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About Me

Bodhi.zazen is derived from Buddhism. "Bodhi" is a symbol of enlightenment and refers to the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. "Zazen" is the sitting meditation at the heart of Zen Buddhism.

I am a non-IT professional in Montana and a father to four children. I chose Montana for the natural beauty and the solitude of the outdoors. I spend my weekends with the children hiking, skiing and touring the local hot springs.

The Ubuntu Community was invaluable to me as I learned Linux and I was able to migrate to Ubuntu (no more closed source OS), at least for all boxes under my influence. The openness and welcoming spirit of the Ubuntu Forums is an invaluable asset to the broader Linux community and it is an honor to be a member of the community.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community


Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team

I really should take the time to thank all the dedicated volunteers on the Beginners Team. I has truly been an honor to lead the Beginners Team. The purpose of the team is to both welcome and support new users and although the focus has been the forums the team also supports the Wiki team, Launchpad, IRC, and even Development. The Beginners Team encourages deeper involvement in the Ubuntu Community and many members and former (less active ? ) members have become Ubuntu Members, Ubuntu Developers (MOTU), and moderators on the staff. It has been a pleasure to learn from and with the members of the Beginners Team.

Useful information

Sample config files : I will admit I am following jdong's lead on this, but I have made a few items available as examples (sample .bashrc and .zshrc, sample aa-profiles [See the "aa-profiles" directory]). : Although I listed my web site above I should comment that I am dabbling with some tutorials on a personal server, as much for my education and learning as anything else. I am new to web pages, html, css, etc. The current pages are from sessions I have given at the Helena LUG and I have converted the content / handouts of talks I have given to HTML and made them more widely available.

Future Plans

Testimonials (old, from the Ubuntu Membership process)

Testimonials (new, for the CC to see as we consider bodhi.zazen for membership on the Forum Council)

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