jacifi from Switzerland. I'm sorry but actually I'm at work and occupied with some problem. You can find all information about me, what I want to do and what I do for Ubuntu at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HassanElJacifi
(10:29:44 AM) myriam_rs: thanks a lot, friends, I feel great :-)
(10:29:58 AM) jsgotangco: myriam_rs: apologies for the delay too
(10:30:03 AM) ***ogra hugs myriam_rs 
(10:30:16 AM) myriam_rs: cheers for WaVeR: he is the founder of the SwissTeam and has done a tremendous work!
(10:31:38 AM) elkbuntu: he's founded two loco teams by the looks of his wikipage. that's excellent!
(10:31:45 AM) myriam_rs: WaVeR is also active in the french and arab speaking community and kills a Visza a day ;-)
(10:31:46 AM) jsgotangco: anyone here cheering for WaVeR
(10:31:50 AM) dholbach: the comments on the wiki page look very very good
(10:31:59 AM) jsgotangco: but seems to be very active
(10:31:59 AM) myriam_rs: s/z/t
(10:32:05 AM) jsgotangco: like what elkbuntu said
(10:32:09 AM) jsgotangco: 2 loco teams
(10:32:29 AM) myriam_rs: without WaVeR the SwissTeam would not stand where it is now
(10:33:30 AM) WaVeR: thanks myriam_rs for your support. I try to look as much is possible my IRC window :o
(10:33:32 AM) dholbach: any questions for WaVeR? I'm quite happy with the application as it is and all the positive feedback we heard
(10:33:41 AM) WaVeR: Any questions for me ?
(10:33:55 AM) MikeB: none here
(10:34:01 AM) jsgotangco: WaVeR: no doubt about the Swiss team, how active is the moroccan team?
(10:34:09 AM) fluoblack: sorry for interrupting but could you take my votes in consideration for later: I have to go soon and I'd like to support Zic and bapoumba
(10:34:16 AM) sabdfl: WaVeR: would you say most of your contributions have been through advocacy and translation?
(10:34:33 AM) theDtTvB2: Sorry to ask, but, what is the current topic?
(10:34:55 AM) deadwill: theDtTvB2, WaVeR application
(10:35:01 AM) WaVeR: Until now, I try to use one of internal mailing list (Morrocan linux usergroup) and There's already 2 Ubuntu days on Rabat
(10:35:10 AM) theDtTvB2: Cool. Thanks, deadwill
(10:35:22 AM) deadwill: theDtTvB2, np ;)
(10:35:33 AM) WaVeR: I will try to have more people on Ubuntu-ma and create the official ML
(10:35:43 AM) jsgotangco: cool
(10:36:19 AM) sabdfl: is the Morrocan team an official LoCo team?
(10:36:20 AM) WaVeR: sabdfl yes, I try to do my best with my times :o
(10:36:29 AM) WaVeR: sabdfl until now no
(10:36:35 AM) fluoblack: could anyone confirm my votes before i go?
(10:36:51 AM) sabdfl: fluoblack: noted, it would help if you wrote your testimonial on their wiki pages
(10:36:52 AM) elkbuntu: fluoblack, they will have been seen, dont worry
(10:36:54 AM) atoponce: fluoblack: i have them recorded. i'll forward them on
(10:37:06 AM) WaVeR: I need more people to propose the Moroccan team to be official
(10:37:13 AM) fluoblack: alright thanks
(10:37:16 AM) sabdfl: WaVeR: you clearly have good energy and good leadership
(10:37:27 AM) sabdfl: in general i like your page, but it feels missing a little bit
(10:37:29 AM) fluoblack: have fun, bye bye ;)
(10:37:34 AM) sabdfl: cheers Fl
(10:37:57 AM) fluoblack left the room ("Kopete 0.12.4 : http://kopete.kde.org").
(10:38:30 AM) sabdfl: WaVeR: how mature and strong is the swiss loco team, and how significant is your ongoing contribution there?
(10:38:30 AM) sabdfl: anyone else want to comment further?
(10:39:01 AM) myriam_rs: sabdfl: he is one of the most supportive and kind persons I came accross in Switzerland, a true pilar for Ubuntu :-)
(10:39:14 AM) sabdfl: ok, thats very positive
(10:39:56 AM) theDtTvB2: Well, looks like it's the time for me to go. It's almost 10pm now.
(10:40:13 AM) theDtTvB2: See you later! ;)
(10:40:15 AM) sabdfl: night theDtTvB2
(10:40:32 AM) jsgotangco: I'm ok to give my vote
(10:40:35 AM) sabdfl: alright, +1 from me for WaVeR, let's call for other votes, or move on if we don't have consensus
(10:40:38 AM) jsgotangco: as it seems to be a solid contribution
(10:40:39 AM) theDtTvB2 left the room (quit: "--help").
(10:40:51 AM) MikeB: +1 here
(10:40:52 AM) dholbach: +1 from me
(10:40:56 AM) elmo: +1
(10:41:19 AM) dholbach: congratulations WaVeR
(10:41:23 AM) myriam_rs: congratulations WaVeR!
(10:41:23 AM) jsgotangco: i have to afk now
(10:41:27 AM) ***myriam_rs hugs WaVeR
(10:41:33 AM) dholbach: peanutb: are you around?
(10:41:34 AM) m-onkey: grats WaVeR
(10:41:41 AM) WaVeR: sorry :)
(10:41:44 AM) jsgotangco: congratulations to everyone
(10:41:45 AM) WaVeR: many thanks
(10:41:50 AM) m-onkey is now known as emonkey-p
(10:41:51 AM) dholbach: jsgotangco: see you
(10:42:00 AM) jsgotangco: thanks again
(10:42:11 AM) myriam_rs: bye jsgotangco, and thanks again :-)
(10:42:37 AM) dholbach: dshufelt: are you around? let's move on until peanutb might get back
(10:42:40 AM) dshufelt: I don't think peanutb is around, I haven't been able to get in touch with him this morning.
(10:42:46 AM) deadwill: * [peanutb] is away (is time to be asleep)
(10:42:49 AM) dholbach: ok
(10:42:53 AM) dshufelt: yes dholbach: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanShufelt
(10:43:14 AM) FunnyLookinHat: (short and sweet, hahaha)
(10:43:34 AM) dshufelt: I don't think I have any supporters today (it's a holiday morning here)
(10:43:45 AM) dshufelt: :)
(10:43:47 AM) jsgotangco: oh right its labour day
(10:44:00 AM) atoponce: dshufelt: you have a supporter here. :)
(10:44:14 AM) dshufelt: cool thanks atoponce
(10:44:33 AM) atoponce: i'd like to soo dshufelt approved based on his work in the oregon/washingon loco region
(10:44:39 AM) atoponce: s/soo/show/
(10:44:46 AM) jsgotangco left the room (quit: "have a nice day").
(10:44:59 AM) dholbach: atoponce: what did you find most impressing and interesting in what Dan contributed to the loco teams?
(10:45:04 AM) Palintheus|afk is now known as Palintheus
(10:45:13 AM) sabdfl: dshufelt: your wiki page seems a bit out of date?
(10:45:29 AM) dshufelt: Yes, I know sorry sabdfl
(10:45:47 AM) sabdfl: np, just makes it harder to be sure we're factoring everything in
(10:45:50 AM) SvZ: Bye, See you next time.
(10:46:02 AM) ***SvZ go to bed
(10:46:03 AM) atoponce: dholbach: as a us teams mentor, i have seen him work hard to get tho loco community built in that area, and working with both oregon and washington
(10:46:09 AM) elkbuntu: i've heard good things about dshufelt from the other US peoples
(10:46:09 AM) dshufelt: It's been a busy summer though.  I've been helping kick off a few non-ubuntu specific teams too
(10:46:14 AM) sabdfl: looks like a lot of really good advocacy and community contributions in Portland!
(10:46:44 AM) atoponce: dshufelt is a good addition to the us teams mentoring project
(10:47:05 AM) SvZ left the room (quit: "ChatZilla [Firefox]").
(10:47:20 AM) dshufelt: atoponce: wow, thanks.  What a great compliment.
(10:47:22 AM) sabdfl: dshufelt: have things settled down with the PNW and Oregon teams?
(10:47:49 AM) dholbach: dshufelt: you seem to be interested in helping out with bug squashing - did you have a chance to look into it already?
