• Kubuntu Translations Day report (DavidPlanella)

  • GNOME help files shipped verbatim in language packs (DavidPlanella)

    • Brief informative report
  • Translations Q+A

  • [DEFERRED] Promoting and using the Ubuntu Translations project (DavidPlanella)

    • Continued from previous meeting:
    • How to raise awareness of the purpose and usage of the project (to developers, bug triagers, bug reporters)
    • How to best integrate its usage to the bug triaging process
  • [DEFERRED] Disabling Hebrew CLI translations (DavidPlanella)

    • Hebrew translators want to disable their translations (other RTL languages' translators have either said they don't want to or they haven't expressed any complaints)
    • We've got a preliminary list of apps at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuHebrewTranslators/CLI

    • What options we've got for disabling them
    • How do we proceed



Kubuntu Translations Day report

GNOME help files shipped verbatim in language packs

Translations Q+A


[15:59] <dpm> soren, hi everyone!
[16:00] <dpm> #startmeeting
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[16:01] <dpm> soren, whoever's here for the translations meeting, give a shout!
[16:01] <evanrmurphy> here! (mostly)
[16:02] <dpm> hi evanrmurphy!
[16:02] <evanrmurphy> hi dpm :)
[16:02] <dpm> we'll wait a couple of minutes to see if other folks come by
[16:02] <czajkowski> alhoa
[16:02] <dpm> hey czajkowski
[16:03]  * ScottK pokes his head in to say thanks for all the great support for fixing Kubuntu translations yesterday.
[16:03] <dpm> hey ScottK! :-) It was great teamwork
[16:03] <ScottK> Agreed.
[16:04] <ScottK> I think we got more done yesterday than in the entire last year.
[16:04] <dpm> cool
[16:06] <dpm> as adiroiban was the one wanting to further discuss the first topic (Ubuntu Translations project) and he's not yet here, and as I believe we haven't got anyone from the Hebrew community to talk about the Hebrew translations issues, let's reshuffle the agenda:
[16:06] <rgreening> yay for improving kubuntu :) thanks
[16:07] <dpm> I'll start with a brief report on the Kubuntu Translations Day yesterday
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[16:08] <dpm> [TOPIC] Kubuntu Translations Day report
[16:08] <MootBot> New Topic:  Kubuntu Translations Day report
[16:09] <dpm> yesterday we celebrated the Kubuntu Translations Day on #kubuntu-devel, with the purpose of getting Kubuntu translations in good shape for Karmic and in general to give them some love
[16:10] <dpm> most of the work we did was not based on actual translations, but rather internationalization work, as a basis for:
[16:11] <dpm> a) users to see their apps properly translated in Kubuntu Karmic
[16:11] <dpm> b) translators to be able to translate them
[16:11] <dpm> we covered a lot of ground, and we got some bug reports to start working on
[16:12] <dpm> so this is still ongoing work, I do not want to stop it here
[16:13] <dpm> on the whole, I think the outcome was very positive and I'd like to repeat it again
[16:14] <dpm> we basically focused on Karmic, but we might use some of this work for Jaunty as well
[16:15] <dpm> for me personally, it was also a good opportunity to learn how the Kubuntu/KDE translation infrastructure works, and it was a fulfilling experience
[16:16] <dpm> we also had upstream presence there, yurchov, from the Ukranian KDE translation team, and we had the opportunity to exchange views and knowledge on Kubuntu-KDE translations
[16:17] <dpm> it will take some days to see the results of the work still, until the next karmic language packs are released, but during the release cycle they are released ca. every couple of days IIRC
[16:18] <dpm> so it shouldn't actually take long
[16:18] <dpm> I think that was all from my part, has anyone got any questions?
[16:23] <dpm> it seems there aren't any questions, nor many people around so I'll skip the discussion topics and I'll just report on the next topic
[16:24] <dpm> and go on with the monologue :-)
[16:28] <dpm> [TOPIC] GNOME help files shipped verbatim in language packs
[16:28] <MootBot> New Topic:  GNOME help files shipped verbatim in language packs
[16:31] <dpm> There's work in progress in getting the GNOME help files in language packs
[16:31] <dpm> This will _probably_ be done for Karmic
[16:31] <czajkowski> that would be rather helpful
[16:32] <dpm> yes, but I should highlight that at this point this will only be a (Live-/Alternate-)CD space-saving feature,
[16:33] <dpm> since the xml to PO (import) and PO to xml (langpack export) conversion will still have to be done manually.
[16:33] <dpm> We will only copy the verbatim bits, no xml <-> po conversion for now, that requires proper rosetta support
[16:34] <dpm> which is not yet implemented
[16:35] <dpm> For those interested in the (technical) details, here's the corresponding bug -> https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/123020
[16:35] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 123020 in pkgbinarymangler "support shipping verbatim files in the exported tarballs" [Wishlist,In progress]
