January 2016 Team Reports


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  • January 6th: irc meeting verifying a new team member.

  • January 15th: starting next release party with a new location in Tortosa.

  • January 16th: contacts for an Ubuntu hour during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

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* 03 January - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Ron_A.

* 07 January - Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Paul Kairis.

  • 8 attendees – 1 new person
  • Discussed upcoming SCALE conference, who's going, travel, and accommodations
  • Fixed two laptops that are dual boot ubuntu/win10 and had issues with video
  • Discussed Drone technology, its uses in aerial photography and agriculture
  • Demoed logic board with MAX V CPLD how to connect gates to make circuits (Walter)
  • Discussed how to skip commercials on video using xbmc, kodi and MythTV

* 10 January - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Ron_A

* 16 January - Linux Install-fest co-sponsored by AZLOCO and PLUG.

  • 15 attendees
  • 2 installs
  • Set up server hardware and software for Rex
  • pavlos and stephenm configured hostapd
  • Proxmox install and test

* 17 January - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 24 January - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 28 January - Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense

  • 7 attendees
  • Discussed how to set up a dual boot with Microsoft Windows XP and Ubuntu.
  • Discussed the various ways to install Ubuntu to include a USB flash drive and the mediums it can be installed on.
  • Discussed when to attend the AZLOCO/PLUG installation festival in Tempe. Decision was 6 February.

* 28 January - Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole

  • 8 attendees
  • Discussed zentyal and proxmox with new guest.
  • Discussed how to pacify angry spouses of Linux geeks.
  • Tried to fix inconsistency between apt and update-manager without success.
  • Worked on script to detect pppoe dropouts.

* 31 January - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Todd Cole

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