(10:47:49 AM) dshufelt: The Oregon team and PNW team never had any problems.  :)
(10:47:56 AM) dshufelt: I started both teams
(10:48:12 AM) dholbach: wow, nice
(10:48:30 AM) sabdfl: ok, +1 from me, those teams have been very active by all accounts
(10:48:41 AM) dshufelt: we've decided to keep PNW unofficial as an umbrella of collaboration
(10:48:42 AM) MikeB: +1 for me
(10:48:58 AM) elmo: +1
(10:49:03 AM) dholbach: +1 from me too
(10:49:17 AM) myriam_rs is now known as Mamarok
(10:49:27 AM) sabdfl: 4 down...
(10:49:39 AM) dholbach: FunnyLookinHat: are you around?
(10:49:41 AM) sabdfl: jsgotancgo stepped out?
(10:49:49 AM) elkbuntu: he did, yes
(10:49:50 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: yes
(10:49:52 AM) FunnyLookinHat: Hey all!
(10:49:53 AM) FunnyLookinHat: Hey Guys.  My name is David Overcash from Colorado (United States).  I've been using Ubuntu since Hoary and linux in general since '99.  I'm currently involved in leading the Colorado LoCo team and have focused most of my efforts in that entire process.  I've helped members present at the TIE Conference and spoken to a few smaller groups and organized events.
(10:49:53 AM) sabdfl: i think that's quorum then
(10:49:59 AM) sabdfl: congrats dshufelt
(10:50:02 AM) atoponce: dshufelt: congrats
(10:50:04 AM) FunnyLookinHat: The full summation of my contributions can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DavidOvercash .  I was hoping Joey Stanford (Rinchen) would be here to be my cheering section, but unfortunately you will have to settle for his addition to my wiki page as a voucher for good work.  :)
(10:50:08 AM) dshufelt: thanks everyone!
(10:50:32 AM) ***elkbuntu cheers for FunnyLookinHat. long time loco project contributor general crazy dude
(10:50:37 AM) FunnyLookinHat: (Again, Labor Day here in the US --- So no dice for Joey)
(10:50:38 AM) FunnyLookinHat: lol
(10:51:02 AM) MikeB: FunnyLookinHat: Purdue University, I don;t know about that (Go IU!)
(10:51:03 AM) dthacker: I'll vouch for FunnyLookinHat's help in the us-channel with questions for NebraskaTeam
(10:51:06 AM) FunnyLookinHat: Any questions?  I know you all are probably looking over the wiki page right now...
(10:51:08 AM) MikeB: FunnyLookinHat: :)
(10:51:22 AM) musashi: i'd cheer for you FunnyLookinHat but i'm still a nobody :)
(10:51:22 AM) atoponce: here is another *great* addition to us teams. if approved, we would make one solid mentor in the project. he has my full 100% support
(10:51:30 AM) FunnyLookinHat: MikeB, Nice!  IU had a nice backbone for my ISOs while I was there...
(10:51:47 AM) elkbuntu: FunnyLookinHat, are you really as funny looking as your name and joey say you are? /me ducks
(10:51:57 AM) dshufelt: I'll cheer for FunnyLookinHat
(10:51:58 AM) atoponce: i've met the colorado team, and FunnyLookinHat in person. rock solid
(10:52:03 AM) FunnyLookinHat: Sure am.  (See LP picture)   ; )
(10:53:10 AM) dholbach: FunnyLookinHat: which ubuntu development team would you be interested in helping out? what kind of new outreach programme are you thinking about?
(10:53:11 AM) FunnyLookinHat: Side Note - Sorry, my wiki is about a month out of date.
(10:53:45 AM) FunnyLookinHat: dholbach, I would love to get involved with MOTU specifically.  I had tried previously but then was tapped for LoCo leadership and have focused my efforts there since then.
(10:54:18 AM) dholbach: FunnyLookinHat: great to hear - if you plan to get involved there, let me know about how it goes
(10:54:21 AM) ***musashi reminds FunnyLookinHat about local support project
(10:54:28 AM) sabdfl: FunnyLookinHat: rinchen gave you a glowing testimonial
(10:54:31 AM) FunnyLookinHat: Outreach-related would include large organized events such as Software Freedom Day and handing out CDs at the Democratic National Convention next summer...  Smaller side stuff includes me talking to groups and doing one-on-one teaching for Ubuntu
(10:54:41 AM) atoponce: FunnyLookinHat: lots of solid testimonials on your wiki. nice!
(10:54:57 AM) sabdfl: +1 from me on the back of CoLoCo leadership
(10:55:04 AM) elmo: +1
(10:55:20 AM) dholbach: +1 from me too - lots of positive feedback, excellent
(10:55:30 AM) MikeB: +1 here, great wiki and testimonials
(10:55:39 AM) dholbach: congratulations! :)
(10:55:42 AM) sabdfl: all in
(10:55:46 AM) FunnyLookinHat: Sweet thanks guys
(10:55:47 AM) dholbach: nealmcb: are you there?
(10:55:47 AM) sabdfl: congrats, FunnyLookinHat
(10:55:47 AM) FunnyLookinHat: : )
(10:55:48 AM) atoponce: FunnyLookinHat: congrats
(10:55:49 AM) luisbg: congrats FunnyLookinHat
(10:56:21 AM) dshufelt: Congratulations FunnyLookinHat
(10:56:22 AM) sabdfl: musashi bordy luisbg takdir dendrobates mathiaz are you around?
(10:56:28 AM) luisbg: sabdfl, I am
(10:56:30 AM) musashi: i'm here
(10:56:32 AM) takdir: yup
(10:56:37 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: mathiaz already became MOTU, we can get him off the list
(10:56:37 AM) luisbg: musashi goes first
(10:56:43 AM) musashi: okay
(10:56:43 AM) sabdfl: ok, in that order, musashi go ahead
(10:56:49 AM) musashi: Hello. My name is Jim Hutchinson. I am an educator by trade (so not as techie as most of you) and was introduced to Linux and open source a couple years ago. I have come to believe that open source can play a prominent (perhaps dominant) role in education - all that is necessary is people who understand both the needs of schools and the potential of open source.
(10:56:53 AM) dholbach: door bell, brb
(10:57:02 AM) musashi: I have worked hard over the past couple years supporting open source and Ubuntu. I have helped to bring about a Linux based thin client lab at my school (in the process of becoming an edubuntu lab). I presented a session on teaching with open source at the Technology in Education conference (Copper Mtn, Co) this past summer, and I help organize and man an Ubuntu booth at the conference.
(10:57:04 AM) ***norsetto cheers for musashi
(10:57:11 AM) musashi: I also spend a fair amount of time helping on the Launchpad answer tracker. I attended the first ubucon in Boulder and I have also been an active member of the Colorado Loco team and was recently asked to become the education team lead.
(10:57:24 AM) musashi: cheers on my wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JimHutchinson
(10:57:45 AM) musashi: thanks norsetto
(10:58:11 AM) sabdfl: musashi: very nice wiki page! great communication skills, your contribution in the community will be amplified as a result
(10:58:19 AM) musashi: thanks sabdfl
(10:58:30 AM) sabdfl: has there been much interaction between the education enthusiasts push and edubuntu?
(10:58:33 AM) musashi: teaching background probably helps
(10:58:43 AM) FunnyLookinHat: I will support musashi 's membership all the way.  His efforts for the Colorado team in organization for small events and get-togethers along with his persistence in showing Ubuntu to educators through his work and other opportunities is awesome!
(10:59:07 AM) musashi: that is a new team. we are waiting for the mail list feature to help us get organized
(10:59:26 AM) sabdfl: hmm... we *really* need to integrate Forums and LP so we can give karma for forums
(10:59:45 AM) musashi: i'd second that
(10:59:48 AM) luisbg: +1
(11:00:22 AM) sabdfl: +2 for musashi from me on the back of Answers, Forums and education work. CC?
(11:00:44 AM) musashi: thanks sabdfl that's praise
(11:00:46 AM) MikeB: sabdfl: we are planning to talk to Matt and the LP guys about that
(11:00:46 AM) sabdfl: musashi: did we meet at Fort Collins?
(11:00:50 AM) musashi: yep
(11:00:58 AM) musashi: you remember?
(11:01:06 AM) sabdfl: certainly! was a fun chat
(11:01:12 AM) musashi: i was a fish out of water
(11:01:23 AM) dholbach: strong +1 from me :)
(11:01:23 AM) sabdfl: nice to have you in this ocean :-)
(11:01:36 AM) musashi: just trying not to drown
(11:01:48 AM) musashi: thanks dholbach
(11:02:04 AM) MikeB: +1 from me, great work
(11:02:11 AM) musashi: thanks MikeB
(11:02:35 AM) elmo: +1
(11:02:41 AM) dholbach: rock on, musashi!
