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  3. General Community News
    1. Karmic Alpha 6 freeze ahead
    2. UI Freeze in place for Karmic
    3. Ubuntu One has moved
    4. New Ubuntu Developers
    5. New Ubuntu Members
  4. Ubuntu Stats
    1. Bug Stats
    2. Translation Stats Jaunty
    3. Translation Stats Karmic
    4. Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week
  5. LoCo News
    1. US LoCo Wiki Doc Day 2009
    2. Ubuntu Pennsylvania
  6. Launchpad News
    1. Launchpad meet-up: September 28th in London (The Warwick)
    2. Meet Deryck Hodge
  7. The Planet
    1. Collin Pruitt: Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts Team Meeting
    2. Joe Barker: An Interview With nhandler
    3. Screencasting using Ubuntu: Part 1
    4. Alan Pope: Jono Turning ?? - Wishlist Predictable
  8. In The Press
    1. Canonical adds Premium Service Engineers to support options
    2. Five Features We Want to See in Ubuntu
    3. Ubuntu Community Manager Responds to Our Wishlist
    4. How do Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu fit in?
    5. The New Artwork in Ubuntu 9.10
    6. Dell renews Ubuntu Linux Desktop lineup
  9. In The Blogosphere
    1. Lifehacker and Ubuntu: A Response
    2. Analysis: Canonical’s Ubuntu Support Strategy
    3. Red Hat Challenges Ubuntu With KVM Support
    4. Canonical’s Ubuntu Cloud Strategy
  10. In Other News
    1. Jolicloud Innovates Atop Ubuntu Netbook Remix
  11. Upcoming Meetings and Events
    1. Monday, September 14, 2009
      1. Ubuntu Studio Developer Meeting
      2. Security Team Catch-up
    2. Tuesday, September 15, 2009
      1. Community Council Meeting
      2. Ubuntu Mobile Team Meeting
      3. Server Team Meeting
      4. Desktop Team Meeting
      5. Kernel Team Meeting
      6. LoCo Council Meeting
    3. Wednesday, September 16, 2009
      1. Foundation Team Meeting
      2. QA Team Meeting
      3. Ubuntu-IE LoCo IRC Meeting
    4. Thursday, September 17, 2009
      1. Karmic Alpha 6
      2. Ubuntu Java Meeting
      3. Global Jam Meeting
    5. Friday, September 18, 2009
      1. Karmic Weekly Release Meeting
      2. How to run a successfull Jam (Jorge Castro)
      3. Edubuntu Meeting
    6. Saturday, September 19, 2009
    7. Sunday, September 20, 2009
  12. Updates and Security for 6.06, 8.04, 8.10 and 9.04
    1. Security Updates
    2. Ubuntu 6.06 Updates
    3. Ubuntu 8.04 Updates
    4. Ubuntu 8.10 Updates
    5. Ubuntu 9.04 Updates
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Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #159 for the week September 6th - September 12th, 2009. In this issue we cover: Karmic Alpha 6 freeze ahead, UI freeze in place for Karmic, Ubuntu One has moved, New Ubuntu Developers, New Ubuntu Members, Ubuntu Stats, US LoCo Wiki Doc Day 2009, Ubuntu Pennsylvania, Launchpad meet-up: Sept. 28th in London, Meet Deryck Hodge, Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Post Team Meeting, An interview with Nathan Handler, Screencasting using Ubuntu: Part 1, Jono turning ?? - Wishlist predictable, Jolicloud innovates Atop Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and much, much more!

