February 2010 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

Developer Membership Board

  • Developer Membership Board meeting, 2010-02-02
    • Chair: Colin Watson
    • Present: Emmet Hikory, Michael Bienia, Soren Hansen, Stéphane Graber
    • Absent: Cody Somerville, Richard Johnson
    • First meeting of new board following election
    • Action review
      • [ACTION] persia to ask CC to make DMB an admin of ~universe-contributors, as part of the DMB/MC merge (carried over; but in the meantime TB members can act on changes)

    • motu-release team currently does not have any administrators (Scott Kitterman)
      • Dealt with by setting ubuntu-release as administrator, pending a full team merge
    • MOTU direction (ScottK, cjwatson)
      • initial drafting complete, subject to approval by DMB and TB
      • [ACTION] ScottK to start discussion on future of MOTU Council among its constituency (MOTU)

      • DMB is presently hearing MOTU applications, although there seems to be some confusion about this
        • [ACTION] cjwatson to confirm MOTU process with TB

      • current draft approved unanimously, aside from pending motu-council sections
      • will continue with TB
    • Approval of the application process for new applications

      • approved unanimously
    • Per-package uploader: Martin-Éric Racine for xserver-xorg-video-geode

      • Martin-Éric has done fine work on this in the past, and is already a member of MOTU; approved unanimously. Welcome!
    • Ubuntu Contributing Developer: Dmitrijs Ledkovs

      • Dmitrijs has been working on xiphos and sword, and was approved unanimously for universe-contributors. Welcome!
    • MOTU and per-package-uploader: Elliot Murphy

      • See previous thread on motu-council

      • We separated Elliot's application into a few parts:
        • MOTU
          • Of five members present, two voted in favour, with three abstentions (citing a desire for more sponsored uploads)
          • [ACTION] cjwatson to gather votes from absent members by e-mail

        • ubuntuone-client, ubuntuone-storage-protocol, erlang, couchdb, desktopcouch, python-configglue, rabbitmq-server: approved unanimously
        • evolution-couchdb, couchdb-glib: denied on the basis that the person directly maintaining these should apply instead; Elliot intends to do packaging work on these and will reapply
        • libubuntuone: not yet in the archive; deferred

IRC Council

* IRC Council Meeting 2010-02-13

  • The official policy on #ubuntuforums
    • The IRCC has access, access list has been cleaned up.
  • Revisit #ubuntu-ops policies including 'no idling' & +v

    • Allow mailing list discussion to continue until next meeting.
    • Create wiki page documenting the suggestions and their pros/cons.
  • Agreed to close the incactive #ubuntu-helpteam channel
  • Decided on ban removal policy: operators can remove bans set by others.
    • Mail to be sent to mailing list, and relevant wiki pages will be updated.
  • Discussion on general attitude on -ops will be started on mailing list.
  • Discussed request to add #ubuntu-women to core channels.
    • IRCC to discuss what makes a core channel a core channel and we will revisit this next meeting

LoCo Council

During the Lucid Release cycle, the LoCo Council has been tasked with identifying Approved LoCo teams which were approved close to, or over 2 years ago, and are due for re-approval. Each of the LoCo Council Members have been assigned LoCo's to contact for Re-Approval, and have made some real progress identifying 26 Teams. 10 of the teams have been contacted, and 1 Team has been re-approved. The LoCo Council has 2 official meetings left, but have been discussing the possibility of adding a couple of special meetings in order to meet the LoCo Council's aggressive schedule.

The Local Council met on the February 16th. There were three teams that attended this meeting: Ubuntu Belgian LoCo (up for Re-Approval), Ubuntu Quebec LoCo (up for Approval), and the Ubuntu Mexico LoCo (Up for Approval). All of the teams have done some really incredible work for Ubuntu and our Community. Please see the minutes for further details.