(11:02:42 AM) ogra: +1 for giving musashi some water wings so he cant drown :)
(11:02:46 AM) musashi: thanks all
(11:02:59 AM) musashi: that would help
(11:03:24 AM) dholbach: who's up next?
(11:03:31 AM) musashi: watching all the power geeks here i though I was a gonner :)
(11:03:36 AM) luisbg: bordy?
(11:03:40 AM) musashi: thanks again all
(11:04:03 AM) dholbach: does not seem to be around
(11:04:10 AM) luisbg: then I think it's mine
(11:04:23 AM) luisbg: is it?
(11:04:39 AM) dholbach: yeah
(11:04:45 AM) luisbg: congrats musashi btw
(11:04:48 AM) luisbg: Hello all, I'm Luis de Bethencourt Guimer? (luisbg) from Spain. I'm the Ubuntu Studio Packagers Lead, since a year. Since UDS Sevilla I'm pushing for the Derivative Team to become a solid one. I also contribute with packaging (in the process of becoming a MOTU), in launchpad beta testing, squishing package bugs, helping the spanish ubuntu community, mutltimedia production forum section admin, etc...
(11:04:59 AM) luisbg: more detailed info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LuisdeBethencourt
(11:05:04 AM) luisbg: It seams that my advocates: _MMA_, TheMuso, joejaxx, crimsun... can't make it today
(11:05:09 AM) luisbg: Any questions?
(11:05:09 AM) dholbach: about luisbg _MMA_ wants to let us know:  "This is Cory, lead on the Ubuntu Studio project. I can't be here for luisbg's nomination but I wanted to leave a +1.
(11:05:09 AM) dholbach:  Luis have been an integral part of Ubuntu Studio in leading our packaging team. He has managed to ensure that all of our packages are now in the official Ubuntu repos for this release. He has also shown himself to not only be technically competent but has a wonderful attitude as well."
(11:05:35 AM) luisbg: I thank Cory (_MMA_) for that ;)
(11:06:19 AM) dholbach: I also have talked to luisbg about the derivatives team in its planning phase, but was too busy to follow up on the various discussions - how are things looking there, luisbg?
(11:06:38 AM) luisbg: dholbach, the mailing list has some traffic
(11:06:51 AM) luisbg: a lot of disc building chatter and help from different small derivatives
(11:07:07 AM) luisbg: so it is growing... not as much as I would like though
(11:07:42 AM) dholbach: do you have any ideas on how to make it grow?
(11:07:56 AM) luisbg: I will definitely prepare some specs for UDS Boston
(11:08:10 AM) dholbach: that's great
(11:08:13 AM) luisbg: once again the problem is structure and communication
(11:08:22 AM) luisbg: I see that happening a lot in FLOSS projects/teams
(11:08:46 AM) luisbg: but the mailing list I begged elmo to have in the ubuntu mailing lists is helping a lot with that
(11:09:39 AM) luisbg: and thanks dholbach for your help in the deriv team
(11:10:20 AM) luisbg: any further questions? anything about ubuntu studio?
(11:10:35 AM) dholbach: I agree, we need more structure and better information exchange between the derivatives - I look forward to see you specs
(11:10:43 AM) dholbach: with your ubuntu studio work, I've been quite happy
(11:11:25 AM) luisbg: thanks
(11:11:56 AM) dholbach: +1 from me, luisbg has put quite some effort into ubuntu in various ways - any more questions from anybody else?
(11:12:04 AM) elmo: +1
(11:12:08 AM) MikeB: none here +1
(11:12:37 AM) luisbg: thanks elmo, sorry interrupting your reading in sevilla
(11:12:39 AM) luisbg: thanks MikeB
(11:13:18 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: any questions for luisbg?
(11:15:19 AM) sabdfl: looking
(11:15:27 AM) sabdfl: sorry, another conversation IRL
(11:16:12 AM) sabdfl: luisbg: how is UbuntuStudio progressing?
(11:16:36 AM) luisbg: in the packaging side we have all our packages now in universe
(11:16:43 AM) sabdfl: superb
(11:16:44 AM) luisbg: so we don't need a own repo like in feisty
(11:16:58 AM) sabdfl: how many people are hacking on it?
(11:17:04 AM) luisbg: we have to update a few from here to release but all looking good
(11:17:24 AM) luisbg: we are working in the art and in the website right now
(11:17:40 AM) luisbg: in the packaging team it is 3 of us
(11:17:48 AM) sabdfl: ok, +1 from me for luisbg
(11:17:54 AM) dholbach: congratulations luisbg, takdir: are you there?
(11:18:01 AM) takdir: yup
(11:18:02 AM) luisbg: maybe more, 5 AFAIR
(11:18:11 AM) takdir: ok
(11:18:17 AM) takdir: I'am Muhammad Takdir, I live in Sinjai - Sulawesi Selatan - Indonesia.
(11:18:17 AM) takdir: Start using ubuntu since 6.06 LTS.
(11:18:17 AM) takdir: And now still in Edgy as desktop and server,
(11:18:17 AM) takdir: but using Gutsy in chroot to build some package for Blankon2 - https://launchpad.net/blankon.
(11:18:18 AM) takdir: I'm work in government and still make promotion to use
(11:18:21 AM) takdir: Free and Open Source Software in government and school at Sinjai Regency.
(11:18:22 AM) takdir: Active in ubuntu indonesian as member, in milis, irc, and planet.
(11:18:24 AM) takdir: I have a plan to make community as sub Loco in Sinjai Regency
(11:18:26 AM) takdir: to promote FOSS especially ubuntu and help those people migration on it.
(11:18:28 AM) takdir: See my profile at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MuhammadTakdir
(11:18:37 AM) takdir: any question ?
(11:18:57 AM) sabdfl: takdir: what's Blankon2?
(11:20:08 AM) dholbach: "BlankOn 2 is a distribution which is targetted for schools and small to medium enterprises in Indonesia." according to the LP page
(11:20:24 AM) takdir: BlankOn 2 is a distribution which is targetted for schools and small to medium enterprises in Indonesia
(11:20:41 AM) luisbg: sorry for using takdir's time but... thanks everybody! =)
(11:21:34 AM) udienzMahyuddin: luisbg: BlankOn based in Ubuntu, in BlankOn we recompile Ubuntu distro and build up for indonesian people character
(11:22:00 AM) dholbach: what kind of changes do you do for blankon?
(11:23:15 AM) takdir: blankon for indonesian
(11:23:52 AM) takdir: so everything .. for school, small business
(11:23:53 AM) sabdfl: takdir: what sort of contribution have you made back to Ubuntu?
(11:24:00 AM) takdir: and office
(11:24:02 AM) dholbach: do I understand correctly: you need special changes to make ubuntu work for indonesian character sets?
(11:24:58 AM) takdir: help people to migration and tranlator
(11:25:13 AM) hjmf_ is now known as hjmf
(11:25:19 AM) Stem1 is now known as stem1
(11:25:23 AM) takdir: sori if my english bad
(11:25:42 AM) sabdfl: dendrobates mathiaz deadwill udienzMahyuddin viridari marianom pls ack if you are here, we are nearly at you in the list
(11:25:52 AM) deadwill: pong
(11:26:01 AM) sabdfl: takdir: i see that you are an active user of ubuntu, but i don't see a substantial contribution back to ubuntu
(11:26:02 AM) takdir left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(11:26:07 AM) sabdfl: it is that con...
(11:26:08 AM) sabdfl: oh
(11:26:17 AM) sabdfl: let's move on
(11:26:17 AM) ***beuno just got off the phone with marianom, and he should be online in 5'
(11:26:24 AM) udienzMahyuddin: yes...
(11:26:39 AM) dholbach: sabdfl: we can drop mathiaz off the list, he's a MOTU now
(11:26:40 AM) sabdfl: deadwill: go ahead, let's try pick up the pace
(11:26:45 AM) deadwill: right
(11:26:50 AM) deadwill: Hi all, my name is William Lima (known as xxxxx1).
(11:26:54 AM) deadwill: Actually I maintain ecryptfs-utils, opencryptoki, trousers and tpm-tools packages
(11:26:54 AM) deadwill: that I did from scratch. I've also been helping people on #ubuntu-motu and triaging
(11:26:54 AM) deadwill: bugs on LP. I did some fixes based on LP bugs too.
(11:26:58 AM) deadwill: Also I have recently implemented a code on Psi (Jabber client) to recognize Ubuntu
(11:26:58 AM) deadwill: as distribution using LSB. Today I am working on eclipse 3.3 package.
(11:27:02 AM) deadwill: For details (e.g. bug works and packages), please consider a look at my Wiki:
(11:27:05 AM) deadwill: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilliamLima
(11:27:08 AM) Hobbsee: deadwill: hint:  might be useful to tell people in -motu that you've changed nicks too.
