Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #106 for the week September 6, September 13.

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  • Wednesday-September 16, 2009
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Summary of the September 13, 2009 meeting

johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 9:01 PM

Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/09September13

johnc4510, began with a discussion of the upcoming GlobalJam and wiki pages:

"Our problem is that we don't have folks that work on bugs, except scott_ev. But we can do some testing on the development release: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Testing . Things like the installer and different apps that are default at install. I also want us to work on our team wiki pages and the US loco wiki pages. They aren't in bad shape, but we can make some improvements."

johnc4510 has already signed us up on the US loco page for jam, and will for the overall jam event. As for the days...Friday we could do something easy in the evening I think...maybe the wiki stuff. And we can use Saturday for the testing of the release.

johnc4510 will "take care of the signups, wiki page creation, and email to the team list tomorrow for the jam event."

dbuell was talked through the process of joining the team and welcomed by team members.

PLUG announcements (delivered by slofgren):

  • Stammtische in Tempe and Avondale this week
  • Software Freedom Day on Saturday

The meeting was adjourned at 9:56.


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