Technical Board

  • Technical Board meeting, 2010-02-09
    • Attendees: Martin Pitt (chair), Kees Cook, Mark Shuttleworth, Colin Watson
    • Guests: Emmet Hikory, Daniel Holbach
    • Review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/LucidMOTU

      • Acknowledged; unclear part is the membership approval, which is the next item
    • Approvals for new MOTUs
      • There was a very long discussion about whether the DMB or the MC should handle applications for new MOTUs
      • There is a certain tension between MOTU self-governance, and having done the DMB elections under the announcement of unifying the approval process of core-devs, MOTUs and per-package uploaders
      • The MC is currently in the process of redefining its goals and reconstituting
      • The TB unanimously took the following decision:
        • Hearing and approvals for MOTU will now be exclusively done by the DMB, with the option of delegating it to the MC upon request by MC or DMB, and approval by TB in the future.
    • Prior actions: deferred until next meeting, due to timeout
      • [ACTION] kees to follow up with Debian TC on units policy
      • [ACTION] cjwatson to follow up with mythbuntu-dev to get ubuntu-core-dev added
      • [ACTION] ScottK to update Kubuntu/UpdatesPolicy based on Kubuntu upstream feedback (cf. http://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Minor_Point_Release_Policy/Draft)

      • [ACTION] sabdfl to propose to CC that the TB is a CC delegate, and clarify his role
    • Chair for next meeting: Scott James Remnant
  • Technical Board meeting, 2010-02-23
    • Attendees: Kees Cook (chair), Martin Pitt, Colin Watson, Matt Zimmerman
    • Guests: Iain Lane, Emmet Hikory, Jonathan Riddell, Chow Loong Jin, Jo Shields, Jussi Schultink, Scott Moser, Daniel Holbach, Jonathan Carter, Benjamin Rubin
    • Action Review has a few remaining items:
      • [ACTION] receive Debian TC response to Units Policy (bdale, kees)
      • [ACTION] receive upstream KDE approval of updates policy (Riddell)
      • [ACTION] propose to CC that the TB is a CC delegate, and clarify sabdfl's role (sabdfl)
    • Have delegated teams become responsible for security of their package-sets (Kees Cook)
      • proposal needs review of language, discussion with teams
      • [ACTION] kees to bring up proposal in email, go from there
    • Package set for CLI/Mono packages (Iain Lane)
      • https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2010-February/000094.html

      • Approved: creation of CLI/Mono team with sebner directhex raof hyperair laney, pending TB agreement on delegated package list (via email)
        • 3 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
      • Approved: CLI/Mono team membership is delegated to DMB
        • 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
      • Approved: packageset extension of CLI/Mono team done via TB e-mail confirmation
        • 3 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
    • Ubuntu IRC Council Access level in #ubuntu-devel (Jussi Schultink)
      • None against: implement IRC Council Access on IRC
        • 2 for, 0 against, 2 abstained.
    • Review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEC/Images/RefreshPolicy (Scott Moser)

      • Approved, 4 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
    • Ran out of time, had to defer:
      • Edubuntu Developers Delegation
      • Archive reorganisation (and sponsorship items)
      • community bugs
    • Chair for next meeting: Scott James Remnant

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for February, 2010

This has been our best month ever.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Testing of the new LTS, Lucid Lynx, is continuing on schedule. We have entered the Feature Freeze for Lucid. From this point forward, emphasis should be on testing, bug fixing and polishing the new LTS.
  • Testing discovered a couple of high importance bugs. One would have prevented all upgrades from the previous LTS to using update-manager. Another was an issue with the new Plymouth and NVidia video card incompatibility.
  • Bug-triage team has triaged over 200 bugs this last month. Many bugs were resolved during this process.


  • Jim has begun work on Xubuntu docs, ported off of Ubuntu docs. The bzr branch is located here, and will be merged to the current Xubuntu doc branch once stable. Conservatively, this will be ready within the next two weeks.

  • Once that is done, Jim will need help from Pasi to work on the CSS theming and the landing page.

Mobile Team


  • This month saw the new 2D launcher UI available in both the Freescale and Marvell images. There was lots of interest, bugs were filed and fixed, and lots of activity was generated in the community, one example can be found at http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/the-new-ui-for-arm-based-ubuntu-devices/.

  • With the new netbook UI came the 'ubuntu-netbook' image. Support for the ARM desktop image was dropped and the team are now concentrating on a netbook experience.
  • The fail to build list got further attention. Breakage that the transition to Thumb2 caused has continued to be worked. The team have arranged and participated in Thumb2 mini-sprint's and will continue to do so.
  • A few troublesome packages got major attention this month including Mono and Open Office. Mono got fixes but Open Office continues to cause the team headaches.

Blueprint Work

  • Work on the live-cd boot slowness landed this month. Casper, the set of scripts that are run at boot-up had a reworking which produced an overall boot speed-up of around 35%. Details can be found at http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/ubuntu-live-cds-now-33-faster/

  • Work started on the web office and web mail integration. Nothing final landed this month but the way forward was decided. The team will support Zoho's online services, at least in the short-term.
  • rootstock, the tool to generate custom root file system images got a preliminary GUI frontend.