(11:27:22 AM) marianom: sabdfl: ping
(11:27:37 AM) sabdfl: marianom: we are nearly to you
(11:27:38 AM) deadwill: Hobbsee, right. I'll send a mail to the list thx ;)
(11:27:39 AM) marianom: ok
(11:28:30 AM) lavaramano: hi
(11:28:50 AM) davromaniak: hi
(11:28:53 AM) dholbach: I've witnessed deadwill's progress in the motu team, I'm happy with what William did in the team, but in the MC we decided we'd give him some more weeks to work on packaging before he becomes member of the team
(11:29:20 AM) dholbach: siretart as deadwill's mentor was quite with him too
(11:30:19 AM) sabdfl: deadwill, i think we should defer membership till you are in MOTU too
(11:30:23 AM) sabdfl: that's the best route in
(11:30:30 AM) sabdfl: looks like you are doing good work
(11:30:36 AM) siretart: yes, I can fully support his application. he has done a lot of good work in the past
(11:30:46 AM) sabdfl: once MOTU is +1 on you, you will have both upload and membership
(11:31:32 AM) dholbach: I agree with sabdfl, MOTU membership includes ubuntumembers membership and I'm sure you'll be member of MOTU quite soon
(11:31:36 AM) sabdfl: any CC feel differently, based on the wiki or the LP?
(11:31:40 AM) sabdfl: ok
(11:32:00 AM) sabdfl: deadwill: thanks for coming, and for your contributions to date, are you happy to keep working on MOTU membership?
(11:32:08 AM) deadwill: right, thanks guys. I'll wait for my re-application. :)
(11:32:11 AM) sabdfl: udienzMahyuddin: you're up
(11:32:18 AM) udienzMahyuddin: yes...
(11:32:20 AM) dholbach: rock on deadwill! :)
(11:32:25 AM) udienzMahyuddin: hi i'm Mahyuddin Susanto come from Indonesia,
(11:32:30 AM) norsetto: go deadwill go!
(11:32:30 AM) udienzMahyuddin: student, 22 male, come from Jember, East java, Indonesia
(11:32:35 AM) udienzMahyuddin: i'm active member of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-id
(11:32:40 AM) udienzMahyuddin: and now, i'm concern in BlankOn project, https://launchpad.net/blankon
(11:32:43 AM) deadwill: norsetto, :D
(11:32:48 AM) udienzMahyuddin: BlankOn based in Ubuntu, BlankOn 2 is a distribution which is targetted for schools and small to medium enterprises in Indonesia
(11:32:55 AM) udienzMahyuddin: in BlankOn we recompile Ubuntu distro and build up for indonesian people character. ex: remove some packages who give high process of system... b'cause indonesian people mostly poor family, so he/she can't value PC
(11:33:06 AM) udienzMahyuddin: in Blankon i'm active member of BlankOn steering, (https://launchpad.net/~blankon-steering) Steering BlankOn is a team who steers the direction of BlankOn distro.
(11:33:12 AM) sabdfl: udienzMahyuddin: nice to see lots of LP karma and usage
(11:33:26 AM) udienzMahyuddin: sabdfl, thanks...
(11:33:37 AM) udienzMahyuddin: and also i'm leader of BlankOn Documantation Team (https://launchpad.net/~blankon-doc)
(11:33:49 AM) udienzMahyuddin: in Ubuntu Indonesia i'm also member of Distributor Ubuntu DVD Repository in Indonesia, 4 DVD just $5 plus services :)
(11:34:13 AM) dholbach: udienzMahyuddin: you are member of a lot of teams, are you involved in all of them?
(11:34:13 AM) udienzMahyuddin: Member of Team Ubuntu Indonesia (Moderated Team) https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-id, ubuntu-id Mailling List, Ubuntu-id Blog, ubuntu-id Forum, Ubuntu-id Planet...
(11:34:53 AM) deadwill: i gotta go now. thanks all!
(11:34:55 AM) udienzMahyuddin: dholback: yes... but i have work answered some the answer
(11:35:06 AM) udienzMahyuddin: or submited bug...
(11:35:07 AM) dholbach: I'm part of the desktop team, the bugsquad and the accessibility team too, also of the gnomemm team - are you in touch with those teams too?
(11:35:09 AM) takdir-1 is now known as takdir
(11:35:15 AM) udienzMahyuddin: or make documentation...
(11:35:50 AM) udienzMahyuddin: dholback: not yet, but i promise, i will give more contribution
(11:35:51 AM) deadwill left the room ("Leaving").
(11:36:16 AM) udienzMahyuddin: dholback: b'cause i'm still studied about the team..
(11:36:18 AM) stem1 is now known as Stemp
(11:36:37 AM) udienzMahyuddin: here is my Wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Udienz
(11:36:53 AM) udienzMahyuddin: see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Udienz/WordpressUbuntuTheme
(11:37:13 AM) udienzMahyuddin: enaugh...
(11:37:20 AM) udienzMahyuddin: enough... sorry
(11:37:55 AM) udienzMahyuddin: any question???
(11:38:45 AM) udienzMahyuddin: still wait.....
(11:39:01 AM) elkbuntu: udienzMahyuddin, you're in the Indonesian LoCo, correct?
(11:39:09 AM) udienzMahyuddin: yes..
(11:39:53 AM) elkbuntu: I remember you from the project meetings, but i dont see it in your memberships list, is all :)
(11:40:07 AM) dholbach: who in the ubuntu community do you work most with? are you planning to get blankon packages into ubuntu?
(11:40:29 AM) dholbach: what kind of changes do you make in blankon?
(11:40:41 AM) udienzMahyuddin: dholbach, yes iplanned into ubuntu distro
(11:41:08 AM) udienzMahyuddin: in BlankOn i was make Documentation about Ubuntu
(11:41:15 AM) udienzMahyuddin: taken froum ubuntuguide
(11:41:26 AM) udienzMahyuddin: http://wiki.ubuntu-id.org/PanduanUbuntu
(11:41:41 AM) sabdfl: udienzMahyuddin: looking over LP and your wiki, it seems that your main contribution *to Ubuntu* has been translations?
(11:41:46 AM) sabdfl: is that the case?
(11:42:29 AM) udienzMahyuddin: yes...
(11:42:41 AM) udienzMahyuddin: absolutly.. yes
(11:43:11 AM) udienzMahyuddin: many people in indonesia very difficult to transalate English to Indonesian
(11:43:30 AM) udienzMahyuddin: and this is main problem in indonesia
(11:43:32 AM) takdir: :)
(11:43:39 AM) sabdfl: is there a well organised translation team in Indonesia?
(11:43:39 AM) dholbach: are these the translations you made: https://translations.launchpad.net/~udienz ?
(11:43:42 AM) sabdfl: who leads that team?
(11:44:17 AM) udienzMahyuddin: sabdfl: the leader is this time is imtheface, founded by ammar
(11:44:26 AM) udienzMahyuddin: sabdfl: the leader in this time is imtheface, founded by ammar
(11:44:49 AM) sabdfl: ok, i would like to hear from imtheface about the level of your contribution, if he's happy, then i would +1
(11:44:49 AM) udienzMahyuddin: dholbach: yes
(11:45:29 AM) ***dholbach pinged imtheface on #ubuntu-motu
(11:45:34 AM) udienzMahyuddin: sabdfl: okay...
(11:45:58 AM) sabdfl: udienzMahyuddin: it looks basically good, but a bit borderline looking at LP
(11:46:03 AM) crevette: hello
(11:46:05 AM) ***dholbach will need to step out in a bit
(11:46:27 AM) sabdfl: viridari is not here
(11:46:28 AM) ***MikeB need to leave in 15 minutes
(11:46:32 AM) sabdfl: marianom: you are up
(11:46:32 AM) udienzMahyuddin: sabdfl: i know...
(11:46:35 AM) marianom: ok
(11:46:41 AM) sabdfl: udienzMahyuddin: ask him to email the CC
(11:46:41 AM) marianom: Hi I'm Mariano Mara from Argentina. 29 years old
(11:46:49 AM) marianom: This is my wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Marplatense
(11:46:52 AM) sabdfl: welcome marianom
(11:47:04 AM) marianom: hi
(11:47:07 AM) marianom: My main focus the last year was working with Argentina LoCo Team where I'm reponsible to check everyone's following the CoC and the rules of the forums, mailing list, etc. We got a lot of threads, posts, questions every day. It's a very active group.
(11:47:16 AM) marianom: I've been working with the LoCo Team since it was born and it's was a great experience to see it growing all this year.
