June 2009 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

LoCo Council

  • LoCoDirectory Status:

    • 75% of teams populated
    • Small issues with naming convention ( ubuntu-(iso-country-code): Teams that really want to will have to ask nicely to see if they can get their names for their teams. If bad comes to worse they will have to stick to what other name they have.
    • ~locoteams-approved is restricted and further discussion on how to populate it and the reapproval process will be discussed in the mailing lists and brought in for the next meeting.
  • Forum admins can decide what subdomains to use for LoCo forums.

  • Ireland is now an approved LoCo.

MOTU Council

  • MC Call for 03-06-2009:
    • Attendees: Daniel Holbach, Jonathan Davies, Emmet Hikory.
    • Open Applications:
      • أحمد المحمودي (universe contributor).
      • Steve Stalcup (MOTU/core-dev).
    • Agenda: No items for discussion.
  • MC Meeting, 12th June:
    • Please give Stephen Stalcup a warm welcome to the team, where he's continue to work on KDE packages and sponsoring.
    • We're very pleased to welcome a new member to the MOTU team: Nick Ellery. Nick has been working a lot on merging changes from Debian and lowering the delta between Debian and Ubuntu.
    • Stéphane Graber wants to expand his activities a bit and work some more on server packages and Edubuntu and applied for Core Dev. The MC recommends Stéphane.
  • MC Call 2009-06-18:
    • Attendees: Richard Johnson, Emmet Hikory, Daniel Holbach, Jonathan Davies, Michael Bienia.
    • Upcoming Applications: Ahmed El-Mahmoudy (Contributing Developer)
    • Agenda Items:
      • General move of meeting times (proving difficult, moving discussion to email)
      • Finding suitable meeting time for Ahmed El-Mahmoudy, decided on 25th June, 16:00 UTC.
  • MC Meeting 2009-06-24:
    • أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy)'s great work on packages, his interaction with Debian and work on the Sabily distributions left us no other choice but to say +1. Smile :-)

    • After an interesting discussion about Java packaging, the Server team and cheese the MC found out that they would very much like to see Thierry Carrez in ~ubuntu-core-dev. Hence our recommendation.
    • Andrea Gasparini did a great work in the MOTU community, working on lots of different packages. His great love for QA and working with Debian and love for the Italian LoCo sealed the deal: +1 from all present MC members.

    • Andreas Moog's great work on Desktop and other packages, his great attention to detail and work with Debian made the decision pretty easy. He's just joined the MOTU team.

Technical Board

  • TB meeting, 2009-06-16:

    • Outstanding actions
      • mdz to talk to kiko/bjornt to investigate drivers powers: continues
      • Mono discussion
    • Edubuntu Releases for Karmic and Karmic+1 and hosting on Canonical infrastructure: approval for moving to USB or DVD images if the CD image team is in agreement and consideration is given to effective testing; releases.ubuntu.com vs. cdimage.ubuntu.com is based on download popularity and infrastructure concerns and is not an indication of status, and mirroring questions should be brought up with mirror admins on ubuntu-mirrors@
    • Inclusion of universe within Edubuntu: approved
    • Ubuntu Core Developer application for Stéphane Graber: approved; congratulations and welcome!
    • Ubuntu Core Developer application for James Westby; approved; congratulations and welcome!
  • TB meeting, 2009-06-30
    • Scott Kitterman's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClamavUpdates proposal for a ClamAV update policy was endorsed by the Technical Board, contingent on the approval of the security and release teams

    • Charlie Smotherman was granted upload privileges for ampache, ampache-themes and coherence
    • Thierry Carrez was welcomed as a new core developer
    • Scott James Remnant has put forward a Technical Board position statement regarding Mono, which is to be published shortly
    • The Technical Board is discussing the creation of a new governing body, the Developer Applications Board, to process new developer applications, separating this function from the Technical Board itself

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Asturian Team

  • Day 19: Presentation the Asturian translation of Edubuntu. Blog Tapaponga

  • Day 11: Chat Metting Log

  • Upload poster for Install Party in SpreadUbuntu for the comunity.

Cameroonian Team

Czech Team

Chilean Team

Colombian team

Danish Team

German Team


  • June 9th: Berlin Jam, had a look at two bugs reports and patching of applications. Also did an impromptu key-signing.
  • June 16th: Encryption workshop part I: GnuPG, email & jabber

  • June 27th: Barbecue after the LinuxTag fair with approx. 200 guests and Marcel Bien and Ubuntu Developer Daniel Holbach as blazing DJs at the turntables. (Photos)

Greek Team

Honduras Team

  • 5th One of our members of the Honduras Team did a presentation in BarCamp Unitec

  • 18th Our Team Contact Leader was present at the I Ubucom Central America which took place at Nicaragua on the ECSL

  • 25th Some of the memebers of the team make the I Pizza Bash it was a nice experience. Where many topics were discussed.

Irish Team

Japanese Team

  • The Ubuntu Manga "Ubunchu" episode 2 was released under CC-BY-NC. The Japanese LoCo member Fumihito Yoshida translated the majority into Engrish, and the US-Massachusetts LoCo member Martin Owens translated into English. It's translated to 11 languages now.

  • We talked about our activity for a Japanese local magazine "Linux 100%".
  • We started to plan the Ubuntu local meeting "Ubuntu Off-Line Meeting Tokyo 9.08". It's will held 1st Aug.

Korean Team

  • cobuntu 9.04.2 release 2009-06-02

    • Changed the name of distro : kobuntu -> cobuntu

    • Changed the default repository : kr.archive.ubuntu.com -> ftp.daum.net

    • Updated translation : May 26, 2009
    • Changed the default font : Unfont -> Lexi font

Lithuanian Team

Norwegian team

  • Rubén has taken over Karianne's job as contact member for the Norwegian team.