UWN Translations

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In This Issue

  • Karmic Alpha 6 freeze ahead
  • UI freeze in place for Karmic
  • Ubuntu One has moved
  • New Ubuntu Developers
  • New Ubuntu Members
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • US LoCo Wiki Doc Day 2009

  • Ubuntu Pennsylvania
  • Launchpad meet-up: Sept. 28th in London
  • Meet Deryck Hodge
  • Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Post Team Meeting
  • An interview with Nathan Handler
  • Screencasting using Ubuntu: Part 1
  • Jono Turning ?? - Wishlist Predictable
  • In the Press & Blogosphere

  • Jolicloud Innovates Atop Ubuntu Netbook Remix
  • Upcoming Meetings & Events

  • Updates & Security

General Community News

Karmic Alpha 6 freeze ahead

The sixth and final alpha testing milestone for Karmic, Karmic Alpha 6, is scheduled for this coming Thursday, September 17. Karmic Alpha 6 will again use a "soft freeze" for main[1]. This means that developers are asked to refrain from uploading packages between Tuesday and Thursday which don't bring us closer to releasing the alpha, so that these days can be used for settling the archive and fixing any remaining show-stoppers.

The list of bugs targeted for alpha-6 can be found at:

Per the policy described at this list is used for tracking bugs that are blockers for the alpha 6 milestone. If you know of other bugs that should be considered blockers, please nominate them for release and set the milestone target for those bugs. If you have questions about whether a bug should be considered a blocker, please contact a member of the release team[2].

And of course, please also consider helping with the bugs already listed there if you have the time.

At this point in the release cycle, it's increasingly important to look not just at the bugs that are critical for the current milestone, but also those which are critical for the upcoming Karmic milestones or critical for the release as a whole:

Please use your best judgement with regard to the alpha freeze when uploading fixes for these bugs; but if you don't have any bugs milestoned for alpha 6 that need your attention, it's definitely not too early to look ahead to the next milestones.

Please also help us to get the archive in a consistent state again for the alpha, as described on:

Finally, if you know of new features in Karmic that you think should be highlighted for Alpha 6, let me or another member of the release team know so that they can be added to the technical overview at:



UI Freeze in place for Karmic

Effective Sept. 10th, we are officially under the User Interface Freeze for Karmic:

In order to help ensure our documentation is accurate for the release, please notify the documentation team of any further changes to artwork, text strings, or UI designs that will be made between now and the release, and please make such changes only where necessary.

Ubuntu One has moved

Ubuntu One has moved from to as of Sept. 8th, 2009. The move was done now before Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) goes into beta so that there would be a minimum of impact on users. This doesn’t imply any servers moving, or any data shifting around, so no risk to user data.

If you run into any problems related to the move or Ubuntu One in general, as always please let us know by filing bugs at

New Ubuntu Developers

New Ubuntu Members

The approval results from the September 9th America's Membership Review Board are as follows:

Grant Bowman: |

Grant is one of the faces of our great LoCo community. He currently works hard within the California LoCo team where he attends regular events as well as assists in organizing events as well. Grant has without a doubt, one of the largest list of testimonials many of us have witnessed during the many years of Ubuntu membership applications. From the looks of it, it seems Grant might be one of our up-and-coming community leaders in the future.

Evan Boldt: |

Evan is undoubtedly, the man behind the new Spread Ubuntu campaign and website. When he is writing all of that PHP code with Drupal, he is also in the forums helping people whenever and wherever he can. He has even gone to the extreme of utilizing a RSS widget for the Ubuntu Forums. And wouldn't you know it, he is local to me, literally 45 minutes up the road, and the newest member of Ubuntu Chicago. Seeing as I run that team, I think it is time to abuse, I mean use him to help benefit Ubuntu even more here in Chicago.

Eric Hedekar: |

Eric, or should we say DJ Eric, has been busy of late. Whether he is packaging for the Ubuntu Studio project, moderating the Ubuntu Forums, or creating a new LoCo team in Vancouver, he has been actively contributing to the Ubuntu community in many ways. He says his experience is in ProAudio, but he did say he is starting to get familiar with Pulse Audio. He also brings one more talent to the community, as he is a musician with a FBA from SFU, not STFU. I have no clue what that means, but I think it has Ubuntu Allstars written all over it! There was only one thing I requested of Eric, and that was to get Aaron Seigo to be an active member in the Vancouver LoCo Team.

The Americas Board and the Ubuntu Community congratulate our newest Ubuntu Members!