(11:47:26 AM) marianom: I too work with the local site contact form where I receive the questions of everyone who does not know about our communication channels and want to try Ubuntu.
(11:47:44 AM) marianom: I also do a little work on Launchpad: some translations and answers.
(11:47:55 AM) dholbach: marianom: if I read your wiki page correctly, you moderate every single post to the forum, is that right?
(11:48:05 AM) beuno: I'd like to express my strong support for marianom's memberiship. He has been a key member in the Argentina LoCo (200+ members, w00t!) before it even started, he moderates every official means of communication with extreme care and friendlyness according to the CoC. Out begginers support network is entirely based on his day to day work answering every single email, forum thread, or comment on IRC. That's a LOT of daily traffic. He has succesfully
(11:48:05 AM) marianom: that's right. all of them
(11:48:25 AM) sabdfl: +1 from me on the back of a very sustained contribution to forums, answers, irc
(11:48:32 AM) ***beuno waves at sabdfl, MikeB and dholbach
(11:48:33 AM) DJ-Lethal: marianom: is a great member of Argentina LoCo
(11:48:34 AM) dholbach: marianom: why? wouldn't you say that some forum members have proved themselves?
(11:48:41 AM) dholbach: hi beuno
(11:48:56 AM) quasar: go marianom!
(11:49:04 AM) marianom: sorry dholbach, I didn't understand your question
(11:49:28 AM) L1pe: go marianom!
(11:49:44 AM) dholbach: marianom: I would think that in some cases where members of the forum have proved themselves to be good contributors etc, that you could auto-moderate their posts to the forum
(11:49:46 AM) MikeB: +1 here, great forum work
(11:50:03 AM) DJ-Lethal is now known as Overclock_Orange
(11:50:06 AM) marianom: dholbach: I know the members who I can trust
(11:50:17 AM) dholbach: ah ok, so they get dealt with automatically?
(11:50:26 AM) marianom: but we have lot of new people
(11:50:42 AM) dholbach: ah ok
(11:50:45 AM) ***lavaramano go marianom! 
(11:50:53 AM) marianom: and they're the ones with the questions
(11:50:55 AM) dholbach: I'm happy with a +1 - great work and good feedback
(11:51:04 AM) marianom: so I rather check everyone :)
(11:51:19 AM) sabdfl: 3 so far, elmo?
(11:51:39 AM) marianom: let me be clear, I don't edit every post. I just read them and talk when it's neccesary
(11:51:49 AM) sabdfl: bapoumba: you're up next, pls be ready with your intro
(11:51:56 AM) ***bapoumba here :)
(11:52:29 AM) sabdfl: davromaniak, Zic, bigon, pkern, paulliu, Flannel: we'll get to you shortly!
(11:52:37 AM) bigon: yep I'm here
(11:52:39 AM) Zic: ready
(11:52:39 AM) radhios: go marianom
(11:52:40 AM) davromaniak: ok, no problem, I'm prepared
(11:52:56 AM) paulliu: pong..
(11:53:21 AM) pkern: pong
(11:53:40 AM) Overclock_Orange: i can say what marianom is a great member of Argentina LoCo team :)
(11:53:47 AM) PriceChild: I have to run, but BIG cheer for bapoumba, great work on the moderator team at ubuntuforums.org for the past months :)
(11:53:58 AM) ***takdir got troble with connection .. ping me
(11:54:03 AM) bapoumba: Thanks Pricey :)
(11:54:51 AM) sabdfl: elmo: ping
(11:55:23 AM) sabdfl: he's ask, lets move on, he'll comment shortly
(11:55:31 AM) sabdfl: bapoumba: roll on!
(11:55:35 AM) JonathanMM: +1, bapoumba really deserves to be Ubuntu Member
(11:55:39 AM) bapoumba: Hello everyone! Glad to be here :) My wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/bapoumba
(11:55:51 AM) bapoumba: I'm a French biologist in Academia (Université de Caen, France) and a mother of 3 young boys
(11:56:01 AM) bapoumba: I'm Using Ubuntu since Warty. All of my teaching presentations are on OOo (running Gutsy now).
(11:56:01 AM) bapoumba: I have been giving around install CDs to my students, set up a local group to promote
(11:56:01 AM) bapoumba: open source applications on my University free-access computers, and will set up this school year moodle
(11:56:01 AM) bapoumba: classes to train second year students basic desktop skills (OOo, Thunderbird, Firefox,
(11:56:01 AM) bapoumba: ftp protocols, jabber protocols, basic GIMP and CLI)
(11:56:12 AM) bapoumba: I'm a Former moderator on French Ubuntu Forums (joined in January 2005) and current moderator on ubuntuforums
(11:56:24 AM) bapoumba: Active memberships: ubuntu-women, approved member of the Ubuntu French Translators on Launchpad (recently renewed)
(11:56:24 AM) bapoumba: member of the French team translating Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter to Lettre Hebdomadaire Ubuntu and owner of the LHU Launchpad team
(11:56:29 AM) MikeB: bapoumba is a fantastic moderator on the Ubuntu Forums, a true star on the team
(11:56:31 AM) elmo: (+1, sorry)
(11:56:32 AM) sabdfl: bapoumba: are you a forums staff member?
(11:56:33 AM) pleia2: bapoumba is another one of our big contributors to Ubuntu Women, she's been our contact through to the UWN and has been an administrator on our forums for quite some time now - keeping forum threads with meeting schedules and other announcements updated for us (I'm not much a forum person, so I'm very very happy to have her!)
(11:56:40 AM) bapoumba: sabdfl, yep
(11:56:41 AM) effraie: she did a great job on french forums too
(11:56:43 AM) MikeB: sabdfl: yes
(11:56:52 AM) Mamarok: Cheers for bapoumba: she is a long time contributor to Ubuntu-Women, the French speaking community and Ubuntuforums!
(11:57:02 AM) beuno: marianom, welcome!
(11:57:19 AM) ***beuno cheers for bapoumba and her help with the UWN
(11:57:19 AM) bapoumba: hey beuno
(11:57:30 AM) elkbuntu: bapoumba is everywhere! this is long overdue ;)
(11:57:34 AM) effraie: and she is leading (?) the french translation team for the UWN, very good job there too
(11:57:36 AM) bapoumba: I contribute to UWN too ;)
(11:57:37 AM) Stemp: bapoumba did a great job on the french forums and do a great job on the ubuntu-fr jabber room
(11:57:51 AM) bapoumba: I'm aslo owner of a small French-speaking jabber room (for fun stuff only ^^)
(11:57:58 AM) sabdfl: +1 from me on the back of forums staff contribution
(11:58:01 AM) bapoumba: owner with stemp
(11:58:08 AM) Zic: +1 for bapoumba and her jabber room :)
(11:58:09 AM) MikeB: +1
(11:58:13 AM) JonathanMM: +1
(11:58:21 AM) The_Marauder: +1
(11:58:23 AM) effraie: +100 for bapoumba here
(11:58:25 AM) sanguinarius: +1
(11:58:29 AM) Mamarok: yeah, bapoumba rocks!
(11:58:37 AM) bapoumba: hehe :)
(11:58:41 AM) Mamarok: Congratulations, bapoumba :-)
(11:58:45 AM) bapoumba: many thanks everyone !
(11:58:45 AM) MikeB: I look forward to her continue leadership in Ubuntu
(11:58:53 AM) davromaniak: +1 for bapoumba great work, :)
(11:58:54 AM) bapoumba: sure MikeB :)
(11:59:01 AM) ThibG: +1 for bapoumba, for owning ubuntu-fr jabber room
(11:59:09 AM) sabdfl: bapoumba: you've definitely made a good impression round here :-)
(11:59:09 AM) Progs: bapoumba: are you at Ubuntu Women ?
(11:59:28 AM) sabdfl: we still need to hear from dholbach, elmo
(11:59:32 AM) bapoumba: Progs, yes
(11:59:34 AM) dholbach: +1 for bapoumba, GREAT feedback
(11:59:36 AM) bapoumba: thanks sabdfl
(11:59:58 AM) ***bapoumba cheers everyone
(12:00:05 PM) elmo: +1
(12:00:24 PM) ***elkbuntu hugs bapoumba
(12:00:28 PM) ***pleia2 hugs bapoumba 
(12:00:31 PM) pleia2: congrats!! :D
(12:00:32 PM) atoponce: bapoumba: congrats!
