January 2009 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Development Teams

Mobile Team

  • Seed changes to move ubuntu-umpc to ubuntu-netbook-remix are now complete, as part of the adsobtion of the Netbook remix into Ubuntu.
  • Daily images for both MID and netbook-remix are available, and ready for testing
  • evtouch package updated to new X API
  • Mobile-interesting TODO list provided to kernel-team
  • backend started for offline-installer


MOTU Council

  • MC Meeting 07 Jan 2008:
    • Attendees: Michael Bienia, Søren Hansen, Emmet Hikory, Daniel Holbach, Richard Johnson
    • Open Applications: koon (MOTU), iulian (MOTU), nellery (universe-contributor), quadrispro (universe-contributor), jontheechidna (motu), ncommander (core-dev)
    • Agenda:
      • New Application Processes
      • Preparation of Archive Reorganisation Call with TB
  • Thierry Carrez (Koon) became a MOTU
  • Iulian Udrea (iulian) became a MOTU
  • MC Meeting 14 Jan 2009:
    • Attendees: Michael Bienia, Emmet Hikory, Daniel Holbach
    • Open Applications: Jonathan Thomas, Nick Ellery, Michael Casadevall
      • Application for Allessio Treglia considered superceded by new application
    • Preparation for discussion of ArchiveReorganisation with TB

    • Application Process Transition
  • MC Meeting 21 Jan 2009:
    • Open Applications: Nick Ellery, Jonahan Thomas, Michael Casadevall, Alessio Treglia
    • Planning for MC Election next month: nominations are now open
    • Application process Changes: still sorting meeting schedule availability
  • New application process was announced.

    • Meetings will happen every 2nd Friday of the month, 7 UTC and every 4th Thursday of the month, 17 UTC.

    • Outstanding applications are planned to be resolved by then.

Server Team

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for January 2009


  • No activity.

Bug Triage

  • Bug triage proceeding at a steady pace. Many bugs were triaged this month.
  • A high number of bugs were reported upstream.
  • New pages for reporting bugs to Xfce-Bugzilla, AbiWord, and Listen were added to "Bugs/Upstream".



  • Jim, Pasi, and Jannis are brainstorming an idea to work closely with upstream and other distributions to rewrite the upstream documentation.


  • Following the Grow the Xubuntu Community -specification.

  • Especially tried to get new contributors to the Marketing Team with varying results - though still no new members.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Alpha 3 released on January 15th.
  • Charlie (charlie-tca) has re-written the wiki test pages and they are now usable for testing.
  • Lionel (mr_pouit) synced a new version of Sion from Debian.

  • Mario Limonciello (superm1) diagnosed and fixed an issue with gnome-keyring-daemon resulting in the desktop startup not completing. Instead of xfce4-session starting gnome-keyring-daemon (when "Launch gnome services on startup" are enabled), leave it to the pam module.
  • A new version of Catfish was synced from Debian.

  • Lionel (mr_pouit) uploaded a new version of Ristretto (0.0.21)

  • Lionel (mr_pouit) sponsored Bhavani Shankar in uploading a new upstream version of xfce4-smartpm-plugin (0.4.0).

  • Lionel (mr_pouit) fixed broken translations in xfce4-session, closing LP: #313688

  • Lionel (mr_pouit) uploaded a new version of xfce4-clipman-plugin, 0.9.0

IRC Council

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Japanese Team

  • We held "Ubuntu Offline Meeting Tokyo" on January 17th at Hirose Building, Akihabara. This event, organized by Ubuntu Japanese Team and Hirose Electric Works, ltd. had install party and trouble shooting, three advanced session. We recived more 40 visitors.
  • Website of Japanese Team was updated to Ubuntu 8.04.
  • "Ubuntu Weekly Topics and Recipe" which is online Japanese magazine was renewed system and author.
  • Wrote an article "Install Ubuntu to your second homebuilt computer" for Nikkei WinPC which is a Japanese computer magazine published by Nikkei BP.

Colombian Team

Irish Team

Romanian Team

Arizona Team

Arizona LoCo, in conjunction with the Phoenix Linux Users Group (PLUG), held an installfest on Saturday, January 31st at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. Wireless internet was no problem, plus the team had routers available to patch CAT5 cables into for those that didn't have wireless capability. The installfest took place in an upstairs room, so the team was able to hang their team banner off the guardrail with Velcro strips where it was highly visible to everyone entering the building. The team reported a fair turn out for installs, and lots of LUG folks attending to help if needed. Included by the team was a demonstration of Platinum Arts Sandbox on a Dell Mini 9. The event was a successful collaboration between the LoCo and PLUG, and everyone had a great time with lots of great inter-state cooperation between the team and the LUG's.


Florida US Team

Georgia US Team

  • Progressing with plans for Atlanta Linux Fest 2009

Danish Team

It's been a quiet month with a lot of people having exams and such, so the danish team didn't achieve a great deal, most energy was put in planning future events. A few minor things did happen though. Also worth to note is the increased Nordic collaboration, between the Scandinavian countries, here's the highlights.

