This page will be used to collect the ideas and suggestions to be used as a basis to draft the Translations Roadmap for the Ubuntu 11.04 cycle.

  • OBJECTIVE: Translation Stories

  • DESCRIPTION: Reaching out translator teams, and ask them if they have story to share about how, a translated version of Ubuntu, has helped people/companies/schools in a particular way, something that a non-translated version couldn't have achieved, and share their story on the Fridge, pointing out how important is the translators work. (MiloCasagrande)

  • OBJECTIVE: Ubuntu Translations Portal

  • DESCRIPTION: A community-driven web portal where translator groups (but not only them) can get together, a sort-of Language Portal like Microsoft has, but better and open-source. (MiloCasagrande)

  • OBJECTIVE: List of Ubuntu Translatable Packages, their Upstreams and link to contact people for the upstreams

  • DESCRIPTION: Compile a list of all translatable packages in Ubuntu and their upstreams, to ease the process of contributing back to upstream. Also add a contact address, so translators can easily get in tocuh with the person responsible for translations in upstream.(Andrej Žnidaršič)

  • OBJECTIVE: Translatable Code Of Conduct and Leadership Code Of Conduct

  • DESCRIPTION: Make the Code Of Conduct and Leadership Code Of Conduct translatable and available to everyone to get it in their own language. (Laura Czajkowski)

  • OBJECTIVE: Involve users in translations QA

  • DESCRIPTION: Find an easy way to allow users to report language specific bugs, and forward it to the appropriate Team. (Xuacu Saturio)

  • OBJECTIVE: Objective Title

  • DESCRIPTION: Describe briefly the objective here.


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