(12:00:35 PM) ***bapoumba hugs elkbuntu back
(12:00:47 PM) ***bapoumba hugs pleia2 too ^^
(12:00:54 PM) bapoumba: thanks atoponce
(12:01:01 PM) MikeB: congrats bapoumba
(12:01:06 PM) ***Stemp embrasse bapoumba (Champagne)
(12:01:11 PM) effraie: :p
(12:01:18 PM) ***arthur- fais un bisou à effraie 
(12:01:19 PM) sanguinarius: XD
(12:01:27 PM) ***dholbach needs to leave now
(12:01:31 PM) dholbach: congratulations everybody
(12:01:34 PM) ***bapoumba make big POP sound with the Champagne bottle
(12:01:56 PM) JonathanMM: She's a very good moderator in ubuntu's channel
(12:02:21 PM) bapoumba: many thanks, dholbach
(12:02:56 PM) EurkY_irssi: oh ca parle francais :)
(12:03:07 PM) sabdfl: ok, davromaniak, i think you are up now
(12:03:10 PM) davromaniak: ok
(12:03:11 PM) sanguinarius: oui
(12:03:12 PM) davromaniak: Hello everyone, I am a 21 year old humain being, I'm from France.
(12:03:12 PM) davromaniak: I'm sysadmin in the 2nd ranked french hosting company.
(12:03:19 PM) sabdfl: elmo, MikeB, it's just us so let's machine through as fast as possible
(12:03:22 PM) davromaniak: I'm active in ubuntu-fr since March 2006  (helping in the forum and in IRC), and in ubuntu (LP, packaging, few translations) since about September 2006.
(12:03:23 PM) davromaniak: I held two conferences (1 about presenting ubuntu, and 1 about packaging).
(12:03:25 PM) sabdfl: i think 3 CC is sufficient
(12:03:32 PM) davromaniak: I participate in exhibitions (fête de l'humanité and solutions linux in France) and install parties(for dapper, edgy and feisty).
(12:03:32 PM) davromaniak: I'm also the maintainer and translater of qtpfsgui.
(12:03:34 PM) MikeB: ok
(12:03:43 PM) davromaniak: I've packaged and I maintain encadre-image, youtranslate, kitsune, qtpfsgui.
(12:03:43 PM) davromaniak: I wish continue packaging and becoming a MOTU in 3-4 years.
(12:04:26 PM) davromaniak: my wiki page : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Davromaniak
(12:04:36 PM) sanguinarius: +1 for you
(12:04:38 PM) toutouff: davromaniak should really become an  ubuntu member, first because of his great involment in ubuntu french parties, and his packaging skills. HE is someone very involves in the french community !
(12:04:38 PM) Zic: +1 for davromaniak : his repository (depomaniak) and his packages in Universe, and conferences !
(12:04:44 PM) effraie: davromaniak (and Zic too) is a great contributor to french community, and an important part of our ubuntu-parties.
(12:04:51 PM) Daviey: davromaniak: Wish to become a MOTU 3-4 *years* ?
(12:05:14 PM) davromaniak: yes Daviey It's not a main goal for me
(12:05:22 PM) Daviey: oh ok
(12:05:25 PM) olive: +1 davromaniak for the job made in ubuntu parties of Paris
(12:05:25 PM) Progs: bapoumba: do you know Anicée aka Cinaee ?
(12:05:27 PM) effraie: months seems more reliable :)
(12:05:33 PM) Stemp left the room.
(12:05:37 PM) ThibG: I know davromaniak for his depomaniak and his conference at the Feisty party.
(12:05:45 PM) bapoumba: Progs, nope
(12:05:53 PM) Mithrandir: davromaniak: are you working on getting libpfstools and pfscalibration into the archive as well?
(12:06:03 PM) dholbach left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(12:06:04 PM) effraie: it where SO great :)
(12:06:07 PM) Progs: bapoumba: she is at Ubuntu Women too
(12:06:18 PM) bapoumba: Progs, same nick ?
(12:06:19 PM) effraie: s/where/would be/
(12:06:27 PM) davromaniak: Mithrandir, yes, I schedule to package those programs for hardy heron
(12:06:47 PM) Progs: bapoumba: her nick is Cinaee
(12:07:33 PM) MikeB: davromaniak look like a fine candiate to me, any questions
(12:07:34 PM) sabdfl: davromaniak: where would you say has been your strongest contribution to Ubuntu?
(12:07:54 PM) effraie: +1 for davromaniak here, for his contributions too french community: parties, classroom, planet...
(12:08:05 PM) davromaniak: my strongest contribution, it's conferences and ubuntu parties
(12:08:06 PM) sanguinarius: yes +1 for davromaniak
(12:08:26 PM) sabdfl: ok, +1 from me
(12:08:33 PM) Progs: -1
(12:08:35 PM) ThibG: Oh, I have forgotten it, classroom, that's good work too
(12:08:40 PM) MikeB: I only have a few more minute before I have to go
(12:08:40 PM) Zic: +1 for parties, davromaniak and me have a lot of work to prepare paris party
(12:09:20 PM) bapoumba: Progs, I'm maily in the mailing list or the forums, not much in IRC. So that's may be why I've never met with her :)
(12:09:35 PM) arthur-: Progs: funny...
(12:10:00 PM) elmo: Progs: ?
(12:10:26 PM) atoponce: it would be nice if all the '+1' came just from CC
(12:10:50 PM) Hobbsee: atoponce: there's always a +m :P
(12:10:51 PM) MikeB: +1 from me
(12:11:04 PM) atoponce: Hobbsee: :)
(12:11:28 PM) elmo: +1
(12:11:45 PM) MikeB: sabdfl?
(12:12:03 PM) Hobbsee: MikeB: he already +1'd
(12:12:10 PM) MikeB: :)
(12:12:13 PM) MikeB: doh
(12:12:43 PM) davromaniak: I would like to thank all the people who gave me a +1, and others also of being here and support ubuntu, :)
(12:12:46 PM) MikeB: davromaniak: congrats
(12:12:53 PM) sanguinarius: congratulations
(12:12:55 PM) Zic: congrats davromaniak \o/
(12:12:57 PM) skateinmars: congrats davromaniak
(12:12:58 PM) effraie: davromaniak: \o/
(12:13:04 PM) ***toutouff hugs davromaniak 
(12:14:03 PM) elmo: Zic: you're up?
(12:14:03 PM) MikeB: I need to to leave, have a family event to goto
(12:14:09 PM) Zic: elmo: yes
(12:14:20 PM) ***pkern coughs
(12:14:22 PM) Zic: elmo: Can I start ?
(12:14:36 PM) Hobbsee: someone chain MikeB to his chair.
(12:14:36 PM) elmo: sabdfl: want to continue without Mike?
(12:15:01 PM) MikeB: Hobbsee: my wife is giving me the evil eye
(12:15:29 PM) atoponce: MikeB: tell her just 2 more hours. :)
(12:15:58 PM) Hobbsee: heh :)
(12:16:06 PM) Zic: MikeB: or only five minutes for me ? :]
(12:16:10 PM) ***Zic hides
(12:16:36 PM) MikeB: sorry
(12:17:51 PM) MikeB: later all, I promise we will have the next member soon, and hopefully new membership processes defined
(12:18:45 PM) sanguinarius: ok MikeB  bye bye
(12:18:46 PM) pkern: Pity.
(12:18:52 PM) MikeB left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(12:18:52 PM) atoponce: what's the status of the rest of the meeting?
(12:19:08 PM) sabdfl: hi
(12:19:12 PM) sabdfl: sorry, got pulled afk
(12:19:32 PM) sabdfl: elmo and i just spoke, we'll keep going, but 3 mins yes/no decisions
(12:19:44 PM) sabdfl: if it looks great, we'll +1 quickly, otherwise defer
(12:19:46 PM) sabdfl: ok?
(12:19:54 PM) pkern: Fine with me.
(12:20:02 PM) sabdfl: Zic: go!
(12:20:02 PM) Hobbsee: this is where the advantage comes in having a nick starting with "a" or something.
(12:20:06 PM) Zic: Hi, I'm Jonathan Marsaud, alias Zic ( https://launchpad.net/~zic & https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JonathanMarsaud ), french student living around Paris. I use GNU/Linux since the Mandrake 8, and I follow Ubuntu since the Warty version but I really use it since the Breezy Badger. I use Ubuntu in all my desktop/laptop computers and Ubuntu Server in my server.
(12:20:12 PM) Zic: My primary involvement in the Ubuntu community is to promote the spirit of Ubuntu in Paris. During "Les Feistyvités" (Ubuntu Feisty Party) for example, I did a conference about "Why use GNU/Linux instead of my proprietary Operatating System ?".
(12:20:18 PM) Zic: I am one of the main organizers for Ubuntu events in Paris (for more information, see my wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JonathanMarsaud ).
