Key Achievements

  • Founding member of the Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team

  • Founding member of the Ubuntu Central America initiative
  • Official member of the Ubuntu l10n-es Team
  • Active collaborator in the Latin American Ubuntu community
  • Part of the organizers of the I Central American Ubucon
  • Part of the organizers of the first Ubuntu Open Week in Spanish
  • Active contributor to the SpreadUbuntu project


My vision is a inclusive and representative LoCo Council, that truly reflects the diversity of the Ubuntu community. Another of the big challenges for the Council is to reach out to the community, to raise awareness about the job that's being done within the Council and to work closer with the LoCo Teams.


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  • CelvinRivas El Salvador, Leo is very worker who has helped very much to the community of El Salvador and many other communities sure, definitely support him in everything.

  • EfrainValles - Venezuela, Leonardo is a Key member for the Latin American Community. He has been a promotor of big events Like FLISOL and Software freedom Day in Nicaragua. He has proven to be a natural leader in his community and his energy promotes more participation in everything he endevours.

  • PabloRubianes - Uruguay, I think Leandro would be a perfect LoCo Council member, He is qualified for the job, as his skills and personality makes him perfect for it. In addition to this I am sure He will be a great Latinamerica representative in the Council, something It could encourage People here to follow his steps.

  • Leo Arias - Costa Rica, I met leogg at Central America's first free software meeting. Thanks to him that meeting was possible. And while being there we started to join efforts to work in a more integrated group of Central American LoCos. We thank leogg for all the help and we fully support him on this candidacy.

  • DiegoTc - Honduras What I can say about him. Always involved in huge events and activities. He had been working in several activities that benefit Ubuntu in Latinamerica. He is always available for any question. Go Leandro

  • Marcelo Gutierrez - Nicaragua. You can always count with Leandro's help and support.

  • norm - Nicaragua. Big L, he is a great person in the Nicaraguan Community. Always thinking what to do and promoting new things. A good leader in our community and a good graphic designer. He is always working to integrate the central america LoCo Teams. Helping to Alucardni and me in order to become Ubuntu Member, El Salvador LoCo Team in order to become an oficial LoCo Team. Leader of POSOL. He will be the right person in the LoCo Council supporting LoCo Teams.

  • Adolfo Fitoria Nicaragua. He is one of the starters of the FLOSS movement in Nicaragua and Ubuntu evangelizer, he helped me to "free my mind" ;-). Great designer, organizer, leader, activist. Known in all Latin America for sure.

  • José Ernesto Dávila - Nicaragua. Leandro is the person you want to work with if you want to succeed. He has been an example to all the nicaraguan FLOSS contributors and would be great to have him in the LoCo Council.

  • Igor Guerrero - Florida, US. The man that started everything, he has strong opinions about how free software should work, also as an early contributor too I can say that he's the guy to lead a community.

  • Rubén Romero - Besides being one of the most visible assets in the Latin-American community Leandro is involved in many projects, always excelling (from community meetings/summits to podcasts, to artwork design, to community outreach and teaching projects) and nonetheless being exactly what he is: a great person living in the Ubuntu spirit. I fully endorse him and can say that the growth and strength of the whole Spanish speaking Ubuntu community exists only because of people like him.

  • Byron Corrales - Nicaragua. Leo is a hard worker who has assumed the leadership of the Nicaraguan community for many years and largely ubuntu expansion in our country is thanks to his help and effort

  • Eivar Montenegro - Panamá. I met him at the Central America's first free software meeting (ECSL). He is a great person in the Central America Community. Always active, he always have an activity or event in he is working on or promoting. He work realy hard to help his team and collegues, helping out many of them to become oficial Ubuntu Members. I think he will make a great job in the LoCo Council.

  • ...

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