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open (62017) +388 over last week
  • Critical (29) +2 over last week
  • Unconfirmed (28648) +214 over last week
  • Unassigned (53540) +331 over last week
  • All bugs ever reported (311846) +2358 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see

Translation Stats Jaunty

  • Spanish (11271) -14 over last week
  • French (37408) -1232 over last week
  • Brazilian Portuguese (48183) -26 over last week
  • Swedish (53413) -10 over last week
  • English (United Kingdom) (53563) -278 over last week

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope," see more at:

Translation Stats Karmic

  • Spanish (17193) +23 over last week
  • French (58647) +229 over last week
  • Swedish (68848) -106 over last week
  • Brazilian Portuguese (71395) -746 over last week
  • English (Uk) (84572) +623 over last week

1. Language (#) +/- # over last week Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala", see more at:

Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add your ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or against another idea.

LoCo News

US LoCo Wiki Doc Day 2009

On the weekend of Oct. 2nd - 4th, 2009 LoCo Teams around the world will be celebrating the Ubuntu Global Jam.

In addition to any formal events your team may be having, the US Teams Project would like to see your team wiki updated:

If your wiki is in good shape, then you can help us update and expand the USTeams wiki.

The LoCo Teams wiki has a wealth of information but could use some help with organizing. You might even find a new idea for an event or project while browsing through the pages, or find a place where you can add your own ideas.

Show your team participation by adding its name to the list on the wiki page we've set up for this event:

Also, you can join us in #ubuntu-us on to share status updates, collaborate, and chat about your team and other US LoCo teams.

Ubuntu Pennsylvania

The Ubuntu Pennsylvania team is ROCKING! Events are scheduled just about every other weekend for the next few weeks, with ongoing projects like the collaboration with FreeGeekPenn starting to come together, and an LTSP project that Jim Fisher is leading up as a joint venture with the PLUG Into Hive76 crew.

See the Ubuntu Penn. schedule for the next few weeks at the link below.

Launchpad News

Launchpad meet-up: September 28th in London (The Warwick)

The first Launchpad meet-up is happening on Monday the September 28th in London. Come join in the fun and meet some of Canonical’s Launchpad development team and other members of the Launchpad community.

Join the team and have a beer/coffee/mineral water, and get your hands on a Launchpad t-shirt — that is if you arrive before they run out.

If you came to the London release party for Ubuntu Jaunty, you’ll know the venue, which is The Warwick just off Regent Street in London. Google Maps reckons it’s a three minute walk from Picadilly Circus Tube Station. The Launchpad Team will be there from around 7:30pm in the upstairs bar. You’ll be able to tell the Launchpad Team from everyone else by the snazzy Launchpad t-shirts they’ll be wearing.

  • When: 7.30pm onwards, Monday 28th September 2009
  • Where: Upstairs at The Warwick, 1-3 Warwick Street, London, W1B 5LR
  • Nearest tube: Picadilly Circus

If you’re definitely coming, mail Matthew Revell at: matthew DOT revell AT canonical DOT com with your t-shirt size — XS (female only) S, M, L, XL, XXL (male only).

Meet Deryck Hodge

Recently, Deryck Hodge took over from Bjorn Tillenius as the leader of Canonical’s Launchpad Bug Tracker team. That seemed like a good chance to catch up with Deryck.

Matthew: What do you do on the Launchpad team?

Deryck: I work on the bugs application in Launchpad and am also, as of two weeks ago, the bugs team lead.

Matthew: Can we see something in Launchpad that you’ve worked on?

Deryck: I’ve been doing Ajax work on the bug page mostly. All of the in-line bug subscription work is by me, and the inline description editing as well.

Matthew: Where do you work?

Deryck: I’m in Dadeville, Alabama, a very small town no one has ever heard of. It’s not far from Auburn, a university town in Alabama. It’s a nice rural community around Alabama’s largest man-made lake.

Matthew: What can you see from your office window?

Deryck: The short answer is my drive way. The longer, more accurate, answer is a Barbie go-kart and two little tyke four wheelers (of which none of them run), a pile of old lumber, some cardboard to take to recycle, and my dog, lying under the steps of my porch. I’m hesitant to tell all this as it makes me so much of a Southern cliche here in the U.S.