  • Started planning the first ever official danish Ubuntu bug jam.
  • The participants of the upcoming Ubuntu-DK podcast had their first RL meeting.
  • #ubuntu-nordic-dev @ freenode was created to get more nordic Ubunteros interested in Ubuntu developing and bug triaging (during the bug jam, we will also use the channel for real-time collaboration).
  • http://planet.ubuntu-nordic.org/ officially opened, so far it contains the feeds of the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish Ubuntu-planets, plus a few nordic persons (from Iceland, I believe).

New Mexico USA Team

  • January 8th 2009 - Had a face to face meeting talked about future projects
  • Continued weekly IRC Meetings. Meeting note details here.

  • January 17th Ubuntu New Mexico LoCo member David Thomas spoke at theNew Mexico Media Industry Mix A conference for New Mexico Media includes filmmakers, game developers, animators, educators, designers, musicians, technology developers - and more.

  • Continued work on the New Mexico LinuxFest.

  • January was also spent on preparing a mesh network scheduled install February 7th, 2009 for our EPC project.

Massachusetts US Team

  • Learn 2 Teach at SETC
  • Further expanding community outreach
  • Team Meeting, ubuntu advocates rally.

Belgian Team

  • computer fair booth (MicroMegaMarket at Bredene)

    • there were less visitors than previous years (but organiser Dipro acknowledged and promised to look for a better location for the next event in the region!)
    • many more visitors than 1 or 2 years ago at least knew Ubuntu or even used or tried it--this is good!
    • we still got a little more in gifts than we paid for the booth--existing Ubuntu users seem to like our efforts... Smile :-)

    • the West-Flanders booth team decided that it would be good to have an ubuntu-be national meeting to exchange ideas between booth volunteers (who operate mostly regionally now)
  • computer fair in Antwerp
    • no official Ubuntu-be booth, but several Ubuntu-be members were there with another booth--e.g. one of their regional computer club--and they promoted Ubuntu that way
  • preparations for FOSDEM:
    • prepare to bring a multiseat-system from multiseatcomputer.be to FOSDEM
    • prepare for the Ubuntu booth

Tunisian Team

  • In the continuation of the ENIS event 8.12 (abstract), the members of the loco redo a second trip of 3 days to the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS). The program of these days is visible at this address (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/EventENIS9.01). During these days the LoCo members assured general presentations (ubuntu, FOSS, etc.) and targeted presentations (C programming, visualization, etc.) for public present composed mainly by students and teachers. Also workshops concerning various subjects (daily use of ubuntu, C programming, visualization, etc.) were assured by the LoCo members.Half a day was reserved for an ubuntu 8.10 install party where approximately hundred persons were present. Another half day was reserved for the continuation of the migration project of the ENIS Computing Center. The last two classrooms (30 PC) have been migrated to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. This makes a total of 12 classrooms of 180 PCs that have migrated from windows to ubuntu. A group of our LoCo has assured the installation and configuration of an authentication server (OpenLDAP) to centralize the management of students accounts and assure that their data and documents will be accessible from all computing center classrooms. The photo album

Cypriot Team

  • Latest news

  • First team report (wiki)!

  • 2009-01-07: New server is up!! (mailing list)

  • 2008-12-13 (ongoing): Ubuntu-cy reacts to laptop funding pre-installed with Vista for high school students (Forum, "Why Vista?" letter, Summary).

  • 2008-11-10: The team wishes to support open source software use for ECDL certification in Cyprus (Forum).

  • 2008-11-08: Joint celebration of Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex and Fedora 10 Cambridge releases (wiki).

  • 2008-09-24: Linux/FOSS Presentation (wiki)

  • 2008-05-23 (ongoing): The team discusses the implementation of a joint project (Forum link 1, link 2).

    Upcoming Events

  • N/A (April/May 2009): 3rd release party (Jaunty 9.04) (preparation: Forum)

  • 2009-02-26: High school Linux presentation (wiki, Forum)

    Detailed report can be obtained as:

  • OpenOffice Document

  • PDF

Catalan Team

Greek Team

Tamil Team

Full Circle Magazine

  • Issue 19, and 20, of FCM released.
  • Thus far nearly 17,000 downloads of FCM#20. Over 26,000 downloads of #19.
  • Translation of FCM#18 to: Chinese and Italian online.
  • Translations of FCM#19 to: Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Chinese and Italian all online.
  • Issue #21 almost complete.
  • Donations button added to: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/, all donations are handled through Dreamhost and go towards paying for the FCM hosting, which Rob Kerfia has been paying for nearly two years. What a guy.

  • First competition result announced in FCM#20, second result coming in #21, prizes will be sent out shortly. When I get off my lazy back side that is...
  • Survey results will be in FCM#21, if anyone wishes to use the raw text of the results, they are at: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/docs/pmwiki.php?n=Issue21.SurveyResults.

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