(12:20:25 PM) Zic: I also am moderator/helper of #ubuntu-fr channel and member of our Planet ( http://planet.ubuntu-fr.org/ with my french blog : http://www.ff-irc.net/ ).
(12:20:25 PM) Zic: I wrote some tutorials in our wiki, http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/
(12:20:33 PM) Zic: My main plans for the future is : promoting Ubuntu in France more and more during the upcoming events ; continue to learn C/C++ language to contribute to some GNOME projects ; fix problems in my packages get them uploaded in Universe for Hardy Heron, and continue to package for Ubuntu/Debian.
(12:20:40 PM) Zic: I have an other project for the Ubuntu Gutsy Party (3rd & 4th November) : try to organize Ubuntu Party in several countries and regions in France,streaming live all videos on ubuntu-party.org
(12:20:45 PM) Zic: end :)
(12:20:49 PM) Zic: Any questions ?
(12:20:59 PM) sabdfl: Zic: you spend a lot of time in forums and IRC?
(12:21:15 PM) Zic: sabdfl: yes, I'm always here
(12:21:21 PM) effraie: as i said previously, Zic is a great contributor in french community
(12:21:27 PM) Zic: (in #ubuntu-fr- chanel)
(12:21:34 PM) sanguinarius: yes  I confirm
(12:21:40 PM) Zic: #ubuntu-fr-*, sorry
(12:21:40 PM) sabdfl: lots of good testimonials, i'm just trying to establish where you have put most of your efforts into improving ubuntu and the community
(12:21:41 PM) The_Marauder: He's alway in irc channel ubuntu-fr
(12:21:47 PM) sabdfl: ok, +1 from me
(12:21:53 PM) Zic: sabdfl: in Ubuntu Party :)
(12:21:59 PM) JonathanMM: +1, Zic really deserves to be Ubuntu Member
(12:22:04 PM) elmo: +1
(12:22:18 PM) skateinmars:  as an irc moderator and a french planet moderator I'd like to cheer for Zic who is really active and willing to help.
(12:22:23 PM) olive: Yes, Zic also did great job at last ubuntu parties in Paris (preparation and conference) !
(12:22:24 PM) ThibG: +1 In addition to many contributions (documentation, planet, etc.), Zic made a great conference at the feisty party
(12:22:27 PM) sabdfl: done! congrats Zic
(12:22:34 PM) Zic: thanks everyone !
(12:22:36 PM) olive: +1 zic
(12:22:37 PM) sabdfl: bigon: go!
(12:22:37 PM) ***skateinmars hugs Zic 
(12:22:47 PM) Zic: champagne ? :)
(12:22:47 PM) ***davromaniak hugs Zic 
(12:22:48 PM) effraie: \o/
(12:22:50 PM) sabdfl: bigon: what's the one-liner status of telepathy these days?
(12:22:56 PM) sabdfl: and is it rocking in Ubuntu?
(12:23:02 PM) cassidy: As an upstream Telepathy developer, I totally supports bigon's application. He's doing a really good job to keep Telepathy updated and in a good shape in Ubuntu (and Debian)
(12:23:03 PM) davromaniak: no Zic, you're too young, :)
(12:23:12 PM) cassidy: sabdfl: of course it does :)
(12:23:18 PM) Zic: davromaniak: :D
(12:23:29 PM) Hobbsee: cassidy: are there any more updates for it and gutsy, before release?
(12:23:36 PM) sanguinarius: goodbye ;)
(12:23:38 PM) sanguinarius left the room (quit: "Quitte").
(12:23:42 PM) ***Hobbsee saw a few go though
(12:23:43 PM) cassidy: Hobbsee: yeah, Empathy
(12:23:45 PM) Hobbsee: er, through
(12:23:47 PM) sabdfl: bigon: around?
(12:23:51 PM) bigon: sabdfl: telepathy packages are good and almost uptodate with debian
(12:24:03 PM) cassidy: Hobbsee: and maybe gabble, didn't check if latest release was pushed
(12:24:04 PM) bigon: (and upstream)
(12:24:08 PM) skateinmars left the room.
(12:24:13 PM) Hobbsee: cassidy: as in, do you plan to release a new upstream at all before gutsy release?
(12:24:25 PM) Hobbsee: oh, right, you do of empathy.  gotcha
(12:24:42 PM) sabdfl: bigon: are you on track to become MOTU too?
(12:24:53 PM) bigon: sabdfl: yep
(12:24:55 PM) cassidy: Hobbsee: of Empathy? Could be doable if needed. The maintainer is very Ubuntu friendly :)
(12:25:26 PM) bigon: dou you want my little prepared description?
(12:25:27 PM) Hobbsee: cassidy: we're in a freeze, we're tyring *not* to get new upstream versions, unless they're good to have :P
(12:25:29 PM) sabdfl: ok, +1 from me on the back of bug work
(12:25:38 PM) Hobbsee: </ motu-uvf hijack>
(12:25:54 PM) elmo: +1
(12:26:24 PM) sabdfl: welcome, bigon
(12:26:28 PM) sabdfl: pkern: nice LP pic!
(12:26:31 PM) sabdfl: you're up :-)
(12:26:37 PM) ***ogra cheers for pkern
(12:26:39 PM) pkern: My name is Philipp Kern and I am currently living in Karlsruhe, Germany, studying Computer Science. I am a Debian developer since 2005. My pet package in Debian and Ubuntu is Gobby, a collaborative editor. I tried to keep my packages in shape in Ubuntu since I "joined" LP in late 2005 and I am also involved in the Utnubu backmerging project.
(12:26:44 PM) pkern: ewing other people's packages. More information is available on my wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhilippKern).
(12:26:47 PM) pkern: I want to expand my Ubuntu involvement with this member application and I intend to get a MOTU in the near future. Having been a Debian AM, I am used to revi
(12:26:52 PM) popey: I've got my pom-poms out, doing star-jumps on the touchline for pkern. Without him we'd have no gobby. I filed bugs against gobby and they were promptly dealt with.
(12:26:56 PM) Hobbsee: pkern: you're also pkl?
(12:27:02 PM) elmo: Hobbsee: no
(12:27:04 PM) pkern: sabdfl: Yep, I am not sleeping currently, heh. (:
(12:27:10 PM) Hobbsee: elmo: right, so i'm going crazy.
(12:27:10 PM) bigon: sabdfl: thanks :)
(12:27:10 PM) elmo: Hobbsee: pkl == phil lougher, kernel guy
(12:27:11 PM) Hobbsee: thanks
(12:27:16 PM) Hobbsee: elmo: that's what i thought....
(12:27:45 PM) Hobbsee: elmo: apparently i'm not skilled at reading at 2.30am
(12:27:52 PM) ogra: pkern is always very quick and helpful with any gobby issues i brought to him, we even get ubuntu specific patches from him if we need and gobby finally made it on the edubuntu CD into teh default install now thanks to him
(12:27:55 PM) sabdfl: pkern: i'm very happy to see good debian-ubuntu interaction, thanks for setting such a great example
(12:28:15 PM) ogra: its a pleasure to work with him
(12:28:25 PM) pkern: sabdfl: I'm pleased to help.
(12:28:27 PM) ***sbalneav cheers for pkern
(12:28:33 PM) ***ogra would +1 if he could :)
(12:28:34 PM) sabdfl: +1 from me, and I hope your progess into MOTU goes smoothly
(12:28:36 PM) Hobbsee: +1 from what i've seen in -motu
(12:28:37 PM) pkern: ogra, popey, sbalneav: Thanks. (:
(12:28:38 PM) elmo: +1
(12:28:52 PM) sabdfl: also, would like your feedback on PPA's, now if you're in LP-beta-testers or when we open it up
(12:28:59 PM) pkern: Thank you very much. What a relief, I was pretty nervous. (=
(12:29:00 PM) ogra: congrats pkern :)
(12:29:05 PM) popey: congrats!
(12:29:21 PM) sabdfl: paulliu: go!
(12:29:24 PM) paulliu: Hello, I'm Ying-Chun Liu from Taiwan, Republic of China.
(12:29:31 PM) paulliu: I'm a free software programmer.
(12:29:31 PM) paulliu: I'm also doing packaging.
(12:29:31 PM) paulliu: I'm an advocator, too.
(12:29:31 PM) paulliu: I'm dealing with non-free software replacements by the factor of popcon.
(12:29:31 PM) paulliu: My wiki page is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaulLiu
(12:29:38 PM) paulliu: Sorry for my bad English.
(12:29:39 PM) paulliu: If you can't understand my English, please ask me to clarify.
(12:29:39 PM) paulliu: If you have any questions, please ask me to answer.