Matthew: What did you do before working at Canonical?

Deryck: I worked for several media companies. I worked for a company in Las Vegas called Greenspun Media most recently. And before that, I worked for the Washington Post Company and Scripps. I worked on all manner of web apps, but I had particular experiences in social applications — Facebook Platform, Open Social, iPhone, etc. I was even Emmy nominated as a developer if you can believe it (along with two colleagues) for a project I did while at the Post.

Matthew: How did you get into free software?

Deryck: Initially, a friend of mine gave me a RedHat CD. He was a Samba dev and was constantly talking with me about FOSS, so I knew a bit just from conversations with him. I was interested in learning to code and really getting into the personal freedom FOSS granted. I tried RedHat for a while, then left it. Then, I came back to Linux as I was learning more about coding, spent some time on Suse and then settled on Ubuntu early on after it appeared.

Really, my interest in coding and FOSS are intertwined. I wouldn’t have learned to code had I not had access to free software and friends in FOSS who mentored me.

Matthew: Tell us something really cool about Launchpad that not enough people know about.

Deryck: It’s open source! Okay, so maybe some people have heard of that, but we should say it again. Launchpad is open source! Come hack on it with us!

You can read the entire interview at the link below.

The Planet

Collin Pruitt: Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts Team Meeting

The Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts Team will be having a meeting on September 26, 2009 at 19:00UTC.

As some of you may, or may not, know, the UA has has a revival of sorts recently. We elected new leaders in the absence of the previous leader (who has since returned, and stayed leader, along with the new leaders), myself being one. I have been trying to get members together and re-spark interest in the team. I, hopefully, have done/been doing a good job Smile :) .

More information on the meeting can be found here:

Joe Barker: An Interview With nhandler

Joe is thrilled to say that his next interview is from somebody he feels is an almost under-rated member of the community. Nathan Handler (nhandler) is a member of numerous teams within the community. Nathan lives near Chicago, Illinois, USA, where he is an active member of the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo. He is currently a full-time student, and he enjoys contributing to Ubuntu and programming in his free time. Read the whole interview at the link below to find out more about Ubuntu Community Member Nathan Handler.

Screencasting using Ubuntu: Part 1

In the first of three planned screencasts, this one covers the preparation steps needed to setup an environment for creating quality screencasts using Ubuntu. In the second part they will look at scripting and recording a screencast, then in part three they will cover video editing and publishing. Parts two and three will be released in the near future. Part one can be viewed in Ogg, FLV, or mp4 and is available at the link below.

Alan Pope: Jono Turning ?? - Wishlist Predictable

It seems our Community Manager, Jono Bacon, has a birthday coming up, and Alan Pope just couldn't resist poking a little fun his way. In Alan's defense, Jono did publish this news to twitter.

As you can see there were some very "small" differences in what was reported. We're sure it was all in "good" fun, and for the record, Jono will be 30, not 40. Happy Birthday Jono!!

In The Press

Canonical adds Premium Service Engineers to support options

The Linux Loop reports that Canonical has added another option to their ever-increasing list of enterprise support options. Businesses requiring frequent support may pay for access to a Premium Service Engineer, an Ubuntu expert who works with the company’s existing team to keep the company’s Ubuntu installations running smoothly. Ubuntu Premium Service Engineers, as opposed to more traditional Ubuntu support plans, gives businesses a single person to contact, who will already know how the servers and desktops are set up in advance of any help being needed. PSEs offer an extremely valuable resource of businesses: a person with specific Ubuntu training.

Five Features We Want to See in Ubuntu

Life Hacker says that Ubuntu isn't the only Linux operating system, but it's where the dream of a usable, completely free desktop is closest to reality. If every Ubuntu developer were assembled at one place, there are five things they'd ask them to accomplish.

