Ubuntu Open Week Jaunty Jackalope

Mon Apr 27, 2009

  • 15.00 UTC - Introduction - JonoBacon - Welcome to Ubuntu Open Week, in this session Jono and Jorge will explain how the week works, what to expect, and how to get the best out of your week.

  • 16.00 UTC - What's new in 9.04 - JorgeCastro - So you've got a shiny new disc and you're ready to go. You've read the release notes and seem people talk but it's all techie nonsense. In this session I will cover the major changes in 9.04 from a new user perspective. People new to Ubuntu and Linux are encouraged to participate!

  • 17.00 UTC - Doing Ubuntu Development - DanielHolbach - Daniel Holbach will explain how to get started in Ubuntu development. Maybe you just want to fix a small bug, or start your journey to becoming a core developer, this is the session to get started.

  • 18.00 UTC - Screen-Profiles - DustinKirkland - Ubuntu Server's new polished GNU/Screen configuration is taking the world by storm. In this session Dustin Kirkland will talk about these implementations and show you how the whole thing works so you can make your own contributions to screen profiles.

  • 19.00 UTC - Introduction to Brainstorm - JorgeCastro- Jorge Castro will talk about how to submit good ideas, good solutions, and good feedback.

  • 20.00 UTC - Introduction to Kubuntu - JonathanRiddell - Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell will talk you through the new things in Kubuntu for 9.04, as well as answer questions about Kubuntu and KD4.

  • 21.00 UTC - Introduction to Xubuntu - Xubuntu Team - Xubuntu Team Leaders and contributors will talk about the popular Xubuntu derivative as well as field questions from the audience.

  • 22.00 UTC - Introduction to the ServerTeam - MathiasGug - 9.04 will see many improvements to Ubuntu Server, Mathias Gug will tell you about the team that makes this happen and how you can contribute.

  • 23.00 UTC - Ubuntu Community Learning Project - cprofitt - The project's mission is to create an interactive learning environment based on Moodle to support users and organizations who are making the choice to use Ubuntu as their OS of choice. It is also our hope to help users to become more engaged in the Ubuntu community. Our goal is to take new motivated users and turn them into contributing members of the community. We intend to do this by working with existing teams such as the Beginners and classroom teams, as well as leveraging the work and ongoing training already being done by the MOTU team, Bug Squad, and LoCo Teams to develop an integrated training solution that will allow the community to undertake self-paced training in conjunction with IRC based instructor lead training.

Tue Apr 28, 2009

Docs Day

The rest of this day is Documentation Day, split up into the following sessions. These sessions will cover large areas of what the documentation team does, how to get started, and an introduction to the tools you'll need.

Wed Apr 29, 2009

Thu Apr 30, 2009

  • 15.00 UTC - With a little Help - EfrainValles - Sometimes it's hard to get help around here, Efrain Valles will give you some tips on how to help people help you.

  • 16.00 UTC - Running an Ubuntu Localization Team - AdiRoiban - Adi Roiban will discuss how to start and maintain a Local Team, including all the infrastructure.

  • 17.00 UTC - Ubuntu Training - Billy Cina and BelindaLopez - Billy Cina and Belinda Lopez will discuss how Ubuntu Training works, and how to get help.

  • 18.00 UTC - Xubuntu QA - CharlieKravetz - Charlie Kravetz will talk about Quality Assurance, bug triage, and testing Xubuntu.

  • 19.00 UTC - Intro to the Ubuntu-News Team - JohnCrawford - John Crawford will outline what the news team does, and how to get involved. If you're looking to help out with the Fridge or the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, or just learn how the process works, then this is a session you'll want to attend. As Ubuntu has grown, so have the number of news articles and blogs written about it, and with the Ubuntu Community growing at break neck speed, reporting all the happenings has never been more challenging.

  • 20.00 UTC - HowTo Triage bugs in Ubuntu - PedroVillavicencio - When users report a bug it's up to people to categorize those bugs into groups so developers can look at them, this is called triaging. In this session Pedro Villavicencio will show you how to do this.

  • 21.00 UTC - Upstream Bug Workflow - JorgeCastro - As a linux distributor we ship a bunch of diverse software (GNOME,KDE, Firefox, etc.) When users report bugs with this software it is our duty to ensure that we are filing those bugs with the proper projects and ensuring that they get reported in the right place. In this session Jorge Castro will show you how that's done in Ubuntu and how you can help us improve that.

  • 22.00 UTC - Launchpad Code Hosting - Jonathan Lange - Did you know Launchpad will host your open source software and all it's code and branches? Jonathan Lange will show you how it works and what new features they expect to ship soon.

Fri May 1, 2009

  • 15.00 UTC - Launchpad Soyuz Overview - CelsoProvidelo - Soyuz is the infrastructure behind Launchpad's popular Personal Package Archives. Celso Providelo will fill you in on how to take advantage of PPAs.

  • 16.00 UTC - Demythifying Launchpad Translations - DavidPlanella - Launchpad Translations (codenamed Rosetta) is the tool used for translating Ubuntu. However, any project outside Ubuntu can also take advantage of its features. David Planella will take you to a tour including that and other not-so-well known Rosetta features.

  • 17.00 UTC - Exhibiting Ubuntu at Conferences - Joe Smith / NealBussett - As more community-led conferences and other events begin to take center stage, there will be more opportunities for LoCos to host booths on exhibition floors. Running a booth requires careful planning and dedication from the team, but is a great way to work together, promote Ubuntu, and have a blast.

  • 18.00 UTC - OEM Community Netbook testing - ChrisGregan

  • 19.00 UTC - Gaming with Ubuntu (introduction) - BenCrisford - Ubuntu wasn't designed for games, and games weren't designed for Ubuntu. But in this session Ben Crisford will help you make Ubuntu a suitable platform for your needs. The session will involve downloads (but all completely free). NOTE - not all games will run with the methods discussed in this session but there will be other ways (some cost money) which you can ask Ben about

  • 20.00 UTC - Wine and Free Gaming - ScottRitchie - Ubuntu developer ScottRitchie has two main interests: helping users make their Windows applications work, and playing games. Frequently these are the same question. In this session we'll talk about using Wine in Ubuntu to run Windows Applications, as well as the various gaming projects Scott's been working on. In the end, he'll invite you to play a game of Kernel Panic

  • 21.00 UTC -Ubuntu Kernel Q+A - LeannOgasawara - In this talk LeAnn Ogasawara will be discussing features in the Ubuntu Kernel in Jaunty and beyond.

  • 22.00 UTC - Final Questions and Feedback - Jorge Castro - Here's your chance to volunteer to help for the next time around, leave feedback, and let us know how useful Open Week was for you.

  • 23.00 UTC - Ubuntu Forums - BodhiZazen - In this session BodhiZazen will give a tour of the forums and show some fun features

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