June 2010 Team Reports


If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

Developer Membership Board

Developer Membership Board meeting June 8th, 2010 15:00 UTC

The meeting didn't happen due to lack of quorum.

Developer Membership Board meeting June 22nd, 2010 15:00 UTC

  • Chair: Michael Bienia
  • Present: Colin Watson, Richard Johnson, Emmet Hikory, Soren Hansen
  • Absent: Stéphane Graber, Cody Somerville
  • Action review:
    • [ACTION] Colin Watson to create ubuntu-kernel-uploaders team owned by the DMB that will provide upload permissions to Ubuntu kernel packages (Still pending)

    • [ACTION] Cody Somerville to write an e-mail to the list concerning the layout/format of the DMB meeting - membership first (Still pending)

    • [ACTION] Colin Watson to create Mozilla Package Set (Done).

      • [VOTE] Add Alexander Sack (asac), Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) and Fabien Tassin (fta) as uploaders to the Mozilla Package set (Result: 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.)

  • Administrative Matters:
    • "Meeting Structure" and "Voting Procedures" are still pending a discussion on the DMB list.
  • MOTU application: Stefano Rivera

    • Approved: 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
  • PPU application: Barry Warsaw

    • Barry Warsaw got upload rights for computer-janitor, python-lazr.restful, python-lazr.restfulclient, python-argparse, python-virtualenv, python-flufl.enum, python-flufl.i18n: 4 for, 0 against, 1 abstained.
  • Universe contributor application: Lorenzo De Liso

    • Approved: 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
  • PPU application: Gediminas Paulauskas

    • Gediminas Paulauskas got upload rights for the packages listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GediminasPaulauskas/Packages (rev #5) from the sections "Zope", "Zope Community", "SchoolTool" and "Python Packaging": 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.

      [ACTION] Colin Watson to create a zope packageset incorporating the Zope, Zope Community, and Python Packaging sections, and a schooltool packageset for the SchoolTool section.

  • PPU application: Monty Taylor

    • Monty Taylor got upload rights for drizzle, gearmand, libdrizzle, libinnodb, libmemcached, python-drizzle and pandora-build: 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.

Forum Council

IRC Council

IRC Council Meeting June 12, 2010 20:00 UTC

Attendance: topyli, nhandler, Pici, jussi, tsimpson

  • Agreed to accept the current draft of the Operator Guide for use
    • The Guide is a live document that we can append as necessary. A section is needed on when and how to escalate issues
    • ACTION: received: nhandler to move the draft to the appropriate place on the wiki and add a !opguide factoid to channels
  • Reviewed status of Bug #513915 - IRC Clients join Ubuntu channels by default in Guadalinex
    • Terence has commented on the bug, asking what progress has been made. Replies indicate progress
    • Waiting for closure.

IRC Council Meeting June 27, 2010 18:00 UTC

Attendance: jussi, tsimpson, topyli

  • No agenda items
    • tsimpson brought up the discussion of dual cloaks but we decided to wait for attendance of nhandler (freenode staffer).
    • No new bugs.

LoCo Council

  • Ubuntu Re-Approval process, and clarifying the current workflow.

The workflow is as follows. When a team is accepted into the approved community, it has two years of undisturbed work. At the end of it's two years, it is put into a renewel pool. If the team is selected, they are reviewed and not considered again for two years. If they are not selected, they go into the pool again next year.

  • Ubuntu Meeting attendance -- It was resolved that Laura would email the contacts mailing list no later then the Friday preceding a meeting

    Ubuntu Ways of effectively communicating messages to Local Communities. Topic discussed included getting messages to every member of every loco in a timely manner. It was resolved to look into sending messages to mailing lists

    Ubuntu popey to investigate The LoCo Council being added to all LoCo teams mailing list so the Council can post directly to them

    Ubuntu Ways of using the new features of the LoCo Directory to leverage it's effectiveness in a neat and well-thought out way. We discussed creating features to ease the migration from wiki to LD ( LoCo Directory ).

Technical Board

Meeting of the TB, 2010-06-01

  • Attendees
    • Chair: Keybuk
    • Present: kees, mdz, pitti, sabdfl
    • Review of Actions
      • Keybuk had sent draft mail to TB about sparc and ia64 ports, no objections were received, so the board carried and keybuk will send the mail
    • Chromium standing FFe
      • The board discussed a standing Feature Freeze Exception for Chromium, however since the package has not yet had any SRUs, it was decided that this should be deferred until a reasonable (Kees suggested 3) number had been completed. Martin Pitt will re-raise this once he feels it has proven it's worth an exception.
    • Community Bugs
      • The board resolved that the issue of ubuntu-drivers many roles should be a medium-priority bug, and should be fed back to the Launchpad team as part of the usual process
    • Chair for next meeting: cjwatson

Meeting of the TB, 2010-06-15

  • Attendees
    • Chair: cjwatson
    • Present: kees, Keybuk, mdz, pitti, sabdfl
  • Action review
    • The board resolved that the issue of ubuntu-drivers many roles should be a medium-priority bug, and should be fed back to the Launchpad team as part of the usual process
      • mdz passed this to Marjo for the next Launchpad stakeholders meeting
  • Review StableReleaseUpdates policy of contacting the Technical Board regarding regressions (mdz)

    • The directions in StableReleaseUpdates were suboptimal in various ways. They suggested e-mailing the TB for regressions, which is not necessarily the most helpful immediate point of contact. They were also unclear that only regressions in -updates need urgent escalation, not regressions in -proposed.

    • The board discussed appropriate targets for escalation, agreeing that ~ubuntu-archive would be appropriate, since they have the most useful set of technical authorisations, and that there should be a factoid in the #ubuntu-devel channel bot to contact the relevant set of people. cjwatson and pitti took actions to implement this.

