• Promoting and using the Ubuntu Translations project (DavidPlanella)

    • Continued from previous meeting:
      • How to raise awareness of the purpose and usage of the project (to developers, bug triagers, bug reporters)
      • How to best integrate its usage to the bug triaging process
  • Welsh Translation Team Administrator (MarkJones)

  • [DEFERRED] Disabling Hebrew CLI translations (DavidPlanella)

    • Hebrew translators want to disable their translations (other RTL languages' translators have either said they don't want to or they haven't expressed any complaints)
    • We've got a preliminary list of apps at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuHebrewTranslators/CLI

    • What options we've got for disabling them
    • How do we proceed



Promoting and using the Ubuntu Translations project

Welsh Translation Team Administrator


[16:00] <dpm> #startmeeting
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[16:01] <ianto> Present o/
[16:01] <dpm> hi everyone, welcome to the Ubuntu Translations meeting
[16:01] <dpm> so, we see ianto is here :) who else?
[16:01] <markjones> Good afternon
[16:01] <nglnx> Good afternoon :)
[16:03] <czajkowski> aloha
[16:04] <dpm> then hi everyone ( markjones, nglnx, czajkowski o/ ), we'll start with the first topic
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[16:05] <dpm> [TOPIC] Promoting and using the Ubuntu Translations project
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[16:07] <ColinDean> ls -lah
[16:07] <ColinDean> whoops
[16:07] <ColinDean> haha
[16:07] <dpm> The Ubuntu Translations project at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations has been working well so far
[16:07]  * ColinDean is here for the translations meeting, too
[16:08] <dpm> for containing and acting upon Ubuntu translation bugs previously (and wrongly) assigned to Launchpad Translations
[16:09] <dpm> going to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations gives contributors and developers of everything which might need fixing around Ubuntu translations
[16:11] <dpm> we use tags as well to identify bugs affecting other flavours (e.g Kubuntu https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bugs?field.tag=kubuntu
[16:11] <dpm> or https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bugs?field.tag=ubuntu-unr
[16:11] <dpm> for UNR
[16:12] <dpm> it's also been useful for requests through the Answers system -> http://tinyurl.com/mog77f
[16:13] <dpm> I think it is now time to announce it "officially" and spread its usage by developers and other community members
[16:15] <dpm> so what do you guys think, how could we do this? Make people aware of the project and spread its usage for anything related to translations (well, mainly bugs and answers)
[16:16] <markjones> can i suggest a vote?
[16:16] <dpm> what kind of vote, markjones?
[16:18] <markjones> perhaps a vote to see if the members of this meeting agree with your comment about announcing globally the Translations Project?
[16:19] <nglnx> I agree with the project going "live", although I would like to know more about the specifics...
[16:20] <dpm> we can do so, yes, but first I'd like to hear if anyone has got any ideas on how to best announce it. There is obviously blogging, and I was thinking of adding it to the documentation at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs. Any other ideas?
[16:21] <ianto> Letting our LoCo teams know should be as simple as just speaking about it in IRC or on a mailing list
[16:22] <nglnx> Translator groups should also spread the word through their mailing lists, to make their members more aware
[16:22] <ColinDean> agreed. LoCo teams, the translation teams, mailing list, identica
[16:22] <dpm> sounds good, good points about the loco teams
[16:22] <markjones> and use of social media websites (facebook, twitter, etc)
[16:25] <dpm> so we've got mailing lists (ubuntu-translators -> leaders to spread it through the local translator lists, loco-contacts?), social media, documentation on the Ubuntu wiki
[16:26] <dpm> So would you guys be happy with continuing using and extending the ubuntu-translations project?
[16:26] <dpm> And announce it?
[16:26] <ianto> Yeah, I've not had much problems with it so far
[16:27] <nglnx> Yes :)
[16:27] <ianto> Being a questioner more than an answerer ^
[16:27] <czajkowski> perhaps a blog post or two on the planet by folks not on the same day so folks get to read it
[16:28] <dpm> ianto: sure, it should be beneficial for both questioners and answerers :)
