The Web Presence Team

The web presence team is a group of people who help to ensure that the websites meet the needs of people searching for information about Ubuntu and related projects. Currently there is collaboration between multiple affected Ubuntu community teams such as Kubuntu, Edubuntu, the Documentation team and the Marketing team.

We have a goal outlined at Website/Goals. Membership is open to anyone who feels qualified but we do ask people to adhere to code of Website/Conduct.

Reporting website problems

The best way to report a problem is through launchpad's bug tracker. Please see or you can hop onto irc and report it in #ubuntu-website on freenode.


There is an IRC chat room on freenode, it is #ubuntu-website and is rather quiet. Please join and liven up the conversation a little. You can view past logs here.

Mailing List

If you would like to participate in the Ubuntu Website team please join the MailingList


Our current tasks are:

Future tasks are:

Past tasks are:


Please join the #ubuntu-website channel and lets discuss how to get more community involvement.



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