  • The team are working towards a rock solid final release and things are definitely coming together. Alpha-3 was ushered out the door and Beta-1 is just around the corner.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Cameroonian Team

Catalan Team

  • February 1st: LoCo irc meeting. General organization aspects.

  • February 2nd: new web calendar for the LoCo.

  • February 3rd: first Ubuntu Hour in Caldes de Montbui, near Barcelona.
  • February 11th: two speeches (Free Software and Ubuntu) at the Escola del Treball de Barcelona for the Informatics students.

  • February 16th: LoCo irc meeting. Discussion about presencial meetings a month after release parties.

  • February 19th: arranged a speech about Ubuntu in Sabadell in April.
  • February 19th: Call of Papers for Lucid Lynx release party in València.

Colombian Team

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

  • Community meetings to discuss our participation in the Flisol 2010.
  • Intercolaboración with the Ministry of Education, upon manual release of OpenOffice and Ubuntu with Creative Commons license.

  • Support of Ubuntu Ecuador, in the third meeting Cayambeño of Free Software. Photos Here

Honduras Team


Irish Team

Japanese Team

Philippine Team

Russian Team


Kuban Team

  • We are distributing Ubuntu 9.10 and 8.04.4 LTS as well as repositories for Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS.
  • We had continued preparations for the project of typical automated information management system for business (SMB) based on Ubuntu LTS distributions.

South African Team

Tunisian Team

United States Teams

California Team

Chicago Team

* Held the first of our new regular series of monthly IRC meetings. Minutes

District of Columbia Team


  • February 1, 15, and 22 Ubuntu Hours were held in Orlando.
  • Feburary 16 Florida Team's SpaceCoast Linux & OSS Meetup Group met with Melbourne (FL) Linux Group for their Programming SIG.

  • February 25 Floridat Team's SpaceCoast Linux & OSS Meetup Group met with the Brevard Users Group teach their Linux SIG.

  • First ever Tampa Ubuntu Hour was also held this month.
  • Florida Team is preparing for the Loco Council Meeting for Re-Approval on March 16th.
  • mhall119 taught 4 classes on python in #ubuntu-classroom
  • cjohnston began working with nhandler on the classbot for #ubuntu-classroom
  • cjohnston began developing the Website Localization project for the ubuntu.com website
  • Team Meetings were held in #ubuntu-us-fl on February 9th and 23rd.
  • The LoCo Directory has had a bunch of enhancements and is beginning to really get used by the community. http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/

Topics Discussed during our team meetings this month:

  • Ubuntu Global Jam - dantrevino
  • Looking for instructors to teach classes in #ubuntu-classroom - cjohnston
  • IRC for New Users - dantrevino
  • Anchor House Build Day - mhall119
  • Lucid Release Parties - maxolasersquad, - dantrevino

New York State Team


  • 2-3 6pm - 8pm : Mid-Hudson Valley - Ed Nisley will presented on Arduino
  • 2-4 7pm - 9pm : Ubuntu LoCo Rochester - cprofitt presented data recovery for Linux

  • 2-6 12pm - 4pm : Ubuntu LoCo Linux Workshop - hands-on data recovery and other topics

  • 2-12 4pm - 5pm : cprofitt of the Ubuntu LoCo team presented data recovery at RIT Computer Science House

  • 2-18 7pm - 9pm : deejoe presented Practical Encryption Tools for the Ordinary Geek at LUGOR
  • 2-20 1pm - 4pm : slick666, ducky and cprofitt held an install fest with SYRLUG at UCF in Syracuse


  • 3-16 9pm - 10pm : team meeting (IRC)

North Carolina Team

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Pennsylvania Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2010-02-02

  • cprofitt discussed his plans for the Security Focus Group for the next year. He wants to:

    • Clean up and add security pages to the wiki
    • Develop courses that will contribute to the UCLP on security related topics
  • Discuss how agenda items should be brought up for discussion on the mailing list at least 1 week prior to the meeting
  • Decide to bring up topic of moving major decision making from IRC meetings to Launchpad votes on the mailing list
  • Ákos Veres joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has been a very competent and well mannered padawan, and he will be a great asset to the team.

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu Women Team

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