[16:28] <dpm> ok, to recap again: announcing the ubuntu-translations project -> so we've got mailing lists (ubuntu-translators -> leaders to spread it through the local translator lists, loco-contacts?), social media, documentation on the Ubuntu wiki, Planet Ubuntu
[16:29] <markjones> in the UK we can email the Linux User groups too
[16:30] <dpm> great
[16:31] <dpm> ok, so I'll do a preliminary announcement with what we've discussed and we can take it from there
[16:31] <happyaron> in China using forums and mailing list is acceptable
[16:32] <dpm> any other suggestions or has anyone had any issues using the ubuntu-translations project?
[16:32] <dpm> reporting bugs, asking questions, etc?
[16:33] <ianto> dpm: Is there a protocol of pre-written responses to people who have bugs or questions?
[16:33] <ianto> Like there are for normal Ubuntu bugs
[16:33] <ianto> If you've been to bugjam, you probably have read them
[16:33] <ColinDean> that would be useful
[16:34] <nglnx> Yes, that would be very useful
[16:34] <dpm> ianto: for translation bugs, no, there isn't. Maybe it would be a good idea to start a wiki for the Ubuntu Translations project and start creating those canned responses
[16:34] <dpm> that's a very good point
[16:35] <nglnx> Those canned responses could even themselves be translated
[16:36] <ianto> Yes dependant on the language in which the bug/question was posted
[16:36] <nglnx> Exactly
[16:36] <dpm> nglnx: that's a good point, although since Launchpad is not localized, it might let people to think they can submit bugs in their own language
[16:37] <dpm> it might be good for answers, but not for bugs, I think
[16:37] <nglnx> For answers I think it's manageable, since there are people asking/responding in several languages.
[16:38] <dpm> yes, that's the point
[16:38] <nglnx> For bugs, we could include the english + local language canned response
[16:38] <happyaron> dpm: I have a question that many people asked in our community, when will lp be translatable?
[16:39] <nglnx> But I can see your point of misleading people into thinking they can submit bugs in their own language
[16:39] <dpm> nglnx: yeah, I think for now we should leave bugs in English and maybe only translate answers
[16:40] <dpm> happyaron: I'll give you a link with what danilo from the LP Translations team answered to this question a few days ago, just a sec...
[16:40]  * ianto is interested in this long too
[16:40] <nglnx> Ok.
[16:41] <markjones> [idea] Perhaps a note when submitting to say that the questions should be posted in English if possible?
[16:41] <MootBot> IDEA received:  Perhaps a note when submitting to say that the questions should be posted in English if possible?
[16:41] <ianto> s/long/linnk
[16:41] <dpm> anyway, in the meantime (while I look for it) is there anyone from the Hebrew team to discuss the next topic in the agenda (Disabling CLI Hebrew translations)
[16:43] <dpm> happyaron: here's the link -> https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-translators/msg00014.html
[16:43] <happyaron> dpm: thanks
[16:43] <ColinDean> as a point of curiousity, why are these cli hebrew translations up for disabling?
[16:44] <dpm> in short: it's doable, but it's a big task. Now that LP is open source though, anyone could have a go at implementing it (although I agree with Danilo that it only makes sense to translate parts of LP)
[16:45] <dpm> ColinDean: because RTL (right-to-left) languages are not correctly displayed in the terminal
[16:45]  * ColinDean nods
[16:46] <dpm> markjones: regarding your idea, it's a good thought, but questions are actually one of the bits in Launchpad which have the potential for being submitted and answered in one's local language
[16:47] <dpm> anyway, I'd say we skip the Hebrew topic since the Hebrew team members could not make it today and go to the last topic: Welsh translation team
[16:48] <dpm> [TOPIC] Welsh Translation Team Administrator
[16:48] <MootBot> New Topic:  Welsh Translation Team Administrator
[16:48] <dpm> markjones: can you please go ahead and tell us in a few words what the topic is about?
[16:49] <markjones> The Welsh Translation team and administrator have been inactive since 2006, and I propose to become the administrator of that team.
[16:50] <dpm> yes, Mark submitted a request for this, and I was having a look at it yesterday (https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+question/81713)
[16:52] <dpm> He's got the backing of the Welsh LoCo contact (ianto, was that you?)
[16:52] <ianto> dpm: Yeah that's me, we have tried contacting Dafydd Harries, the current translation admin but he hasn't responded to Mark's emails