  • An App Store better than Apple's
  • Integrate dual-booting and virtualization
  • A wave of right-brain rethinking
  • Awesome cloud-based backup
  • Good video editing software

Hit the link below for further details on why Life Hacker feels this way, and Life Hacker also invites people to tell them what they think Ubuntu needs, or needs to change, to become a great alternative desktop in their comments section.

See Jono Bacon's response below in the "In The Blogosphere" section.

Ubuntu Community Manager Responds to Our Wishlist

Life Hacker's Kevin Purdy reports that Ubuntu's community manager, Jono Bacon, wrote a thoughtful, informative response, which details and links what's being done on a few of the fronts that he previously considered crucial in a Life Hacker article. Bacon explains and shows a screenshot of what's happening with the Ubuntu Software Store, notes Ubuntu backer Canonical's efforts in the design field, and writes that cloud-based backup, particularly Ubuntu One, is going to see "new and exciting development" in the next six months. He also points to some video editors "on the horizon," which are promising, if still not quite average-user-friendly yet.

See Jono Bacon's response below in the "In The Blogosphere" section.

How do Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu fit in?

The Linux Loop reminds everyone that in addition to the highly popular Ubuntu operating system, Canonical also sponsors several “official” derivatives of Ubuntu, aimed at different types of hardware, different user preferences, and different use cases.

  • Ubuntu – The main OS that everything else is based on
  • Ubuntu Server Edition – Ubuntu without any GUI (by default) and designed for use on servers
  • Kubuntu – Ubuntu with the KDE desktop
  • Edubuntu – Ubuntu with additional applications aimed at education
  • Ubuntu MID Edition – Ubuntu with a customized interface and various other tweaks for mobile internet devices
  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix – A customized version of Ubuntu MID Edition for Netbooks

Follow the link below for more information on each of these Ubuntu versions.

The New Artwork in Ubuntu 9.10

Marius Nestor of Softpedia took September 11th to show his readers some of the community themes and icons that will be present in the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). The themes can be easily added by accessing the Synaptic Package Manager and searching for the community-themes package, which is already available in the daily builds. The themes include:

  • The Kin theme
  • The Night Impression theme
  • The Impression theme
  • The Hanso theme
  • The Turrican theme
  • The Breathe icon theme

Nestor wants us to remember that this is not the official artwork for the next Ubuntu release, but are third-party themes developed by the community members for community use.

Dell renews Ubuntu Linux Desktop lineup

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, the Cyber Cynic at ComputerWorld, gives us the new Dell lineup of Ubuntu machines, and they'll be running Ubuntu 9.04. I addition to its existing netbook lines with the latest version of Ubuntu, 9.04, Dell is adding the Mini 9, Mini 10v, and the Inspiron 15n. In addition, Dell throws in DVD-playback and the media software to play MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), and WMV (Windows Media Video) files. Later this week they will be adding the Inspiron 537n desktop and are considering offering mobile devices or smartbooks in the future. His full report can be found at:

In The Blogosphere

Lifehacker and Ubuntu: A Response

Jono Bacon, our illustrious Community Manager, answers LifeHacker's five things they would like to see in Ubuntu, and he does it in much the same way that LifeHacker did:

  • An App Store better than Apple’s: the first cut of the Ubuntu Software Store will be in Karmic Koala in a simplified form. However, the final version should meet LifeHacker's expectations.

  • Integrate dual-booting and virtualization: Karmic Koala primarily focuses on speed of booting and prettifying the boot experience. A graphical OS selector is scheduled for the near future. Virtualization software is easily installed in Ubuntu, but no further integration is planned at this time.
  • A wave of right-brain rethinking: in his words, "We have already seen improvements such as the new messaging indicator, notification system, fast user switching features, better printing integration and easier installation of codecs, and Karmic is slated to ship further improvements to the messaging menu, particularly around micro-blogging."
  • Awesome cloud-based backup: Karmic Koala Alpha 5 is already shipping with Ubuntu One by default. In addition, Alpha 5 ships with Amazon EC2 and Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) images. Servers will find them readily available.
  • Good video editing software: This is not currently supported out of the box, but there is ongoing work with two video editors in particular:
    • PiTiVi – this is a GNOME based application, focused on simplicity and using the same infrastructure we ship in Ubuntu (Python, GStreamer, GNOME).

