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Took place from Mon 28 April - Sat 3 May on IRC in #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode.

Simplified Logs from the week long open community event showcasing Ubuntu held on IRC #ubuntu-classroom. Logs here have been edited to remove background traffic and have been synced. Please let [ompaul] know if there are errors. Full logs are here.

Mon 28th Apr

Tue 29th Apr

Wed 30th Apr

Thu 1 May

Fri 2nd May

Sat 3rd May

15.00 UTC

Welcome to Ubuntu Open Week! - Jono Bacon

Packaging 101 - Session 1 - Daniel Holbach

Xubuntu - Cody Somerville

Ask Mark - Mark Shuttleworth

Bughelper - Making Bug Work Easier - Markus Korn

Unwinding Stacktraces - Emmet Hikory

16.00 UTC

QA: Using piuparts to test your packages - Lars Wirzenius

Packaging 101 - Session 2 - Daniel Holbach

Community Q+A - Jono Bacon

Ubuntu on the Eee PC - Christer Edwards

Bughelper - Making Bug Work Easier part 2 - Markus Korn

Virtualization - Soren Hansen

17.00 UTC

Reporting Bugs - Brian Murray

Ubuntu Mobile Edition - An introduction and Q+A - Adilson Oliveira

Intro to Mobile Testing - Chris Gregan & Dave Morley

Preseeding d-i / Ubiquity - Evan Dandrea

Ubuntu general Q+A - Jorge Castro

Reporting Bugs - Brian Murray

18.00 UTC

Ubuntu Bugsquad + Triaging Bugs - Pedro Villavicencio

Merging Packages 101 - Nicolas Valcárcel

Packaging Firefox Extensions - Alexander Sack

Make X rock! - Bryce Harrington

Ubuntu Iso Testing - Henrik Omma & David Morley

Ubuntu Bugsquad + Triaging Bugs - Pedro Villavicencio

19.00 UTC

Building Upstream Kernels - Leann Ogasawara

Using Launchpad PPAs - Celso Providelo

Ubuntu Artwork - Ken Wimer

The Future of the Ubuntu Desktop - Ted Gould

Running a Packaging Jam - Rick Harding

LoCo Teams - Nick Ali

20.00 UTC

Kubuntu Development - Richard Johnson

Intro to the Ubuntu Server Team - Mathias Gug

KDE 4 - Richard Johnson

Community Support with Ubuntu Forums - Mike Basinger

Wubi - Agostino Russo

Hardware Debugging and Diagnostics - Michael Anderson

21.00 UTC

Bazaar for packaging -- Robert Collins & James Westby

Ubuntu Security Team - Intro and Q+A - Kees Cook

Producing Podcasts in Ubuntu - Alan Pope

Python Packaging - Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

Ubuntu Documentation Project - Jordan Mantha

Improving OpenWeek/Feedback - Jorge Castro

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