[16:52] <ianto> He did respond to mine back in May whne I first queried him about the topic
[16:53] <ianto> But since we've had no response
[16:53] <dpm> ianto: and what was his answer back then?
[16:53] <ianto> dpm: It's posted in the question but basically he said he didn't knoww who to transfer the team to
[16:54] <ianto> dpm: I didn't feel it'd be right to transfer it to me since I was already the PoC of Ubuntu Cymru and to take over two Welsh teams would've been too much
[16:54] <ianto> So I tried contacted my friend in Ubuntu Cymru, a GNOME-cy translator but he wasn't interested in the job
[16:55] <dpm> markjones: my only concern is that you don't seem to have much experience with Launchpad Translations (0 karma), nor have you ever done translations upstream
[16:55] <ianto> The emails are transcripts of the conversations and we've translated the Welsh ones into English for you ^
[16:55] <dpm> ianto: yes, thanks for the detailed explanations, I hadn't read the answer since this morning
[16:56] <markjones> dpm: as i am wanting to translate for the Welsh Team, as Welsh is my strongest language
[16:56] <ianto> dpm: No problem :)
[16:56] <ianto> dpm: If you don't mid my mentioning, markjones has tranlated an upstream project, OpenTTD into the Welsh language and we translated a new revision together a few days ago
[16:57] <ianto> s/mid/mind/g
[16:57] <markjones> I am a fast learner, I had to learn from scratch how to use WebTranslator for OpenTTD, and feel that I can learn and manage a team.
[16:58] <dpm> ianto: sure, any additional information is useful. I was not worried about the usage of the tool, I just want to make sure that markjones is aware of what it implies to be a translation team coordinator: changing translations, relationship with upstream, etc.
[16:59] <dpm> and I'm sure he's doing a great job in translating OpenTTD and the Welsh team website
[17:00] <dpm> (note: we'll use a few extra minutes to finish the discussion, as there seems not to be any other meeting after this)
[17:01] <dpm> It's not only about translation, there is some additional responsibility associated in becoming a translation team leader
=== ecanto is now known as edson
[17:02] <markjones> dpm: i have previously led groups of people, and i have found that managing people is one of my strenghts
[17:02] <markjones> *strengths
[17:02] <dpm> We're not trying to make this more difficult, but translation team members are able to modify all of Ubuntu translations, and we want to make sure they know what they are doing and that they are going to be committed to the project
[17:03] <markjones> i am a great team player, i am committed to seeing projects through from start to finish, and I am committed to quality.
[17:03] <dpm> markjones: ianto: I do not want to decide on this directly, since you guys are the ones who know best who's the right person for the job. What about the following suggestion:
[17:05] <dpm> ianto is the current Welsh loco contact, and as such he's proven his commitment and contributions to the project. I would propose making him the OWNER of the team. As such, he can appoint an ADMINISTRATOR to be the team lead. This person can be markjones, if ianto thinks so (and it seems it will be)
[17:05] <dpm> What do you guys think?
[17:06] <czajkowski> Makes sense
[17:06] <markjones> i'm happy with that suggestion
[17:06] <ianto> So if for example (and I don't think it will happen) markjones left the team, I could change to someone else who wants to help me with the team?
[17:06] <ianto> If so I'm happy ^
[17:06] <dpm> ianto: exactly
[17:06] <czajkowski> ianto: aye, cuts down on the current issue you have at present
[17:07] <dpm> great, if everyone is happy with it, we'll do it this way
[17:07] <dpm> so, a couple of points:
[17:08] <dpm> 1) This might take a couple of days, since only a few admins can change owners
[17:09] <dpm> 2) could you guys ( markjones and ianto ) e-mail daf and let him know what we are going to do? Just so he's aware of it
[17:09] <markjones> understood
[17:09] <ianto> Yeah OK
[17:09] <markjones> yes, that's fine
[17:10] <dpm> awesome, we'll take it from there, then
[17:10] <dpm> any other questions folks?
[17:10] <ianto> Nope that's it from me. Diolch yn fawr -- Thanks a lot ^
[17:11] <dpm> :)
[17:11] <dpm> thank you all guys for attending and your great feedback and ideas
[17:12] <dpm> see you in the next meeting in a month (or around in the internets ;)
[17:12] <dpm> o/
[17:12] <dpm> #endmeeting
[17:12] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 11:12.
[17:12] <ianto> o/
[17:12] <markjones> ;)


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