    • kdenlive – this is a powerful KDE based application that is more feature complete than PiTiVi.

Jono's article can be seen at:

Analysis: Canonical’s Ubuntu Support Strategy

Joe Panettieri, of Works With U, looks at Ubuntu's Premium Service Engineer (PSE) program and ongoing training of channel partners and suggests some things that he feels are missing in the Ubuntu Support Strategy. His article goes into a brief history of Microsoft and Red Hat, and compares what they did with what Ubuntu is doing. He expects that, in the future, Canonical will partner with mid-size and large integrators to handle support challenges. See his analysis at:

Red Hat Challenges Ubuntu With KVM Support

Christopher Tozzi, of Works With U, notes that Red Hat is now offering KVM support. He wonders if this is a response to Ubuntu's support of it, and notes further that Red Hat will have to do some catch-up to equal what Ubuntu already has in place. He also notes that Red Hat requires a license (not actually correct, they require a service contract) where Ubuntu doesn't. His report is at:

Canonical’s Ubuntu Cloud Strategy

Nicolas (Nick) Barcet, server product manager at Canonical, in a guest blog for Works With U, states Ubuntu's Cloud strategy, including the whys and wherefores of it. He goes into the risks of losing one's data due to a service suddenly disappearing, and the difference between proprietary cloud offerings and those that are offered by open source vendors. He also outlines Ubuntu's approach to the cloud, and how one can make use of it already. See his article at:

In Other News

Jolicloud Innovates Atop Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Phoronix's Michael Larabel states that linux distributions designed specifically for use on netbooks is nothing new. Canonical produces the Ubuntu Netbook Remix version of Ubuntu for these small-sized devices, Intel has their Moblin distribution that is very fast and offers an attractive interface, gOS has their own netbook distribution, Linpus has QuickOS, and the list goes on. One of the newest netbook distributions coming around is Jolicloud, which is based upon Ubuntu Netbook Remix and is self-described as a cool new OS for your netbook. Jolicloud is focused upon building an OS around the web and one that merges open-source and the open web. More on Jolicloud can be learned from the project's web-site, and Larabel says that Phoronix will likely have more on this netbook-focused Linux distribution in the future.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ubuntu Studio Developer Meeting

Security Team Catch-up

  • Start: 17:00 UTC
  • End: 17:30 UTC
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  • Agenda: nothing formal, just a weekly catch-up.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Community Council Meeting

Ubuntu Mobile Team Meeting

Server Team Meeting

Desktop Team Meeting

Kernel Team Meeting

  • Start: 17:00 UTC
  • End: 18:00 UTC
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  • Agenda: Not listed as of publication

LoCo Council Meeting

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Foundation Team Meeting

  • Start: 16:00 UTC
  • End: 17:00 UTC
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  • Agenda: None listed as of publication

QA Team Meeting

Ubuntu-IE LoCo IRC Meeting

  • Start: 19:00 UTC
  • End: 20:00 UTC
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-ie
  • Agenda: None listed as of publication

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Karmic Alpha 6

Ubuntu Java Meeting

  • Start: 14:00 UTC
  • End: 15:00 UTC
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  • Agenda: None listed as of publication

Global Jam Meeting

  • Start: 18:00 UTC
  • End: 19:00 UTC
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  • Agenda: None listed as of publication

Friday, September 18, 2009

Karmic Weekly Release Meeting

How to run a successfull Jam (Jorge Castro)

Edubuntu Meeting

Saturday, September 19, 2009

  • None listed as of publication

Sunday, September 20, 2009

  • None listed as of publication

Updates and Security for 6.06, 8.04, 8.10 and 9.04

Security Updates

  • None Reported

Ubuntu 6.06 Updates

  • None Reported

Ubuntu 8.04 Updates

Ubuntu 8.10 Updates

  • None Reported

Ubuntu 9.04 Updates

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