  • Planning group reorganization
  • Meeting on Sunday 26th 2100 UTC+2 in #ubuntu-no @ FreeNode

Romanian Team

Russian Teams

The Team



  • Managing of ubuntu.ru domain has been enhanced by Google Apps:
    • Active members of the Team may use <member>@ubuntu.ru accounts;

    • There are plans to use Google services for project coordination.
  • Public calendar is up and running (http://ubuntu.ru/calendar).

Novosibirsk Team

Kuban Team

Saratov Team

Venezuelan Team

  • June 13 Team's 3rd Anniversary - Merida 2009: The team, through davidhdz, organized this year's anniversary event. We had talks (and the colaboration of the GentooVE Team and the Debian Venezuela team), an ubuntu Booth, we gave away http://blog.santiago.zarate.net.ve/archives/44-Ubuntu-Socks! which Jaime Escobar donated, and few caps, and of curse Ubuntu Cds and Flyers of the team. We developed a small application to register the people that asisted, to later send them information and/or invite to next events in their area and so on. The place was provided by the ULA (Los Andes University).

  • June 17 IRC Talk Firewall y shorewall: This talk is about the use of Firewall and Shorewall for security computing. Speaker vensign. Coordinated by ntovar

  • June 26 Simon Bolivar University's Install Fest: The guys from the USB (School of computer Science) organized a small install fest, with many teams (Canaima, VOSUG, DebianVE), and they invited us!, so we traveled a little bit, to get there and spread the word!. We made about 2 full Installs, and 2 dual boot, helped some users with softwareproblems, we gave some guidance to others, and made new contacts, for futher events.

  • June 24 IRC Talk LAMP: In this talk the spokesman refer to installing of apache, mysql and php in Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Speaker vensign. Coordinated by ntovar

  • June 27 Ubuntazo #2: The Caracas Team, again wanted to Repeat the sucess of the first Ubuntazo, this time, we had another set of talks, from introduction to the internet (Browsing and chat) to OpenOffice (an overview). The people had great interest of having a more deep knowledge of OpenOffice usage, and other tools, we also had a tecnichal board outside the auditorium, with installs and TSPP (Bring your own paste), which consists of users coming with their own virgin cds/pendrives, and we give them the OS on their media, also we gave away more of these http://blog.santiago.zarate.net.ve/archives/44-Ubuntu-Socks!, cds, flyers. The place was the Simon Rodriguez Library, in caracas

    • Pictures
      • Looking for them

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Chicago Team

  • Planning Event and Key Signing Party
    • Held at onShore Networks on Sunday, June 28th
    • Approximately 7 people in attendance
    • Planned for future educational sessions to teach people how to use and contribute to Ubuntu
    • Spent time signing GnuPG keys of all attendees to strengthen the web of trust

Florida Team

  • Tampa Meetup
  • Team fishing trip
  • Qimo Build Day May
  • South East Linux Fest
    • itnet7 and pak33m represented the team.

    • itnet7 represented the Florida Linux Show

    • pak33m attended two BOF sessions with other other LoCo team members to mostly talk about improving LoCos.

  • Ubuntu Global Jam for Empathy
  • Meeting June 2nd

    1. Proposed a Packaging Jam for September 27th, 2009

    2. Proposed a Bug Jam for July or August but tbd.
    3. Talked about creating a video for the SpreadUbuntu project.

  • Meeting June 16th

    1. Qimo Youth Build Day
    2. Ubuntu Membership mentoring for the team

New York State Team



Ohio Team

Pennsylvania Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

  • Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team Meeting 2009-06-02

    • Discuss name change in response to Community Council suggestion
    • Introduction of "Quest for Python", a group learning effort to learn Python using "A Byte of Python" by Swaroop C H.

    • The Ubuntu Community Learning Project was formally presented to the Community Council

    • Discussion about mentoring younger members of the team in regards to proper online etiquette
  • Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2009-06-16

    • Agreed to add ~ubuntu-beginners-council as an administrator for all Ubuntu Beginners Team Launchpad teams
    • Agreed to add icon from ~ubuntu-beginners on Launchpad to Social Group on the forums

    • Discussion about how to handle votes will take place on the mailing list, and clear guidelines will be approved at the next meeting
    • Beginners Team Council will work on drafting a charter for the council, which will be voted on at the next meeting. This is in response to a team desire for the council to be more active.
    • The team has been renamed to the Ubuntu Beginners Team. All team resources are currently being updated
    • Decide to create a team todo list
    • Discussion will take place on mailing list about having more frequent focus group meetings
  • Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2009-06-30

    • Agreed to transition IRC channels from using the ##beginners-foo naming scheme to #ubuntu-beginners-foo
    • Decide to hold off on requiring Beginners Team Council and Focus Group leaders to sign the Leadership Code of Conduct until it can be tracked on Launchpad.

    • Agreed to keep the list of Ubuntu Members on the Beginners Team (Jedi Fellows) in order to encourage new users to work towards Ubuntu membership
    • Provided a status update on the Beginners Team Council Charter

    • Elizabeth Krumbach joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. She has done a great job working with the Education Focus Group, and is helping to get the Ubuntu Community Learning Project off the ground.

    • Announcement that the Young New Users Focus Group held its first meeting.

    • Announcement that the Ubuntu Beginners Team IRC Channel is now +mz as a result of some recent incidents that transpired.
    • Announcement that the Education Focus Group is still involved with the Ubuntu Community Learning Project, and they are currently discussing which license to use for courses.

Ubuntu NGO Team

Ubuntu Women

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