[16:36] <czajkowski> dpm: thanks
[16:36] <czajkowski> .c
[16:37] <dpm> np :)
[16:39] <dpm> hopefully this will give us some more space in the CD for additional language packs, although since we're also adding features and generally making Ubuntu rocking harder every time, space in the CD is always a balance between features and functionality
[16:39] <dpm> sorry, that was wrong, features and _usability_ :-)
[16:41] <dpm> anyway, I think since there's not many folks around I'd say we move the pending topics to the mailing list and we make the rest of the meeting a Q+A session on translations, what do you say?
[16:42] <evanrmurphy> ay
[16:43] <dpm> ok, so now's the chance to ask everything you wanted to know on translations and were afraid to ask, just shoot :-)
[16:43] <czajkowski> well this is more a general question about translations
[16:43] <dpm> [TOPIC] Translations Q+A
[16:43] <MootBot> New Topic:  Translations Q+A
[16:44] <dpm> sure, feel free to ask czajkowski
[16:44] <czajkowski> we;re trying to do more for our team irish, but we keep seening to start bits and pieces here and there, for other teams, how do you do it, everyone work on seperate areas, or work on one area till it's done
[16:45] <czajkowski> maybe it's more a question for -locoteams, but seeing as folks are in here I said I'd ask
[16:48] <dpm> I think it's a perfect question for this meeting :) The way of working depends on each team. I guess the first question would be where you want to put your translation efforts: Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Form a comment from shanefagan, IIRC I think the Irish team want to concentrate on Ubuntu
[16:48] <czajkowski> aye,
[16:48] <czajkowski> so last night I looked at Ubuntu one, and it's half done.
[16:49] <czajkowski> just wondering do teams have trnaslation meet ups and do it at the same time or jsut keep going at it
[16:49] <czajkowski> dpm: thanks
[16:50] <dpm> I think this thread started by evanrmurphy on the ubuntu-translators ML will give you some more insight on how different teams work and communicate -> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-translators/2009-July/002618.html
[16:51] <czajkowski> dpm: perfect thanks
[16:51] <dpm> in general I think teams work more in a distributed way
[16:51] <czajkowski> *nods*
[16:51] <dpm> and use mailing lists and forums to communicate
[16:51] <dpm> BUT
[16:51] <dpm> I think translation jams are a good opportunity to get together and get a lot of translations done
[16:52] <czajkowski> dpm: might try one
[16:52] <dpm> that's one of the reasons we are trying to promote them in the Ubuntu Global Jam
[16:52] <dpm> yeah
[16:53] <dpm> As for what to concentrate on to translate: then you can decide on which packages (as in applications) you want to focus on. I'd recommend the most visible ones, since they're also the ones users will first see and will be easier for translators to test
[16:53] <czajkowski> yes I think we're going to have to do one before hand and get people more invovled in it and practice. Leftmost sent us an email asking us to contribute to gnome more upstream but that means not using rosetta, and that is rather nice tool
[16:54] <czajkowski> dpm: thanks you've helped a lot
[16:54] <dpm> czajkowski: np, I'm glad I could help
[16:54] <dpm> you can still use Rosetta and submit translations back to GNOME, though
[16:54] <dpm> it is a bit more technical, but it's still doable
[16:55] <dpm> I've been working on some documentation in the wiki on how to do that
[16:55] <czajkowski> ok good to know at least
[16:56] <dpm> It's still work in progress and I started it to have some material for the Kubuntu Translations Day, but the next step will be for me (or other community members) to document how to contribute back to GNOME
[16:56] <czajkowski> dpm: cool I think that's what leftmost was saying with regard to irish .
[16:57] <dpm> czajkowski: here's the KDE page as an example -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Upstream/KDE
[16:57] <czajkowski> cheers
[16:57] <dpm> you're welcome
[16:58] <dpm> anything else for the last 3 mins?
[16:59] <geirha> Are man-pages translatable through rosetta?
[16:59] <dpm> geirha: no, they are not translatable. For those we do not import translations and they are only translatable upstream
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[17:00] <dpm> It's mostly for technical reasons
[17:01] <dpm> man pages do not use gettext, which is the translation technology behind most opensource projects, and that's the only format (apart from an exception for Mozilla projects)
[17:01] <geirha> dpm: I see. That explains why I can't find it on lp :)
[17:01] <dpm> yup :)
[17:01] <dpm> anyway, I think we'll leave it here for today
[17:01] <czajkowski> excellent
[17:01] <dpm> many thanks to everyone for listening and for your participation
[17:02]  * dpm claps
[17:02] <dpm> see you around, and in the next meeting :)
[17:02] <dpm> #endmeeting


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