(12:29:39 PM) pkern: sabdfl: I intend to publish backports of Gobby in there. ;)
(12:29:49 PM) sbalneav: sabdfl: We're already using ppa in edubuntu for doco updates to the handbook before string freeze.
(12:29:51 PM) ogra: sabdfl, sbalneav uses PPA extensively to make daily edubuntu-docs packages available :)
(12:29:57 PM) sbalneav: lol
(12:30:01 PM) ogra: heh
(12:30:03 PM) sbalneav: Fools seldom differ :)
(12:30:05 PM) ubotu has changed the topic to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 04 Sep 15:00 UTC: Kernel Team | 05 Sep 12:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 08 Sep 00:00 UTC: MOTU Team | 08 Sep 17:00 UTC: Xubuntu Developers | 10 Sep 19:00 UTC: Screencast Team | 11 Sep 15:00 UTC: Server Team meeting
(12:30:32 PM) Mamarok: sabdfl: I'd love to give you feedback on PPA, but I still struggle with packaging, will report when I manage to do so :-)
(12:30:45 PM) paulliu: I'm working for Debian for a long time. Currently in NM process, waiting AM assignment...:)
(12:30:49 PM) sabdfl: Mamarok: should be a good way to learn, playing with your PPA
(12:30:51 PM) sabdfl: :-)
(12:31:10 PM) Mamarok: exactly :-)
(12:31:19 PM) sabdfl: paulliu: where would you say your biggest contribution to Ubuntu has been made?
(12:31:19 PM) paulliu: I directly fix bugs in Debian and sync to Ubuntu..
(12:31:38 PM) paulliu: Non-free replacements...
(12:31:59 PM) paulliu: I fight against every major non-free softwares...
(12:32:28 PM) paulliu: I'm both the upstream and downstream packager if there's no packagers..
(12:32:34 PM) sabdfl: paulliu: it looks to me like your best route to membership is via MOTU
(12:32:44 PM) sabdfl: elmo?
(12:32:51 PM) paulliu: Not now
(12:33:03 PM) paulliu: Because I still not met the situation I must use MOTU
(12:33:09 PM) paulliu: If I can fix the bugs before big freeze
(12:33:15 PM) paulliu: I don't need the MOTU
(12:33:45 PM) elmo: paulliu: I'm confused - is there any particular reason you don't want to join MOTU?
(12:33:52 PM) paulliu: No..
(12:34:08 PM) paulliu: I'll join if it stop syncs from Debian and there's great changes in my packages
(12:34:32 PM) paulliu: But I still not met that situation..
(12:34:54 PM) sabdfl: paulliu: membership is a reflection of a contribution to Ubuntu, and right now it seems your contribution has been in the form of some packaging work, and coordination with debian
(12:34:57 PM) sabdfl: is that right?
(12:35:09 PM) Hobbsee: as in, you shove the stuff to debian, and it syncs across to ubuntu, so why put things directly into ubuntu?
(12:35:10 PM) paulliu: Yes...
(12:35:45 PM) paulliu: Hobbsee, I can't understand it??
(12:36:11 PM) paulliu: I read all the bugs from Ubuntu users' report because the user base is large
(12:36:26 PM) paulliu: For free replacements, I need large testers..
(12:36:45 PM) Hobbsee: paulliu: i see what you mean
(12:36:58 PM) paulliu: Because free replacements are usually based on large quantity of example files..
(12:37:16 PM) paulliu: We can't read the non-free one, or objdump the non-free one...
(12:37:22 PM) paulliu: For clean-room purpose...
(12:37:22 PM) sabdfl: that's good, and hopefully we will improve the flow of bug comments between LP and debbugs soon
(12:37:37 PM) sabdfl: but it's not quite the same as an active contribution to ubuntu
(12:37:58 PM) sabdfl: if you want to be an ubuntu member we would welcome you if you are actively contributing to ubuntu!
(12:38:18 PM) sabdfl: i do enjoy visiting taiwan so hope to meet up and we can chat more about it
(12:38:20 PM) sabdfl: ok, next
(12:38:20 PM) paulliu: I'm contributing to Ubuntu..
(12:38:41 PM) sabdfl: paulliu: where, mostly? it's not clear from your wiki or lp pages
(12:38:51 PM) paulliu: Through Debian..
(12:39:27 PM) sabdfl: very true!
(12:39:31 PM) sabdfl: and much appreciated!
(12:39:50 PM) sabdfl: but some DD's also find ways to contribute directly to Ubuntu, like pkern earlier
(12:40:18 PM) sabdfl: if you want to be an ubuntu member, and help approve appointments to the Ubuntu community council, then you need to be an active part of Ubuntu directly
(12:40:25 PM) sabdfl: ok, Flannel, you're up!
(12:40:35 PM) Flannel: Hi all, my name is Neal Bussett (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NealBussett), and I'm an Electrical Engineering student at San Diego State Univ. in California.
(12:40:38 PM) pkern: Like filing sync requests and fixing bugs directly in Ubuntu, yeah. I would almost have commented on that.
(12:40:39 PM) Flannel: I've been with Ubuntu since Hoary, and have been contributing for about two years now on IRC.  I've also done my fair share of bug reports, and other smaller contributions.
(12:40:42 PM) Flannel: I am the current contact/leader of Ubuntu-California, and played a large role in reactivating it a few months ago.  I look forward to continuing my work with my LoCo team and I also intend to become a package maintainer at some point.
(12:40:54 PM) atoponce: Flannel has taken the lead of the CA team when disaster struck. he has shown excellent leadership and humility. since taking the reigns as CA loco leader, CA exploded in activity  overnight. when he and the CA team become approved, i would *love* to use him as a mentor to the US Teams Mentoring Project
(12:41:09 PM) atoponce: i pledge my full support for his membership
(12:41:57 PM) sabdfl: Flannel: +1 from me for your contributions to Cali LoCo team
(12:42:34 PM) ***elkbuntu cheers for flannel
(12:43:03 PM) sabdfl: ok, i have to step AFK. thanks all for a good meeting! elmo will review and ack +1 / -1 shortly :-)
(12:43:15 PM) elkbuntu: thanks sabdfl :)
(12:43:17 PM) sabdfl: very much looking forward to having the streamlined process
(12:43:23 PM) nixternal: haha
(12:43:27 PM) elkbuntu: i think we all are
(12:43:32 PM) atoponce: definitely
(12:43:33 PM) nixternal: congrats everyone so far!
(12:43:35 PM) sabdfl: i think it will work very well - easier for everyone to have weekly meets in their own timezone!
(12:43:41 PM) jrib: I see Flannel always helping new users on irc as well.  He helped me help two people just the other day :)
(12:43:52 PM) elmo: +1
(12:43:53 PM) elkbuntu: darn miracle we got through the whole list O.o
(12:44:17 PM) elkbuntu: (minus absentees of course)
(12:44:34 PM) ***nixternal wishes j1mc was around so he could have gotten his long overdue +1
(12:44:54 PM) ***beuno got in late on the streamlining bit and offers his help to jono and elkbuntu
(12:46:15 PM) atoponce: how many +1 needed for approval? just 2- sabdfl and elmo?
(12:46:35 PM) sabdfl: atoponce: yes, in this case
(12:46:40 PM) sabdfl: well done Flannel
(12:46:42 PM) atoponce: well then, Flannel: congrats!
(12:46:43 PM) sabdfl: cheers all!
(12:46:43 PM) pleia2: yay, congrats Flannel!
(12:46:47 PM) Flannel: thanks all
(12:46:51 PM) jrib: Flannel: congrats
(12:48:23 PM) johnc4510: Flannel: w00t
(12:49:42 PM) Belutz: ah i guess i'm too late for the meeting
(12:50:25 PM) elkbuntu: Belutz, you missed it by about a minute
(12:50:44 PM) nixternal: ya, you only had 4 hours in which to make it :p
(12:50:44 PM) atoponce: s/a minute/4 hours/ :)
(12:50:46 PM) Belutz: elkbuntu, yup, i was having a meeting offline with ubuntu-id team
(12:51:12 PM) Belutz: i was suppose to give some testimonial for udienzMahyuddin and takdir
(12:51:40 PM) elkbuntu: Belutz, ah, what unfortunate timing :-/
(12:51:40 PM) Belutz: :)
(12:51:46 PM) Belutz: how is everybody?
(12:52:23 PM) Belutz: elkbuntu, yup, they should remind me earlier
(12:55:15 PM) Belutz: anyway my membership is running out soon, how do i reapply?
(12:58:03 PM) Riddell: you'll get an e-mail inviting you to press a button
(12:58:49 PM) Belutz: Riddell, ah ok

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