  • Selection of the Linaro GCC for other architectures (doko)
    • The Linaro project is expected to use a toolchain drop from CodeSourcery rather than an FSF release of GCC, and would like to explore the extent to which work can be shared with mainline Ubuntu, either on the armel architecture alone or on all architectures. Matthias Klose, as Ubuntu toolchain maintainer, asked for the board's advice.

    • The board was divided on this issue. Opinions expressed by individual board members included:
      • We should use the CS patchset only on armel, in order to reduce the risk of bug reports on x86 being rejected by (FSF) upstream.
      • We should use the CS patchset on all architectures to help accelerate the upstreaming of those patches.
      • We should provide the FSF and CS versions as separate packages, in order to make it easier to switch between them, perhaps even on a package-by-package basis (however, we need to pick one or the other for run-time libraries such as libgcc and libstdc++).
      • We have made it clear that we expect CS to cover cross-architecture fallout as part of the Linaro work.
      • We should run a test rebuild with the CS patchset and analyse the output before taking any significant decision.
      • The primary risks seem to be on deprecated architectures which are of less concern to us.
    • The board did not take a final decision, but will wait for the results of a test rebuild.
  • Scan the mailing list archive for anything we missed
  • Check up on community bugs (standing item)
    • The only open bug was the ubuntu-drivers bug discussed earlier.
  • Chair for next meeting: kees

Meeting of the TB, 2010-06-29

  • Attendees
    • Chair: kees
    • Present: mdz, cjwatson, kees, pitti, keybuk, sabdfl
  • Action review
    • cjwatson to write up minutes from prior meeting
    • pitti reworded StableReleaseUpdates to indicate that panic button only applies to -updates

    • pitti added !regression-alert factoid
    • pitti removed "mail TB" step from SRU docs
    • cjwatson opened RT ticket for spam-cleaning technical-board@ archives
  • Scan the mailing list archive for anything we missed
    • nothing new
  • Community Bugs
    • [ACTION] kees to check up on scheduling of 174375 with bdmurray
  • Other Business
    • [ACTION] mdz to follow up with doko on toolchain, ix86 performance
  • Chair for next meeting: Keybuk

Ubuntu Development Teams

Reviewers Team

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for June, 2010

Bug Triage

  • Many bugs have been triaged and fixed this month.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • In cooperation with Debian packaged and synced Xfce 4.6.2 for Maverick.
  • Released Maverick Meerkat Alpha1 on 2010-06-03. This is the first development release of what will become the next version of Xubuntu, 10.10. It available for testing purposes at http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/maverick/alpha-1/ .

Website & Marketing




Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Cameroonian Team

Catalan Team

  • June 1st: LoCo irc meeting. Thoughts about Lucid release party.

  • June 4th: all the machines (5) made Lucid at the Administration of IES Torre Vicens Secondary School in Lleida.

  • June 5th: upgrade from LTS to LTS on Caliu.cat server.
  • June 7th: announce for next place to hold a release party.
  • June 16th: LoCo irc meeting. Creating a new team for information distribution.

  • June 26th: Ubuntu Coffee chat at the Casal Popular La Guitza, Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona.
  • June 29th: Assistance to a meeting for a new Catalan free software and knowledge coordination.

Chilean Team

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

French Team

  • June 4th, 5th : RSSIL in Maubeuge

  • June 5th : Install Party in Coutance

  • June 7th : weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • June 12th : Install Party in Saint-Étienne

  • June 12th : Status meeting for the staff on the Install Party 10.04 in Paris.
  • June 14th : weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • June 18th : Ubuntu Party in Marseille

  • June 19th : Install Party in Sarrebourg

  • June 21st : weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • June 22nd : ubuntu-fr LocoTeam meeting (minutes)

    • results of our web activities by each teams (design, documentation, forum, planet)
    • results of our last events
    • results of our new online store
    • changes in the teams admins
    • future big events (RMLL, vieilles charrues, braderie de Lille, Ubuntu Party)
    • future improvements of our web platform (new design, upgrades, new plugins)
  • June 26th : Install Party in Saint Viance

  • June 26th : Install Party in Lyon by SUPInfo

  • June 28th : weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

Honduras Team

Ubuntu Ireland

Ubuntu Israel

  • shualdon entered as an op to the room #ubuntu-il.
  • CDs and badges (thanks to System76) was started to be sent to people all over the country!

Ubuntu Colombia

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Nicaraguan Team

  • 05 Jun:
    • Ubuntu User Day in Spanish (i) event wiki. Leandro Gómez and José Ernesto Dávila participated as instructors.

Norwegian team

Philippine Team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

South African Ubuntu team

Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team

Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team

  • This month we have been planning the Ubuntu In Business event, the Geeknic and other upcoming activities.

We have been looking at the branding guidelines and a number of designs and mockups for the UK website and logo have been put forward for discussion.

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Ubuntu California

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team

  • 2010-06-07: Monthly Team IRC Meeting
    • Discussed trying a one-time Ubuntu hour type event

District of Columbia Team

Florida LoCo Team

Iowa Team

New York State Team

20100619 9am - 5:30pm FOSSCON 2010 FOSSCON 2010 @ RIT

No mettings held

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

  • LoCo team IRC meetings cancelled for summer vacation (just this month)

  • NC Team held an UbuntuHour in Kernersville on June 12th, 2010

  • Members of the NC LoCo team participated in SELF, The Southeast Linux Fest

Ohio Team

Pennsylvania Team

Washington Team

Ubuntu Venezuela Team

Zimbabwe Team

Additional Ubuntu Teams

Ubuntu Beginners Team

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu NGO Team

Ubuntu Women Team

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